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As for Transformers , the US G. Joe crossover was not reprinted in the UK until long after its original publication, and its principle effect on Transformers the transformation of Bumblebee into Goldbug occurred in a completely different manner in the UK continuity.

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So when Action Force later crossed over with the UK Generation 1 comic, it was for the first time in that market, and US readers never heard a thing about it. The upshot of all of that is that this wiki considers the Action Force comic's unique storylines to be a separate continuity from G. Joe and the Marvel US Generation 1 comics.

It is only in continuity with the Marvel UK Generation 1 comics, and even then probably to a limited degree. The second issue of the story, which was the first part under the Action Force title, featured Flint leading a team of Action Force soldiers into the sewers in search of the "monster".

G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #194

But what they found first was the Protectobot Blades , whom they mistook for the hostile robot they were searching for. Explosions and misunderstandings ensued, but when Megatron actually appeared, allegiances were quickly sorted out.

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Through three more Action Force issues, the battle escalated above ground, where Grimlock , Centurion , and more Action Force operatives joined the fray. It ended with an airstrike on a natural-gas storage facility that sent the flame-engulfed Megatron and Centurion into the River Thames. This plotline was very much in continuity with the UK Generation 1 comic, and its conclusion would have consequences later in that series. However, the other Action Force stories never made reference to it, and in fact one earlier issue featured an ad for the Transformers comic Joe reprints became the book's backup strip.

G.I. JOE: A Real American Hero Intros 1983-1987

Not long after, another comic called Action Force Monthly started up, featuring new stories, reprints of old UK-originated Action Force stories, and even reprints of the Generation 1 UK crossover in issues This book was published in the US as G. European Missions , though within the stories the term "Action Force" was always used.

A promotional comic, reprinted in of the UK Generation 1 comic, had representatives from the American G.

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  5. Joe the Action Force" to better fight the global Cobras. Unfortunately this strip made no sense with any established continuity, but the comic quickly returned to G. Joe reprints, and the only real change from then on was that the stories were branded "G.