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Then all thy Saints assembl'd , thou shalt judge [ ] Bad men and Angels, they arraignd shall sink Beneath thy Sentence; Hell her numbers full, Thenceforth shall be for ever shut. Mean while The World shall burn, and from her ashes spring New Heav'n and Earth, wherein the just shall dwell [ ] And after all thir tribulations long See golden days, fruitful of golden deeds, With Joy and Love triumphing, and fair Truth.

But all ye Gods , Adore him, who to compass all this dies, Adore the Son, and honour him as mee. No sooner had th' Almighty ceas't , but all The multitude of Angels with a shout [ ] Loud as from numbers without number, sweet As from blest voices, uttering joy, Heav'n rung With Jubilee, and loud Hosanna's filld Th' eternal Regions: Thee Father first they sung Omnipotent, Immutable, Immortal, Infinite, Eternal King; thee Author of all being, Fountain of Light, thy self invisible [ ] Amidst the glorious brightness where thou sit'st Thron'd inaccessible, but when thou shad'st The full blaze of thy beams, and through a cloud Drawn round about thee like a radiant Shrine, Dark with excessive bright thy skirts appeer , [ ] Yet dazle Heav'n , that brightest Seraphim Approach not, but with both wings veil thir eyes, Thee next they sang of all Creation first, Begotten Son, Divine Similitude, In whose conspicuous count'nance , without cloud [ ] Made visible, th' Almighty Father shines, Whom else no Creature can behold; on thee Impresst the effulgence of his Glorie abides, Transfus'd on thee his ample Spirit rests.

Back from pursuit thy Powers with loud acclaime Thee only extoll'd , Son of thy Fathers might, To execute fierce vengeance on his foes, Not so on Man; him through their malice fall'n , [ ] Father of Mercie and Grace, thou didst not doome So strictly, but much more to pitie encline: No sooner did thy dear and onely Son Perceive thee purpos'd not to doom frail Man So strictly, but much more to pitie enclin'd , [ ] He to appease thy wrauth , and end the strife Of Mercy and Justice in thy face discern'd , Regardless of the Bliss wherein hee sat Second to thee, offerd himself to die For mans offence.

O unexampl'd love , [ ] Love no where to be found less then Divine! Thus they in Heav'n , above the starry Sphear , Thir happie hours in joy and hymning spent. Mean while upon the firm opacous Globe Of this round World, whose first convex divides The luminous inferior Orbs , enclos'd [ ] From Chaos and th' inroad of Darkness old, Satan alighted walks: Here walk'd the Fiend at large in spacious field.

So on this windie Sea of Land, the Fiend [ ] Walk'd up and down alone bent on his prey, Alone, for other Creature in this place Living or liveless to be found was none, None yet, but store hereafter from the earth Up hither like Aereal vapours flew [ ] Of all things transitorie and vain, when Sin With vanity had filld the works of men: Both all things vain, and all who in vain things Built thir fond hopes of Glorie or lasting fame, Or happiness in this or th' other life; [ ] All who have thir reward on Earth, the fruits Of painful Superstition and blind Zeal, Naught seeking but the praise of men, here find Fit retribution, emptie as thir deeds; All th' unaccomplisht works of Natures hand, [ ] Abortive, monstrous, or unkindly mixt , Dissolvd on earth, fleet hither, and in vain, Till final dissolution, wander here, Not in the neighbouring Moon , as some have dreamd ; Those argent Fields more likely habitants, [ ] Translated Saints , or middle Spirits hold Betwixt th' Angelical and Human kinde: Hither of ill- joynd Sons and Daughters born First from the ancient World those Giants came With many a vain exploit, though then renownd: The Stairs were such as whereon Jacob saw [ ] Angels ascending and descending, bands Of Guardians bright, when he from Esau fled To Padan - Aram in the field of Luz, Dreaming by night under the open Skie , And waking cri'd , This is the Gate of Heav'n [ ] Each Stair mysteriously was meant , nor stood There alwayes , but drawn up to Heav'n somtimes Viewless, and underneath a bright Sea flow'd Of Jasper, or of liquid Pearle , whereon Who after came from Earth , sayling arriv'd , [ ] Wafted by Angels, or flew o're the Lake Rapt in a Chariot drawn by fiery Steeds.

