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This topic has been discussed many times through the years of linguistics and linguistics studies -basically through evidently studies on the English language. This paper, mainly applies similar methodology on the Arabic language. The text, after explaining some gendered exclusive differences and features in the speech forms of both genders in Arabic, goes on and explains the relationships between gender and social class in detail.

The paper then focuses on the linguistic construction of both; gender and sexuality. While discussing these matters, it is noteworthy that the approach used considered gender identity as a construction, rather than as a fixed category. However, while examining the relationship between language and sexuality, the way people construct their sexual identity — as gay, lesbian or bisexual — was taken into consideration as well as the way people use language to learn, talk about and engage in sex and desire, and engage in sexual activities.

The paper seeks to answer many questions like: Claims and ideas in this field are to be clarified by the end of this study. In order to have learners that are also active outside the class, it is important for them to employ strategies for effective language learning. The present study is aimed to investigate the relationship between strategy use and exam grades.

Oxford Language Learning Strategies Inventory was used as a data collection instrument to see which strategies Elementary level university students use more and whether there is a relationship between these two factors. It categorizes the strategies into six: The study also gives an insight into whether the students would need strategy training for a better understanding of English. Concerning the previous studies, results were expected to offer a significant correlation between strategy use and exam scores of the learners.

However, the results showed relatively positive correlation between strategy use and exam scores. SPSS packet program was used to analyse the data of the questionnaire. With this purpose in mind, almost more than samples which were chosen on a purposive sampling methodology from the various English Departments were asked to answer an open- ended Discourse Completion Task designed and by Searle and adapted by the researchers based on the specific needs and conditions.

It is very important to know how males and females perform gratitude in expression. Hence in this study, we have considered four goals. First of all, we analysed the types of gratitude strategies employed by EFL learners. Secondly, we aimed describing the types of gratitude strategies used by EFL learners. Thirdly, we investigated a cross-linguistic study on expression of gratitude by native and non-native Turkish speakers.

Finally, we aimed to reveal the types of gratitude strategies in terms of age, gender and regional variations. The preliminary findings indicated that tertiary level Turkish EFL learners used various strategies in L1 but these strategies remained relatively limited in English. Thus, portfolio assessment, as a form of alternative assessment, has gained importance nowadays.

This survey was conducted on 50 prep class students enrolled in English Language and Literature Department of Karadeniz Technical University during spring semester in the academic year. For the purpose of the study, the data were gathered by a questionnaire developed by Yang and Eskici The instrument for data collection consists of 19 items in the form five-point scale. However, it is important to determine whether the observed tendency is true for one particular group of learners or universally seen in spite of the difference of their L1s. There are kinds of grammatical features which need to be examined.

In the current study, we focused on —ly adverbs. Degree of deviant use was relatively robust in —ly adverbs average of absolute G2 values of the top ten overused —ly adverbs are 16,10 and the top ten underused —ly adverbs are, Degree of deviant use greatly varied among NS and Turkish groups. This naturally makes it necessary to adopt a corpus- based contrastive approach through which learner language and native language corpus L1-L2 can be compared on the basis of mainly language use and lexicology in an attempt to reveal the distinguishing features between NS and NNS Granger, b, , ; McEnery and Kifle, ; Milton and Hyland, ; Altenberg and Granger, After determining the most distinguishing features of native speakers NS toward non-native speakers NNS , it may be possible to observe how NNS understand the ways native speakers produce expressions in various environments and develop themselves.

When two different interlanguages are compared it becomes possible to evaluate whether these non-nativeness features are specific to one language group or shared by several learner populations Granger, This will, in turn, lead to the understanding of the nature of acquiring second languages as well as to the development of curriculum design, the production of pedagogic materials, and classroom-based teaching in FL or SL settings Meunier, The use of corpora in a foreign language class may make it possible to help language learners to be exposed to authentic examples rather than fixed or artificial ones which are not used commonly in everyday life.

The use of ready-made words and sentence structures may not be good for the learners to develop themselves compared to the authentic examples of the language Flowerdew, The Contrastive Interlanguage Analysis has potential to provide scientists with all kinds of learners' errors and areas of weaknesses as well as help them to investigate the variations between L1 and L2 performance. Corpus has many advantages.

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Firstly, the greatest advantage it brings to second language acquisition is the context it provides in the examples. Learners may be able to discover the meaning of a word by inference Stevens, Corpora can also prepare the ground for the inductive learning to take place and the students are able to control for their own learning in the classroom as well as outside Kennedy and Miceli, The CIA can be used to meet the needs of the L2 learners in terms of understanding lexical richness, collocational competence and raising awareness towards the prosodic nature of English language through comparisons between L1 and various L2 languages.

With this in mind, however, the probable problems or problem categories may be more than expected in such a corpus-based comparative study. For this reason, it seems that there is a need for limiting the investigation to only one part of deviance at one time. The current study, therefore, will seek ways to compare the —ly adverbs with the L1 usage in an attempt to reveal the distinguishing features between the two groups.

The usage of —ly patterns seems somewhat easier for many EFL learners though there may be at times when L2 learnersfail to use them appropriately in a written context. For example, in a study in China, it was noted that the overuse and underuse of the amplifiers by the Chinese advanced EFL students could be explained by the L1 influence, as suggested by Granger Ishikawa b investigated the usage patterns of —ly adverbs by many writer groups and found that there were significant underuse patterns in comparison with the overuse patterns which were not significant at all. The findings were in accordance with those found in previous studies belonging to Granger , Wang and Chen and Ding and He The overuse and underuse patterns of the —ly adverb usages were compared in the study and the results were analyzed in tables.

The research questions are as follows. Which —ly adverbs do tertiary level Turkish EFL learners overuse commonly as compared to native corpus? Which —ly adverbs do tertiary level Turkish EFL learners underuse commonly as compared to native corpus? The data is summarized in Table 1 below. Frequency differences are measured by a log-likelihood LL statistical measurement. Log-likelihood LL ratio is a sophisticated type of statistical measurement that is utilized especially in corpora comparisons and calculates frequencies by considering the word sizes of two corpora as well as determining the relative overuse and underuse in a certain corpus.

TICLE corpus contains approximately Next, we ordered the top ten — ly adverbs overused and underused by learners with a reference to the log-likelihood ratio G2 , which is said to be a reliable index to show the deviancy in frequency Howell, Findings Table 2 presented the overused —ly adverbs by the Turkish learners in the current study. Note that in case of Turkish learners, G2 values are between 8. It is interesting to note that the differences between the values are very big and the normalized frequencies were not close to each other.

