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Are the floods getting worse? The October episode of Trust Me, I'm An Expert looks back through colonial evidence and prehistoric records, and forward to the Bureau…. You probably heard your first strains of music when you were in utero. From then on it's helped you learn, helped you relax, hyped you up, helped you work, helped you exercise, helped you celebrate and helped you grieve. Music is ingrained in so many aspect of our lives, but it's also the subject of a significant body of academic work.

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And some of the trends may surprise you. Starting in , the…. Even if you're no great sports fan, you may have noticed a lot of it around lately. What isn't always so obvious is the money and the diplomatic power plays lingering just below the surface of every big sporting meet. But a growing body of academic research is examining those elements and…. Today on Trust Me, I'm An Expert, we're bringing you the explainer episode - where we ask researchers to unpack some truly tricky topics.

The University of Queensland's James Sherlock explains what psychology can reveal about why people like pimple popping and ingrown hair removal videos.

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  • They're more popular online than you may realise, as a quick YouTube search for words like "pimple" or "blackhead…. Andrew White , James M.

    Trust Me EP

    Sherlock , and Raffaello Pantucci. A growing body of research is drawing a link between mental and physical health — and the connection is much stronger than you might realise. Simon Rosenbaum, a senior research fellow in school psychiatry at UNSW, had been researching the role of exercise in mental health treatment for years when he teamed up with a colleague, Ruth Wells. Wells is a PhD candidate in clinical psychology at the University….

    Ruth Wells and Simon Rosenbaum. You've had an x-ray before but have you had an n-ray? Of course not, because they're not real. But people used to think they were. Scientists had shown they were. And the weird history of n-rays, explored in today's episode of Trust Me, I'm An Expert, tells us a lot about people's willingness to believe wrong information -- but also how well-designed studies can debunk myths, reveal important truths….

    As many as one in five Australians suffer from chronic and recurring pain. But despite its prevalence, it's not always easy to find the help you need to manage it. And the whole concept of chronic pain and how it's so very different from acute pain was not something that was ever on our horizon," pain expert Professor Fiona Blyth…. It's been hot -- and it's going to get hotter. In today's episode of Trust Me I'm An Expert, we're unpacking the research on why some of the most disadvantaged parts of our cities cop the worst of a heatwave.

    And Chris Dunstan, an…. Ah, the new year. A time for throwing off your shackles, following your bliss, quitting your job and abandoning your family to finally start the artisinal yak-butter-sculpture studio of your dreams. If Mercer can make it for two more weeks. She will use every trick in the book. However, Ashlyn is a master manipulator. She is a pro at deceiving and possess her own bag of tricks. Then Ashlyn attempts to turn the tables. Can she trust Mercer?

    Which one will win out in the end? How do you begin to describe this powerful novel and the superb writing? No doubt Ryan draws inspiration from her career as an investigative reporter in TRUST ME, which explores the unlikely — and potentially sinister — a relationship that blossoms between a grieving journalist and an accused murderer who insists she's innocent.

    What results is a tense cat-and-mouse heart-pounding game that will keep you turning the pages into the wee hours of the morning. You have a grieving obsessed writer, and a killer suburban mom.

    Trust Me: Season 1 - Rotten Tomatoes

    This portion reminded me of A. However, it took a different turn, I was holding my breath with this part with heart pounding. Two authors will make the adrenaline pump and heart race. Of course, I read them back to back. I desperately needed a spa day at Eau Spa Palm Beach afterward: Ryan explores many thought-provoking themes: A darker psychological level. She explores all sides of the truth and knocks it "out of the park. The best was the banter between the two women.

    The interview was so much fun! You can read ALL the juicy details of the "story behind the story" and particular fun facts about the author. You are going to love. Have you seen her bio? Only a brilliant author such as Hank could pull off this complex and multi-layered tale with finesse and skill. Her flair, polish and artistry as a journalist, and an accomplished author—combined with her expertise and skill with years of investigative reporting and crime writing— equals an award-winning novel.

    Also many thanks to Mary Zanor at Regan Communications for her fabulous assistance with the interview as well as the author.

