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The Power of Fervent Prayers

It means the voluntary abstinence from food. The literal Hebrew translation would be "not to eat. I know people who say they go without television or movies, and they call these "fasting" times. I'm not opposed to that definition of fasting-fasting does imply that we are giving up one thing in order to replace it with something else, and in the Bible sense, specifically to replace it with prayer. But in the main, I believe fasting has to do with our abstaining from food.

Second, biblical fasting is linked with serious seasons of prayer. The more seriously we approach prayer and fasting, the more serious the results we will experience. I sometimes hear people say, "I'm giving up chocolate" and they regard this as a type of fasting. I think this is a rather frivolous approach. The first and foremost purpose of a biblical or spiritual fast is to get a breakthrough on a particular matter that one lifts up to the Lord in prayer. A spiritual fast involves our hearts and the way in which we relate to and trust God.

It relates to discerning and receiving strength to follow through on what God might reveal to us about circumstances in our lives or a direction we are to take. I am not against people fasting in order to lose weight. Many people fast to lose weight or maintain their weight. What I am opposed to is making the losing of weight your primary goal in a season of spiritual fasting and prayer. To have weight loss as a goal makes your fasting a diet plan, not a time of genuine fasting and prayer. If losing weight is your purpose in fasting, you will be missing out on the full reason for fasting, and you likely will be concerned only with what you don't eat rather than with what you are led to pray.

Now there's certainly an issue of food that is associated with many seasons of prayer and fasting, and let me quickly add this: The purpose is not the number of pounds you might lose during a fast, but rather, trusting God to help you regain mastery over food during a fast. Jesus said, "The spirit is. Fasting is a means of bringing the flesh into submission to the Lord so He can strengthen us in our mastery over our own selves. Fasting in the flesh makes us stronger to stand against the temptations of the flesh.

Those temptations very often deal with food. Abstaining from food is often God's way of showing that His desire for us is that we regain mastery over all things associated with our flesh in order to subdue our flesh and elevate our emphasis on spiritual matters. God's promise is to help us as we overcome the flesh and put all carnal temptations into subjection. We are wise to recognize that food was the enticement the devil used to cause Eve and Adam to sin in the Garden of Eden.

John Hagee 2016 - Power Through Prayer

In Genesis 2 the Lord God told Adam and Eve that they could eat freely of every tree in the garden of Eden, "but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: God did not tell Adam and Eve to refrain from touching a particular animal or smelling a particular flower or swimming in a certain stream. He told them to refrain from taking a particular fruit into their bodies-one type of fruit out of all the many types He had made available to them. God had given Adam and Eve authority over all things that He had created-every bird, fish, beast of the field, and over "every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat" Gen.

God did not prohibit Adam and Eve from interacting with any part of God's creation when He commanded them to be fruitful, multiply, replenish the earth, and subdue it-except for this one tree and its fruit. They were not to eat of a particular tree,what God described to them as the "tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Why did God set apart this one tree and its fruit?

Prayer is a very powerful weapon, but how powerful is prayer? - Bible Way Mag

God was giving Adam and Eve free will and the ability to make choices and decisions. Free will isn't really free if a person has no choice. Adam and Eve had a choice to make about this one tree. God told them to abstain from eating from its fruit because He did not want His beloved creation to have a knowledge of evil. He had already given them a full knowledge of everything He called "good. That's true for us today as Christians. God calls us to pursue only what is good. Paul wrote to the Philippians: God desires only good for His children.

He tells us in His Word, "Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good" Rom. Even as God calls us away from evil and toward good,He gives us a choice. So many of the problems we have in our world today are the result of men and women making the wrong choices. They have knowingly and unknowingly chosen what is evil. And the end result is the same for us as it was for Adam and Eve: Let me point out to you two results from the disastrous choice that Adam and Eve made about the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

First, Eve listened to what the devil had to say to her about the fruit itself. The devil diverted her attention from whatever it was that Eve was doing. He called her attention to the tree and its fruit. The Bible tells us the devil came to her in the guise of a beautiful and subtle serpent and said to her, "Hath God said, Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden?