Normalized Normalized eventually 4 60 TICLE 2 I'm strongly convinced that abortion should be legitimate for several reasons such as lack of economic independence and financial prosperity, social pressure and eventually the jeopardy for the infant to be born in deformation and biological deficiency.

TICLE 4 If there is no improvement in a country's economy, it'll surely affect its political relations. In the case of the Turkish learners, G2 values between range between The highest G2 values are being Based on the findings of this relatively small- scale research, tertiary level Turkish EFL learners seem to avoid using many adverbs while writing in English.

This system has several advantages firstly the candidate would claim a majority of the votes. Times and attitudes change, and in some cases that means obliterating tradition. Firstly, fox hunting is a cruel, vicious sport which shows no kind of remorse or kindliness towards animals.

I agree that generally, IVF treatment is a good idea as it makes most sterile couples happy restrictions are going to have to be laid down. However, when the intellectual has a personal crisis like Hugo the good points are generally negated by the bad. In terms of interlanguage developmental stages, the study provided us with some hints. For example, in all —ly adverb pattern usages, there were deviant usages and the underuse and overuse patterns were ranged from in a series of G2 values from,29 to ,25 in underuse category and from35,58 to 8,51 in overuse category.

In other words, the degree of deviant usages showed significant variety especially in Turkish EFL corpus. For example, eventually has the highest G2 value between the top ten underused —ly adverbs. Firstly, and generally have the highest G2 values between the ten top overused —ly adverbs. The deviant usages were mostly with the overused items and particular adverb patterns were overused in Turkish corpus. Prefabricoted patterns in advanced EFL writing: Theory, Analysis, and Applications, Use of —ly adverbs by Japanese English learners: Foreign Language Education, 27 5 , The transition from student teacher to teacher is a difficult step for pre-service non- native foreign language student teachers.

As student teachers approach the end of their education programs and they become aware of the expectations and responsibilities of the profession. Thus, they feel anxious, start to question their abilities, and experience feelings of inadequacy. To this end, the study was conducted among 40 pre-service non-native English foreign language teachers at the department of English Language and Literature in Karadeniz Technical University, Trabzon, Turkey. The findings will be shared in the 6th international student conference. With regard to drawing a conclusion for the progress and process of cognitive development achievement in bilinguals and examining the impact of bilingualism on intellectual state, a broad collection of previous researches was reviewed.

In the presentation, preliminary findings and description related to the topic will be discussed and the detailed findings will be incorporated into the full text upon the completion of the whole research process. George Gerbner coined mean world syndrome in his work Cultivation Theory. This Theory refers to the idea that exposure to the media means leads to cultivating attitudes such as fear, anxiety, insecurity, and anger. Therefore, consumers start to believe that world is more dangerous place than actually it is.

These themes are conveyed through the use of language in Blasted and 4. The language which Sarah Kane used in her plays, cultivates fear and anxiety. Among the member of this generation Mark Ravenhill, Anthony Nelson, and Sarah Kane, were the most controversial dramatists of the decade. They reshaped the language of the theatre by making it more direct, explicit, and raw. As a matter of fact, they ushered a new dramatic vocabulary and dragged the theatre into being more aggressive and experiential aiming to make the audience feel and respond Sierz, Sierz defines in-yer-face theatre as a kind of drama that takes the audience by the scruff of the neck and shakes it until it gets the message.

It is a theatre of sensation: In other words, it is experiential, not speculative In- Yer-Face 4. Men are cursed to forget too much. Using shock as a tactic, in-yer-face theatre reminds its audience of what they have already forgotten bywaking them up to explore extreme feelings, provoking and confronting them. As the writers force the audience to question the idea of what is normal, what does humanity mean, what is natural or what is real, they push the boundaries of what is admissible forward Sierz, These theatrical traits are central to the texts of Sarah Kane and had her name rather frequently mentioned.

It generated major waves in the British theatre world. Many critics claimed that Blasted is the exemplary in-yer-face theatre play, and one that moved this theatrical movement further Satkunananthan, Blasted, as a considerably dramatic cycle of social and psychological devastation, shattered nationally established notions.

The play was independently regarded as one of the most authentic play in recent British theatre history and became an essential reading material with regard to post-war drama in many British universities Saunders, This study dwells on the Mean World Syndrome which can be in the heart of every play written by Sarah Kane.

As a consequence of this process, Mainstreaming, Resonance, and the Mean World Syndrome were introduced. Cultivation Theory draws attention to the effect of mass media upon how people view reality, particularly exposure to violence cultivated by media means Koller, n. Television is regarded as an instrument of story-telling that has a centralized system of storytelling. Through its, news, commercials, drama and other broadcasts, television carry a coherent system of messages and images into every home Gerbner, Television is the dominant force in forming the society.

Gerbner strongly believed that power of tv stems from the symbolic content of the real life drama telecasted hour after hour, week after week. These stories engross their waking hours and dreams. The source of these stories are not their families, churches, districts, and not even their homelands, and they do not come from anyone with anything relevant to tell, either. These stories come from a distant group of companies which aspired to sell something Gerbner, Particularly this occurs when one is exposed to repeated violence on television Koller, n.

The focal point of early cultivation theory was the issue of violence. It was investigated whether television violence portrayals made viewers more aggressive. The hypothesis that refers to heavy exposure to television cultivates exaggerated beliefs about the amount of violence watching a day.

This exposure was regarded as five or more hours of television watching a day. Following the initial research, the scope of the study was broadened to investigate images of science, gender roles, health, religion, political orientations, environmental attitudes, activities and minorities Morgan, , Therefore, this generates the feeling of insecurity and mistrust.

Heavy viewers express a greater sense of victimization than the light viewers do As cited in Koller, n. He determined four types of attitudes developed by heavy viewers. Chances of involvement with violence. Light viewers presume that their weekly odds of being victim are 1 out of , on the other hand heavy viewers are uneasy about the risk to be 1 out of 10, which is ten times higher Griffin et al.

Fear of walking alone at night. It is not surprising that women are more afraid of walking alone on dark streets. Heavy viewers are more inclined to overstate criminal activity, therefore believing it to be ten times worse than it actually is. Perceived activity of police. Heavy viewers believe that 5 percent of society engage in law enforcement. Their World is filled with judges, police, and government spies. On the other hand, light viewers, predict a more realistic with 1 percent.

Moreover, as stated by Gerbner, it is assumed that police officers draw their guns almost every day. General mistrust of people. They stay connected to statements that alert people to hope for the worst. In order to achieve its goal, this study applies this theory to dramatic texts. Blasted Play begins with the abusive relationship between Ian and Cate. Ian, a middle aged journalist takes Cate to a Leeds hotel room with the intention of seduction.

