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History of alchemy

With her well-educated yet down-to-earth writing style, Karen takes us on a journey within.

Gently debunking myths and casting aside old limitations, she offers new possibilities for growth and accessible instructions for personal awakening. I enjoyed reading her personal stories as she led us by the hand into redefining and stretching the bounds of alchemy, archetypes, ancient wisdom teachings, gender identity and so much more.

Always positive and uplifting, her personal light and good humor shine on every page. This book takes us on a lively romp through history, touches base on a myriad of philosophies, and shares a visionary eye to the future. I especially enjoy her insights and tutorials on the Ouija Board; she is an outspoken proponent on this ancient and valuable spiritual tool. Thank you Karen for your latest creative effort.

You will continue to touch many lives and many hearts on this earthly journey. Fireflygo — July 4, A wonderful read for anyone interested in deeper understandings of Soul and Feminine Source…. Dawn Delcastillo — July 3, The Path to Enlightenment Includes Many Trails This is the second book I have read from Karen and I have to say it is one of the finest pieces of non-dogmatic spiritual enlightenment out there.

Anyone seeking enlightenment, spiritual and personal growth or are just now exploring life, do yourself a favor and get this book. Of course all her interviews are amazing…. Smith — July 3, She emphasizes the importance of the Divine or Sacred Feminine in balancing the forces that our materialistic and mechanistic world insists upon us, which is a significant consideration for those of us of the Y-chromosome contingent. The most affecting parts of the book, for me, were those relating her personal experiences, both as a therapist and in learning from her spirit friends.

I have to confess that, like many, I have some misgiving about the use of the Ouija board based on youthful experiences , but it is obvious that for her it is a beneficent tool of communication. She has me nearly convinced. They are full of wisdom, even verging on the epigrammatic at times. Grady Harp — June 13, Dahlman is a licensed psychotherapist, intuitive, paranormal and metaphysical practitioner. She has written four books on her gifts and in this book she sheds light on the secret teachings of alchemy that detail this cosmic blueprint. Within this book, we will explore your path as a seeker, an Alchemist, who will learn practical applications for transforming the lead of your life into golden opportunities for growth and acceleration towards the life of your dreams.

We will explore and honor all that has been repressed within human nature, while we reclaim what has been left in the darkness, within the domain of the Divine Feminine. He encounters a controversial American scientist, Dr. However, someone is trying to steer her astray and keep Ryder on the radar of the police. Immortality being what it is, many others are searching for the Manuscript, including a dark organization, Gladius Domini. They will stop at nothing to uncover the secrets and have targeted Hope and Ryder for extinction, if that is what it will take.

Headed by a powerful man within the Catholic Church, Gladius Domini purports to be acting in the name of God. As the search continues, a psychiatric patient who has read large portions of the Manuscript might hold some key aspects that Hope will require in his search. However, self-inflicted injuries and incoherent babble led to a deadly outcome.

Could these rantings still be useful? Hope and Ryder do all they can to find the truths of the Fulcanelli Manuscript while trying to keep Gladius Domini at bay. As the story progresses, the reader travels with Hope and Ryder on a dangerous trail from Paris to the ancient Cathar strongholds of the Languedoc, where an astonishing secret has lain hidden for centuries. Might Hope lose his life trying to extend that of a sick girl? Mariani storms onto the scene with this new series and keeps readers hooked from the opening paragraphs.

An exciting adventure that mixes the devotion of Jack Reacher with the historical obsessions of Robert Langdon. Not to be missed by fans of either protagonist. Asked by a friend if I would try this series, I decided to stop procrastinating once and for all. I thoroughly enjoy the premise of the Ben Hope series and found that the character, while similar in some regards to the two men mentioned above, also individualises himself nicely.

Hope brings much baggage and fast-paced decision making from his time with the SAS, but also a penchant for dedication. He pulls on an ability to decipher codes and hidden messages, while peeling back historical understandings of items not known to many beforehand. The story is by no means unique, but its development and content does have a degree of individuality, such that the reader will likely want to take a look.

