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It's uncommon that way round but it does happen. For women like me I coined the phrase SLesbian. And here I thought I cleverly borrowed some elegant wordsmithing from natural born englishers. Of course SLesbian isn't a phrase but a Can we agree on that? BTW, what's wrong with anyone not being in SL primarily for pixel sex or founding virtual families or hooking up potential SLex partners? And why is it so important for many ppl to know other people's sexual preferences anyway? Want me to wear a pink triangle on my sleeve? But nowhere did I state my sexual preference.

And I neither have a cam nor a microphone.

Does that make me just outdated or a bad person? I can totally understand your feelings about this, Phil. There are lots of men who get all freaked out when they realize that the gorgeous female they're with is really a guy. Personally, I don't care. As long as they play the part properly, what's the difference? Since I made them that way: Lets take the whole world population.

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Take the ones away that are not female, then those who don't have internet acess, then those who don't care about SL and then those who play a nonfemale avatar. You are left with a pretty small group compared to the world population. Also SL is a very specific thing Thats why the many lesbian avatars in SL must have different reasons for their existance. I have one other AV who happens to be female and you are allowed 8 per main account.

You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. Already have an account? Sign In Sign Up. General Discussion Forum Search In. Posted May 21, This is just my personal observation. On public beach sims, it seems to hover around I say stay away make friends and forget about the "partners" this here is village idoitit certifiable uh advice!

I know the competition that will come along someday is learning from LL's mistakes. But do they have to make so many? Hey, my RL wife brought me here. I miss the gambling but there are some nice clubs to go dance at I'd never cheat on my wife in any world. No other women I've met are as smart, kind and giving as she is. Plus she does not dress like a tramp. I hate to let out the secret; as The Wife says: We dated for nine years before I asked her to marry me. You need to relax and just have a good time.

The right guy always comes along when you're not looking I for one, found that a turn off while dating. I was lucky enough to land the one that almost got away. I'm not looking for sex or romance in SL, just creativity, fun and friendship. OK, I have had sex a few times in the early days but I don't have a high virtual libido - I'm more of a 'look but don't touch' type!


Which brings me to an interesting encounter I had outside my home the other day. I was standing daydreaming miles away, like I had map or search screen up.

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When I finished looking at these, I looked up to see a macho looking newbie guy standing in front of me. He did at least have trousers on. I noticed he'd been chatting to me and I hadn't replied. His conversation went something like this: I am very frustrated. I find them problematic and they are prone to chafing and jock itch.

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Oh did I mention prim splinters and penis showing through the avatar pants syndrome? But I have no desire for a partner either because you see I lack a penis. Which really sucks cause I am also gay but because I lack penis and sex drive none of the virtual gay men find me particularly interesting. I don't really find them interesting either. Its extremely hard to find other Gay Fae-Elves who are tiny, ken dolls with no interest in sex and only want to create and aren't interested in procreating.

Look for my alt Dagon Xanith on Youtube. Wanting love is great; most of us want to find an ideal partner. But if you come on to a guy with a desperate sort of attitude, he'll run away screaming. Like Xplorer said; become friends first. Love will come later. You can't be in love with someone with out being friends with them. Try being friends first. Also the type of men you are looking for may not be the ones that partner up so quickly.

Unattached women are very often looking for a committed relationship.

Second Life ~ Secret Lesbian Encounters

Unattached men very rarely are. Mostly, if men are interested in sex, they are interested in catting around, RL or SL. The only reason there are men in committed relationships at all is that now and then a marriage demon sneaks up behind them, perhaps while they are sleeping, and hits them over the head with a two by four. At which point they jump up and rush out madly looking for the first acceptable woman that will have them, and they marry same. Since the women are always on the lookout, such men aren't in this condition long before being snapped up, by someone.

Which is why there are so few available men looking for a commitment at any given time, and so many women. Crummy, I know, but there you are. Made more complicated in SL because you never really know even though you can often guess whether that gorgeous super-model knockout has a RL woman or a RL man behind it.

If you're just into pixel sex, it might or might not matter so much who you are collaborating with on your mutual porn video improvisation. But if you are talking about a Relationship, with a capital R, it matters a lot. And you thought men were skittish in RL. You have layers of anonymity to tear through, and you probably won't get very far. If I were a straight guy and I'm not , interested in settling down with a lady in Second Life..

Member of The Forum Cartel In all seriousness, I pointed these groups out just for the comic irony, not to be insulting I think you just need to be patient. You'll find your man. Then you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer - no Kindle device required.

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    Often sex in Second Life is a very open, visual affair, with the participants engaging each other through a combination of pose balls that rearrange those involved into various sexual actions. This is how sex normally happens.

    Open, obvious and full on. But sometimes it also happens very discretely. These stories are some of the secret lesbian encounters I have enjoyed. Read more Read less. Kindle Cloud Reader Read instantly in your browser. Product details File Size: February 5, Sold by: Related Video Shorts 0 Upload your video. Customer reviews There are no customer reviews yet.