The Stairs were then let down, whether to dare The Fiend by easie ascent, or aggravate His sad exclusion from the dores of Bliss. Satan from hence now on the lower stair [ ] That scal'd by steps of Gold to Heav'n Gate Looks down with wonder at the sudden view Of all this World at once. As when a Scout Through dark and desart wayes with peril gone All night; at last by break of chearful dawne [ ] Obtains the brow of some high-climbing Hill, Which to his eye discovers unaware The goodly prospect of some forein land First-seen, or some renown'd Metropolis With glistering Spires and Pinnacles adorn'd , [ ] Which now the Rising Sun guilds with his beams.

Such wonder seis'd , though after Heaven seen, The Spirit maligne , but much more envy seis'd At sight of all this World beheld so faire. Round he surveys, and well might, where he stood [ ] So high above the circling Canopie Of Nights extended shade; from Eastern Point Of Libra to the fleecie Starr that bears Andromeda farr off Atlantic Seas Beyond th' Horizon ; then from Pole to Pole [ ] He views in bredth , and without longer pause Down right into the Worlds first Region throws His flight precipitant, and windes with ease Through the pure marble Air his oblique way Amongst innumerable Starrs , that shon [ ] Stars distant, but nigh hand seemd other Worlds , Or other Worlds they seemd , or happy Iles , Like those Hesperian Gardens fam'd of old, Fortunate Fields, and Groves and flourie Vales, Thrice happy Iles , but who dwelt happy there [ ] He stayd not to enquire: So wondrously was set his Station bright.

His back was turnd , but not his brightness hid; Of beaming sunnie Raies , a golden tiar [ ] Circl'd his Head, nor less his Locks behind Illustrious on his Shoulders fledge with wings Lay waving round; on som great charge imploy'd He seemd , or fixt in cogitation deep. Glad was the Spirit impure as now in hope [ ] To find who might direct his wandring flight To Paradise the happie seat of Man, His journies end and our beginning woe. But first he casts to change his proper shape, Which else might work him danger or delay: He drew not nigh unheard, the Angel bright, [ ] Ere he drew nigh, his radiant visage turnd , Admonisht by his ear, and strait was known Th' Arch-Angel Uriel, one of the seav'n Who in God's presence, neerest to his Throne Stand ready at command, and are his Eyes [ ] That run through all the Heav'ns , or down to th' Earth Bear his swift errands over moist and dry, O're Sea and Land; him Satan thus accostes ;.

Uriel, for thou of those seav'n Spirits that stand In sight of God's high Throne, gloriously bright, [ ] The first art wont his great authentic will Interpreter through highest Heav'n to bring, Where all his Sons thy Embassie attend; And here art likeliest by supream decree Like honor to obtain, and as his Eye [ ] To visit oft this new Creation round; Unspeakable desire to see, and know All these his wondrous works, but chiefly Man, His chief delight and favour , him for whom All these his works so wondrous he ordaind , [ ] Hath brought me from the Quires of Cherubim Alone thus wandring.

Brightest Seraph tell In which of all these shining Orbes hath Man His fixed seat, or fixed seat hath none, But all these shining Orbes his choice to dwell; [ ] That I may find him, and with secret gaze, Or open admiration him behold On whom the great Creator hath bestowd Worlds, and on whom hath all these graces powrd ; That both in him and all things, as is meet, [ ] The Universal Maker we may praise; Who justly hath driv'n out his Rebell Foes To deepest Hell, and to repair that loss Created this new happie Race of Men To serve him better: So spake the false dissembler unperceivd ; For neither Man nor Angel can discern Hypocrisie , the onely evil that walks Invisible, except to God alone, By his permissive will , through Heav'n and Earth: Which now for once beguil'd Uriel, though Regent of the Sun, and held [ ] The sharpest sighted Spirit of all in Heav'n ; Who to the fraudulent Impostor foule In his uprightness answer thus returnd.

Faire Angel, thy desire which tends to know The works of God, thereby to glorifie [ ] The great Work- Maister , leads to no excess That reaches blame, but rather merits praise The more it seems excess, that led thee hither From thy Empyreal Mansion thus alone, To witness with thine eyes what some perhaps [ ] Contented with report hear onely in heav'n: We are warned that he now roams the earth.