There's no indication that Eve had given much thought to the tree before the devil asked her this question.

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There's no record that she longed for it or had any curiosity about it. She certainly didn't crave it, because she had never tasted it! In many ways, the devil uses this same tactic today. He calls our attention to how beautiful and refreshing certain foods and beverages appear. It's difficult to go through a day without seeing enticing food and beverage commercials on billboards, on television, and in magazines. Foods are presented in the most tempting ways in stores, restaurants, and on menus. The devil says the same thing to us he said to Eve: A woman once said to me, "If there's a piece of pie in my house, it calls out to me.

It says to me, even in the middle of night, 'Eat me. Now I'm certainly not linking the devil to a piece of pie, but I am saying this: The implication of the devil is always: Has God really said you can't have any of this good thing? Never forget that the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil was the knowledge of good and evil. There was an element of good in that fruit, not just evil.

The devil told Eve specifically that the fruit of the tree was "good for food, and that it was pleasant to the eyes" Gen. All Eve had to do was look to see that the fruit was pleasant. I am going to court seeking custody of our three children under the age of ten. May your favor and grace reflect in the best interest of our children. I miss them dearly my dear Lord. For you know the battle I am against and the lies that are being said about me. Wrap your arms around us and keep us safe from evil and Dominic entities. May the best for the children be reflected and put into their favor.

Dear Father, I stand firm with Phyllis and ask that You remove all drug enablers from her sons life. Please surround Micheal with only clean, good, wholesome, God fearing people who positively support him and not seek to drag Michael down. I believe that You dear Jesus, though Your stripes can and will deliver Michael and everyone who is trapped in this living nightmare of addiction.

Lord God, in Your Mercy take away and break the addiction to prescription pills, street drugs Lean, and Alcohol of all souls. I am asking for prayers for my son Michael. He is addicted to the codeine drug that they call Lean. I am asking God to deliver him from this and all drugs. To God be the Glory!!!

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  • Thank you for your prayers and God Bless you all. I come into agreement with all the prayers. When two or more agree that it shall be done in Jesus Christ Holy Name. God is able to do just what he said he will do. I want Lord that my husband become a pastor. Give him the Holy Spirit to guide him all the time.. Thank you so much almighty GOD for guiding us all the time.

    I am so happy to served you with all my heart and with all my soul!!! I received news yesterday Joshua got away from an unethical workplace and is now working and apprenticing to become a mechanic.

    The Strength and Power of Prayer

    My prayer for him has been answered in this respect. Today, I come asking for prayer for a very difficult finance application to go through so I can have a safe car to drive. I know one of the wheels on my car is ready to fall off but I dedicate my car every day to the Lord Jesus Christ. I ask for angels and the blood of Jesus to cover it. Today they are trying to put the application through. I wait quietly on the Lord for a miracle. My car is old and rusting and repairs have been a source of financial loss.

    Thank you I very much. I appreciate all your ministry does. I am not alone. My son has court tomorrow. He is only 20 years old with a kid on the way.

    The Power of Prayer

    Lord, please help us. My daughter is a recovering addict and faced court several years ago. I was so frightened. I put my faith and trust in our Lord, understanding that it was her path to travel, whatever path was presented to her. The Lord blessed her with a second chance and she has been utilizing that chance ever since.

    The lord is with you.

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    • One day, when I was deeply concerned about the welfare of one close to me, I found encouragement in part of the Old Testament story of Samuel, a wise leader of the Israelites. After repenting of their sins, they heard that the Philistines were about to attack. This time, however, they asked Samuel to continue praying for them 7: Though the Philistines may have been mightier than the Israelites, the Lord was the strongest of them all. Father, strengthen my faith, that I will always believe in Your goodness and love.

      But we should never underestimate the power of prayer, for our loving God hears our pleas. Father God, the way You hear and answer my prayers amazes me. Strengthen my faith, that I will always believe in Your goodness and love. Share your prayer request or pray for others at YourDailyBread.