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John Abbott Virgil Frye. Robert Bloch Douglas S.

Cramer Company Screen Gems Television. Superstitious bs tv movie maligns black cats!

Some of this was cool, though. An occult shop, mansion, giant ass cat amulet. That was probably spoilers, sorry. If that makes it worth seeking out is entirely up to you.

I could see this being totally missable for some. I have no strong feelings either way. Except about the black cats thing.

Surprised to see that this was written by Robert Bloch, because its supernatural bent and frequent visual references to Cat People seem pulled straight from Harrington's dual fascinations with witchcraft and Old Hollywood. Michael Weldon calls the film "an "okay attempt to recreate a Val Lewton '40s mood.

Gale Sondergaard who had only appeared in one film since because of the Communist scare blacklist is Hester Black, a mysterious shopkeeper. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Tor Books, , pp. Berkley Boulevard, , p. Ballantine Books, , p. The Opener of the Way Pleasant Dreams: Psycho Psycho Bates Motel — Films directed by Curtis Harrington. Retrieved from " https: Pages using infobox television with editor parameter.

Following an order, she goes to her balcony and jumps to her death.

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Hester, now in need of a new sales clerk, hires Rena Carter Meredith Baxter The police arrive at the estate of Dr. Drake after the body of Frank Lucas is discovered there.

The professor has a keen interest in Egyptology. Marco takes Edmonds down into the cellar and tells him it looks as if someone didn't want the mummy identified. Although a chisel was found nearby which is being sent to a lab for fingerprints , there appear to be parallel scratches and claw marks on the outside of the sarcophagus.

Wounds were found on Frank's throat and face leading the professor to wonder if an animal could have inflicted them. Marco tells him that an autopsy will reveal the exact cause of death. On the face of it, the robbery appears to have been the work of a common thief. In addition to the amulet, silverware was taken from the upstairs quarters. The missing mummy, the lieutenant reasons, could simply have disintegrated when exposed to the air.

And yet there is no evidence of that The professor does find something of interest: It was thought that the ancient people who followed Bast practiced human sacrifices in the belief that it would lead to immortality.

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And they had the power to turn into cats The corner's initial report is given to Lt. The wounds found on Frank were made by teeth and claws The two men go in search of pawnshops around the city, hoping to find the stolen artifacts. Their last stop is The Sorcerer's Shop, where Hester confirms that a man tried to sell her the amulet in question.

She describes the piece perfectly.

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The only other person in the store at the time was Sherry Hastings, whose name Lt. Marcos recognizes from a police report about her apparent suicide. Rena is alarmed at the news that her predecessor is dead and drops a statue she's holding, breaking it. She wonders if the amulet could have some kind of curse on it. And besides, Sherry never even saw it. Her boss assures Rena that the amulet is not in the store.

Edmonds is waiting for Rena outside the shop. She seemed so startled about what she heard that he invites her out to dinner.

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During the meal, the professor entertains Rena with his ancient Egyptian stories. Rena, meanwhile, remains mysterious about her past. All Edmonds knows is that she's "from the East and new in town. She claims she doesn't know why she's terrified by the display but it is certainly an odd reaction. The next day, Lt. Marcos makes a return visit to Hester's shop with a couple of mug shots.

Small Screen Shivers: The Cat Creature (1973)

Hester identifies the photo of Joe Sung, whom Marcos describes as a "part-time handyman, full-time wino" who had been hired as a gardener for the Drake estate. There's only one location to find someone like that. Marcos pays a visit to a flophouse - where the hotel clerk John Carradine recognizes the picture and tells the officer that Sung checked in the night before. It's a seedy environment and just the sort of place where a petty criminal would hide out. Sitting on the clerk's desk is Mabel, a sassy dwarf with a fondness for booze The shadow of a cat walks silently through the establishment