Be sober, be watchful: From all of the above, we find that Satan is not presently restricted to one place. The fact that Satan will eventually be thrown down to the earth brings up a question. The casting of Satan out of heaven, that is recorded in the Book of Revelation, can mean one of two things: Some feel that he was cast out of God' presence the moment he sinned and now only has temporary access to the Lord.

Others feel that he was not banished from God's presence when he sinned but rather will be only at this point that the Book of Revelation records Revelation Summary Satan presently dwells in the heavenly realm. Whether he has already been thrown out of heaven or whether this judgment is still future is an area in which Bible students disagree.

Walking The Line Between God and Satan 9781452023366 by Katherine Sharpe

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Password Must be at least 6 characters. However, Jesus especially talked about Satan, that he will be cast out and judged. Now is the judgment of this world; now the ruler of this world will be cast out. However, Jesus with pity for the human race has stepped in to reclaim both them and the world. As we continue to study the Bible we can see that it will take some time for Jesus to reclaim the ownership from Satan:. In Revelation, starting with chapter 4 we see that there is a court session in Heaven.

Daniel refers to this same session in Daniel 7: This occurs at the time of the end. This is the only time that we know of that Satan actually kills someone himself, personally. In Bible times, it took two people to convict someone. Is this needed for the court proceedings?

This action seems to be "the straw that breaks the camel's back". When Satan sits down, Michael stands up Daniel 12 and the battle of Armageddon occurs. Satan is not only saying he is the ruler of this world, he is saying he is God! God attacks Satan and his angels and the end of the world comes as Jesus comes to receive His own. Satan has to overstep his authority before God stands up to take away his dominion.

So there seems to be a legal battle that is occurring between Jesus and Satan. But one day the court will be in session and Satan's dominion will be taken away from him. Issues that will eventually be brought up in court so that Satan can be thrown out, have not even occurred yet. Today, Jesus has not yet taken His authority over the earth. It is only much later in the future when Satan tries to sit down as God The Abomination of Desolation that God stands up and the end of all things comes to be.

The time that Jesus will rule the earth the kingdoms of this world will not occur until the Seventh Trumpet sounds. It will not be until the Seventh Trumpet sounds that the Kingdom of God will also include the kingdoms of this world, in other words, the earth. This is why we are still praying for God's will to occur on earth. The Seventh Trumpet sounds essentiall in the last days just before Jesus comes in the clouds of glory. So at the present time, Jesus has not yet taken authority of our world and we continue to pray for His will to take place:.

At that time, the time of the seventh angel, Jesus will reign for ever and ever and all the angels of heaven will rejoice because Jesus has taken His great power and has finally began to reign. And then Jesus will come for us to take us to heaven! Satan was instrumental in having Jesus Christ put to death when He was on earth. Rather than being the end of Jesus, it signaled the beginning of the end of Satan. Christ's death is also the means whereby he will save the righteous.

Satan has never gotten the best of Jesus or God. Another plan of attack that Satan has, is to force all people to worship him. If he can force all to follow him instead of God, then he has won! However, If there is even a small minority, even one left who chooses to follow God then Satan has lost!

Satan must have the allegiance of all the people on the earth for him to rule it; And we can see in Daniel and Revelation that he will kill anyone who does not choose him as their leader. Satan will do anything to get to his goal. There is a time, at the end of this world's history, when Satan will pull all the stops in a desperate effort to have a whole world worship him instead of God.

Jesus calls this time the time of sorrows. At this time, the end of the world, Satan will either win and have a world, or he will loose everything including life. Let's look at some prophecies to see what Satan will do to try to stand on the throne of God. I have color coded the following texts to indicate various activities: Red indicates what Satan will do to God's people. Green indicates what Satan will do to blaspheme God and try to take God's throne. Orange indicates what God does to judge Satan and to give the saints the kingdom. We start in the 7th verse of Daniel 7 by seeing that Satan is breaking in pieces and trampling the residue with its feet.

The residue is really God's people. He is killing the remnant of God's people. Satan is allowed to prevail over God's people for a time, times, and part of a time. All this happens until Judgment occurs in Heaven and Satan is stopped. This action of killing God's people, is confirmation that Satan does indeed have to have the vote of everyone living on the Earth for him to take the throne. We can see that the results of this intergalactic war is indeed dependent upon opinion.

