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Michael knew I don't like being around her and he wants us both to go out to lunch and talk? I stop and look back at her wanting to say something. Stepping into the closet I looked around at all the clothes until my eye stop at a simple black drawstring silk dress. I pulled the dress off the hanger setting it on the bed and went over to my shoe closet pulling out cheetah-print platform heels.

After stepping inside the dress and shoes. I grabbed my purse and headed out of the room and back downstairs where Mrs. Williams was looking around the living room. Williams" I said through my clench teeth. Michael hired a cleaning crew to come and clean the house twice a week and she knows that.

I'm gonna kill Michael when he gets home. I walked outside seeing a limo waiting for us this isn't even necessary. I stepped inside the limo making sure I sat away from her. I paid the cab and got out. I couldn't take Mrs. Williams anymore I had to leave her old roaster neck ass at the restaurant she was getting on my nerves and telling me what I'm not doing as a wife.

I tried to ignore them but she just so I don't know what I did to her that she so mean to me. I notice Michael car and a Escalade in the driveway. I made my way inside hearing laughter coming from the kitchen. I walked in seeing him and some guy sitting at the table laughing. This first installment is about Gavin, he is an "alphahole!! But even though he has a huge chip on his shoulder These two crackle with major sparks for one another, but can Gavin open up and let his "pet" in??

Oh, and let us not forget that there are secrets that Gavin has, and I'm not sure he wants to reveal them to anyone This has been my first read of a Kendall Ryan book; but it surely won't be my last! I love her style, and I want to go back and try out way more of her books!!! In the mean time, I will be sitting here chewing my nails until October 9th comes around!!!

I'm dying to get my hands on the next installment!!! I highly recommend for romance lovers to check this series out! It promises to be a successful, and very entertaining series! View all 14 comments. Aug 29, Shannon Moore rated it it was ok.

Dirty Secert

I need to start this by saying that this isn't a bad book, it's just not the book for me. You know how everyone has their preferences while reading, likes, dislikes, things they can't stand, etc? Well BDSM is that for me. Personally, it doesn't tickle my fancy. In certain circumstances I will bend that self imposed rule, but it has to be done in a very specific way to catch me and this one unfortunately didn't do that. Reading the bl I need to start this by saying that this isn't a bad book, it's just not the book for me.

Reading the blurb though, I also need to point something out: You actually need to open it up and look at the "about the book" page at the beginning. That is what I knew about this book and what grabbed my attention initially. If I had read the current blurb, with it alluding to the hero being a dominant and absolutely needing control of the heroine, I more than likely would've skipped this series. Just pointing that out. My intent was not to intentionally read a book that knew I wouldn't like. I didn't look at this hero as simply a powerful alpha, no no, he was more along the lines of a typical alphahole.

If I could describe him in one word, it was be arrogant. No, he was downright rude, degrading and disrespectful. Every cliche that you can come up with for CEO romances, basically cram those all together to create Gavin. Personally, I'm not a fan. I was doing okay for the first half of the book, I thought it was interesting enough, though I didn't really know where the story was going.

There wasn't anything terribly exciting or major to really catch my attention, I was more so reading it to just pass the time. To me, it had an overall "meh" type of feel to it. Though the farther I got, the more turned off I became towards the entire novel. In my mind, romance or not my opinion, I know a lot of others actually like this. No judgements , a character, especially a female, does not get to be treated like she is less than, or equivalent to an object or animal.

The heroes remarks about "Where's my toy? I never connected with the characters or story in the first place, and then instances like this just turned me away even farther. All in all, I also didn't find this to be a believable love story. Sure, there was some minimal effort thrown in for the romance department closer to the end, but I didn't see the characters fall for each other. There was an infatuation from the beginning because they had known of each other for several months and had small interactions in the past. Other than that, I didn't find the connection. This is also sort of portrayed as a love triangle, but that's another angle I didn't really see.

