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L'habitude rend tout facile. A word to the wise is sufficient. Un mot dans l'oreille d'un sage suffit. Be a friend to one, and an enemy to none. N'aie qu'un ami, et point d'ennemi. Beggars must not be choosers. Un mendiant n'a pas le choix. Mieux vaut arriver sur la fin d'un repas, qu'au commencement d'un combat Better belly burst, than good drink lost. Better buy than borrow Mieux vaut acheter qu'emprunter Better to commend the virtue of an enemy, than flatter the vice of a friend Mieux vaut louer les vertus d'un ennemi, que flatter les vices d'un ami.

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Birds of a feather flock together Qui se ressemble s'assemble Blood is thicker than water. La voix du sang parle toujours plus fort. D Delay breeds danger. Les absents ont toujours tort. E Early to go to bed, and early to rise, make a man wealthy and wise. Everybody's friend is nobody's friend Ami de tous, ami de personne Every bean has its black. Every flow has its ebb. Nul flux sans reflux. Forewarned is forearmed Un homme averti en vaut deux Fresh fish and new-come guests, smell when they are three days old. G Give a dog a bad name and hang him.

Qui veut noyer son chien l'accuse d'avoir la rage Give a thing, and take a thing. Donne si tu veux recevoir.

God helps those who help themselves Aide-toi et le ciel t'aidera Got strikes with the left hand, and strokes with the right. Grasp all, lose all. Great minds think alike Les grands esprits se rencontrent Great boast, small roast. Grande invitation, petites portions. Great bodies move slowly. Grande masse se meut lentement. Qui ne veut de conseil, peut bien se passer d'aide He that seeks other to beguile, is often overtaken in his wile.

Tant que l'or luit, force amis. Ill got, ill spent. Bien mal acquis ne profite jamais. Les petits profits arrondissent la bourse. On ne se lie pas au premier mot.

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Never say never Il ne faut jamais dire jamais Never seek that by foul means, which you may have by fair. No news is good news Pas de nouvelles, bonnes nouvelles Nought but a fool I will hint call, that writes his name upon a wall. On ne voit sur les murailles, que le nom de la canaille Si tu loges le sot chez toi, il laissera son nom sur les murs Nothing ventured, nothing gained Qui ne risque rien n'a rien O One bee makes no swarm Une abeille n'est pas un essaim.

Seldom comes a better Le mieux se rencontre peu Silence is golden Le silence est d'or Silence gives consent Qui ne dit mot consent Shameless craving must have a shameful nay. A colleter un gueux, on devient pouilleux.

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Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof GB A chaque jour suffit sa peine T Tell me will whom thou goest, and I'll tell what thou doest. The better day, the better deed. La pluie coule, coule, forme des ruisseaux qui inondent les trottoirs et la rue. La pluie me mouille les jambes, mais cela ne me fait rien. Je me redresse, lui souris, et reprends mon petit bonhomme de chemin vers la gare. Plus que cinq minutes. Le train roule, roule, et arrive sur le quai.

Le sourire de la boxeuse de Dombasle Anne-Sophie Mathis pour son jubilé

La foule qui attend les passagers est impressionnante. Le silence tombe brusquement. Ses longs cheveux, son visage, elle est infiniment belle. Mon sourire se fait plus grand que jamais. Elle descend lentement, puis part se perdre dans la foule de parapluie. Elle disparait de mon regard. Sous un autre parapluie.

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Je ferme le parapluie. Je ne sourirai plus jamais. Comme moi, des gens seuls. Des gens envieux de ces couples qui passent sous leurs parapluies. Je ne suis pas seul. Mais pour le moment, je suis seul. Il nous laisse seuls, affaiblis. All the families joined together to enjoy the festive ambiance and listen to our young artists.

This is the third years of this event which was much anticipated by everybody. These were delivered for the adults in French, English and Mandarin.

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After an hour long concert, teachers, parents and students met to enjoy a delicious buffet. Thanks to the rave reviews of everybody present, this initiative which is part of the culture of this campus for teachers and students is expected to continue. The music brought some Christmas spirit and the holiday mood was in the air! Afterwards there was a picnic arranged by parents and the students exchanged Christmas gifts.

Watch the video here. Thanks to all the teachers for organising these wonderful initiatives, to the students for their awesome performances and to all the parents for their ongoing support. The race took place on Lugard Road on the Peak, and aimed to raise awareness about atrocities around the world concerning human trafficking and slavery. The runners ran one at a time around the Lugard Road track which was approximately 3. Although the race was both physically and mentally demanding, all the students participating had a fantastic time, and we hope that FIS will continue to participate.

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