Ian is a middle aged, foul-mouthed journalist. Cate is an emotionally fragile, naive and simple young woman. Throughout the first scene, Ian tries to seduce Cate, but she resists. At the beginning of the play, Ian reveals his hatred of women, racism and fear of homosexuals. He goes to the window and looks out: Wogs and Pakis taking over. You shouldn't call them that. Probably the wog with the sarnies. Cate opens the door. There's no one there, Just a tray! Of sandwiches on the floor. She brings them in and examines them Kane, , p. This is also a categorization of outgroup and in-group.

Through the use of these lines, Kane may also be intentionally exaggerating immigrant problems to fuel fear about rising immigrants and declining birth rates. These phrases also give us negative expectations about the future events in the play. In scene one, Ian takes a notebook and reads down the phone.

A serial killer slaughtered British tourist Samanta Scrace in a sick murder ritual comma, police revealed yesterday point new par. The bubbly nineteen-year-old from Leeds was among seven victims found buried in identical triangular tombs in an isolated New Zealand forest new par. Each had been stabbed more than twenty times and placed face down comma, hands bound behind their backs point new par… Kane, , p. The portrayal of characters in the playis neither kind nor loving. On the other hand, these lines arouse the feeling of insecurity in readers referring to the possibility that as readers we may also be a victim of such a horrible murder.

Pessimistic mood in the play can arouse anxiety and fear in the reader which we can associate it with the media effect. The author forces us to show a tendency to see the things through gloomy glasses. In scene three, a ruined hotel room in which a bomb blasted a hole in the Wall is depicted. Henceforth, we are no longer sure whether the location is Leeds or elsewhere in the world. A radical change occurs in the style of Blasted with the entrance of a nameless Soldier.

The meeting of the pair, results in Soldier raping and blinding Ian Bicer, Ian and soldier begin to talk, the soldier tells Ian that he witnessed and took part in brutal acts including rape, torture, and genocide. Then, soldier adds that he did all these terrible things as an act of revenge for the rape and murder of his girlfriend, Col.

After this, the soldier rapes Ian, sucks out his eyes, eats them and shoots himself. This scene ends with the sound of autumn rain Demir, The soldier symbolizes war and through the lines given by the author, demonstrates brutality having reached its highest peak. Going to fuck you Ian: Kill you, then Ian: Rather be shot than fucked and shot.

And now you agree with anything I say Kane, , p. War time sexual violence is perpetrated by a nameless soldier. While women are the overwhelming majority of rape, a man becomes the victim. Generally, odds of a man being raped is rather low. The author pushes the boundaries forward by displaying male to male rape.

An element of in-yer-face theatre, shock tactic is employed in this scene to disturb the audience. This scene cultivates moral panic and symbolizes power and terror brought by the war. Furthermore, it may diminish the social confidence of the sensitive readers. What other soldiers did to his girlfriend can also be linked to what the soldier did to Ian. Witness of such a horrible murder, turns into the perpetrator of this extreme act of violence. As a matter of fact, the reader is exposed to idea that one can resort to violence for justifiable reasons. This cycle of violence creates the cruelty combined with the language may lead to Mean World Syndrome.

As indicated by quotations, explicit sex and cannibalism runs throughout the second part of the play and these themes are conveyed through the raw language of the drama. An act of cannibalism is committed by the soldier where cruelty runs throughout the play, reaches its highest peak. The play achieves to stun the reader with its excesses. In this sense, the reader is not reader anymore, but a witness who has to endure this extremity of violence. It gives the reader the impression that they are in the world of dread and fear. This act of cannibalism represents one of the most extreme examples of depiction violence.

In scene 4, Ian who lost his eyes, lies on the ground near the soldier, who shot himself. This dialogue lays emphasis on the idea that the world is a horrible place to live in.

The cunt He throws the gun away in despair. Rocks the baby and looks down at it Oh no. Lucky Bastard Kane, , p. In real World, death is the scariest process for humanity, however in this fictional world it refers to some kind of reward or a means to escape from this mean world. It prompts the reader to think that the death would be a better option.

In this world life has no way of balancing what the evil people have done to innocent ones. In scene five, a dialogue between Cate and Ian draws attention to the lacking of basic needs and how dangerous it would be to walk in the world. Where are you going?

Can get some off a soldier Kane, , p. Dangerousness of the world leads to the need of safety and famine, the need of food. Food ranks at the bottom which is made up of basic needs and safety follows the food. Without these two needs, the chaos is inevitable. These features presented in the play, add fuel to the notion that world is mean and unlivable. According to statistical data, this is the time when a greater number of suicides are committed. Some people can even perceive it as the time when the suicidal thoughts are the strongest and when the suicides occur most Carazo,1.

Considering the textual evidence in 4. The play starts with a monologue of a patient. These lines are uttered by a patient whose critical inner voice commentates negatively on his life. Pessimism ruins the possibilities and hope. The patient is pessimistic, he does not expect for a better future, neither something to reach it. Moreover, the patient instead of possibilities focuses on impossibilities.

This monologue is like a catalogue of depression in which Kane mixes pain with anger, guilt, regret, and hopelessness through which she creates the mean world that occurs to the reader. Urban defines the form of 4. The play is a combination of a free form stream of consciousness style and naturalistic dialogue. As a matter of fact, it involves lists and a variety of quotations extracted from different sources.

However, in all the variability there is a certain sense of monology which is the product of a divided self As cited in Chramosilova, , p. The patient exhibits a split personality one side of who has desire to clutch onto life, and the other side who wants to depart from life. A suicidal person is split between their true self who has desire to live and the anti-self who tries to ruin them. Anxiety and fear are aroused with the predominance of the anti self over the real self.

The fact that there is nothing left for the patient to hold on to life, is expressed through the use of negative structures. Throughout the play, these grammatical structures are used to create pessimism and to give the reader impression that all the happiness abandoned world. There are no speakers designated by Kane or gender specifications in the play.

Kane does not inform the reader about how many characters there are or how old or young they are supposed to be Chramosilova, The play is like an exhibition that centers upon a distressing situation knitted with a monologue-like speech Kutluk, Certain parts of the play lack punctuation and capitalization, the phrases and sentences are not separated from each other by full stops and capital letters. The lines are like puzzle pieces scattered on the page. Passages support the multiple meanings of individual lines and if they are read individually a different meaning emerges than they are read in context Chramosilova, Through capitalization and ascribing the negative sense on the words, the writer increases the dramatic effect on the reader and the intended meaning gets under the skin of the reader.