It was pretty clear that Emma was never interested in Cooper the same way she was interested in Gavin. I under no circumstances actually believe that she would choose the brother over the man she had been obsessed with for almost an entire year before she even truly met him. Is there also really a point to splitting this into two books, other than a marketing ploy? This is short enough and it easily could've been doubled in length and not be too unreasonably large. I don't see the point, and frankly, with not loving the first part, the cliffhanger wasn't even grand enough to interest me in reading the second part of this series.

If you actually read this book, you know that'll never happen. I just see that as a way to try and lure people in. Though this will be the end of the road for me, I'm afraid. View all 10 comments. Sep 03, Dali rated it really liked it Shelves: A gripping sexy adventure of a demur librarian who's bold enough to explore the her hidden desires.

I was a doe and he was a lion, stalking toward me with determined strides that made my knees go weak. It is a delicious contemporary romance escape brimming with sexiness and anticipation. Told from several points of view and ends with a cliffhanger. The excerpts taken are from that copy. The story was quite intriguing and suspenseful. The audiobook was narrated by Zachary Webber and Megan Tusing. Both did a good job on the narration but I wish it's narrated by three voice actors so I can distinguish Gavin and Cooper.

Also, I wasn't feeling Megan's narration. It's my first time listening to her. I don't know if it's just me, sometimes she's monotone. It ended with a cliffhanger when things got intense about Gavin's darkest secret regarding his past relationship. He has a lot of e The story was quite intriguing and suspenseful. He has a lot of explaining to do. Overall, it was good except for the love triangle. It was completely unnecessary and Cooper Kingsley deserves more than being the second best. Aug 14, Jacqueline's Reads rated it really liked it.

Dirty Little Secret is different from what Kendall Ryan has been writing lately. Of course the author still sticks to the heart of her writing style. Dirty Little Secret is a good story between Emma and Gavin. It was a story about two people, one guarded and one a little open about trying something different and new. I enjoyed both characters. I found Emma likable and her interactions with the characters entertaining.

Dirty Little Secrets

I love the way he interacts with Emma. The secondary characters of the book are the brothers and I really enjoyed reading them. Dirty Little Secret had a happy balance of steam, tension and mild angst.

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I will of course be finishing the series. View all 4 comments. Aug 20, Geri Reads rated it it was ok. I requested the ARC for this book because the blurb looked intriguing and interesting only to be underwhelmed with the story and its characters. Gavin Kingsley is a mysterious man that Emma sees daily in a coffee shop. She develops a crush on him while he seemed to not notice her. Of course, we find out that that's the case at all because Gavin does notice her. He's just good at pretending not to. They were strangers until the day they weren't and the story picks up from there.

Like I said, the story is intriguing. Gavin is mysterious and Emma is described in the book as feisty. Unfortunately, to me at least, they're just bland.

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Emma has no personality aside from being the innocent bombshell who doesn't know how attractive she is. Despite being uninteresting, she has two men obsessing over her. Gavin is the same. He's supposed to be this super rich guy that's hiding his dark past but again, like Emma, he's so bland and uninteresting. Both their POVs could put an insomniac to sleep. Dirty Little Secret ended on a cliffhanger. Unfortunately, this book was a slog to read that I'm not going to waste my time on the next one. Come to think of it.

I've been trying to get excited about this author's books for a long time. I tried to like her books but after 7 low-rated books, I think it's time to give up on this author altogether. ARC provided in exchange for an honest review. Aug 30, Olga therebelreader rated it liked it Shelves: A really fun romance. I stayed interested throughout, but I wasn't totally addicted.

The storyline and characters were nice, but I guess parts could have had more depth. Nevertheless I had a good time reading most of it. I love this side of Kendall Ryan! It was all the things! Emotional, sexy, dramatic, and hot as hell. Trust me, you want to get your grabby hands on this one as soon as it releases! A lonely librarian develops a secret crush on the businessman she sees in the coffee shop daily. Emma, is the quintessential stereotype of a librarian. She meek, quiet, and submissive. In an attempt to fill an emotional and sexual void in her life, she decides to take make a bold mov 4.