Satan has started to eliminate the people who would stand in his way of being the king and leader of this world. Remember, Satan has to have as followers, everyone on earth who is alive. If Satan cannot trick the righteous into following him, then he will try to kill them outright. Now we can see that Satan will try to exalt himself to the level of Jesus our Prince.

Satan can be seen as trying to take over the whole world and exalt himself as the Prince of the host! In Revelation, we see the exact same actions we saw in Daniel. Purple indicates what the wicked will do to serve Satan. Satan is enraged with all who keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ. Satan knows he does not have much time left and he knows he needs to kill everyone who is loyal to God. We can see that Satan is enraged with those who keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.

It is clear that anyone who keeps all the commandments of God and has the testimony of Jesus, is indeed loyal to God because they worship God with what they do and with what they say. They are completely loyal to God! We can see that the wicked worships the dragon Satan and the beast. All people who do not have their name written in the Book of Life will worship Satan!

To get this to happen Satan had to deceive the whole world. They worship Satan because they want to save their own life, crying out: Who is like the beast? Who is able to make war with him? They easily see that the beast is too powerful for them and that they will only lose their life if they try to fight it so they choose life. In reality they are choosing death because they are then following Satan.

Satan causes all to receive a mark and that no one can buy or sell unless they have this mark. Later they will find out that they have lost everything when they thought to save their own skin and receive the mark. It should be clear that the righteous of the world, living in the last days, will experience the same thing that Job experienced. Satan has probably demanded that all the people of the world are his and God probably said: So all who will not worship the image of the beast will be ordered to be killed.

The last days are the trying time for God's people and the battle between Jesus and Satan is dependent upon what the righteous, the , do. If they hold up, just as Job did; Then Jesus will be victorious in the war. There are many ways Satan can get the allegiance of the people of this world. One of the most dramatic ways is to have people curse God, as he wanted Job to do. Or to disobey what God would have us do. Another way is to make us so busy that we have no time for God.

In this way, the things we are doing have become our god. Today, so many people have become indifferent to the idea of serving God that they will do anything to get ahead in this world. Other things have become more important in their thinking, like living and surviving. So they will do anything that Satan wants them to do just so they can save their skin. There are some who see a real need to get close to God; However, they keep putting off making a decision. Satan keeps putting ideas and feelings to get them sidetracked. Since Satan is working so hard to get people to look at him for direction, it must be extremely important to him.

Obviously, if people don't follow him, he loses his fight! So yes, its important to him. Let's look to see what really makes Satan furiously angry:. Those who keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ are those who Satan cannot control. And remember, if Satan cannot control everyone, he will lose his goal to rule the world and lose the war against God.

It is no wonder that Satan is angry. All that he has tried to do to get them to follow him has failed. God's people will not follow Satan's lead at all. Rather, they have chosen to follow and do all what the Lord wants them to do. At this point Satan is so enraged with God's people that he wars against them to put them to death.

Since he cannot control them, he will try to exterminate them. To remind you what we saw in Daniel and Revelation, here is a synopsis of Satan's actions against the Righteous in the last days:. It is clear, from the Bible itself, that God's people will not be taken away in some rapture.

But rather, we have seen actual scripture that shows that God's people will be hunted and killed for obeying God. God's people will be like Job, experiencing adversity, yet remaining loyal to God even if it means death! Elsewhere, in the book of Revelation, we see that the righteous are again identified as those who keep the commandments of God and have the faith of Jesus:.

In a time of great hardship, as described in Revelation, God's people are identified as those needing endurance patience to continue till the end.

Again, this group is identified as those who keep the commandments of God and remain loyal to Jesus. It will indeed require patience on their part, as they are being hunted and killed. But they hang on because they know that Jesus will one day come to save them from their trouble. When God's people inherit a new life with God, it is because they have been completely loyal to God by keeping his commandments and following him in all ways that they will have a right to eat from the tree of life, and they will have the right to enter into the gates of the New Jerusalem where we will live with God forever.

Only the Righteous will be allowed to enter!

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Satan will try to take over the world and endeavor to force all the inhabitants of the world to follow him, and he will do his best to kill anyone that goes against his plans. However, as indicated in Scripture: Satan will come to his end. He will be destroyed. Blue indicates what God's people, the righteous will do to serve God. We can see the same process but with more detail in Daniel Satan will see that he can not turn the righteous toward serving him. So, in desperation, he will try to sit on the throne anyway despite the fact that he has no right to do so.

