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Dynamic Electrochemical Measurement of Chloride Ions | Protocol (Translated to Portuguese)

Remote access to electronics and machines around the globe is gaining importance quickly - both in industry and other areas related to it. Experts point out that remote control and monitoring are some of the most important mechanisms for increasing productivity and reducing costs, raising the interest of companies to implement them. The need for information about industrial machines is of the utmost importance so that company managers can become aware of the current scenario of their factory and take action quickly. The ability to use the Internet to access the installed machines greatly reduces maintenance costs, optimizing the monitoring processes and eliminating the need for large displacements to verify problems, allowing control of remote industrial plants without any frontiers.

A photovoltaic solar generation facility is intended to generate electric power from photovoltaic cells.

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To achieve this goal, limitations such as the physical space and climate conditions need to be observed to assure maximum efficiency of the application. Temperature is one of the most common parameters measured across the industry.

Resolução do Instrumento de Medição #Drops

It is essential to measure, control and monitor temperature to ensure quality, safety and correct operation on various processes. Different variables have to be considered when developing a temperature measurement system such as non-linearity, accuracy and stability to ensure a reliable temperature measurement. Variables like maintenance and wiring costs must be taken into account to make the system as cost-effective as possible. Applied in conjunction with other NOVUS products, this platform stores, analyzes and displays temperature, humidity, pressure, location and other measurements on the Internet.

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  • This will allow users to back up data, such as temperature measurements, in a remote location. The industrial gateway with NOVUS 3G network connection, the AirGate-3G, has an SMS notification feature, a function that can aid the user to supervise the communication link of the equipment, the occurrence of power outages and to configure custom alarm messages.

    Therefore, there are few other cool features that you should be aware of in order to explore all the software potential and even save more time during your start-ups.

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    These days there is an enormous amount of information contained within the process controllers of an industrial environment. It is not always easy to provide this information directly and efficiently to the management level or to the decision makers. With this need in mind we are incorporating a range of "push-services" in the XL Family of controllers in order to facilitate this conversation between the shop floor and the management level.

    The tuning function of the PID algorithm looks for the most appropriate combination of parameters so that the process achieves the expected performance. The suitability of the built-in and generic calibration curves was also tested. Individual fitted curves for each soil showed determination coefficients R 2 of about 0.

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    The standard error of estimate analysis has pointed out that generic curves are not suitable for more sensible applications, such as for absolute determination of soil water content. Comparison tests among fitted curves, generic curve and the equipment curve, pointed out that the first one is superior to the others.

    This study showed also that the equipment built-in calibration curve is not suitable for soil water content determinations for the five studied soils. Os objetivos deste estudo foram: Este procedimento era executado em quatro amostras do mesmo tipo de solo, sem um controle rigoroso do teor de umidade a ser obtido.

    Foram feitas 25 leituras de cada amostra, sendo realizada uma por minuto, usando o recurso de leituras automatizadas do equipamento. Time domain reflectometry calibration for uniformly and non-uniformly wetted sandy and clayey loam soils. Improved calibration of time domain reflectometry soil water content measurements.

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    Rio de Janeiro, The measurement of dielectrics in the time domain. Journal of Physical Chemistry , Washington , v. Automatic, real time monitoring of soil moisture in a remote field area with time domain reflectometry. Water Resources Research , Washington, v. Dielectric properties of heterogeneous mixture.