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Cube Rectangular Prism Cylinder Sphere.

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What shape can I trace to get a square? Sphere Cone Rectangular Prism Cylinder. What fraction of the circle is shaded? What fraction of the pizza has been eaten?

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What is the numerator in this fraction? What fraction of this pentagon is NOT shaded? What is the denominator for this fraction? How many fourths make a whole? What fraction does the number line show? A factory makes 45 electric cars per day.

Grade 3 Math Problems

How many cars are produced in days? Baker Tom bakes 3 batches of bread. How many loaves of bread has he baked? Ed puts 5 berries on each cake. How many berries does he need to make cakes? An airplane can carry passengers.

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How many passengers can 10 of these planes carry? You need 4 propellers to make a drone.

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How many propellers do you need to make 50 drones? A quick warm up Put the numbers in order from lowest first to highest. Order the results from lowest to highest, if?

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Create the equation from this sentence: Thirty Is Five less than Five times a number. Krazy Problem Solving Kahoot. Carol's father has three children: Pop Coco Crispy None of these. If they each shake hands once with each other, how many handshakes? How many rectangles are in the picture below? I think it would be hard to find any better AFL strategy out there. An outstanding new resource to help us do just that. Your browser either doesn't support Javascript or you have it turned off. To see this page as it is meant to appear please use a Javascript enabled browser. Questions Scheme of Work Insights.

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Maths support book - Plus 1. Bingo and Lotto Games. Nine ways to catch kids up! Looking at What's Wrong?

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