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This book was instrumental in informing me about how to use the diablo. Balter rated it really liked it Jan 11, Matt Peters marked it as to-read Oct 01, Scott marked it as to-read Jan 22, Clare Evans marked it as to-read Mar 09, Pnpnpn added it Aug 06, BookDB marked it as to-read Aug 27, Diego Manuel added it Jun 24, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Books by Todd Strong. Trivia About The Diabolo Book. In particular, the references to other literature, which caused me problems in the past, have been licked into shape and are now useable. The most mentionable aspect of the English edition, though, are the new visuals. The historical photos documenting the diabolo boom around the turn of the century are especially interesting.

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Many of the pictures are taken from Todd Strong's private collection of vintage postcards. The world of diabolo has moved on since the German edition first appeared. But to my mind, Todd Strong's book is still the best introduction for newcomers. Only Ralf Runde's Das grosse Diabolobuch comes close to it.

And nothing compares with Todd Strong's survey of diabolo history. Which is one of the reasons why I predict that this book is destined to become a classic. Im historischen Teil sind einige Ungereimtheiten beseitigt worden.

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Seit Erscheinen der deutschen Ausgabe hat sich einiges am Diabolobuchsektor getan. Wer vor der Entscheidung steht, deutsche oder englische Ausgabe, soll sich besser gleich The Diabolo Book besorgen.

In or '87 Michael Genahr mailed me a series of photographs showing him demonstrating a reverse in the normal shower of two diabolos. He hand numbered the photos, drew in some arrows to show directions, and wrote a brief description of what he was doing on some of the images. Diabolo Imagine a yo-yo that can fly! Will update this page if new copies come in.

The Diabolo from A-Z by Mr Babache (Diabolo Book)

You'd be better off finding a diabolo locally. Currently out of stock of The Diabolo Book. History of the Diabolo 67 Afterword The film appears to be historically accurate, as diabolos were a popular pastime during the time depicted in the movie. This is the very moment were both D's stand still. Shipping this item to Europe is pretty expensive.

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Two Methods to Start Spinning the Diabolo. Starting the Diabolo in the Air. Starting the Diabolo From the Ground. Variations on Loops of String Around the Axle.

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Correcting Tilts and Twists. Help, instruction, and tricks for this Top-like diabolo! Frequently Asked Questions about diabolo types, purchase, sticks, string, animations, ect. Hope you see something new, Jim Special thanks goes to Shane Geiger. Without his contributions of web space and information, this site could not be where it is today.

Sadly, Shane passed away in The memory of Shane Geiger will always be with us.

It seems like jugglers should never die, yet Shane is probably this moment, up there juggling the universe and the heavens for us. Thanks Shane, for all the computer help and your juggling inspiration.

Diabolo tutorial - 2 diabolo suns and sprinklers

E-mail Jim with corrections, additions, or for added help. Diabolo Tricks written for righties lefties welcome All animations are of the performer's view. Your view is as if you are performing the tricks. Note the dark ended stick is your right stick.