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Eigentlich geht das nur, wenn Saudi-Arabien und Iran akzeptieren, dass die jeweils andere Kraft auch Hegemonialmacht ist.

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Und die Rolle der USA kommt zu kurz. In fact, I was going to call this particular article the hidden war until I realised while doing research that roughly half the articles I read about it were called just that! The most important thing to note is that Yemen is facing a humanitarian disaster of epic proportions and not much is being done to stop it.

A brief study of Realpolitik and the sphere of influence will show us Yemen is being neglected. Sadly this is far from the first time Yemen has faced internal demons that threaten to tear it apart. When compared to the prosperity of other oil-rich countries on the Arabian peninsula, Yemen lags decades behind. So how much longer is this going to go on? As long as weapons are provided, men will fight. As long as blockades are enforced, civilians will die. As long as silence is maintained, the quiet war will rage — by Martin Vengadesan.

The war in Yemen and the possible political alternatives to solve it will be the main topic during the debates of the next regular summit of the Gulf Cooperation Council GCC , to be held in December in Bahrain, diplomatic sources announced today.

Obama claims he 'didn't have scandals' during his presidency

Analysts drew that conclusion by assessing the statement of the st session of the Council of Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the member countries, which included a meeting with their Yemeni counterpart, Abdulmalik Al-Mekhlafi. In this regard, they reaffirmed their support to the legitimacy in Yemen, alluding to the government of President Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi, exiled in Riyadh since he was expelled from Sanaa in September, after the Shi'ite uprising.

The preparatory meeting for the Manama summit endorsed the position of the Hadi government: Jabbari said that this issue can only be resolved 'through the ballot box and popular will', and then recalled that the head of state of his country is living in exile in Saudi Arabia due to that uprising. According to diplomatic sources, it is expected that the GCC leaders will endorse that position and defend the implementation of UN Security Council resolution , the so-called Gulf Initiative. This way they will completely reject Cheikh Ahmed's initiative and will demand from the insurgents to return the state institutions in their power, lay down their weapons and show respect for the will of the Yemeni people, who chose Hadi in the elections, Jabbari said.

Iona has lived in Yemen for many years and watched the country descend into war. A double tap strike is when a bomb is droped on a location, followed by another bomb in exactly the same location some minutes later. The second strike targets emergency services and civilians who rush to help. Just see for yourself: All signs of life are eliminated.

Yemen Peace before all! This is how the US media generally talks about savage dictators upon death who were US allies htt http: The worst cases of fake news don't come from fringe outlets but from mainstream ones when pundits line up offering the same misinformation. Comment by Shireen Al-Adeimi: Prophet Shuaib Mosque in Sanaa is a historic site that was bombed by coalition photos.

Millions of people in Yemen continue to flee the fighting between rebels and government forces of President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi. But as winter draws in, many are forced to build shelters from rubbish. To date, suspected cholera cases have been reported, of which have tested positive for Vibrio cholerae in 14 governorates photo. Spiralling crisis has caused alarming malnutrition levels among children in Daha'adh camp in Khamir in Amran goveronerate.

Ein Schweizer Biologe versucht zu helfen. Jemen stehe kurz vor dem Kollaps, sagt die UNO. Besonders gross ist das Problem mit verschmutzen Trinkwasser. Die eigentliche Infrastruktur ist komplett zusammengebrochen. Die Wasserversorgung erfolgt inzwischen mit Tanklastwagen. Es ist absolut notwendig, dass das Wasser desinfiziert wird. Escalating conflict since March has created a vast protection crisis in which millions face risks to their safety and basic rights, and are struggling to survive. We all know that women give anything they receive to their male guardians.

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In such situations, women tend to be designated a more vulnerable group than men. There is however a danger in only portraying women as helpless victims during emergency situations. Continuously treating them as passive recipients of aid over a long period of time will increase their dependency — and hence their vulnerability. While it is clearly important to continue delivering aid to women in need, it is crucial to treat them as partners — not just victims — and to consider their agency and capacity for action.

