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But it was also a horrific time. It was a time of assassination, the constant nightmare of bombarding Vietnam. It was a time of underlying violence that also had this great joy and excitement and vibrancy. Fur Wheel , Carolee Schneemann.

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Her paintings increasingly moved beyond the canvas, incorporating found objects and images, motorised elements, and burnt remains. Fur Wheel is a rotating arrangement of clanking tin cans and shards of glass mounted on a lampshade, while Four Fur Cutting Boards is a semi-circular grouping of brightly painted wooden planks with a hubcap and two umbrellas affixed.

It was in , the year that the Grand Prize was awarded to Robert Rauschenberg, provoking debates about the emergence of Pop art and the influence of American culture.

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Film became a core part of her practice in this period. It consists of nearly 30 minutes of silent 16mm colour footage that shows the artist and James Tenney in a sequence of sexual acts seen from the perspective of their cat, Kitch. The film material itself was deliberately disfigured with fire and acid, while paint and collage elements add further interruptions to the flow of images. I love having the protrusion of images that have to be examined and selected.

Fuses film still , —67 , Carolee Schneemann. Courtesy Carolee Schneemann and P. The ambitions of the project stretched far beyond formal experimentation. Fuses was a challenge to traditional perspectives on sex and intimacy, including those offered by Brakhage, who shot Schneemann and Tenney for two of his own films. It combined carefully choreographed lighting shifting from strong illumination to moments of darkness and sound elements including tapes of traffic noise and pop songs with messy, playful interactions between a group of men and women, many in their underwear.

Famously, materials ranging from raw fish and sausages to paint and plastic sheeting are introduced into the mix, generating a dream-inspired, erotically charged event. Gallery, New York; photo: Interior Scroll , by contrast, was a solo performance first given by Schneemann in Long Island, New York in to an audience of mainly female artists and later, with slight variations, at a film festival in Telluride, Colorado in The work involved her climbing on to a table, applying paint and, in Telluride, mud to her near-naked body, and then reading her own feminist texts from a narrow piece of paper that she slowly pulled from her vagina.

Once again, critical responses to these works have been varied and often hostile. Of particular significance to Schneemann was the rejection of her work by many feminist critics in the s and s. I was very unhappy about that. Much of the coverage of her Golden Lion award has suggested that it represents a triumph for performance art as a whole, given her pioneering impact on the field and the rapid rise in its public appeal and institutional status in recent years.

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For high resolution images go to picselect. This exhibition, the first of its kind in the UK, examines the often tender, funny, beautiful and undoubtedly accomplished shunga that were produced by some of the masters of Japanese art, including Utamaro and Hokusai.

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The exhibition is drawn from collections in the UK, Japan, Europe and USA and will feature some works including paintings, sets of prints and illustrated books with text. The international research project has been funded by a generous grant from the Leverhulme Trust, involving a wide network of more than thirty scholars worldwide.

The Power and Pleasure of Possessions in Korean Painted Screens

The four principal institutional research partners are: In conjunction with the exhibition, British Museum Press will publish a catalogue with contributions from more than thirty authors worldwide. Lavishly illustrated, this volume will feature new research and previously unpublished material from major public and private collections. Courtesans of the Tamaya House.

Detail from a screen painting attributed to Utagawa Toyoharu — Japan, late s or early s. Skip to content Skip to section menu. Find out more x. Search the website Search the collection Search the shop. Fine dining in Recent acquisitions: Arcimbold The Art of Influence: Women of the pleasure quarters: