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LOST Thoughts: LOST Identity

Who was steadier in faith than John Locke? Which of the characters altered the course of the past and paved the way for Jack to become the Protector of the Island? These questions and hundreds of lively topics are addressed in the engrossing pages 80, words of LOST Identity. Read more Read less. Kindle Edition File Size: Customer reviews There are no customer reviews yet. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a product review. Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon.

While the show awaits an authoritative encyclopedic interpretation LOST Encyclopedia simply doesn't count that considers the show's history, creation, critical and commercial response, and cultural impact, Moore's book on the mythology and characters primarily the latter do more to illuminate this highly complex and thought-provoking show than any other work. Moore is to be commended for writing clearly and authoritatively on a difficult subject. His insights are revelatory and will deepen anyone's understanding of the show.

Top 25 lost characters (and top 3 worst) feat. honourable mentions.

Pearson Moore has done it again. The Mythology and Themes of Lost , Moore uncovers some great complexity in each of the main characters of Lost including the Island itself! As an avid fan who appreciates deep exploration of all the nuance Lost has to offer, I thoroughly enjoyed the read. Even if, at first, what brought us into the show was the magnetic attraction of the Island and its mysteries, in the end we stayed because we cared about the characters and their fates. This book carefully and wonderfully deals with the great fictional people with whom we seemed to experience all the frustration, all the excitement, all the awe and wonder that came with the Island experience.

The book succeeds brilliantly in reaching a rich, deep vision of the characters, making them seem all the more real, amidst such an extraordinary setting. I am one of those people who came to 'LOST' late. Series 5 was airing when I took the plunge and bought series 1 on blu ray. I had always said I'd 'try' out this 'Gilligan's Island with a large a budget' show I'd heard so much about once it was available in hi-def.

Being able to watch 5 seasons back to back, without waiting a whole week between episodes was an enormous advantage - but what I was not prepared for was the incredibly detailed and in-depth stories about the characters and therefore our own humanity , nor the supernatural elements of the story no one ever mentioned that to me, just that I 'had to' watch it. So imagine my genuine thrill when in the very first episode, I was privy to a very new kind of TV show, one that engaged multiple senses in a way I'd never experienced before.

Here I was thinking it was some cleverly written but potentially boring story about a group of people who crashed on an island trying to get back home. I could never have anticipated the ride and subsequent personal growth and enlightenment I had unknowingly strapped myself in for. This ride made all the better thanks in very large part to Nikki Staffords 'Finding Lost' books and Pearson Moore's two works of sheer brilliance.

These books have ensured this ride continues despite the show being over for 18 months now. Moore's writings in particular worked on multiple levels. The world is a better place thanks to the enormous ensemble that put together what is the most remarkable and thought provoking TV show of all time. Ben is in love with her and refuses to let her leave the island - and he orchestrated Goodwin's death out of jealousy. Although Juliet acts initially as Jack's interrogator when he, Sawyer and Kate are captured, she helps them, escapes and joins the Oceanic crash survivors.

She defies Ben's orders to infiltrate the survivors' camp, and she has clear romantic feelings for Jack. She is left behind when the Oceanic Six leave the island, and when the recurring time flashes leave Juliet and the others in the mids, she becomes a mechanic for the Dharma Initiative and starts a relationship with Sawyer.

Juliet ultimately dies when she becomes trapped under debris as a result of The Incident and detonates a hydrogen bomb in order to reset the island's timeline. Ian Somerhalder Boone is the stepbrother of Shannon, with whom he is in love. On the island, he spends much of his time hunting with Locke, and together they find the first hatch. He slowly learns that Shannon is manipulative and does not love him, but he remains protective of her. When John's legs mysteriously malfunction, Boone climbs into a crashed plane, perched in a tree, and uses its radio to contact although he doesn't know it the tail section survivors.

The plane falls with Boone in it, and his leg and torso are crushed. John carries him back to the camp to be treated by Jack and Sun, but Boone dies shortly thereafter. She loses her job as a police officer after killing the man who had previously shot her, killing her unborn child. Before the flight back to L. Ana Lucia is very protective of her fellow survivors after several are kidnapped, and she is extremely distrusting of others. She eventually kills Goodwin after discovering that he is not a survivor of the crash. She also inadvertently kills Shannon.