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    I have also pre-ordered the hardcover cannot wait to see it , and the audiobook. A classic, for every thriller reader. Book Clubs— A perfect choice. Jun 19, Jamie rated it it was amazing Shelves: For the love of all that is holy books! This is such a true 4. This was my first book by Ryan and it raises such an interesting premise about who can you trust and how does it impact how you feel about said situations.

    Mercer is grieving the loss of her husband and young daughter when she is approached to write a book about a current murder trial a mother accused o For the love of all that is holy books! I had so many changing guesses throughout this book and I need some of my book buddies to get to this one so we can discuss already!!! I received an advanced copy. Aug 15, LJ rated it liked it Shelves: Do you know me? Journalist Mercer Hennessy struggles daily with the loss of her husband and child who died in an automobile accident. Reminiscent of the Casey Anthony case, Ashlyn Bryant is about to go on trial for the murder of her daughter Tasha Nicole, yet she swears she is innocent.

    Believing Ashlyn is guilty, Mercer accepts the assignment from her editor Katherine Craft to watch a live courtroom feed and write an "instant book" about the trial to be released as soon as the ve First Sentence: Believing Ashlyn is guilty, Mercer accepts the assignment from her editor Katherine Craft to watch a live courtroom feed and write an "instant book" about the trial to be released as soon as the verdict is pronounced. When events don't go as planned, Mercer needs to try to learn what is true.

    Breaking this book down by the elements and beginning with its hook, there is no question but that the opening captures one's attention. The pain and grief conveyed in the opening are palpable and relatable to anyone who has experienced extreme loss, as well as the pain of being left behind—"Dex will never be thirty-six.

    Sophie will never be four. Tasha Nicole Bryant will never be three. I'll keep changing, though. And keep wondering why. Ryan's perspective on the ethos of the balance of life rings so true—"We live in such a fragile equilibrium. When one thing changes, everything else has to readjust, same as when a new person steps onto an elevator. People move, shift positions, make sure that the remaining rooms is properly allocated. As if he's talking to me. In the first part, Ryan once again proves that well-written courtroom scenes can be as suspenseful as any other type of confrontation.

    What sets these scenes apart is that the protagonist is neither in the actual courtroom nor personally involved with the hearing. Yet while Mercer is watching the trial remotely, one is envisioning it, and it works. Although the end of Part 1 is rather expected, it does leave one wondering as to where the story is headed. Part 2 takes a major turn and one quickly realizes how subjective is the truth, and how effectively Ryan has done her job.

    Ryan has caused one to not want the answers to those doubts even though they are necessary. The bigger question is whether one can "trust" the author. There is so much which cannot be said for fear of any spoilers. What can be said is that the story within the story is incredibly twisty. Part 1 is approximately the first half of the book and it's excellent. Parts 2 and 3 take one down the rabbit hole as we start to lose faith in the protagonist.

    There is also quite a bit of redundancy. Does the story seem overly long? Yes; fewer pages might have increased the tension of the story. Still, the book is a fairly quick read, although one may find oneself skimming a fair amount in the latter two parts.

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    Was the ending satisfactory? There is a major thread left dangling. For those who prefer feeling justice has been served, and although one knows justice isn't a given, as usually found in most police procedurals, traditional, and cozy mysteries, the end is frustrating. However, it may not bother those who enjoy psychological suspense and don't mind an unresolved or ambiguous ending.

    It's not perfect, but the very end and the epilogue make up for quite a lot. Aug 17, Kathy rated it it was amazing Shelves: And, Trust Me is a story that would and quite probably will make a thrilling movie, too, following in the footsteps of recent other best selling yes, of course it will be a best seller books, such as Gone Girl or Girl on a Train. Life has been a matter of bare existence for Mercer Hennessy since the death of her husband Dex and three-year-old daughter Sophie in a tragic car accident fourteen months ago. Each day begins with Mercer writing the number of days her family has been gone on the steamed mirror after her shower.

    It keeps her connected to them in her mind and heart, like a promise that no matter how many days pass, she will always love and remember them. The enormity of her grief is on display throughout the book, with her thoughts of her husband never giving her another gift as she holds a rock he gave her and of Sophie never turning four.

    The pain is palatable, and Ryan makes it so through her brilliantly written words.