How do I stop? Repetitions of the statement aim to make something knowable. Sekiguchi, Koyama, and Rakigi report that iterated presentation of words enables the person to response in word recognition faster and more accurate. Retrieving an episodic trace for the former existence of a word eases the response relevant to it Sekiguchi et al. If a word is more recognizable than others, considering their negative sense its effect on the reader, may also be increased.

Consequently, linguistic features of the crude language create the mean world that resides in the play and exposure to the repeated negative words can plant the seeds of melancholy and skepticism in the reader. Everything passes Everything perishes Everything palls my thought walks away with a killing smile leaving discordant anxiety which roars in my soul No hope No hope No Hope No hope No Hope No hope No hope Kane, , 12 Repetitions and short sentences strengthen the message of the text.

The choice of stylistic features evokes and increases the feeling of hopelessness. According to Broeren et al. I won't be able to work. The effect of negative words on human psychology is stated by psychologists. Hariri, Tessitore, Mattay, Fera and Weinberger defines amygdala as a fear processor of the brain which determines behavioral and psychological responses.

As reported by Newberg and Waldman , even being exposed to negative words for a few seconds will make the depressed person more anxious. It will result in lack of appetite, inability to experience long-term satisfaction or happiness The Most Dangerous Word in the World, para. The anxiety and irritability of the listener will increase along with uncompromising attitude and mistrust. Actually, spending time with negative people will make you more biased towards other The Most Dangerous Word in the World, para.

Based upon these notions and considering the panic related words in the two texts, dramatic text can affect the readers and may alter their perceptions about the world. The main focus in her plays is the effect of iterant patterns of stories and messages. This can lead to paranoia that tarnishes the trustworthiness of people and safe surroundings around them. The language used in the plays can have potentially harmful emotional effect on the readers. Too receptive readers, who are prone to violence, may imitate aggression that they absorb. The more a reader is exposed to negative words the more he or she may be more depressed and anxious.

Sarah Kane committed shortly after she wrote 4. Readers may start to see the world through biased filter constructed by Kane. The Journal of International Social Research, J Child Fam Stud, 20 2 , Journal of Communication, 31 3 , Carazo, C. Sarah Kane and Blasted. Scholarly Milestones Essays Cultivation Analysis: A First Look at Communication Theory: Conversations with Communication Theorists. TheAmygdala Response to Emotional Stimuli: A Comparison of Faces and Scenes.

Neuro Image, 17, Cultivation Theory and Impact of Mass Media: University of Economics, Izmir. In Encyclopedia of Children, Adolescents, and the Media, 1, The Most Dangerous Word in the World. Words Can Change Your Brain. The apocalyptic theatre of Sarah Kane. British Drama of the s. University of Heidelberg, Heidelberg.

Japanese Psychological Research, 42 1 , 4. Theatre, 27 1 , Don't Want to Be This: The Elusive Sarah Kane. Comparative Drama, 47 2 , A division of Guilford Publications. It is our objective to find a convergent network between the two theories in using qualitative content analysis on Bowles' passages by evaluating metaphoric dimensions of third person narrative technic and shedding some light on the two major characters' point of view within the context of the psychological interpretation of the novel.

Newmark , most renowned scholar in translation studies, considers translation as a difficult and never- ending process. There is ample evidence that translators confront a vast area of difficulties from methodological difficulties to structural and cultural aspects throughout the translation process. Translators remark that the main difficulty lays in the nature of the languages as the target language is an agglutinative language.

In the same vein, the results of the study reveal that syntactical, lexical, morphological, semantic, pragmatic and cultural aspects constitute other sources of major difficulties for translators. The study offers some solutions to overcome such problems by highlighting some examples from the text. Kerem Kobul Karadeniz Technical University harunkambur gmail. There is an extensive body of literature available on individual differences and it is considered as one of the most significant components of foreign language learning achievement.

Numerous scholars have provided various taxonomies of learning and cognitive style differences. Although copious research was conducted on the significance of matching learning styles and instructional materials and methodologies, the studies offer inconsistent results with different morphologies. A demographic information form was also used to collect relevant data.

The collected data will be analyzed using SPSS version The findings will be discussed in relation with the established literature. A questionnaire and a semi-structured interview were utilized in order to collect data for the current study. The results suggested that both students and teachers responded positively to the use of humour in their language classrooms.

Besides, it discusses why women are exposed to violence. In Igbo culture, women are portrayed as the weaker gender. It is possible to see marginalization of the Igbo women throughout the novel. As a consequence, this study focuses on masculinity, polygamy, cultural phenomena, and the impact of family structure by reviewing the characters of Things Fall Apart. There are several researches in the field, yet considering the productivity of media agenda that changes continuously within countries and worldwide scale, the media texts require more studies.

The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck. The Great Gatsby by F. Gulliver's Travels by Jonathan Swift. Hamlet by William Shakespeare. Hard to be a god by Arkady Strugatsky. Heinlein — not in English Common Knowledge. Heart of a Dog by Mikhail Bulgakov. Heartbreak House by George Bernard Shaw.

The History of a Town by M. The Hobbit by J.

Чукур - Cukur - Яма - 43 Серия (2 сезон) [Русская Озвучка]

Gaidar — not in English Common Knowledge. The Idiot by Fyodor Dostoevsky. The Inimitable Jeeves by P. Wodehouse — not in English Common Knowledge. The inseparable twins by Anatoli Pristavkin. The Insulted and Injured by Fyodor M. Dostoevsky — not in English Common Knowledge. The Invisible Man by H. Ivanhoe by Sir Walter Scott. Ivanov by Anton Chekhov. Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach. The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling. Juri Miloslavski, ehk, Venelased Just So Stories by Rudyard Kipling. Kidnapped by Robert Louis Stevenson. Kim by Rudyard Kipling.

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11 best Thomas Mann images on Pinterest | Books to Read, Writer and Writers

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Kuprin — not in English Common Knowledge. Smith of Wootton Major by J. The Song of Roland by Anonymous. The Sonnets by William Shakespeare. Kazakevich — not in English Common Knowledge. Steh auf und wandle. Nagibin — not in English Common Knowledge. Ryleev — not in English Common Knowledge. Del'vig — not in English Common Knowledge. Fet — not in English Common Knowledge. The Story of a Life by Konstantin Paustovski. The Sword in the Stone by T. Tales for Alyonushka by D.

The Tales of Belkin by Alexander Pushkin. Tales of the Alhambra by Washington Irving. Tender is the Night by F. Scott Fitzgerald — not in English Common Knowledge. Tess of the D'Urbervilles by Thomas Hardy. Theophilus North by Thornton Wilder. This Is the Hour: The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas. The Three Sisters by Anton Chekhov. The Time Machine by H. To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. In Search of America by John Steinbeck. Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson. Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare.