It is at that time that God will stop him in his tracts because he will have gone too far. Look at the following texts:. In the verses above, we actually see that Satan will defile the sanctuary fortress, take away the daily, and place there the abomination of desolation. He will put his palace on the glorious holy mountain of God for the purpose of declaring himself as king. When Satan places the abomination of desolation planting his palace between the seas and the glorious holy mountain he is saying: I rule the earth!

In this action that Satan does, he over steps his bounds. He has gone too far. He does not rule the earth because he has not been able to get all to worship him. Nor was he able to make Jesus sin when He was on this earth. It is then that Michael Jesus stands up and Satan will come to his end!

A time of trouble will occur at this time that will be unequaled in history and God's people who are alive, the ,, will be delivered. Everyone who is found written in the book of life will be delivered and raised up from the dead! Many think that everything has been done at the Cross, when Jesus died. However, here in Daniel, we find that it is when Satan sits down as the ruler on Earth, this is when God begins to act! God brings an end to Satan and his war against God and God's people. Satan has gone too far in fighting God and He will bring Satan to an end.

In the Book of Job, we saw that Job was tested for a time, however when it was all over, God rewarded him. God set things right. In the last days, we will find that God's people will also be tested for a time, but when Satan steps over the line and sits down as God, then all evil will be brought to an end. It is at that time that the signs of God's wrath will be given unmixed with mercy.

The plaques will be poured on the earth and God's people will be delivered. Jesus says that when you see the abomination of desolation, when you see Satan standing in the holy place, where he should not be, then you better flee somewhere! Apparently it is going to be so bad, that if this period was not shortened, no one on earth would be able to live through it. In the past, we have had nuclear bombs landing on a few cities and we have had wide spread wars. Who knows what might happen at this time of the end. Satan has lost the battle to get everyone to worship him, so now he is going to be desperately trying to take his rulership position by force.

Since he is fighting against the Creator of all things he cannot win. Maybe much of Satan's actions is really due to revenge. At this time Psalms 91 will be a very good source of comfort to God's people since they know that God will protect His people in this time. Satan will eventually overstep his bounds when he tries to sit down as God. Then Michael will stand up and the court in Heaven will give every thing to Jesus. Once this happens, then Jesus comes back to our world to rescue His people. As we have seen, the Bible presents a unified view of the war between God and Satan.

It is when we start to study Daniel and especially Revelation that these things become evident. How can Satan claim the Earth when Psalm I see your point of issues raised in God's courts but I am confident that our mighty Lord Jesus settled all accounts at the cross. Jesus said it is finished. Satan has power but he's not omnipresent omnipotent omniscience.

He can only do what God allows. I have friends who I visited once we all went to school together so it was great to talk. They had a new son and they were having problems. At night, he would often wake up screaming from a bad dream. It seemed that he had these dreams often and they were concerned but they did not know what to do about it. I asked them if they asked God to protect their son from the attacks of evil angels, and they shook their heads no. For some reason, they never even thought of asking God for help.

I told them that if they did not pray for their son, that he would be open ground for the evil angels to attack him. The boy is too young to pray for himself, so it is the privilege and duty for the parents to pray for their children. They started praying for their son every night, and immediately, it all stopped. I think my friends gained a much deeper appreciation of the war that is going over us, but especially of the help and love that God has for each one of us.

God is always willing and waiting for us to ask for help. When we come to God, we place ourselves under His care and protection. There is nothing that Satan and his evil angels can do except what God allows them to do. In the story of Job, when Satan comes to the meeting, he accuses God of over stepping His bounds in protecting Job. In response, Jesus then tells him what He will allow him to do to Job. That is what happened both times they met. Satan can only do what God allows him to do. Yes, I agree with you that Jesus has all the power.

The power that Satan has is what God allows him to have. No more than that. Boy are we blessed! However, Something else seems to be happening because Jesus does allow Satan to temp and harass Job in trying to destroy him. Why does God allow Satan to try to destroy Job? Obviously, the war is still going on and Job's worship of God must be tested. So why does God still allow Satan to try to destroy us today? If all accounts were settled at the cross, then why are we still here? Why are we still being tempted.