    Trust Me, I'm An Expert

    Still in mourning for the family and life she loved, Mercer desperately needs something to get up for each morning, besides her counting ritual in the mirror. That something comes in connection to another tragedy. Mercer has been keeping up with the case and is enraged at the actions of the mother, Ashlyn Bryant, whom Mercer knows is guilty. Mercer agrees to watch the trial remotely from a feed set up in her home and to the quick deadline of having the book finished two weeks after the trial closes. The feeling that the book is somehow for her husband and daughter fuels her energy to work and show the guilt of the monster mother Ashlynn.

    Waiting for each session to start a male voice from the broadcast announces how long it will be until court is in session and information about delays. She appreciates that it even seems to have a personality and a sense of humor. It is a steadying force for the gruesome details that she is faced with during the trial. But, Mercer discovers that Ashlyn Bryant and the truth are more complicated than a simple verdict can convey.

    Nothing could have prepared Mercer for this aftermath of the trial. Everything she believed and believes about her life is turned upside down, as she learns that truth manipulated for any reason, good or bad, is truth denied. Trying to discern what is manipulation and what you can trust will prove a psychological battle that will cost one woman the place in the world she thought as hers. Trust Me is chock full of great characters, and while you might not like Ashlyn, you will be riveted by her complexity of story.

    How often we hear that phrase in life, a promise that what has been said is the absolute truth. But is there an absolute truth? Sep 26, Lynn rated it liked it. Many reviews contain the story line so I will give my reasons for the 3 star rating. I was debating a two star rating but went with the three due to the author's skill at writing. I just didn't like the book. I had trouble keeping interested with the plot. I was forcing myself to continue thinking it would get better.

    It didn't for me. Some of the reasons for this is it felt like a rehash of the Casey Anthony trial. I felt like I could see what was coming next. I would see the real people at the Many reviews contain the story line so I will give my reasons for the 3 star rating. I would see the real people at the Anthony trial as the faces of the characters in this book. Also, the characters were all unlikeable for me. In short, I was bored with the book but plodded on to finish.

    Maybe I should have made it two stars which I seldom do. However, it is a 5 star book by many so it shows that we all like different books and that is good. Dec 11, Kendall added it. I first off want to say a huge thank you to the author giving me a signed copy of this book! I have to say right off the bat that you will definitely have a love-hate relationship with the characters in this book. This takes huge talent on the author's part!

    I wanted to throw my book across the room sometimes with some of these characters! This book will have you turning your head quite a bite and questioning everything and I first off want to say a huge thank you to the author giving me a signed copy of this book! This book will have you turning your head quite a bite and questioning everything and everyone.

    Can you tell the difference between a lie and the truth? This book dives into the story of two mother's and two daughters and two deaths associated with these characters. What I loved about this? I really enjoyed Hank's perspective of loss and grief and how one can manage that after the loss of a child. What I found to be a bit challenging is I found it too be a bit repetitive and a tad bit too long in length. I also found my interest waving in and out due to the repetition of the story.

    Huge thank you again to the author for my copy of this book! Definitely enjoyed trying a new author! Lindsay - Traveling Sister Great review Kendall! Meredith You have me intrigued, Kendall! Dec 12, Nazanin Awesome review, Kendall! So what will be your rating? I can't see it in your review! Aug 13, Lesa rated it it was amazing Shelves: I'm breaking all my own blog rules by reviewing Hank Phillippi Ryan's standalone two weeks before release date. But, Trust Me, you're going to want to pre-order this suspense novel. If it's handled correctly, this should be this summer's Gone Girl. Ryan has been on the bestseller lists, but Trust Me should be her breakout novel, the one readers will remember.

    With that kind of lead-in, now I have to say Trust Me is a difficult novel to summarize without spoilers. It's been over a year since Merce I'm breaking all my own blog rules by reviewing Hank Phillippi Ryan's standalone two weeks before release date. It's been over a year since Mercer Hennessey's husband and daughter were killed in a tragic accident, but she's still in mourning. So, it comes as a shock to her when her former editor, Katherine Craft, calls her and asks her to take on a book assignment. She wants her to watch the trial of Ashlyn Bryant, a mother accused of killing her toddler daughter, once known as "Baby Boston" when the body was still unidentified.