In an attempt to fill an emotional and sexual void in her life, she decides to take make a bold move and approach her crush. What she finds when she makes the visit to his offices changes her life in ways she never anticipated. The storyline is naughty and fun.

Sexy librarian meets sexier business mogul. Throw in a side of mystery, intrigue, and unexpected competition and you have a winner folks. The characters, both main and secondary are beyond intriguing. Gavin and his brothers Cooper and Quinn are sexy, mysterious, and demand attention.

His Nasty Little Secret

They have my undivided attention! This story took me back to me very first Kendall Ryan read. Overall , this sexy little book features an enigmatic alpha-hole that will make you weak in the knees. Two huge thumbs up! For more of my reviews: Sep 01, 1-Click Addict Support Group rated it it was amazing.

Heck with that ending?!?! Gavin Kingsley, mysterious, intriguing as right down dirty.

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Emma Bell, sweet, sexy and an adventurer. They say opposites attract and boy do they!! Gavin has a mysterious side that I kept trying to figure it out yet I could not. But the more I read the more I realized that I was not going to like what I would discover. I wanted to smack Gavin so many times because of What. I wanted to smack Gavin so many times because of his idiotic self he was going to end up loosing Emma. When he shot me a smile—complete with straight white teeth, blue eyes, and a dimple—my knees went weak. They were all beautiful. Deadly to the libido. But there are also secrets that where left hidden and when they come out it's like bombs were dropped.

Ms Ryan, that ending, just not right!! Patiently waiting for Dirty Little Secrets!!! Gavin Kingsley is a man with secrets. Emma Bell is a reserved librarian fresh off of a terrible relationship. When she sees Gavin Kingsley the obsession begins. Does Gavin see her though? I really enjoyed this romance. How these two meet is actually very sweet, even though it may come off a bit stalker-y. Kendall Ryan did a great job making this story a bit unpredictable. A third player is thrown in the mix, to make sort of a triangle.

If you don't like triangles I wou Gavin Kingsley is a man with secrets. If you don't like triangles I would still highly recommend this one to you. Ryan handles this instance very well in my opinion. The story itself has some darker themes. Do I think they are triggering, absolutely not.

I don't want to say too much and ruin things, so I won't. All in all a great read. If you like contemporary with some dark themes, and a not so simple relationship Emma Bell is a quiet librarian. Her job is the most important thing to her and everything else comes second and unfortunately that includes her love life. No talking is necessary and for Emma, just seeing his face everyday is enough for her. But fate has a different plan and Emma is about to go into the unknown world of Gavin Kingsley and his brother.

Gavin Kingsley has it all. Money, women, more money, aaaand…. But you know what they say about temptation: How long will Gavin try to keep Emma away from his secret dark world? If you love a hot, alpha that knows how to dominate well in the bedroom, then this one is for you. Jul 15, Michelle rated it it was amazing Shelves: ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review Dirty Little Secret by Kendall Ryan is officially my newest obsession and addiction of !!!

Sinful, intoxicating, erotic, and seductive are a few words that can be used to describe this magnetic and consuming read. All I can say, Kendall Ryan has readers like myself going crazy for the Kingsley brothers. Emma Bell is a meek librarian, who wants to explore her sexuality. And so when she takes a chance and decides to reach out the man that ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review Dirty Little Secret by Kendall Ryan is officially my newest obsession and addiction of !!!

And so when she takes a chance and decides to reach out the man that has infiltrated her fantasies, she is in for a surprise. She was a classic next-door-type. Something I had no right to desire, but I wanted all the same. Everything about Gavin screams power, money, danger, control and sex. And so when he sees Emma Bell at his office, he is a bit shocked that she even had the guts to be standing in front of him and at the same time turned on. Gavin made himself clear from the first second his mouth met mine.

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  • This was a far cry from an exploratory first kiss. He had total control, pulling me close. He keeps her on a leash. The reason for that is partly due to his past and the secrets he kept hidden. And so when Emma challenges him, he wants more.