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Ana Lucia is shot and killed by Michael Dawson while he tries to free Ben, the leader of the "Others", but she appears after her death in visions to several of the characters, notably Hurley. Harold Perrineau Michael is a New York artist and construction worker who has not communicated with his son Walt since he was a baby.

Michael is the first on the island to learn that Sun speaks English, and he has various conflicts with Jin. While trying to escape the Island via raft, Michael's son Walt is abducted by the Others. Michael strikes a deal with the Others wherein he exchanges Kate, Jack, Sawyer, and Hurley for Walt, and together the two leave the island by boat. However; when they return home, Walt goes to live with his grandmother after finding out that Michael killed Libby and Ana Lucia while carrying out his part of the deal.

Michael tries to commit suicide a couple times but soon finds out that "the island won't let him die". He later infiltrates the Kahana freighter crew under the orders of Ben, in the hopes of making up for the lives he took by saving those of the people left on the island. He is killed in an explosion on the Kahana while trying to deactivate a bomb. Eko is a former Nigerian drug lord turned priest who crashes on the island with the tail section survivors. After killing two of the others who were trying to kidnap him he does not speak for 40 days.

Upon joining the fuselage survivors' camp, Eko becomes part of the group involved in pressing a button in a hatch. He begins building a church on the island with Charlie, but this is abandoned when he becomes obsessed with the hatch and the button within. Eko is haunted by visions of his brother, who died in Nigeria and whose body was on a plane that crashed on the island before Eko's arrival.

These visions lead Eko and John to discover another Dharma station. Eko meets the smoke monster on more than one occasion in the Island's forests, and is eventually killed by it. Jeremy Davies Faraday is a physicist hired to go to the Island by Charles Widmore, who is later revealed to be his father.

He initially claims to have intentions to save the crash survivors, but this proves to be untrue. Daniel is connected to Desmond in several ways - Desmond visits him at Oxford during a flashback in time. Daniel's half sister, Penelope Widmore, is also romantically involved with Desmond - the two of them have a child together, named after Charlie Pace.

Later, when John moves the island, Daniel travels back in time and visits Desmond in the hatch, to tell him how to save the island. Although he initially lied about his intent to save the survivors, Daniel ends up ferrying several of them, including Sun and Jin, to the Kahana. He is later revealed to be the son of Eloise Hawking and Charles Widmore, and is shot and killed by his mother in the season 5 episode The Variable.

Kiele Sanchez Nikki is an actress who, with her boyfriend Paulo, murders a television producer for his diamonds. When they get to the island they spend their time searching for the diamonds lost in the crash.

Lost Identity: The Characters of Lost

Paulo discovers the diamonds and tries to hide them from her, but she retaliates by attacking him with a spider with a powerful paralyzing bite. However she herself is then bitten, and both are buried alive by the survivors, who mistake their paralytic coma for death. Josh Holloway James is a confidence man who was orphaned as a child when his father killed his mother - and himself - after his mother was conned for all their money by a man named Sawyer.

All that James knows about the man who conned her is his name, and he adopts the name "Sawyer" for himself, and goes on to con various women for hundreds of thousands of dollars when he is an adult. With Cassidy, one of these women, he has a daughter named Clementine whom he has never met. He travels to Australia to kill the man he believes is the original Sawyer, but he is wrong and kills an innocent man.

On the Island, he is initially disliked for his antisocial behaviour and for his practice of nicknaming his fellow survivors, but he becomes romantically involved with Kate and, eventually, friendly with the rest despite his rough personality. When John moves the island and the remaining survivors are launched back into the s, Sawyer joins the Dharma Initiative under the name Jim LaFleur, and he becomes head of security because of his ability to deal with the Hostiles. He falls in love with Juliet, and they are living together three years later.

Juliet later dies of her injuries she received during the Incident after the characters return to the present time, causing Sawyer to temporarily join the Man in Black. He leaves the Island with Kate and Claire on the Ajira plane at the end of the series. Henry Ian Cusick Desmond, a former monk and member of the Royal Scots Regiment, undertakes a boat race around the world after splitting with his girlfriend Penelope Widmore. He shipwrecks on the island while on this race, and he lives in a hatch for three years, pressing a button every minutes. One day he neglects to push the button, and on this day Flight crashes.

