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She has master's degrees in exercise science and human nutrition. She holds a master's degree in nutrition and exercise physiology from Columbia University in New York.


The Nutrient Timing Advantage; Chapter 2. The Science Made Simple; Chapter 3. Carbohydrate as the Primary Fuel; Chapter 4. The Protein Profile; Chapter 5. Smart Fat in the Diet; Chapter 6.

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Essential Vitamins and Minerals; Chapter 7. The Role of Fluids; Chapter 8.

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Tips on creating a healthy eating plan. Although the specifics for each sport and athlete may differ, all athletes will benefit from keeping these three strategies in mind when creating their own plan.

Nutrient Timing for Peak Performance

How our bodies use protein. Having adequate body fat is also essential for health and performance. Nutrient Timing for Peak Performance. By Heidi Skolnik , Andrea Chernus. Gain the ultimate advantage!

Nutrient Timing for Peak Performance is your guide to consuming the right foods at the right time for optimal results in training or competition. Whether you are a dedicated triathlete, high school pitcher, college swimmer, competitive powerlifter, or professional soccer player, Nutrient Timing for Peak Performance is your guide to peak athletic training and performance. Heidi Skolnik interviewed on The Weather Channel.

Heidi Skolnik talks about fueling before, during, and after a workout. Health Care in Exercise and Sport.

Nutrient Timing for Peak Performance - Heidi Skolnik, Andrea Chernus

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Ep.41 - Brandon Wadas - Nutrient Timing For Bodybuilders

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