The Twelve Chairs by Ilya Ilf. Two Captains by Veniamin Kaverin. Uncle Vanya by Anton Chekhov. The Unwomanly Face of War: Up the Down Staircase by Bel Kaufman. Vanity Fair by William Makepeace Thackeray. War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy. The War of the Worlds by H. Watership Down by Richard Adams. What Is to Be Done? White Fang by Jack London. The White Guard by Mikhail Bulgakov. Who Is to Blame?: The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame. A Wizard of Earthsea by Ursula K. Le Guin — not in English Common Knowledge. Keep doing this exercise for 10 to 30 sec: Try to jump as high as possible, and bring your feet as wide apart as possible.

Stop, and now you can shake your hands and feet. Bring your breathing back to normal. These instructions outline the requirements for ensuring a long and trouble free service life from the monitors. Attach mounting plate 1 to the actuator using fasteners 2 and lockwashers 2a provided with mounting kit if supplied by ZZZZ. Loosen indicator cover set screw 3 and rotate indicator cover 4 to desired viewing angle. Retighten set screw 3.

Secure the assembly using the bolts 10 and lockwashers 11 provided with the mounting kit. Fine tune the indicator cover 4 by loosening set screw 3. Retighten set screw when completed. Operate the actuator to ensure proper alignment between monitor and actuator. Eccentricity of the shaft must not exceed 0. If It should be necessary, re-align monitor by loosening mount bolts Retighten bolts when satisfied with alignment.

Once the monitor is fitted to the actuator, remove cover On flameproof enclosures, the cover lock screw 13 must be loosened prior to cover removal. Bring field wiring into the enclosure via the conduit entries 14 fitted with a suitable cable gland. Use blanking plugs to block off any un-used cable entries. Suitable IP rated glands and plugs must be used to maintain monitor IP rating. On flameproof enclosures, only certified cable glands and blanking plugs can be used.

Connect field wiring to the terminals 15 within the enclosure according to the wiring diagram and terminal labelling. Drive the actuator to the first required indication position and set the bottom switch by lifting and rotating the bottom cam Secure the cam by allowing it to fully re-engage with the spline Once completed, verify that indication is required by fully stroking the actuator. Then refit cover On flameproof enclosures, the cover lock screw 13 must be retightened.

Only certified cable glands and blanking plugs are permitted for use with ZZZZ certified, flameproof enclosures. Monitor must be disconnected from the power supply and the cover screw 13 loosened before opening. Enters Zhora from sitting room. A shopping bag in his hands. He notices tears on Dima's face. Boys, as you're both here, I have a favor to ask. Have I told you our channel is planning for a charity event at Our Galaxy? While ladies are paying for the right to have them for a night. Well, most of my lots have chickened out at the last moment.

So you are my last hope. Ladies will trade me as though I'm a marketplace item! And then have me for money! I need your views to handle the request. If needed, we might add characteristic features from an additional item of the formula. This is likely to somewhat lessen legal protection for the claim. We might agree with the Expert's view here.

The replacement will not virtually affect the extent of legal protection for the claim. The Centre offers treatment and rehabilitation to children patients that come from areas affected by the Chernobyl disaster. The Centre is located 9 km away from the district capital town of Kobrin and 32 km from the oblast capital town of Brest.

Visitors are given a free ride to the Centre from the nearest bus and railway stations. As they arrive at the Centre, visitors find themselves in a delightful nook of nature. Crystal clear pine forest air is a nice experience for a city dweller's lungs. Types of rooms available: The canteen has three brightly lit spacious rooms with a total capacity of customers. The children staying at the Centre get 6 meals a day, rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, fish and sea products, and natural juices. The Centre enjoys state-of-the-art physical therapy equipment at the following medical facilities: All patients at the Centre are tended by top-class pediatricians, and there are medical personnel on duty around the clock.

Combined natural recuperation factors, physiotherapy, healthy diet, vitamins and medication allow achieving excellent results in treating heart, respiratory, locomotor, urinary and gastrointestinal disorders. During school months, the children can attend classes at the Centre's training facility according to a curriculum approved by the Ministry of Education of Belarus. There are 9 study rooms, a play room, a library, and a hobby groups room.

The sightseeing programme includes bus excursions to A. Suvorov Museum in Kobrin, tours of the Belovezhskaya Pushcha, the Brest Fortress, as well as steam boat rides on the Mukhavets river in summertime. Nine hobby groups are available: There are 6 sports grounds: Entertainment events, contests, concerts, shows, sports events, exhibitions etc. With justification, the automobile industry is viewed as a bellwether industry for many of the trends unfolding in manufacturing. Confronted with the challenges of improving fuel economy, cutting emissions, and maintaining market share in the face of rapidly expanding Japanese competition, U.

Developing and incorporating advanced product and process technologies have been necessities at the same time that reduced manufacturing costs and high quality have become fundamental market requirements. Such daunting and often conflicting demands have stretched resources and skills to the limit, but the success in achieving all these objectives should not be underestimated.

Given these pressures, it would be reasonable to assume that offshore manufacturing could offer attractive advantages, particularly as an effective way to lower production costs; therefore, an analysis of these costs as they affect global site location would be expected to provide useful insights both to managers in the industry and to policymakers.

Somewhat to the committee's surprise, however, the assumption appears to be false. There is no apparent trend to offshore manufacture of automobiles. In fact, the dominant trend is in the opposite direction: Lisa, 27, comes from Ryazan. She is in Moscow now, a 5th-grade student at a legal academy. Two years ago a tragedy befell Lisa's family: It was too much for the mother of the girls, and she ended up in a hospital with a stroke.

Rita had owned up taking the money on the spur of the moment, but she had denied vehemently murdering the owner of the money! Lisa, who has never doubted her sister to have told the truth, decides to fight for her sister's case to be revised to ultimately get her out of the joint. To learn more about the late businessman's life, whose name is Gorin, Lisa manages to get employed as a maid by his widow, Svetlana.

Unexpectedly for Lisa, Gorin's son, Mark, arrives home from Europe. The young man falls in love with Lisa. Quite naturally, Mark has no clue who Lisa really is and why she is working for his family. Tormented by her conscience, Lisa finds it wrong to be 'using' Mark… All the more so, since she has taken to like him quite a lot, too…. In her investigation, Lisa is helped by Igor, a young lawyer who is in love with Rita.