    If Ashlyn is found guilty, and everyone seems to assume she will be, Mercer will have just a short time to finish the book. Can one grieving mother tell the story of one who doesn't seem to show any remorse or grief? It's a difficult assignment for Mercer, one that brings back so many of her own memories of her husband Dex and daughter Sophie. But, who better to tell the story of Ashlyn and Tasha Bryant?

    Ryan expertly manipulates the characters and the reader in this unconventional, disturbing novel. The complex characters drive the story of twisted truth. Ashlyn Bryant, the accused murderer, talks about that. I understand it kind of seems like two truths. But two truths can exist at the same time, you know? It's true to her, if she truly believes it.

    The reader has to turn pages rapidly, hunting for the final answers to this complicated story with so many possibilities. Hank Phillippi Ryan's latest novel deserves accolades. Jul 18, Woody rated it did not like it. This was a slow read. The first section was such a slog I almost gave up. I think they could have ditched the entire first section, taken the really relevant bits and dropped them in the second section with dialogue and maybe a flashback or two.

    One of the main characters is so over-the-top in words and deeds, I was beginning to think the narrator was hallucinating this entire story. Which would have been a better ending. Jul 30, Robin rated it really liked it Shelves: The story was so serpentine and tense that I could hardly stand the suspense. I hate it when that happens. I also felt it got a little too long in parts, but other than that it's a solid 4.

    Thanks to the publisher for the advance reading copy. Ashlyn Bryant is on trial for murdering her 2-year-old daughter. Bryant has proclaimed her innocence since she was arrested. Katherine wants Mercer to watch the trial and write about having the book ready shortly after the trial ends. Mercer agrees hoping it will help her start to move on from her grief but the trial and aftermath effect her in ways she never imagined. I know that pain and the author brought it out in her words with an expert hand. The author also created a very unlikable character in Ashlyn Bryant.

    Totally shady and more twisted as the story continues. While she has a problem telling the truth she came across as very real. The book is broken into 3 parts and Ms. Ryan takes us on quite a journey as we work our way through a complicated story. I am a big fan of courtroom drama. The story takes a huge turn at the start of Part 2. I admire Mercer for her strength to take on a true crime novel and stick with it until the end and all she has to endure.

    I would not have been able to deal with half of what Mercer did. The characters in this story are full of depth.

    Chris Brown - Trust Me (Official Audio)

    In the midst of what really is a dark story, there is just a little thing that does cut through. It is just his voice, he is never seen on camera, but he does his best to put a smile on people who are watching the feed. I hesitate to give too many details because to get the full impact of this story you must read it fresh for yourself.

    The author not only manipulates the characters she manipulated my thinking too. Jul 05, 3 no 7 rated it it was amazing. She has the perfect assignment; Mercer will write a true crime book about Ashlyn Bryant, a woman on trial, accused of murdering her daughter, Tasha Nicole. Mercer, however, is tentative about her decision to write the book.

    Now I have no choice. Nevertheless, she finds more questions than answers. Does everyone lie about everything? The trial is only part of the story, and the real trauma begins after the trial. This fast-paced thriller seems ripped from current headlines. Accountability and dishonesty come to the forefront, and tormenting suspense and unscrupulous manipulation fill every page. I could not read it fast enough, so clear your schedule; you will not be able to stop reading once you start. Jun 12, Rebecca rated it really liked it Shelves: Still grieving her husband, Dex, and 3 year old daughter, Sophie, journalist Mercer agrees to write a true crime book about a young mother, Ashlyn, on trial for murdering her daughter, Tasha.

    Is it true that "only Ashlyn" could have killed her precious, 2 year old daughter? Will she be found guilty? How will Mercer's assumptions about Ashley affect the book, and is there more to the story? Lastly, how will Mercer's own grief affect the book? This suspenseful story was unlike any I have read befo Still grieving her husband, Dex, and 3 year old daughter, Sophie, journalist Mercer agrees to write a true crime book about a young mother, Ashlyn, on trial for murdering her daughter, Tasha. This suspenseful story was unlike any I have read before.

    An investigative reporter herself with 7 News in Boston, Ms. However, writer Dan Sefton seems certain she will reprise her role, with him recently revealing that there would be an "open ending". Dan went on to tease details of the final instalment, commenting: The drama finished with an explosive finale. Fans spotted unusual lighting in various scenes of the episode. Jodie Whittaker watched the father of her daughter die.