Women should be a part of humanitarian response in terms of what they can contribute, as well as in terms of vulnerability. Giving some focus to gender mainstreaming during emergencies is not as irrelevant as many people would think. Gender justice prepares the way for moving from immediate emergency relief to long-term development, and provides us with the tools to improve humanitarian assistance — by Ghaidaa Motahar. Distribution of jackets continues in Yemen but the numbers of people in need exceed what Yemeni can do. Read the story, google translate.

It's the voices from the ground we are sharing. Remember you cannot send packages to Yemen: We think that we all should care about the Yemen' photos. Oxfam pleads for peace in Yemen as civil war prompts fears of famine in 'perfect storm of suffering'. The charity focused on a port - crucial for the supply of aid - which has become a bloodsoaked battleground in the civil war. Families struggling to survive devastating airstrikes in Yemen are facing starvation, aid charities warned yesterday.

United Nations auditors revealed the number of merchant ships taking vital loads to the country, ravaged by a month civil war, has fallen by half in just two months. The dramatic reduction in shipping last month means fuel and food imports are a fraction of what the country needs to survive, prompting fears of widespread famine. Ministers have been accused of ignoring evidence that fighter planes and bombs sold to Saudi Arabia by Britain have been used against civilians.

Eight million people in the country are already suffering from malnutrition and more than 20million are short of food, amid claims that Saudi planes are deliberately targeting farms to starve rebel-held areas. They have also blitzed docks at the major Red Sea port of Hodeida while imposing more red tape and bureaucracy to deter new shipments and delay the departure of ships already there. The UN found only 81, tons of fuel reached Yemen in October compared with , tons in January. Experts believe the country needs , tons a month.

Aid charities fear grain importation companies are giving up on Yemen because of the logistical and financial difficulties. Banking — along with other vital public services such as health care — has collapsed and import firms cannot reach their money. Meanwhile, some public sector workers have not been paid for months. If the importation of grain and other basics is halted, the consequences could not be clearer or more worrying.

The country is enduring a perfect storm of suffering. Around 10, people have already died in the conflict, including at least civilians.

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Three million more have fled their homes. Both sides have been accused of war crimes but Oxfam believe the UK Government have a moral duty to help forge peace after selling arms to Saudi Arabia that were later used in alleged war crimes against civilians — by Mark Aitken. Winter is coming across parts of Yemen. To prepare for a dip in temperatures our winter assistance is being delivered to assist k people photo. They say Riyadh's blockade on Yemen has left hospitals and medical facilities understaffed and without enough medicine to deal with the health crisis. BEYEN: Books

An extremely superficial article. Mona Relief has stepped in to pay for Mr- Al Kibsi's wife's surgery, arrangements are already being made by Fatikr to make it happen asap! A representative of the ERC said the project, built in the village of Al Aiq, entailed the procurement and installation of solar-powered water pumps to transport water from an existing well to a water tank that supplies fresh water to the residents. As of 24 November , cases of cholera have been confirmed in 31 districts with 8 cases of deaths from cholera.

Jemenkrieg-Mosaik 234 - Yemen War Mosaic 234

During the week 18 to 24 November 13 new confirmed cases and 1, suspected cases were reported. Powerful and brilliant efforts in the textbook printing presses where nearly five million textbooks for thousand students in the fourth, fifth and sixth grades in all the provinces of Yemen. UNICEF, with the support of the German government, provided the papers and inks with the expenses covered Batch printing presses for the resumption of work after a break by the economic and financial crisis in the country.

Julien Harneis visited the presses today to follow up the progress of work photos. Health authorities in Yemen confirmed a cholera outbreak on 6 October , posing an increased health risk to the population especially children. As of 30 October , a total of suspected cases of cholera, including 45 associated deaths have been reported. As a result, government services have slowed or come to a complete stop. Yemen's Houthi Ansarullah movement has accused the US, which has recently put forward a peace plan for the war-torn country, of leading the ongoing aggression against Yemen along with Saudi Arabia.

