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While both note their extreme differences and apparent incompatibility with the other, they soon cannot deny their physical chemistry. An unlikely and complicated relationship develops ending with unexpected and unconventional results. It was a short, slightly sad, funny, and refreshing romantic story which did not end with everyone living happily ever after. I highly recommend this to any one who wants to easily step away from the conventional romance and who enjoys reading novels with a taste from another culture — or in this case two.

The text reflects this and makes the writing charming and quirky having idioms from both cultures which are interesting and enjoyable. Mar 10, Emilyadamc rated it it was amazing. I loved this book from the very first page. Every Page had something on it that made me smile, laugh, cringe or just nod my head in agreement. Katarina is so honest with her character's. There were a few times where it felt like she had dipped in my head and pulled some of the thoughts that I don't admit that I think, and then put them in her book.

Shrimp was so many pieces of me, and that's probably not a good thing to admit, but it was refreshing.

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He was just what I would pictur I loved this book from the very first page. He was just what I would picture a guy thinking. I have to say it's not the usual romance, and the ending is not really happy, which usually bothers me, but this time I closed the book smiling. I couldn't put it down all night and had to stay up sitting in my overstuffed, rundown chair with a silly grin on my face reading till I finished. I was unable to put it down even though Lost was on! It just spoke to me, something that few, if any, books do lately.

I don't know if it was the writer, or the Swedish cultural influence, but I loved it. I might have to look into Swedish writers more often: I hope that if you read this book, you feel the same. On voit aussi les concessions qu'il faut faire pour qu'un couple puisse s'entendre et perdurer. Un libro da leggere con una fumante tazza di te sul tavolino Jul 23, Diane rated it really liked it. Benny is a Swedish cow milk farmer who has never married. Shrimp is a thirty-something, plain Jane librarian who dresses in beige and lives an organized life in her sterile apartment.

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She is a widow of two years. Benny and Shrimp meet in the cemetery where they go each day to visit their dearly departed --Benny his parents, and Shrimp, her late husband, Orjan. When they first notice each other, their private thoughts about each other are less than flattering.

Faded, like some old color photo that's been on display for years. Dried-out blond hair, a pale face, white eyebrows and lashes, wishy-washy pastel clothes, always something vaguely blue or beige". At the cemetery gates I ran into the beige woman. I thought she'd be looking at me warily, afraid smarmy Benny might fire off his lunatic smile at her again, so I knitted my brow and gave her a curt nod as I passed her". The Forest Owner was sitting there on the bench; he glowered at me, as if I were trespassing in his own private cemetery.

His paws were all soily; he'd probably just got the day's gardening stint out of the way. Wonder why he's only got three fingers". A quirky, but down-to-earth story that will make you smile and laugh, and perhaps even renew your belief in the fact that, if your eyes and heart are open, there is someone out there for most everyone. A satisfying read with a ending that left me wondering if a sequel, might not be in the works. I think you will be pleased you did. Sep 19, Katrina rated it it was amazing Shelves: Some books you fall in love with at the very beginning, from page one I was in amore with this little novel.

It begins with Desiree sitting on the bench in front of her husbands grave. She is trying to feel bad enough about his death. Desiree is a librarian who lives in the city. Her apartment is in the minimalist in fashion and she dresses mainly in beige. While at the cemetery, she sees a farmer who is constantly planting things at the gaudy, over the top plot next to her late husband.

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That far Some books you fall in love with at the very beginning, from page one I was in amore with this little novel. That farmer is Benny. He has just lost his mother, the one person who held his house hold together. Benny milks his 24 cows twice a day and her tends to all the farms needs, after that he has little time for cleaning, cooking or worrying how warm it is in the house. Benny hasn't done anything to the house since his mother died, so it is full of her cross stitch and fake plants with a thick layer of dust to hold it all together.

Sitting next to each other on that bench they see each other smile, and the sparks fly. Benny and Desiree who he aptly names Shrimp begin a whirl wind romance like none you have ever experienced. This novel was originally written in Swedish and now we have the tremendous opportunity to read this hilarious book by this inspiring author.

If there was anything lost in the translation you would never know it. This novel is intelligent, hilarious, romantic, happy and melancholy all at one time.

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Sep 03, Audrie rated it it was ok. I browse produce at the market the same way that I browse books at the library: I judge books by their covers really, is there any other logical way to choose them? Sometimes, an intriguing title, an interesting illustration, or an author's name will draw me in. Each time, I never know what it'll be. And probably why I grabbed it off the "M" fiction shelf at the library. The story begin I browse produce at the market the same way that I browse books at the library: The author does a good job getting under the skin of both of the main characters.

The story is told in alternating first person viewpoints and unlike some other books, the "voices" of the characters are completely believable. I'm not sure if I agree with the reviewers on the jacket cover The author created so many barriers between these two people getting together, that towards the end, I frantically kept wondering what would happen because the pages were running out and Benny and Shrimp seemed like they were still on two different planets and there was no figurative star bridge in sight.

The ending was so abrupt and different from what I expected, that I'm still trying to figure out whether or not I liked it or if it was a let down. Borrowing Christy's phrase, the whole book was an "unromantic comedy" but maybe that's how life is some or most of the time. Oct 30, Mary rated it really liked it. This slim novel was as addicting as the blurb on the cover claimed. The chapters are pages and alternate between Benny and Shrimp's version of the same story. It's a rather quiet story that had me smiling much of the time. The main characters are in their mid-late 30s and getting worried that life is passing them by.

Instead of observing, they want to participate in life. So they take a leap and strike up an unlikely friendship that becomes much more - but what? They reach a point where they This slim novel was as addicting as the blurb on the cover claimed. They reach a point where they know it's time to make a big decision. I'm glad I did and hope you will enjoy it as much as I did.


Has anyone read it? I searched online but didn't find any mention of it. Maybe there isn't an English translation yet. Oct 07, Jaime H rated it it was amazing. This book begs the question, do opposites attract and if so, can it work? That seems to be the theme of this book. Or is it, do two lonely people who are completely opposite fall for each other just out of need? Frankly, I loved this book. It was a fast read, passionate and left me wondering about Benny and Shrimp's relationship.

I wasn't sure what I wanted from them. I wanted Benny to find a wife.

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I wanted Shrimp to be that wife. However, at the same, I didn't want Shrimp to be that wife. Contr This book begs the question, do opposites attract and if so, can it work? On the other hand, I wanted Benny, the lovable farmer, to enjoy the culture that Shrimp wants to share but at the same time I wanted Shrimp to adapt to farm life.

Tis love, I guess. Sometimes books that were popular in their native language, doesn't translate well into English but that doesn't seem to be an issue here. From Swedish to English, the point, the prose and the love came across.

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Give this a chance, I am disappointed I didn't sooner. This is definitely one I will read again. Jul 13, Jacqueline rated it really liked it Shelves: It's rare that I come across a novel that I can't find fault with. Mazetti has a way of holding your attention despite the fact that nothing much happens.

It's such a simple story, yet the romance between the main characters is anything but. Such stories require a great deal in the way of characterization and, with such lovable, quirky figures, Mazetti gives us just that. The way It's rare that I come across a novel that I can't find fault with. The ways that both Benny and Shrimp describe their world and the events that occur between them are so honest.

I quite enjoyed how the alternating points-of-view allowed for a complete understanding of both characters, their actions, and their developing relationship