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If you are struggling, by all means, speak up! But check the motives of your heart — are you venting to make yourself feel good or sharing with the expectation of being encouraged and possibly rebuked by your sisters in gospel love? Instead of tearing others down with your words, build each other up with Spirit-filled encouragement.

Share what you have been reading in the Bible or what God has been teaching you about himself. You might even praise a child for her kindness, or tell your friend how you admire the way she handled a difficult situation.

6 ways to know that God is speaking to you

Speak words of life and point each other to Christ. Look for opportunities to serve one another in love Galatians 5: Make sure you have really listened before offering any encouragement or counsel, and if you can, offer to talk in greater depth outside of the playdate Proverbs Pray with and for one another. If your kids are still tiny and immobile, pray over them while they crawl around. Pray a silent prayer for the mom who is in the midst of disciplining her child. Pause and pray with your own child who is struggling to obey.

Ask how you can pray for your friends during the week. Jesus loves children and their mothers, and desires for them to know and love him too. God has so much more in store for us in our fellowship than just keeping our kids busy until nap time. Use playdates as a spiritual training ground for your kids.

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Choose your words wisely. Pray while you play. Teach your kids that we can pray even while we play! Get Desiring God in Your Inbox A nightly brief of new resources, and peeks behind the scenes from our editorial team Subscribe. Should You Earnestly Desire to Prophesy? God wants our churches to exercise prophecy so that we will be upbuilt as we experience together the friendship of God through his Spirit.

Six Ways to Redeem Playdates

It was his age. In a church with multiple services, this man could have attended the sanctuary service with a member choir who sing powerful gospel songs. Instead, he opted to go to the laidback and informal gym service, with a passionate and loud worship band. The man was definitely among the oldest in the service.

If he had grown up attending church, it would have been before worship songs were popular. He would have known only hymns; a band playing electric guitars, keyboards, and a drum set would certainly not be leading worship. The white-haired man had found worship. He tried something different than most year-olds would and found worship in a new experience. They fear to step outside their comfort zones and go on singing the same songs, praying the same prayers, reading the same scriptures.

But there is so much more worship to be found if you are willing to try something new. There is no wrong way to worship, as long as it is done to please God. But if your worship is centered in spirit and truth, you are doing it right.

Husbands, Get Her Ready for Jesus

Loud praise music or quiet hymns, memorized prayers or words were spoken off-the-cuff, in a sanctuary or a gym, it is all worship. This does not mean that you cannot go back to the traditions that you find meaningful. It is a beautiful thing and a gift from God to be able to find Him in a familiar song or prayer. But we should not be shackled to only one type of worship. Attend a different service or church. Unless you are employed by your church and obligated to be at a certain service, this is easy to do. For one week, go to an unfamiliar church that has different traditions than you are accustomed to.

Sing different songs and listen to a different pastor speak. Maybe find a church that incorporates drama or praise dance.

Watch, listen and let your guard down to embrace the scene around you. Speak non-memorized prayers from the heart. There is nothing wrong with these prayers, but you can easily spice things up by singing a blessing or going around the table and having each person thank God for a part of the meal. The rest of the time, engage God in conversation all day, every day.

Six Ways God Works in You — at Work | Desiring God

Here is a tip from me: Start a prayer journal. Write scriptures, write prayer requests for others, write a praise poem, or whatever else you feel will connect you to God in worship. Add art into the mix.

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