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Planet OpenStack is a collection of thoughts from developers and other key players in the OpenStack project ecosystem. This is a nice way to provide an avenue of communication for developers in your project to share their thoughts and ideas around the work they are doing throughout the cycle. To list your blog in the Planet OpenStack aggregator, follow the steps outlined on the wiki for adding your blog. All OpenStack technical leadership positions are elected.

There are two types of elected technical positions in OpenStack:. The project team guide naturally focuses on PTLs.

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More information about the TC can be found on the Technical Committee website. The PTL is an elected leader who has final say over all things in that specific project team, and all the code repositories in it.

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The PTL typically leads the day to day operations of the project, and acts as a default ambassador of the project team in communications with other teams. The PTL is expected to have sufficient time available to dedicate to running the project. Responsibilities of the PTL include the following tasks:.

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The PTL for each project team is elected on a 6-month term. Thus, the project will have an election every 6 months to determine the leader of the project for the upcoming 6-month cycle. Projects without any nominated PTL candidates during a specified period will be considered leaderless and default to the technical committee for decision.

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If your project is a git repository and all active contributors submit patches to gerrit, their work will be automatically acknowledged for elections. OpenStack uses a Condorcet voting system for all Technical elections.

What is the need for an O&G platform?

The elections are run by a trusted team of election officials from the community who make election announcements throughout the process, set up the election tooling and oversee candidate and voter eligibility. Condorcet may result in ties, which should be broken in a fair and reproducible manner. To this end, OpenStack uses the hash of a string describing the tie results in a seed in a random generator to determine the tie winners. This way anyone may verify the fairness of the tie break.

For more details, see the wiki page on tie breaking.

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The Technical Committee charter defines the rules for the election schedule. Dates are generally based on the release cycle for PTL elections and summit dates for the TC elections. Except where otherwise noted, this document is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3. See all OpenStack Legal Documents. For example, to communicate something to the mailing list about Nova, you would add this to the subject: These can come in the following ways: Recommended courses of action include: Triaging bugs on Launchpad or StoryBoard at least weekly.

Responding to project queries on the various mailing lists.

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Working in-channel on IRC to answer questions. Looking weekly at ask. There are two types of elected technical positions in OpenStack: Open Communities seeks to eradicate housing discrimination, in all of its forms and against all persons, because of race, color, national origin, religion, gender, gender identity, sex, sexual orientation, disability, familial status, or source of income.

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We believe that fair, quality housing is a human right. To further our goal of equal housing opportunities for all, Open Communities engages in activities that encourage fair housing practices including landlord-tenant and foreclosure counseling services, community education, and advocacy to make our communities more welcoming for everyone. Open Communities conducts housing discrimination investigation, provides housing rights education and referrals, and assists municipalities. Open Communities provides community outreach, education on options, referrals, loan document review, and negotiation with lenders to help prevent homeowners from losing their homes.