Without getting too weighed down with religious symbols, the Fulcanelli Manuscript offers up the one things many have sought for so long, the answer to eternal life. Mariani for starting the series off with a bang! I am very curious and hope to read more about Ben Hope and his various adventures in the coming weeks. An ever-growing collection of others appears at: View all 9 comments. This is one of the plethora of novels that surfaced when Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code became such an international hit.

He has lost none of his SAS skills and is still a fit, healthy, vibrant man alt This is one of the plethora of novels that surfaced when Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code became such an international hit. He has lost none of his SAS skills and is still a fit, healthy, vibrant man although he has formed a smoking and drinking habit.

Still an expert with weapons and able to handle himself in all situations. It is when Ben is contracted to find an ancient manuscript, to not rescue a child but save her from terminal illness, that his world is turned upside down. The manuscript is rumored to hold the secrets of Ancient alchemists, secrets that may be able to stop the child from dying.

Like all books of this ilk it is never an open and shut case. As Ben searches for the manuscript he is followed by an evil assassin working for an organisation calling themselves the Gladius Domini. This organisation has ties to the Catholic church and indeed the Nazis of WW2. Ben discovers a scientist in France who has been 'outted' for her experiments in alchemy and they soon form a partnership - he the braun, fighting skill and cunning, she the historical and alchemy knowledge and not too short on her own fighting skills. There are some parallels to the Da Vinci Code - at times codes seem to be a bit too easily broken, to reveal points on maps that are a bit too easily found.

There is the occasional symbol that is a bit too easily recognized. This book has more fighting, gunshots and imprisonment than Da Vinci Code and probably flows a bit quicker.

See a Problem?

Having said all of that, fans of Dan Brown will definitely enjoy this book. This novel is written to be fast paced. The author starts new paragraphs with a space in the text to cut out any boring travel scenes. For example MC decides he needs to be somewhere two hours away page break, new paragraph MC is now searching for answers at the destination. The scene is set early and the action flows, there are a few minor twists along the way but generally a straight forward search and find.

Apr 24, Pranta Ghosh Dastider rated it really liked it. Like a Hollywood movie it started, like a movie it ended. What's in between, is a story of suspense thriller, action adventure, conspiracy, love and hardcore killings and survival. Ask me why I liked The Alchemist's Secret?

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And the answer is simple. From the first chapter its fast paced, and it rarely slow down.

11 Secrets of The Alchemist

Of course there are loop-holes within the story, but those didn't bother me much to avoid fun. Often when a story can give me enough joy, I tend to ignore that tiny er Like a Hollywood movie it started, like a movie it ended.

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Often when a story can give me enough joy, I tend to ignore that tiny errors it beholds. Because, every story has errors if you really want to find them. But, the main goal should be to enjoy it while we can. That's why we read books to begin with, isn't it? I liked how hero character developed with time, or rather it's more appropriate to say, how it got reveled. He was rough and tough to begin with, but also has a soft corner within.

And we got to see throughout the journey that he can be as humane as a normal human being. He also makes mistake, ignore facts. But, with luck and skill he survives somehow. Our lady protagonist was also nice. The only thing bothered me that, she was supposed to know some martial-arts, but when situation demanded she failed to use it mostly. I wanted her to be more action packed.

There is puzzle, and throughout the whole book B. Hope discover the whole truth. The ending is not unpredictable, but it's fine. Whole journey made it worth a while. If you like an action adventure story, this book is for you. If you like spy thriller, you need to read this. If you like conspiracy, it might just satisfy you. Overall, read it if you want to go into a fast story-line with good characters. You will feel like playing a good old Tomb Raider game while reading it- if you know what I mean!

May 24, Paul O'Neill rated it really liked it. It's like a cross between Dan Brown and Matthew Reilly. Awesome action packed, fast paced, tightly written seriously, shortest paragraphs and chapters I've ever read, so you'll fly through it. Also unpredictable, which is hard to pull off. All that, and it's historically acurate???