He and Lisa have a task — to review again all possible suspects, from Gorin's business contacts to Svetlana's new partner, by the name of Konstantin. In the end, they manage to pinpoint the murderer — but they understand that it will be impossible for them to find any evidence admissible in court…. Meanwhile, Mark and Lisa are having a romantic relationship. As the truth comes out, Svetlana sacks Lisa and starts actively getting Mark involved with his classmate back in school, by the name of Yulia who is a daughter of a business partner of Gorin's.

Svetlana is not aware that Yulia is pregnant by Mark's friend, Denis, who has no intention to marry her. Yulia, however, badly wants her baby to have a father. Lisa breaks up with Mark without a word of explanation, leaving the young man dumbfounded….

Book awards: Список любимых книг Бориса Акунина

Svetlana, meanwhile, is having suspicions about Lisa. After followed her, she goes to Ryazan and gains acquaintance of Lisa's mother. Svetlana pretends to be her new night nurse, and the two women spend nights in friendly conversations. Svetlana is shocked to know how much misery Rita's wrongful conviction brought to these people… On her return to Moscow, Svetlana goes to the police and confesses in murdering her husband. At the trial, Svetlana tells the court: Gorin was a domestic tyrant, he humiliated and beat her up, and he did not allow her to have children to make sure Mark, his son by his first wife, is the only heir.

Svetlana sought a shrink's help in solving her problems — but she ended up having an affair with the shrink, named Konstantin, and got pregnant. Her infidelity was all too obvious to her husband, as he was sterile himself Svetlana was unaware of that. As a result of his brutal beatings she had lost her child — and so she put poison in her husband's whiskey….

Rita is released from the joint, and the mother leaves the hospital. Yulia marries Denis, after all. Lisa ought to be happy now. However, Mark suddenly disappears…. Mark is in deep stress over the tragedy that has marred his life. His father was a sadist. His mother-in-law turned out a murderer. His father-in-law covered up for the murderer. His girlfriend used him to get information, and even made it appear that it was HE who was trying to win her! In short, Mark is having a hard ride. He needs time to make the final decision.

But he loves Lisa too much, and there is so much they have between them, to let him get her out of his mind easily. Mark proposes to Lisa. Lisa, who went through hell all the while Mark was absent, readily accepts his proposal, and their lips lock in a tender kiss. The project description included below is available as a pdf document with the referenced figures ; also, a more detailed, comprehensive project description pdf document is available. The programming described by this project description is part of an educational testing computer program called BriteStudent, which will be supported and distributed through the website BriteStudent.

The buyer is responsible for development of the BriteStudent website and server. To visit the website please enter the password "britestudent". This document describes Phase I. It is anticipated that later phases will be contracted following the successful completion of this phase. While developing the code called for by this contract agreement, it may be necessary for the seller to perform some intermediary tasks not specifically identified in this contract agreement.

All code submitted in fulfillment of this contract agreement is to be written in a syntax that is easy to understand and follow, additionally the code is to be well documented in order to permit clear understanding of the function of each part of the code. Once an application is suspended a prompt window appears the User Interface requesting the user to respond to several questions.

The user's responses are compared to a database the Question Database. This database resides on the user's computer is to be part of the BriteStudent program. If the user's responses match the database values, then the prompt window disappears and the suspended application is released. If one or more of the user's responses do not match the database values, then a new prompt appears requesting the user to try again i.

If this response does not match the database value, then the correct response is shown with instructions to the user to enter this response. Once all the correct responses are entered the User Interface window closes and the suspended application is released. The user's responses and several user statistics are written to a separate database the User Database that resides on the user's computer and is part of the BriteStudent program. A logging feature records the date and time each monitored application is used and interrupted; this data is also written to the User Database.

The "user" typically will be a school-aged child, the "administrator" typically will be the child's parent. The administrator installs and configures the Program Code the BriteStudent program on the computer used by their child. There are to be configuration options the Administrator Interface allowing the administrator to select which applications are monitored and interrupted.

The monitored applications will most often be game programs and web browsers when visiting certain web pages. The program must be able to interrupt all major browsers such as Microsoft IE, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Apple Safari when running on a Windows operating system , and the new Google browser. The Program Code needs to be able to interrupt these browsers when they are displaying pages from websites selected for monitoring by the administrator in the Administrator Interface. A reporting feature periodically e-mails an analysis and summary of the user's answers to the administrator.

The data used to generate the analysis and summary comes from the User Database. Strange as it sounds, the best business advice I ever received wasn't about how to make money—but how to give it away. In , while I was an executive at Oracle Corporation, Colin Powell stood up with the five living presidents and launched America's Promise—a program that challenged the nation to make a greater commitment to its youth. That motivated Oracle CEO Larry Ellison to start a corporate philanthropy program called Oracle's Promise, and I was tapped to spend million to get computers into schools.

All of a sudden, I was living in two worlds. I spent half of my time in management meetings and the other half at schools in south-central Los Angeles, Washington, D. Although we placed thousands of computers in schools worldwide, our small team felt as if the efforts fell short of leveraging Oracle's frill philanthropic potential. I thought back to Colin Powell's call to America's companies to "take the lead" in getting involved in youth service projects and to give employees paid time off to participate in these programs.

I realized that philanthropy was about more than giving away money and I knew that if we had been able to draw on Oracle's full assets—its employees, its customers, and its partners—we could have made an even bigger contribution. That was a defining moment that helped inspire my concept of "integrated philanthropy," the practice of emphasizing social service from the inception of a company. Shortly after I started salesforce. In tandem with private funding sources, salesforce. It also committed to donating 1 percent of profits to the community and 1 percent of employee working hours to community service.

The model—equity, employee time, and profits—ensures that as the business grows so does its contribution to the communities in which it operates. The study of Russia as a multinational empire has grown in importance in recent years. New efforts to grapple with the problem and definition of "Russification" have accompanied this growth of interest in such diverse national groups as Kazakhs, Estonians, Tatars, and Kalmyks.

Few scholars would now endorse the rather crude thesis that the Russian government aimed to wipe out all non-Russian cultures and replace them with Russian culture and the Orthodox religion, though one can still encounter such arguments, particularly in works by nonspecialists. While it is clear that the prerevolutionary Russian government had neither the means nor even the desire to extirpate all non-Russian languages, cultures, and religions, it is no less obvious that certain ethnicities were targeted by discriminatory laws that directly affected their capabilities for cultural development.

Here I would like to look at one example of Russification: My purpose is not to enumerate the restrictions on Lithuanians during this period but to attempt to fathom the government's rationale in adopting anti-Lithuanian measures. In particular, the issue of "Russification" will be of central interest and specifically the question: None of these organizations is responsible for the views expressed here. Brower and Edward J. Imperial Borderlands and Peoples, Bloomington, ; and, from a comparative perspective, Karen Barkey and Mark von Hagen, eds.