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Why is our faith still being tested? I believe that if every thing had been done at the cross, then evil would have been destroyed at that time. If the battle was won at the cross, why was not Satan thrown out at that time? But it is not. God is still allowing Satan to destroy people.

Dr. Tony Evans - APRIL 09, 2018 - How Satan Holds You Hostage - KINGDOM Living

Evil is being propagated and today, conditions are getting worse not better. It should be obvious that everything was NOT finished at the cross. If both God and Satan did not claim our world, there would be no war. But it is clear in Scripture that there is indeed a battle for our world. There is a battle for the mind and it is still going on. It is not finished yet.

Now, What about the fact that when Jesus was on the cross, He said "it is finished". Doesn't that mean that every thing was finished at the cross? When Jesus died, He paid the ultimate price for me and you. However, that was not the only time that Jesus is going to say "it is finished"! I believe that the Cross was one big step in the process. But there are other steps that is indicated in Scripture as well. Look at the following Scripture:. Now notice what happens when the seventh angel sounds his trumpet! It is at that time and not before that the world becomes fully the kingdom of our Lord and of His Christ!

So at an appointed time the end will come. In Revelation, we find that this appointed time is when the seventh angel sounds:. So when the seventh angel sounds, which is yet future! It is then, and only then, that the mystery of God will be at an end and God and His Son, Jesus will begin to reign over all the kingdoms of the earth! Satan will quickly lose all of his power to continue his torture of God's creations. God will at that time will begin to set things back to the way they should be, without sin and destruction.

And the righteous will be taken up to be with Christ! We must not forget the book of Revelation when we study what Jesus does for us to save us; Because, that last book of the Bible has so much of the information that we have of Jesus Christ! I think we only have a partial Gospel when we leave out what Revelation has to say. You know, the book of Revelation has a longer title: The Revelation of Jesus Christ.

You ask why does God allow suffering on earth, does he not care? Do you see the fallacy in the whole thing. Its like turtles on turtles. Why would God being all powerful etc. Why would he allow it anywhere? Maybe the answer lies not in celestial battles but in our own nature and nature itself. Science can try to explain a lot these days. Not celestial battles, though, unless it's battles between Suns, Planets and Black Holes. You have a very interesting question. If indeed God is all-powerful, why would He permit anarchy and suffering? What if God had offered all His creations subjects complete freedom.

God could very easily force all His created beings into obeying Him. He is all powerful, He could do that. However, what if He really does value the free choice of His creations. How can God allow free choice if He forces all to obey Him? He cannot, God cannot do both. It does not make sense! Even though God is all powerful, God cannot just zap people out of existence or to change their memory, etc.

From the Bible, we see that it goes against what God's wishes to do. It would go against God's own value system because He is merciful and gracious, long-suffering, and abounding in goodness and truth Exodus To say it another way: What if God wanted all His creations to worship Him by choice and not because He forces them to worship Him? How would He do that?

Would He destroy all who would choose to go against Him before they are able to do so?

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Would He just change their thinking so they don't even know what they were thinking about earlier? Would He have created His creations so they could not have revolted against Him? No, none of these options work. God Himself would know that He was not allowing complete free choice. If God really wanted His creations to actually love Him and appreciate what He does for them.

They would want to serve Him! When I read the Bible, I see evidence that God really does value free choice and freedom for His creations. We can see that in the stories of the Bible. We do not see God changing people's thoughts, but rather, we see that God works with us so that we can make a free choice. On the other hand, it is Satan who forces others to follow and serve him. When people are possessed, they no longer have the will to leave Satan behind. Satan takes control of them and he will never let them go, not if he can help it.

We also see that Satan tries to either trick or he will use fear to force people into serving Him. In addition, we find that when Satan cannot get a person to follow Him, he will want to try to kill them. You make a good point. If I were God I would also allow my creation free choice. That is not in dispute for me. The problem with this free choice is that it is extremely unequally distributed.

You just have to look around and you will see that not everyone has the "free choice" which God "intended" us to have. I give an example: What if there are so many set-backs in your life that you give up hope and come to the conclusion that there is no point to your life don't misinterpret, I am not suggesting I have those feelings to a higher degree. Albert Einstein wrote I got this quote from a book given to me by a Jehovah's Witness: Do you see how true to human nature this statement is.

