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Industrial clusters -- Germany. Contents Machine derived contents note: Abbildungsverzeichnis 13 Tabellenverzeichnis 15 Abkiirzungsverzeichnis 17 1 Einleitung 19 1. Konzeptionelle Aspekte und politische Implikationen 59 3. Technologische und 5konomische Aspekte 91 4. Unternehmen und Forschungseinrichtungen im Olberblick 5. Venture Capital - Finanzierungsmodell und Marktentwicklung 5. Notes Originally presented as the author's thesis doctoral --Halle-Wittenberg, Univ.

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Cluster types. A typology of regional networks and their characteristics

Found at these bookshops Searching - please wait We were unable to find this edition in any bookshop we are able to search. This study is a comparison of the strategies employed in management research in two periods, and Through a content analysis of articles from the Academy of Management Journal, Administrative Science Quarterly, and the Journal of Management, we examined the use of research methods for addressing issues of "triangulation" and validity, including internal, external, construct, and statistical conclusion validity.

Results indicate some potentially important trends in reports of research strategies as well as decreases in the internal, external, and construct validity of studies. Interorganizational Networks at the Network Level: An overview of the distinction between egocentric and network-level research is first introduced. Then, a review of the modest literature on whole networks is undertaken, along with a summary table outlining the main findings based on a thorough literature search.

Finally, the authors offer a discussion concerning what future directions might be taken by researchers hoping to expand this important, but understudied, topic. Cluster Analysis in Marketing Research: Review and Suggestions for Application.

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Applications of cluster analysis to marketing problems are reviewed. Alternative methods of cluster analysis are presented and evaluated in terms of recent empirical work on their performance characteristics. A two-stage cluster analysis methodology is recommended: Issues and problems related to the use and validation of cluster analytic methods are discussed.

A Comparative Study of Success and Demise. This article reports a longitudinal examination and comparison of two multilateral networks of small and medium-sized firms in the U. The research focused on how each of these networks built legitimacy over the course of their early evolution, from the pre-network field, to initial formation and growth, and toward sustainment, culminating in the success of one and the demise of the other.

Our findings demonstrate that despite differences in their early bases of support, which resulted in very different strategic emphases, the two networks ultimately had to address three conceptually distinct dimensions of legitimacy—the network as form, the network as entity, and the network as interaction.

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Based on the findings, we develop specific propositions and draw some tentative conclusions about how legitimacy is established in multilateral networks and how the failure to build legitimacy across the three dimensions may lead to network collapse. Innovation networks can often be viewed as loosely coupled systems of autonomous firms. We propose that hub firms orchestrate network activities to ensure the creation and extraction of value, without the benefit of hierarchical authority. Orchestration comprises knowledge mobility, innovation appropriability, and network stability.

We reject the view of network members as inert entities that merely respond to inducements and constraints arising from their network ties, and we embrace the essential player-structure duality present in networks. An Analysis and Critique. Jun Strat Manag J.

Cluster analysis is a statistical technique that sorts observations into similar sets or groups. The use of cluster analysis presents a complex challenge because it requires several methodological choices that determine the quality of a cluster solution.

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This paper chronicles the application of cluster analysis in strategic management research, where the technique has been used since the late s to investigate issues of central importance. Analysis of 45 published strategy studies reveals that the implementation of cluster analysis has been often less than ideal, perhaps detracting from the ability of studies to generate knowledge.

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Given these findings, suggestions are offered for improving the application of cluster analysis in future inquiry. During the past decade, marketing managers and scholars have focused increased attention on buyer-seller relationships in business markets. This article contributes to the emerging body of knowledge in this important arena.

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