Ansarullah spokesman Mohammad Abdulsalam highlighted the negative role of Washington in the war on Yemen, saying the US is among the states that are involved in the aggression against the impoverished country rather than a mediator between the Yemeni forces and the Riyadh regime. He further pointed to Washington-Riyadh relations and warned that the US is blackmailing Saudi Arabia and this practice will intensify in the future. The aggression was started in a bid to overcome the will of the Yemeni people, he added. Elsewhere in his comments, the Ansarullah spokesman said that the movement had lost nothing by agreeing to the peace deal and will not negotiate with anybody before the first phase of the accord takes effect.

Saleh Ali al-Sammad made the remarks in a Facebook post on Saturday, saying, sooner or later, Yemen will defeat all those who violate its sovereignty under whatever pretext. Sammad was referring to the controversially close alliance between Riyadh and Washington, which has seen the latter generously arming the former during its unbridled bombing of Yemen and even lending advisory support to the bombardment. Fidel Castro war am November im Alter von 90 Jahren in Havanna gestorben.

Der Leader der kubanischen Revolution soll am 4. Dezember in der Stadt Santiago de Cuba beerdigt werden. Yemen's powerful ex-president Ali Abdullah Saleh, a key ally of the country's dominant Houthi movement, has asked the United Nations Security Council to allow him to travel to Cuba to pay respects to former president Fidel Castro, according to a statement by his party. The request by Saleh, who was toppled by mass protests in , would need to be accepted by the member U.

Security Council Yemen sanctions committee which makes decisions by consensus. Protests continue condemning the war crimes committed in Hodeidah governorate recently in the districts of Zabid, Qati and Al Marawah.

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Yemenis organized two different protests today calling for a general mobilization to confront the US-backed Saudi coalition. Today in the downtown, capital Sanaa photos. Local residents said that the Houthi militants and Saleh forces launched on Saturday a military campaign in Jibla district of Ibb governorate, central Yemen, and abducted four civilians. The sources told Almasdaronline that the Houthi militants attacked Bood village in Rabadi area in order to arrest opponents to them.

The sources pointed out that among the detainees was a year old child named Majeed Wazi' Abdul Hameed, who was kidnapped by the Houthis without giving any reasons. Two pro-Houthi gunmen were killed and another one injured by an unknown gunman on Friday in Ibb city, central of Yemen. According to the Almasdaronline reporter, a gunman opened the fire on the security guards of Ashraf al Salahi, a pro-Houthi Shiekh, killing two members and injuring another one seriously. Since then, they have pushed the national government into exile and set off a new Middle Eastern war in which they are in the cross hairs of an intensive bombardment campaign by Saudi Arabia and a coalition of Arab countries.

Now they are struggling to govern in the middle of a war that has ground to a destructive stalemate. The Houthi movement — a strong fighting force but gave it few skilled politicians, intellectuals or technocrats — a weakness glaringly apparent during a recent visit by New York Times journalists in Sana. In describing their goals, they spouted beliefs that often clashed with their behavior.

When the internationally recognized Yemeni government of President Abdu Rabbu Mansour Hadi fled Sana, much of the state bureaucracy remained. Since then, the Houthis have worked with followers of Mr. Saleh, the former president. In many cases, the Houthis have installed their loyalists as overseers, giving militants with few qualifications authority over civil servants with significant experience.

Some Yemenis who have been living under Houthi rule said the Saudi intervention had unified diverse forces against a common enemy — by Ben Hubbard. The problem with war is that all Sides lose so much. Then because of their loses they can't negotiate a peace with compromise - they need to show they have won.

And winning is elusive. So war goes on. A protest is called for by public servants demanding their salaries to feed their children- Sunday at formerly Sanaams change square. So sad and another man made disaster - Al Humam the competent manager of Yemen Central Bank sacked and the bank moved, and since then no salaries and Yemen's crisis becoming increased many times over. Police and popular committees confiscated explosive materials in al-Jiraf district north of the capital Sanaa, a security official told Saba on Saturday.

A local source told Almasdaronline that the people of the Al Radhmar district have found a dead body of a young man of Jaraf Kalan village, adding that he was killed in mysterious circumstances and amid security chaos witnessed in Ibb governorate. During the demonstration, people and notables of Al Sabeen district stressed on the importance of taking revenge for the innocent lives killed by the Saudi regime and its criminal allies, confirming their duty of supplying battlefronts with men and money.