The survivors find the hatch and blow it open, and when they take over pushing the button he attempts unsuccessfully to escape the island. After he returns to the island, he moves in with the crash survivors. At the start of the third season, Desmond starts seeing flashes of future events, most of them being about Charlie's death. Later, he experiences flashes into the past. He escapes the Island with the Oceanic Six at the end of season four and is reunited with his girlfriend, Penny. They are married and have a baby boy named Charlie. Desmond has various meetings with Eloise Hawking who urges him not to marry Penny Widmore.

He later finds out she is Daniel Faraday's mother, locates her through Charles Widmore, and visits her at the Lamppost. He is later brought back to the Island by Charles Widmore in order to uncork the heart of the Island to make the Man in Black mortal. It is implied that Desmond eventually returned home to Penny and their son.

Naveen Andrews A former military communications officer , Sayid is haunted by his past as a torturer for the Iraqi Republican Guard. On the island, he is romantically involved with Shannon. After escaping the island and coming to America, he reunites with and marries his former girlfriend Nadia. After Nadia is murdered, Sayid is employed by Ben as an assassin to kill the associates of Charles Widmore.

He later attempts to kill Ben as a child after being brought back to the island and captured by the Dharma Initiative in It is implied that in being revived in such a way, he has lost his ability to feel emotion. When the Man in Black tricks Jack into carrying a bomb aboard Widmore's submarine, Sayid hurries the bomb to the other side of the vessel in order to detonate it away from the other survivors, dying in the process.

Daniel Dae Kim The son of a poor fisherman, Jin marries Sun on the condition that he work for her father as a mob enforcer. On the island, Jin struggles as the only castaway who does not speak English, although he does eventually begin to learn. He is presumed dead by his wife, Sun-Hwa Kwon, and the other members of the Oceanic Six, when a bomb goes off on the Kahana.

Kwon is later found unconscious on driftwood by a French research team in , having flashed to that time period with the other people on the island. After the survivors are returned to the same timeline, Jin spends much of his time searching for Sun. He eventually finds her with the other survivors on Hydra Island. When the group tries to escape on Charles Widmore's submarine, a bomb smuggled aboard by the Man in Black detonates, pinning Sun to the inside of the sub. Unable to rescue his wife, Jin opts to die with her so they will never be apart again. They reconcile on the island and she becomes pregnant with Jin's baby.

After escaping the island, Sun gives birth to Jin's baby, a girl named Ji Yeon, off the island. With the settlement money from Oceanic, Sun buys a controlling share of her father's company. Sun eventually returns to the island on Ajira Airways Flight to search for Jin, but is not propelled to with the other members of the Oceanic Six and instead remains in After the timelines reunite, Jin and Sun eventually reunite. She is unable to escape and drowns along with her husband Jin.

He is selected by Abaddon to be part of the team that travels to the Island via the freighter Kahana ; he brings Daniel, Miles and Charlotte to the Island by helicopter and ultimately helps Desmond and the Oceanic Six escape the Island. An avid conspiracy theorist , Frank realized that the plane found at the bottom of the ocean was actually planted by Charles Widmore, which is possibly why he was asked on the mission. In the episode " ", he pilots Flight that five of the Oceanic Six and Ben Linus board to return to the Island. Frank makes a controlled crash landing on the nearby Hydra Island.

At the end of the series he flies some of the remaining survivors off the Island on the Ajira flight. Miles suggests that she has been to the Island before and she chooses to stay there when given the option to leave. She later dies as a result of the ill effects of the Island's erratic movements through time after she admits she was born on the Island, her parents being members of the DHARMA Initiative. Michael Emerson Ben is the manipulative leader of the Others. He is captured by the survivors and is held hostage in a hatch that Boone and Locke found.

However Michael releases him in return for the safe passage of himself and his son, Walt, back home. In the finale of the 4th season he is forced to leave the Island after he "moves" it. He returns to the island in the fifth season with the Oceanic 6, to be judged by the mysterious smoke monster for letting his daughter die. The monster lets him live as long as he follows John which results in him killing Jacob. He begins to regret his actions and seeks to redeem himself.

