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The idea that emotions are fundamental, instinctive and expressed in our faces is deeply ingrained in Western culture. View image of The idea that our faces act as a mirror of our emotions is deeply ingrained. In different countries around the world, researcher Paul Ekman asked subjects to match photos of facial expressions with emotions or emotional scenarios.

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His studies seemed to indicate that some expressions, and their corresponding feelings, were recognised by people of all cultures. View image of Studies indicated that emotions like disgust were recognised by people of all cultures. But this viewpoint has always had detractors. Margaret Mead, who believed that our expressions were learned behaviours, was among them.

New research is challenging two of the main pillars of basic emotion theory. First is the idea that some emotions are universally shared and recognised.

Second is the belief that facial expressions are reliable reflectors of those emotions. View image of Shown a smiling face, a small minority of Trobrianders said the person was happy. That new research includes recent work by Crivelli. With both indigenous groups, he found that study participants did not attribute emotions to faces in the same way Westerners do.


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Contemporary Examples It was also an attack on our freedom of expression and way of life. Historical Examples I could keep only the effect of its expression and the few tones of your voice I heard. The Spenders Harry Leon Wilson.