Moreover, a statement has been issued by Al Sabeen demonstration and marching indicating that they will prepare and train several fighters to join various fronts until victory is achieved. The Governor of the northwestern Aljawf governorate, Maj. Ameen Al Okaimi, instructed on Monday the security and military checkpoints to hold the gas tankers of the Yemen Petroleum Company in Mareb at the entrances of Aljawf. A source in the Governor's Office stated to Almasdaronline that the instructions to hold these tankers was because YPC has been dealing with the black market dealers, which helps in creating crisis in the oil and gas.

The source pointed that Aljawf local authorities have earlier asked YPC to stop dealing with the black market dealers, but the company did not respond. According to sources, the gunmen seized four points towards the military Al abor region, where battles continue and have been killed and wounded a large number from the two parties. The gunmen captivate a number of mercenaries , and allowed three of them to appear in a video and sent a message through them to the fugitive Hadi to negotiate with the Al Sair and implementation of their demands as a condition for their release.

Clashes in Aden, burning of tires, protests.. I guess residents happy to see exiled president in his self declared temporary capital. Iranian vessel Jehan1 disappear from Aden port. This is a welcome drink to Hadi. Mr legitimate president, Who really control Aden? An Iranian vessel had landed at Aden? Yemen's President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi arrived in the southern city of Aden on Saturday from Saudi Arabia to address civilian grievances including complaints about deteriorating services and delays in paying salaries, army and security sources said.

Compare so similar earlier visits as http: He has apparently been more popular in the south since moving the bank there - although it has impoverished people all over Yemen - but some southerners think the division of the bank will make it more likely that Yemen will end as two different countries.

Yemeni President Abdu Rabbo Mansur Hadi flew into Aden on Saturday coming from his base in the Saudi capital, Riyadh on a visit that would last a few days, according to an official at the Yemeni presidency. Hadi is accompanied by a host of senior officials in his administration. AFP reported that Hadi is expected to stay for a few days in the southern port city, which is still prey to frequent unrest — 18 months after his loyalists drove out Iran-backed rebels with the support of a Saudi-led coalition. Hadi is set to meet with national, social and local security and military officials in Aden and its neighboring governorates.

The president would also inspect the situation in the governorate and work on solving several service-related issues at different living and security levels, according to the official Yemeni news agency SABA. Remember Hadi is always the first one to leave. He left Yemen and let down his own people. Now he is back to 'tackle problems'. We have yet to witness someone who has disappointed a nation as much as him. Yemen president Hadi is probably the first president in history who pays an "official visit" to his own country. Comment by Hisham Al-Omeisy: The temporary president Hadi landed in temporary capital Aden for a temporary stay of one week..

Comment by Hussam Al-Sanabani: Wow, What a legitimate president? After recieving citizen reports, Aden Security Forces arrest six terrorists who attempted to assassinate a lawyer in Mansoura, Aden. The security forces tracked the AQAP militants who attacked a security checkpoint in Ras Huwayrah area, km northwest of Ghayl Bawazir district, the previous day. Security belt forces raided a home in Jaar Town, Abyan used by AQAP arresting two militants and seizing large amounts of weapons and explosives.

Due to budget deficit, Saudi stoped Hadi mercenaries subsidization. Western diplomatic sources said that U. Special Envoy to Yemen Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed has informed the ambassadors of the 18 countries, which have pledged support to a Gulf-sponsored initiative for Yemen, of his latest efforts to end the ongoing war in Yemen. They added that the envoy would meet with Hadi and would then visit Muscat to discuss the details of the roadmap with the Houthi delegation.

The sources noted that the G18 ambassadors have stressed their full support to the efforts deployed by the U. The negotiator, who spoke to Anadolu Agency on condition of anonymity due to restrictions on speaking to media, said the 18 diplomats included ambassadors from permanent UN Security Council member states, the Gulf States, and Italy and Turkey, among others. The meetings addressed security arrangements, ceasefire and activating the work of the De-escalation and Coordination Committee.

Ould Cheikh voiced the importance of preparing for a new round of talks, adding that he will head on Sunday to Riyadh then to Kuwait to discuss holding another round. Ould Cheikh added that the next round of negotiations must be short and must not exceed a week or ten days to sign a final agreement. The Yemeni government had been reluctant to accept the roadmap but it finally accepted it with reservations.