Apr 07, Steve rated it did not like it. I am completely flummoxed as to why so many people have given this book and author such good reviews!!!! It is such a rip off of other authors stories, in particular Dan Brown, and is riddled with cliches!!! To top it all off it is very poorly written.

I'm no literary snob, far from it as I will read trashy page turners like the rest of them The cliches were to much and I struggled to finish it The story was poor but it was all too much for me when the hero and heroine run into each other's arms on the beach at the end I couldn't bear to read another word by this comic book author! Go read some Jeffrey Archer Mr Mariani and learn how to write a novel! View all 5 comments. And you know what? In making that comparison, you know exactly what you're getting.

Of course, a hell of a lot of people can't stand Dan Brown, and those people should probably stay away from this book. But if you enjoy the occasional thriller with a bit of pseudo-scientific hocus-pocus thrown in, then this is probably worth a read. It's a nice easy read, with nice easy characters, and a story that's interesting enough to pull you along, and reasonably well written. All this sounds like I'm damning this book with faint praise. I'm not really - I enjoyed it quite a bit, but then I'm the sort of person that thinks not every book you read should be the best example of its craft, and not every film you see should be the finest film in the world.

I'm happy reading a book or watching a film for sheer entertainment value, and not expecting a lot out of it. That's what you get with this book. As to the plot - do you really care? It's some bunkum about an ex-SAS officer who goes around rescuing children and gets himself involved in a plot to steal the notebook of an alchemist who just might have found the secret to everlasting life. It's fun, light-hearted, and entertaining. Just don't expect it to stand up to close scrutiny. Oct 14, Annalee rated it really liked it. From the back of the book: A former elite member of the SAs, Ben Hope is tortured by a tragedy from his past and now devotes his time to rescuing kidnapped children.

Modern science knows all of this, but there has never been a single example of succesful human trasmutation. It's like there's some missing ingredient Scientists have been trying to find it for hundreds of years, pouring tons of money into research, and to this day they don't have a theory.

For that matter, the elements found in a human being is all junk that you can buy in any market with a child's allowence. Humans are pretty cheaply made. In fact, 'atheism' is a term that should not even exist.

The Alchemist's Secret

No one needs to identify himself as a 'non-astrologer' or a 'non-alchemist. Atheism is nothing more than the noises reasonable people make in the presence of unjustified religious beliefs. Lead will play its role until the world has no further need for lead; and then lead will have to turn itself into gold. That's what alchemists do. They show that, when we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better, too.

We are not afraid of the darkness. We trust that the moon shall guide us. We are determining the future at this very moment.

The Great Art - Alchemy

We know that the heart is the philosopher's stone. Our music is our alchemy. The one who wanted her baby back lost chance of having one again, And the one who had a vision to see his country change became blind. I often hear people of science trying to use it to prove the nonexistence of the spiritual, but I simply can't see a chasm in between the two. What is spiritual produces what is scientific and when science is used to disprove the spiritual, it's always done with the intent to do so; a personal contempt. As a result, scientists today only prove their inferiority to the great founding fathers of the sciences who were practitioners of alchemy.

Today's science is washed-out and scrubbed-down and robbed of everything mystical and spiritual, a knowledge born of contempt and discontent. Or perhaps, there are a few who wish to keep those secrets to themselves and serve everyone else up with a tasteless version of science and the idiots of today blindly follow their equally blind leaders. Whereas in all the other art forms, take William Blake, everything that came to that paper never existed before. The first pillar is the philosophical knowledge of earth and water; the second, astronomy, supplies its full understanding of that which is of fiery and airy nature; the third is an adequate explanation of the properties of all the four elements—that is to say, of the whole cosmos—and an introduction into the art of their transformations; and finally, the fourth shows the physician those virtues which must stay with him up until his death, and it should support and complete the three other pillars.

His attention is not directed to his own salvation through God's grace, but to the liberation of God from the darkness of matter. The grain, the halide, the little silver things clumped in the emulsion.