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God has promised to lead His children by His Spirit and enable them to know His voice. That means you can learn to know exactly what the Spirit of God is saying to you about every situation. Have you ever tried to watch television or listen to the radio without turning it on?

When you do turn them on, you fully expect to hear something! So, how do you check your spiritual receiver? The one way to know if your spiritual receiver is turned on is to answer this question:. But, here is an important truth: So to hear Him, you have to tune in and listen carefully. He communicates from His Spirit to your spirit, and then your spirit communicates what you hear to your mind. That is what we call an inward witness. It is very similar to a thought or a prompting. It applies to whomever seeks Him diligently, spends time fellowshiping with Him through prayer, and obeys the commands in His Word.

A receiver who is intact and ready to tune in to the voice of God is one who is expecting to hear from Him, and is willing to learn to know His voice. There was once a time when you had to work to tune in to a program on the radio or television set. You had to find the right frequency. You never questioned if it was broadcasting—you knew it was—but you had to do your part to find the frequency and tune in. Obedience in the simple things is very important to God—it reveals the willingness of you heart.

In the year that followed that April 2nd, I only saw my mom and dad two or three times. After that, visits with them increased in frequency again. Some of the things which drew me back into seeing them more often again:. After making some big changes in my life in early , I could finally see my choice with clarity: And so in May , I booked a flight to the US and made my great escape a month later. It was scary and sad, yet also exhilarating.

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Even though I still miss the comfort and perks of having a family of blood relatives, I feel exceedingly proud of the years of work that I did to recognize the abuse I was suffering, to break the paralyzing mold of shame and humiliation I had grown up in, and to spread my wings in order to make a better life for myself. Sad about the relationships I could have had. Sad about the years of isolation, insecurity and depression.