This simply will not work — and they can try a times more — as long as the totally one-sides UN SC resolution is the base of all efforts and as long the US and the West still back Saudi Arabia. The UN envoy for Yemen has announced a new bid for peace talks between the former government and Houthis, after the latest ceasefire failed to end the month conflict. The UN envoy said he found "a lot of seriousness" in talks with representatives of the Houthis from the party of former president Ali Abdullah Saleh. The UN envoy for Yemen has expressed hope for reviving peace talks to end the month conflict in the country.

Cheikh said he saw a lot of seriousness in the Yemeni sides. The envoy added that he will later hold talks with officials in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait to prepare for a new round of peace talks. Joe Lauria, Independent Journalist and Author. A view of who should take part in the peace talks representatives of ALL Yemeni fighting units and how to make peace talks inclusive, meaningful and fair to all. Das hat der iranische Generalstabschef bei einer Sitzung von hochrangigen Marinekommandeuren gesagt.

Irans Konflikte sollen fernab von der Heimat im Ausland ausgefochten werden. Iran may seek to set up naval bases in Yemen or Syria in the future, the chief of staff of the Iranian armed forces said in remarks published on Sunday. His comments, likely to be of concern to Shi'ite Iran's Sunni regional rival Saudi Arabia and its allies, raised the prospect of distant footholds perhaps being more valuable militarily to Tehran than nuclear technology.

I say it is worth dozens of times more," added Baqeri, who was speaking at a gathering of naval commanders. In a rare rebuke for Iran, a Houthi official on Sunday criticized Baqeri's comments and urged Tehran to read about the history of failed attempts to occupy Yemen. The Saudi centers in Riyadh and Jeddah include psychological counseling and religious clerics on hand to clarify ideology.

Those enrolled are supposed to be reintegrated into society through activities like swimming, ping-pong, and art therapy. An al Qaeda operative told a parole board at Guantanamo Bay that a Saudi reform program for terrorists is actually a front for recruiting jihadists, according to declassified documents. Ghassan Abdullah al-Sharbi said the program at the Prince Mohammed bin Naif Counseling and Care Center, which was thought to have played a key role in Saudi Arabia's counter-terrorism strategy, is not what it appears to be.

Dozens of Guantanamo detainees, including Osama bin Laden's former bodyguard, have been sent through to the program as a condition of their release as President Obama hopes to close the prison before he leaves office. The center, which includes activities like swimming, ping-pong, and art therapy, has been compared to a holiday resort, and those who complete the step program are rewarded with young brides and new cars, the New York Post reported. According to the Post, Saudi detainees have been sent to the rehab centers in Riyadh and Jeddah.

The facilities are meant to help former jihadists integrate into society, with psychologists on hand to determine problematic social factors while religious officials are there to clarify ideologies, the New York Times reported. Those who are sent to the center also have access to a PlayStation, gourmet meals, and private apartments for conjugal visits, the Post reported.

But Al-Sharbi told the parole board: He explained that Riyadh is actively recruiting and training fighters to battle Iranian elements in neighboring Yemen and Syria. Saudi views Shiite-controlled Iran as a regional threat to its security. Go fight in Syria. A growing body of evidence backs up his claims. Saudi monarchy court sentences former extremist to 5years after converting to Shia Islam in prison.

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Any day now, our Saudi Arabian allies may behead and crucify a young man named Ali al-Nimr. His appeals following his court sentence for this grisly execution have been exhausted, so guards may lead Nimr to a public square and hack off his head with a sword as onlookers jeer. Then, following Saudi protocol for crucifixion, they would hang his body as a warning to others.

He was arrested at age 17 for participating in anti-government protests. The government has said he attacked police officers and rioted, but the only known evidence is a confession apparently extracted under torture that left him a bloody mess. Nimr was recently moved to solitary confinement in preparation for execution.

