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In other words, it sucks.

The second Friday in the month is coming up in just a couple of days, so local poets Jean Jones and John Evans will be emceeing an open mic poetry reading, beginning at 6: All comers are invited to participate. Works with a summer theme are particularly encouraged. Local poets Jean Jones and John Evans will be holding an open mic poetry session from 6: The duo have been making this a regular monthly event.

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Jones, by the way, recently had two poems published by Aphelion, the science-fiction webzine. Evans announces that they are making these poetry events a regular thing, at 6: Every event, Evans said, will include an open mic opportunity, and audience members are urged to bring something to read. Call Pomegranate at for more details.

Those attending will be invited to fold peace cranes, to write thank-you notes to the Obamas and to join in a moment of reflection at noon. It breaks the rules of narrative and structure as a rebellion!

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Independently, both Loftis and Vox Day conclude that the problems with literature on the left are twofold:. Despite their similar observations about the problems with lack of craft and sense in literature on the left, Vox Day and Loftis draw very different conclusions about how the right should respond. Loftis challenges writers and publishers on the right to write more descriptive stories that are more representative of the human experience without censoring out the unsavory parts. If we are only shown the world through one rose colored lens, we will be unprepared to deal with the reality of our own lives, which looks nothing like a moralizing parable.

In fact, he presents that it is our duty to use literature to moralize and portray the values we stand for as an antidote to the active demoralizing narratives on the left. The purpose of fairy tales or literature is not to be descriptive, as Loftis suggests.

It is not to show us a world real or imagined. Postmodern literature, he contrasts, is there to demoralize. Post modern narratives tell us two things through both the style and content of the writing:. The stories he values, and I imagine the stories he wants to read more of are those that do the opposite. They serve a purpose to uplift, motivate, include and moralize.

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As a reader, I agree with Leslie Loftis. I am a bit bored with moralizing stories that try to tell me what to think and how to behave, whether they come from the left or the right. I actually want bias. But I want a lot of them. I want true diversity in ideas and perspectives.

I want to be challenged and thrilled. The more the better. While there, I suspend my disbelief and then become invested in the book. The trials of the character become my trials as a reader. I take on the challenges, successes and adventures of the characters while I am reading.

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Good Literature and art should just make you think. It should make you question and wonder and ask why. The quality of writing has been devalued while the writer himself becomes the star.

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To show us how bad writing has gotten, Vox Day challenged his readers with a game. He took a passage from a book that won the National Book Award then divided the original passage into 15 strings based on the punctuation and randomized it twice.

Word Salad Poetry Magazine Circa 2011

He then challenged readers to guess which randomized paragraph was the original. What he found was that readers were likely to guess any paragraph over the others because they all read like nonsense. Like Loftis and Vox Day, I am hungry for literature that is well written, provocative, evocative and inspiring but without the nonsensical word salads.

I want to read stories that have meaning and significance. I want to read writers with charisma, perspective and insights. Please support Leslie Loftis by checking out her writing and her publication on Medium called Iron Ladies. Please support Vox Day by subscribing to his blog.

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Sign in Get started. Lead Editor at Castalia House. Vox Popoli Here is an apt demonstration of what I meant when I said that postmodern literature is bad writing.