On the situation in the western borderlands, see the quite different perspectives of Witold Rodkiewicz, Russian Nationality Policy in the Western Provinces of the Empire Lublin, ; and Theodore R. Weeks, Late Imperial Russia: Before introducing the "New" ink into the printer, the fluid path ink supply tubing etc. The purpose of these documents is to describe the minimum requirements for four Centrifugal Combustion Air Blower Packages of proven design for installation at the Nizhnekamsk facility located in Nizhnekamsk, Republic of Tatarstan, Russia.

The Seller's scope of supply shall include engineering, design, materials, fabrication, shop assembly, testing, corrosion protection, inspection, identification, packing for shipment and delivery to a designated delivery point. The quotation shall be in complete compliance with the attached data sheets, specifications, and engineering notes listed below. Each of the four combustion air blower packages shall include a centrifugal air blower, main drive motor for the centrifugal air blower, coupling, coupling guards, baseplate, lubrication system, inlet air filter and silencer, discharge blowoff silencer, and instrumentation with inlet flow measurement and capacity control.

The main equipment item numbers are as indicated below. Bidders shall offer spare parts as set forth below. The quality of all spare parts shall meet the same technical specifications and quality requirements applicable to the original equipment. Spare parts are required to cover the requirements for the maintenance period of 3 years of continuous operation within warranty period.

The Seller shall provide recommended spare parts for 3 years operation, along with pricing for future purchase, in the proposal. Thank you for taking the time to answer our 2 question survey. This should take less than 5 minutes. Your answer is entirely confidential and anonymous. What is this about? We heard you might have changed something recently, as a result of hearing from someone who has done the Environmental Champions programme ebing run by E.

ON and Global Action Plan. We want to hear about that change! In telling us what has changed, you are helping us, and others to reduce our environmental impacts. What is Environmental Champions? A programme which employees run in their own workplace aimed at "greening" other employee's behaviour and the workplace. Thank you for helping us do this! We genuinely appreciate it E. If you have any queries with regards to the questionnaire, please feel free to contact us on surveys globalactionplan.

You may have changed due to the Environmental Champions programme through various routes. Perhaps you have seen it but not participated. Maybe a family member told you of it or your parents, your children, a friend or a partner company employee may have mentioned it. However it has come to motivate change, please indicate what your relationship to the Environmental Champions programme is here: Please enter below any changes that you have made or experienced as an indirect result of an Environmental Champions programme.

The change can involve for example an action, an increase in knowldege, an attitude change or a behaviour change. Thank you for letting us know about any changes you've made. Please forward the link to anyone else our Environmental Champions programme has indirectly benefited too. We hope it's not the only change you'll be motivated to make. Best wishes Global Action Plan. DMS has been supplying continuous partial discharge monitoring systems for over 15 years.

Our systems are in use in over GIS installations in 26 countries. Dedicated team of experts. We are the largest company that specialises in continuous partial discharge monitoring systems. DMS developed the world's first commercial UHF based continuous partial discharge monitoring systems and continues to pioneer the latest advanced technologies in this field.

DMS has a longstanding reputation as a company that delivers the best. Our products and services have been recognised by numerous awards including the Queen's Award for Enterprise in We are the supplier of choice for continuous partial discharge monitoring systems to major GIS OEMs and key power utilities. We work with our customers to manage and analyse monitoring data, carry out special investigations and support corrective actions.

In DMS we are focused on growing our company to bring the benefits of PD monitoring to the power industry. We have the capabilities and means to do this. Avoid sudden loss of power supply. Early and accurate detection of problems in equipment will allow targeted, preventative action to avoid a catastrophic situation with costly interruptions, loss of reputation, expensive repair or replacement of equipment.

Keep your equipment safe. Unexpected equipment explosions can pose serious risks for personnel and the environment - either directly or indirectly. Toxic gases, especially in case of a fire, can damage both equipment and health. Know the status of your assets. Long term investment planning must be based on a proper understanding of the real condition of the equipment.

Deterioration can be fast and unexpected and some substations are in areas which are difficult to access. Extending the life of healthy equipment will save money. Benefit from condition-based maintenance. Focus on the real need for maintenance and not on the age of the equipment. On-line monitoring provides the right information to optimize maintenance and save money. So-called radioisotope thermoelectric generators RTGs are a standing separate source of probable radiation impact on the Arctic coastline.

RTGs are used to provide long-term independent electric power to navigation beacons and seamarks. In a RTG, heat energy released in a fission reaction is converted to electric power. The capsules are protected by a thick outer case, made of stainless steel, aluminum and lead. The potential threat that these sources pose is evident.

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Their production the Baltiets Plant, Narva, the present-day Estonia lasted from to Service life for all models of RTGs is 10 years. At present all the RTGs in question are beyond their service life, however, most of them have not been reprocessed or disposed of. According to the Rosatom Agency on March there were about RTGs still in operation, while about have been decommissioned and disposed of through international support. Accidents involving RTGs have history more than 20 years long. There have been cases when RTGs got lost while transporting them by helicopters e.

Such cases become even more probable an event in view of the fact that there has been created no system for taking stock and monitoring of RTGs and attempts at creating one have been made only in recent years after the issue was widely discussed internationally. At present it is quite impossible to guarantee the absence of unaccounted-for or unattended RTGs. The problem of disposing of outdated RTGs has got a new side to it in last years as terrorist threat came forth with vengeance.

Significant radioactivity inside RHS of 1 PBq or more of strontium half-life 29 years allows using such a source for making a 'dirty bomb'. Therefore, ensuring radiation safety along the Arctic coast and reducing terrorist threat require that the issue of disposal of RTGs be properly addressed. You will see many sights including the Hoover Dam on your way to the Grand Canyon Ranch Resort, an authentic historic cattle ranch where wild horses and buffalo roam free.

Here you will depart from a private helipad where all of your senses will be heightened as you descend into the largest theatre in the world—The Grand Canyon. As you fly farther and deeper into the heart of the canyon you will fly over the Colorado River, past mile-high Canyon walls and towering stone spires. View spectacular rock formations such as Eagle Rock. A rodeo demonstration and light western-style lunch complete with live music entertainment are part of your experience. I have over 24 years of experience working on international projects, translating and interpreting. I have a long record of translating books from English into Russian for a publishing house in Minsk in Belarus, with more than 25 books translated to date, all of them with Popuri Publishers.