At the end of the series he becomes Hurley's second-in-command. Emilie De Ravin Claire gives birth on the island to a boy and forges a strong relationship with Charlie. After being abducted by Ethan Rom, she escapes and briefly loses her memory. She is also Jack's half-sister. She is not aware of this, but Jack learns this from her mother after he leaves the Island. Claire is later seen in Jacob's hut with her father after leaving her son, Aaron, at the foot of a tree.

Claire returns to prominence in season six, her time spent alone on the island having left her in a disturbed and feral state. She leaves the Island with Kate and Sawyer at the end of the series. Malcolm David Kelley An elementary school student, he is kidnapped by the Others, who claim that he is "special". He is rescued by his father Michael and goes to live with his grandmother in New York. Terry O'Quinn After having his paralysis healed during the crash, Locke lives out his dreams of becoming a hunter on the Island.

John Locke is also the name of a philosopher. Being a man of faith, he believes he has a special connection with the island, leading him to clash with man-of-science Jack. Having been "chosen", Locke becomes the leader of the Others at the end of the fourth season. Locke is eventually murdered by Ben shortly after leaving the island.

List of Lost characters - Wikipedia

When most of the "Oceanic Six" survivors return to the island, they transport Locke's body with them. Locke apparently returns to life, but this is revealed to be a deception; Locke is still dead, and the individual in Locke's form is actually Jacob's rival. Titus Welliver The Man in Black, also known as the Monster or the Black Smoke, is the twin brother of Jacob and the main antagonist during the final season of the series. In season one, he kills the pilot of Oceanic He cannot leave the island as long as Jacob or one of his successors is still on the island and we are told that if he does leave the island, everyone on earth will die.

He first appears as a cloud of black smoke, but can apparently take on the appearance of anyone who is dead. In his Locke avatar, which we are told he cannot now change, he takes offense when Ben calls him a Monster. He claims that he is not evil, and just wants to escape the island. Thus, he begins to recruit allies to escape with him such as Sawyer, Claire, Sayid, and Kate. According to Rousseau and Ben, the Man in Black in his Monster form serves as a security system and judge to the Island. He cannot penetrate the DHARMA sonar fence, go through the ash which surrounds Jacob's cabin, or enter the temple while a guardian is alive.

He cannot personally kill Jacob or any of the candidates chosen by Jacob to succeed him. He manipulates Ben, by impersonating Locke and Ben's daughter, and eventually convinces Ben to kill Jacob. He then attempts to kill Jacob's remaining candidates, and later tries to destroy the Island. Normally invincible, he inadvertently becomes mortal when Desmond Hume temporarily halts the island's primordial power.

He is defeated while in mortal form in the series finale when Kate shoots him and Jack kicks him off a cliff, permanently killing him. Dominic Monaghan A one-hit wonder, rock musician Charlie ends his addiction to heroin on the island and cares for Claire and her baby. After several times of Desmond predicting his death, he drowns in the Looking Glass station, trying to help the survivors communicate with the outside world.

Rodrigo Santoro Paulo helps Nikki murder a television executive for his diamonds. He spends his time on the island with Nikki searching for the diamonds. He is assumed dead on the island after being buried alive, the survivors having assumed he was dead following a paralyzing spider bite. Jorge Garcia After winning the lottery with the numbers , Hurley suffers from bad luck. He remains optimistic on the island but after escaping from it is hospitalized for psychiatric reasons that include recurring hallucinations involving Charlie.

He later returns to the island aboard flight and joins the Dharma Initiative in along with Jack and Kate. In the series finale, Jack makes Hugo the new "Guardian" of the Island. Maggie Grace Shannon is a ballet instructor and Boone's stepsister, when they are marooned on the island Shannon is very unhelpful and spends most of her time sunbathing. Shannon's French skills come in handy when she translates the transceiver, and Danielle Rousseau's maps, in which she starts to begin a relationship with Sayid.

