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Solod everything up to this point, very rarely had any big trouble. But boy, this quest.

Sometimes they split shortly but then are straight back together. Is there a good tactic for solo play, or does this one really need multiplayer if you're not a god? Also I don't have temporal mantle and can't see where to get it - is it after this quest? Run around taking pot shots until they are separated and then concentrate on one. That's the only advice anyone can give you really. Dung pods don't work so you just gotta wait until one of them leaves. Pot shots definitely seems the way forward. I'm using CB with Odogorans set, so making use of the critical draw skill to get big opening axe hits.

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Have been able to make the first zone a bit easier by luring teo away with stones then fight him out of range of Luna. It seems you're using the Odogaron full set?

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In that case I would recommend that you take some time to make a proper build instead. I don't know where you currently are in the game. Have you beaten the story yet? I don't know if the game requires you to beat the story in order to fight Luna. Yeah fully completed, HR Have actually just beat the quest, didn't realise teo was also weak to ice, so swapped to the ire and ice DB and finally beat it with those. I do normally use a bit more of a practical set, but really liked using odo on that as I was having troubles with sharpness, protective polish and speed sharpen helped so much, plus the fire resistances.

Focus on teo first, luna come only after a certain time, kill teo asap before luna come. Then play safe until they have the bond supernova run as far as possible when u see the message , then one of them will leave. After a while teo will flee, flash spam and kill it. Don't flash it when flying, it will use supernova. Seems to start in the big fire lake zone then patrols out towards Luna. You can get aggro before he reaches there if you're fast enough. The jury failed to reach a verdict in the case against Browning.

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