My background is university-level math, and as I'm used to solving complex problems, it helps me take on most challenging translations. My professional record includes books and papers on philosophical issues, and research project reports, e. I translated two national level documents into English, namely: One project I take real pride in was translating into English parts of the scripts of well-known Russian TV series: It was fun and inspiring work.

I have a long record working for translation agencies, so I know what meeting a deadline is, and how important it is to be strictly on time. To be conscientious and diligent in what I do is my motto. My line of duty includes resx-file localization, translations, and content-writing. I do web design too.

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Robert Allen's Multiple Streams of Income , medical studies, and books on personal development e. Check out my sample translations above. If you need a seasoned, hard-boiled translator, with vast hands-on experience behind his back, I am here for you. You can request verification for native languages by completing a simple application that takes only a couple of minutes.

Review native language verification applications submitted by your peers. Reviewing applications can be fun and only takes a few minutes. More actions PayPal accepted. May to Jul Languages: Around words in total. Oct to Nov Languages: Includes useful tools, such as birth plan, kick counter, shopping list, and much more.

The App is richly illustrated, including with video. Mar to May Languages: A full set of tools makes it a handy aid in all project management endeavors. Gantt charts, project dashboard, time log, and much more makes it a real helper to a project manager and his crew. Jan to Mar Languages: She had lost everything to get everything. The book is an excellently written account of Dani's marvelous wealth building strategy, learned from life itself, not in a college.

On Wheeled Vehicle Safety General field: For the purposes of these Technical Standards, notions are used here as set out in the Agreement for Uniform Technical Regulation Principles and Rules in the Republic of Belarus, Republic of Kazakhstan, and the Russian Federation of November 18, , as well as terms with the following definitions: Medicinal Product Clinical Overview General field: Pharmaceuticals Source text - English Heart failure appears to be the emerging cardiovascular epidemic, in contrast to the decreasing burden from coronary artery disease. Cardiovascular disease remains the leading cause of death in most regions of the world; it is an important source of disability and contributes in large part to the escalating costs of health care; the underlying pathology is usually atherosclerosis which develops insidiously and is usually advanced by the time the symptoms occur.

Over the last decades, preventive and therapeutic measures have markedly improved the prognosis of coronary heart disease patients. Nevertheless, the risk of cardiovascular complications remains high and progression can be halted only in a minority of patients in spite of treatment with aspirin, statins and beta-blockers Lloyd-Jones, More effective secondary preventive strategies are needed and ACE inhibitors could fill an important gap.

Pregnancy iPhone App Localization General field: Health Care Source text - English Your Baby Because your egg can live only for 24 hours after ovulation, timing is of utmost importance to ensure that conception occurs. Your Body Ovulation is an exciting time in your body. Apart from AH, there are a number of other independent CVD RFs, including hereditary background, impaired lipid or carbohydrate metabolism, obesity, sedentary lifestyle, smoking, etc.

There are a number of RFs associated with AH through shared pathogenesis that are collectively termed the 'metabolic syndrome': A common manifestation of RF action on the vascular wall is endothelial dysfunction [8]. There is evidence that endothelial dysfunction is an independent predictor of subsequent cardiovascular complications [9]. The most recent European guidelines for the management of AH emphasize that the principal goal of the therapy — the patient's improved prognosis — should be attained not only through reducing BP, but also bringing to a minimum known RFs, slowing down the progression of target organs' damage, and managing associated clinical states [10].

It is an established fact that antihypertensive drugs act on metabolic parameters and endothelial function differently [11, 12]. Among various groups of drugs used for reducing BP, the most attractive seem to be angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors ACEI. Literary sources provide evidence that these are neutral to blood lipids [13], exert a beneficial effect on the insulin sensitivity of tissues [14], on the risk of developing type 2 diabetes mellitus [15] and on the restoration of endothelial function [16].

Perindopril is an ACE inhibitor whose vascular effects have been studied best of all. Clinical and experimental studies have demonstrated good endothelial and antiatherogenic effects of this drug and its ability to stimulate neovasculogenesis [12, ]. In view of the above, we have conducted a study of our own aimed at identifying endothelial and metabolical effects of perindopril administered to AH patients and possible interlinks between them.

Translation - English It is well known that about a third of patients suffering from depression turn out irresponsive to antidepressants. It is also known that responsiveness to therapeutic effects of antidepressants is not a constant value over the course of a therapy [2, 4]. At the same time, there is lack of data explaining mechanisms behind this effect, and the conclusion that a patient has developed this condition is largely based on clinical findings.

In view of the patient developing resistivity the treating doctor is forced to use a more effective drug [4, 8]. Hypothetically, in cases of antidepressant non-responsiveness a promising strategy is to use drugs with the opposite neurochemical action. Drawing on the theory that antidepressive effect may be based on the accumulation of monoamines in specific CNS synapses [11], it is conceivable that antagonists, such as drugs that reduce the release of monoamines like reserpine , could be considered potential correctors of the effect.

However, the use of proderessants in clinical practice is restricted due to ethical issues. At the same time, it is a known fact that tianeptine, a standard antidepressant, [10, 17] can be considered an antagonist to most other antidepressants since its mechanism of action is based on its ability to increase serotonin reuptake which is commonly linked with the thymoanaleptic effect [7], and the antagonism between tianeptine and other antidepressants has been described in separate studies [4, 9].

Notes to editors About Paramount Group The Paramount Group was founded in and works with governments around the world in matters of peacekeeping, defence and internal securities. About Aerosud Aerosud is South Africa's largest aeronautical engineer companies. Finance general Source text - English Are you where you thought you would be in life? Electrical Testing Lab Protocols General field: This protocol covers the power system referred to in the name of the facility and subjected to testing.

The reproduction of the protocol, photocopying it in part or full are prohibited without permission of the Client or Building Power System Testing Lab. Amendments or modifications hereto are not allowed. The Testing Lab stamp shall be affixed to each sheet of the Protocol. Position Signature Name, Surname Checked by: Content Editor Gudelines General field: Translation - English Fig. To do so, the content editor need to use the Files field when creating editing the news: If it is needed first to upload the file to Connections , the 'Select file' command must be used, followed by clicking 'Upload File'.

The content editor should remember that, by default, a file uploaded through the portal interface will be available for downloading to all users. To restrict access to the document , it is needed to upload files via Connections , where the 'Upload Files' control uses a special file upload form. In the Files field, the 'Choose Files' button is used for selecting a file to upload. The Tags field can be used to specify tags, if required, and the Share with field — to set restrictions for the document.

However, using the built-in calendar in the Publish Date field, you can alter the publication date of the news on the portal: Fischer; Typ 21 D Anzeige ,5 bar 2.