According to Einstein these people do not deserve to live. Nature is like that. Survival of the fittest and forget about the weak. So my point is, its nature at work and not a loving God of the Bible who helps you as long as you accept Him like the stories in the Old Testament. Then, having said all this, maybe we chose this path to come closer to God. Maybe almost surely it takes a lot of first-hand knowledge of good and evil in order to understand deeply the importance of love.

Maybe it's the only way we can learn and not fall back into temptation? You say God does not allow Satan to do anything He does not allow. How blessed we are! In Revelation's he does allow Satan to go very far. Or is what really is being said: He allows man to go very far before he puts a stop to it. The Bible should not be taken too literally. Look at the people who die unnecessarily because they take the Bible literally. Quite a few children of JW's have unnecessarily died because their parents took these Bible words literally.

Just something to think about. Your comment that "God does allow Satan to go very far" is quite right. I didn't think of a good way in giving a synopsis description but I like yours. Yes, you are right, it seems that man is allowed to go very far before God puts a stop to it. It was my purpose to show the heavy persecution that will occur at the end. Now, you are right, there are so many things in this world that are unfair. Sure enough, survival of the fittest does seem to reign supreme on this earth. Existence on this earth is sometimes pure survival. Some people try to get ahead in this world and they don't seem to have a chance.

I do not believe that laws like the survival of the fittest are what the Lord had in mind when He created the world and the Universe. I believe that they became law on this world when Adam and Eve fell into sin. Satan himself does not want people to have free choice at all.

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If people were to choose God instead of him, then Satan would lose out, as he will in the end. A week ago, or so, I read the story on the judgment on the house of Jeroboam, found in I Kings What happened is that the son of Jeroboam, a wicked king of Israel, became sick. Jeroboam told his wife to disguise herself and go to Ahijah the prophet to ask him what will become of his son.

There were other elements to the disguise, but of course, God told His prophet what was happening. When she came, he said: Well, the prophet told her that because king Jeroboam, whom God had placed over Israel, did not follow God but acted wickedly, this king was extremely wicked; that disaster will strike his family. Every male member will see death. Now the point that I want to make is this: This son who became sick, that originally caused Jeroboam's wife to see the prophet, was the only person in Jeroboam's family that was good.

So because this son was good, he was going to be the only one who would die a natural death. All the other members were going to have violent deaths. Here is a story that, on the outside, seems to indicate that this son had no chance at all. He had the wrong father, and so he had to die because all members of his family were to be killed. However, I believe that God will save that son when Jesus comes in the clouds of heaven to take back His people to be with Him. Apparently, that son had decided to follow God. He had that freedom of choice, and God is going to reward that choice when Jesus comes again.

So here is a story of a son who had the wrong father. It looks like he had the worst of luck and that he would never have a chance of doing anything ever again. However, if we look at this story from a different perspective, we find that it is the opposite of our original view of the story. That boy was allowed to die only after he had chosen to follow God.

He had already exercised his free will to choose God. Now, the next moment that he will be aware of, when Jesus comes to collect His righteous people and take them to heaven, this boy will be among them. He has exercised his free will and God will reward that choice! There are also places in the Bible where it says that God will cause some righteous people to have short lives. Now that can be seen as a bad thing, because nobody really wants to die, especially an early death. However, this is actually a good thing because that person is preserved for the Kingdom of God. Scripture shows that when the righteous die, God is being merciful to them by separating them from the evil of this world.

They will be brought up again when all the evil is past. The loss of the righteous among the wicked in today's world often seems like something to worry about. However, it is actually the mercy of God that allows the righteous to rest in peace. The righteous person is taken away from the evil of the world but he will one day arise again when Jesus comes. The next verse adds to the idea of God's mercy:. So, in mercy, God asks His people to rest a little while. Only after the trouble and God's indignation wrath is ended will God's people wake up and sing.

That is the day when the earth will cast out the dead. It is the resurrection of the righteous at the last day. The righteous are allowed to sleep while trouble covers the Earth. We know that trouble will greatly increase as we approach the end of the world. Thus this sleep will increasingly be a special blessing toward the end of time. The last phrase; However, is especially important: It is the time when Jesus wakes the righteous.