Saudi Arabia, said it made a major advancement in its POWERS technology that will simulate oil migration problems in the Kingdom in a fraction of the time it once took and help discover new oil and gas fields. It is the next evolutionary step for the company's parallel oil, gas and water enhanced reservoir simulator POWERS technology that advanced from mega-cell to giga-cell GigaPOWERS achieved in and now to tera-cell simulation capability this year. Since the giant reservoirs of Saudi Arabia are among the biggest in the world, the company requires extremely powerful modelling and simulation capability to understand the mysteries of the underground.

Prince Mohammed has been encouraging people to take part in leisure activities by promoting amusement parks, games and anime, and he is hoping to tap into Japan's expertise in the business of fun. Cabinet ministers of the two countries met on Oct. It was the first of five meetings scheduled to delve into details of the deal. Included at the Saudi's request is anime and games, areas that Riyadh is asking Japan to help train professionals in these forms of entertainment, such as mentoring producers.

Bombing Yemen and promoting fun business. Might be, for him personally both is the same. What about dresses; and remember women are not allowed to drive cars or bicycles. A Saudi Arabian court has sentenced two women to 20 lashes each after they apparently used bad language on Whatsapp. The pair, who were involved in an argument, were also sentenced to ten days in prison, according to Arabic newspaper Al Watan.

The report further said the new batch is apparently linked to the US troops already deployed to al-Anad Airbase and other Yemeni areas, adding that the deployment is aimed at reinforcing the US forces claiming to be fighting al-Qaeda terrorists. The TV report added the development reveals the true intention of the US-backed Saudi aggression against Yemen, which is to gain dominance over the Arabian Peninsula state and loot its wealth. The deployment of US troops to Yemen, the report said, shows Washington is pursuing its own interests in the war-torn country and seeks to expand its military presence there with film.

It is not a particularly gripping title - "Spring Cleaning: It is all too easy. And it is facilitated by professionals who set up shell companies run out of overseas territories such as the British Virgin Islands to launder the booty; by banks and lawyers who do not ask enough questions; by estate agents who look the other way while selling top-end London properties. The skills, knowledge and abilities of professionals in the financial and legal sectors allow highly complex structures to be created that move and store large amounts of criminal money and conceal ownership effectively.

And the sums involved are truly eye-watering. Much of it is coming from the Middle East — by Bill Law. Another aspect of British interests in comforting Saudis and Gulf potentates, and in supporting them when they bomb other countries like Yemen.

Revisiting acupuncture Vol.1.

The company, one of the world's best-known gunmakers, will in future only sell to countries that are democratic and free from corruption and that are members of NATO or NATO members' partners, DPA said, citing company sources. Its HK assault rifle is said to have been used to kill Osama bin Laden and its G36 rifle is standard issue for armies across the globe. However, German restrictions on arms exports to the Middle East have weighed on its business, contributing to a 90 percent collapse in operating earnings last year.

While we expect a whole different world under president Trump, we must also accept that the rules in the Middle East have changed and that we need a strong and stable Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia has never been supportive of fundamentalist acts against Israel; yes, Saudi Arabia does support the Palestinian cause, with a passion, but all of its historical support has been in the form of humanitarian aid, building houses, offering Palestinians jobs in the kingdom — where two million Palestinians work without any restrictions — and even unconditional and open residency permits.

At the same time, on not a single occasion have we heard of Saudi Arabia financially supporting Hamas or even the PLO. What we may conclude from these facts is that Saudi Arabia actually cares for the Palestinians, and at the same time chooses not to disrupt the region — by Edy Cohen.

They could be sent to Syria to fight for Assad, or to Yemen, ensuring that after IS is vanquished regional stability will remain a distant dream. Option three sees them sent abroad to fight in sectarian conflicts in Syria and Yemen, which whilst it may be favourable to Iraqi stability in the short term, would likely have far-reachingconsequence for the rest of the region in the long term — by Gareth Browne.

Kuwait will buy 28 F Super Hornets to replace a fleet of earlier versions of the US fighter jets, a top official said on Monday. Major General Lafi al-Azemi said the deal stipulates the supplier will buy the older Hornet fighter jets back from Kuwait. The announcement was made a day after Israel said it was ordering 17 more US-made F stealth fighter jets to take its fleet to 50 over next few years.

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