Then we start to see a more friendly side to Shannon. When her brother Boone dies, Shannon is devastated, she holds Locke at gunpoint in the jungle as she thinks he is responsible for Boone's death. Before Walt leaves the island on the raft, he leaves Vincent in Shannon's care. At the start of Season 2, Shannon is mourning the loss of her brother Boone. She loses Vincent in the jungle and sees Walt. No one believes her when she tells the others. Her relationship with Sayid grows. Shannon continues to see Walt in the jungle, so she runs after him but is accidentally shot by Ana Lucia Cortez.

She dies almost instantly in Sayid's arms, leaving Sayid heartbroken. At Shannon's funeral, Sayid confesses that he was deeply in love with her. Matthew Fox A spinal surgeon with father issues, Jack is the survivors' leader. He has feelings for Kate. After escaping the island, he ends up in a relationship with Kate but after a dramatic breakup he becomes drug-addicted and suicidal because he longs to return to the island to save everyone left behind, and return to his relationship with Kate.

He returns to the island and appears in with Kate and Hurley, and they all join the Dharma Initiative. It is revealed in Season 6 that Jack is Jacob's "Candidate", and will replace Jacob as the Guardian or keeper of the island. In the series finale he kills the Man in Black and saves the Island from being destroyed, but is mortally wounded in the process and makes Hurley his successor. He is last seen dying in the same spot where he first landed on the Island. Elizabeth "Libby" Smith [6]. Cynthia Watros Libby is a tail section survivor. Prior to the crash of , she met Desmond and gave him her late-husband David's boat for the around the world race that ended with Desmond crashing on the island.

She is also revealed to have been a patient in the same mental institution at the same time as Hurley. She becomes romantically involved with Hurley. She is shot to death by Michael after accidentally witnessing Ana Lucia's death. He has the ability to read the final thoughts of the deceased.

He has the most cutting wit out of the Kahana away team members, earning him a comparison to Sawyer by Hurley. It is later revealed that he is the son of Dr. In the series finale he leaves the Island on the Ajira plane. Zuleikha Robinson Ilana claims to be a bounty hunter working for the family of Peter Avellino, who is an employee of Charles Widmore, and who is killed by Sayid.

She captures Sayid and puts him on Ajira Flight After the crash she leads a hostile takeover of the Flight survivors with Bram and several others. She asks Frank Lapidus if he knows "what lies in the shadow of the statue", then knocks him unconscious when he is unable to answer. It is later revealed that she was brought to the Island by Jacob, for the purpose of protecting the candidates for Jacob' replacement.

While on a mission to prevent the Man in Black from leaving the Island, Ilana is killed when she mishandles dynamite. Leslie Arzt is a junior high school science teacher, who crashes with the fuselage survivors and keeps a collection of native fauna in various jars. Almost all characters continue to pronounce his name "Arts" even though he repeatedly corrects them.

Arzt complains about not being included in the various missions of Jack and Locke, finally joining them on a trip to the Black Rock. He dies ironically when a stick of dynamite spontaneously explodes in his hand while he lectures Jack, Locke, Kate and Hurley on how to safely handle it. In the alternate timeline, he is working at the school where he helps Ben to expose the principal of his actions.

His name, "Arzt", is the German word for "doctor". Therefore, his name translates to "Dr. Despite his early demise, his advice is invaluable to the Survivors, even years later. Cindy Chandler is an Australian Oceanic Airlines stewardess dating the Flight passenger Gary Troup and is the only crew member other than Seth Norris to survive the crash. She is featured in the Pilot episode as giving Jack a small bottle of alcohol, which is the first thing Jack discovers after the plane crash.

She crashes with the tail-section survivors and is taken by the Others in the second season during the journey to the fuselage survivors' camp. Cindy lives comfortably with the Others following her abduction firstly at the Hydra station then at the Temple, caring for Zach and Emma. To avoid death, she aligns with the Man in Black following the temple massacre.

She survives Widmore's mortar attack and survives the series to live under Hurley's guard. Kiersten Havelock and Mickey Graue. Emma and Zach are two sibling children from the tail section of the plane who live under the care of Cindy, following the pair's kidnapping. With Cindy, they follow the Man in Black. Their ultimate fate is never resolved onscreen. An American dentist, Dr. Bernard Nadler weds Rose Henderson less than one year prior to the crash. He crashes with the tail section survivors, but joins the fuselage survivors in season two.