    His Nasty Little Secret - anne - Wattpad

    But how much more can Gavin give her before exposing his dirty little secret? And all the while Emma feels for Gavin, she wonders if he can truly give his heart to her? He smelled of peppermint and leather, and tasted faintly of whiskey. It was an intoxicating combination, and like a lightning flash through the darkness, I was undone. If there is ever a book series to get addicted to, this right here might be it. I loved everything about this book. From the opening pages to the end, Ryan held me hostage with her intoxicating prose.

    All I can say, this book is what erotic romance fans crave!!! It was sinful, enticing, and dangerously addicting. Aug 03, Shayna rated it it was amazing Shelves: It was dirty, seductive, and sexy as hell, and I couldn't, for the life of me, take my eyes away from the pages. This is the type of erotic romance that will make you shiver with anticipation.

    I never promised you a happy ending.

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    Your boundaries will be pushed to the max. Your heart will plummet on multiple occasions, and your head will be filled with questions that you will demand answers for. Jul 28, Karen Mc rated it it was amazing Shelves: Before I began this story, I had to say Let's put it this way: I've only met Kendall's rom-coms so I really had no idea to expect from this other delicious side of Kendall.

    I dove into Dirty Little Secret , a story about as far away from a rom-com as you could get, and relished my dive into dark territory. I closed out my world and opened up the Dirty Little Secret world where I quickly fell captive to wo Before I began this story, I had to say I closed out my world and opened up the Dirty Little Secret world where I quickly fell captive to words that made me their prisoner from the first page.

    My first thought after inhaling the Prologue: Is this the same author who writes those fun and flirty romances?!? I like the dark and dirtier writer Kendall even better. Dark and dirty romance writing fits Kendall Ryan like a glove: With a burst of fate, a hero and heroine collide, embarking on an intensely captivating cat-and-mouse game that is molten-hot and messy.

    He has an animal magnetism that radiates pure power. I did not want to like this mysterious man, but I could not help but fall hard and fast for this bad boy…scorching HOT in every way. Gavin wasn't a fantasy.

    Dirty Little Secret - MGTOW

    He was a nightmare. Gavin lives for control that is tested when he collides with a beautiful librarian. He exudes sex and sin. My thighs could not help but clench. My body could not help but blaze. My heart could not help but bleed for this broken and beautiful man. Gavin's sinfully sexy spell bound me to him where I was helpless to let go. Fire fused with fate. The push and pull had me panting…wanting…needing more. If he'd asked, I would have given it to him. Dirty Little Secret was the predator and I was the prey.

    Being owned never felt so good!!! The plot is possessive and powerful with an invigorating storyline of twists and turns. The characters are captivating with a strong hero and heroine who are combustible together. The writing is intense and incredible, flowing with a heady mix of feels and fire.

    Oh did Dirty Little Secret dominate me!!! I can still feel this Dirty Little Secret whispering to me, caressing me everywhere. I can't wait to feel more!!! I knew this wouldn't be casual, knew I wouldn't walk away from this in one piece. Nothing particular about this book that really really bothered me to not finish it.

    View all 6 comments. The last book I read by Kendall Ryan wasn't a winner for me, so I wasn't sure if I wanted to read this one. I started seeing some amazing reviews. And then I read the blurb and got all tingly. I know some people think that the Dom-Billionaire Trope needs to die but I'm not one of them. I love this trope, so after reading the blurb I was expecting that and a little bit more. Unfortunately, I barely made myself finish it. The hero wasn't a sexy Dom, he 2. The hero wasn't a sexy Dom, he was just an alphahole.

    And the heroine and her stalking tendencies coupled with her naivete were a total let down. And I'm not going to talk about Cooper. He was a babe. And as much as the author tried to portray their relationship as a love triangle, it wasn't there. It was pretty clear from the beginning that Emma wanted Gavin. Let's say that Dirty Little Secret was okay, but it didn't blow me away. My non-existent connection with the characters and that I found some details a little bit similar to another book, kept me from enjoying this read.