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Damsels in Breeches Regency Series Boxed Set

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Emperors in the Jungle: The Hidden History of the U. Empire Builders Bova, Ben. Empire of the Bay: Empress of the Night Stachniak, Eva. Empty Bottles Full of Stories Sin, r. Encyclopedia of 5, Spells Illes, Judika. Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine: The Problem of Civilization Jensen, Derrick.

Shackleton's Incredible Voyage Alfred Lansing. The Eater of Souls Hancock, Graham. The Complete Eighth and Final Season. Ephemeris Noon With Daily Aspectarian: Book 7 Ranger's Apprentice Flanagan, John. Wherever he led, she happily followed. Their friendship held fast until Gilbert went off to fight Napoleon and Bella stayed home.

Years passed and their youthful camaraderie faded to pleasant memory. Now Gilbert is home from the wars and Bella needs his help. From the moment she climbs in his bedroom window, he knows he's in trouble. Can this beautiful desirable young lady be the same hoydenish friend from his childhood? Can Gilbert rescue Bella from her desperate circumstances even if it means. Philomena Wheeler has been living a lie for the past twelve years. After her mother dies, she pretends to be a boy so she can work in Lady Hembrough's stables alongside her beloved papa.

When she's promoted to the position of groom, her father thinks it's time to call a halt to the dangerous masquerade and wants to send Phil to his sister in York to learn to be a girl again. Viscount Hembrough pays a rare visit to his mother in London. He's looking for a new groom and hires Phil for a one-month trial period before he returns to his horse-breeding estate in the wilds of Ireland. Under the mistaken belief that she's a he, the viscount takes Phil on a trip to inspect a promising stallion for his stables. Will Phil be able to guard her secret while traveling with the handsome viscount?

And more importantly, will she be able to guard her heart against a forbidden love? Thankful for the chance to leave London and escape the unwelcome advances of an ardent suitor, Abigail Prescott accepts an invitation to Brydmoor Castle to paint the portrait of the reclusive Viscount Devlin and his small son. A young widow in straightened circumstances, she soon finds herself ensconced in his home and the object of his unwavering attention. Nathan Holt vows never to marry again.

He's done his duty and has an heir. But when Abigail Prescott comes into his vicinity, the daily presence of her in his home becomes a temptation too hard to resist. Unable to deny himself any longer, he begins his seduction of her in earnest, only to find that once will never be enough.

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