Bernard stays with the majority of the group after some of the freighter crew arrive. He and Rose are last found to have travelled back in time to after the island skips around in time. Together they choose to live alone on the beach, avoiding both Dharma and the Others. They later return to the present time and help Desmond out of a well, and after a run-in with the man in black, choose to stay on the island at the end of the series. She lives with the fuselage survivors and reunites with Bernard in season two.

She opts to return to the beach at the beginning of season four when the survivors contact the freighter. She and Bernard are last found to have traveled back in time to after the island skips around in time. Scott Jackson and Steve Jenkins. Dustin Watchman and Christian Bowman. Scott Jackson and Steve Jenkins crash with the fuselage survivors. They are regularly confused with each other, even after one of them Scott is killed in the first season by Ethan. In season five, Steve and the remaining minor Flight castaways are killed by a fire arrow attack right after the island jumps in time except for two unnamed men, who are later killed by claymore mines at the creek.

Edward Mars is a U. He is critically injured during the crash and dies in the third episode. Seth Norris is the pilot of the airplane Flight which crashes on the island. He is found in the cockpit in the first episode by Jack, Kate and Charlie and soon after is killed by "the Monster". Lost Experience , 1.

He dies when he is sucked into the plane's turbine immediately after the plane crash. Madison [11] [12] and Pono [13]. Vincent is Walt 's yellow Labrador retriever, who is originally owned by Walt's stepfather, Brian Porter. He is left behind on the Island when Michael and Walt leave. He is given to Shannon by Walt and remains under her care until she is killed. He is later seen accompanying Sun.

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After the timeshifts and an attack on the survivors, Vincent ends up with Rose and Bernard in All three make a new home in the jungle and are found three years later by Sawyer, Juliet and Kate. Vincent is last seen at Jack's side.

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Neil is first mentioned when Bernard is trying to make an S. S sign out of rocks. He is first seen in the mobisode "The Adventures of Hurley and Frogurt". He is on the Zodiac raft with Daniel Faraday when the island shifts in time. He is killed in when he is shot by flaming arrows in the chest and back. Jacob is The Others' highest authority and has resided on the island for nearly 2, years, most recently in a chamber in the foot of the statue of Tawaret, which is the statue's only remaining component.

The backstory of Jacob is revealed in the episode "Across the Sea", which, according to the episode's script, took place in A. Jacob is the protector of the Island and is able to visit various Flight survivors prior to their arrival, speaking to and conspicuously touching several of the main characters.

It seems he granted Richard Alpert's agelessness by touching him on the shoulder episode "Ab Aeterno". Ben initially claims to John Locke that he can communicate with Jacob but later reveals he is lying out of embarrassment for his inability to do so, despite being leader of The Others. The figure in the mysterious cabin, who reacted violently to John Locke's flashlight and later is heard by Locke to say "Help me", is at one point presumed to be Jacob; however, it is later implied it may have been his brother, trapped on the island in his "smoke monster" form by Jacob's presence and, as such, has been scheming to ensure Jacob's downfall.

The Man in Black is able to assume the appearance of deceased bodies on the island and, through an elaborate series of events involving him arranging the death of, and subsequently impersonating, John Locke, eventually manipulates Ben into killing Jacob; this represents a "loophole" from the apparent "rule" the two brothers could not harm one another.

However, Jacob returns as a ghost on the island and communicates with Hurley. Also, the Man in Black and Sawyer have seen an apparition of a younger Jacob on the present-day island. Eventually, the ghost of Jacob ceded control of the island to his successor, Jack Shephard. Alexandra Rousseau is Danielle Rousseau's daughter, who is abducted by The Others 16 years prior to the crash of Flight Ben is sent by Widmore to kill Danielle and her daughter, but he is unable to bring himself to do so and raises Alex as his own instead.

She aids the crash survivors in various escapes and eventually defects from The Others. She dates Karl, though Ben tries to keep them apart because she would die if she became pregnant. She is later kidnapped and murdered by Keamy in front of Ben, in an attempt to make Ben surrender. Mikhail Bakunin lives and works at the Flame Dharma station, and is responsible for The Others' communication with the outside world.

He is notable for his one eye, usually wearing a black eye-patch. He is captured by a group of survivors and says he remembers Locke from his past.