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He also got himself involved in a lot of adventures -- some of them rather dangerous like running with bulls while he was in Spain. Shepard describes himself as a man who takes risks and I would say that he does take some really big ones. The risks he takes to make his books full of such great stories which excite readers no end. In his book, Adam tries to push young individuals to try their best to travel the world.

And after reading the book One Year Lived, I am sure that a lot of those people will be more than running to get their travel documents in order. One Year Lived is a great read. Jul 12, Misty Rios rated it liked it. When I first saw Adam W. Shepard's One Year Lived I thought it was probably a story about some poor ill-stricken guy who was given a year to live and made the most of it.

I guess that's why they tell you not to judge a book by its cover! So yeah, I was wrong. Its actually about a young man who saves his money to travel to various destinations around the world and through his experiences he develops a new perspective of his country and of others. Adam Shepard's writing style is basically as if he were recalling all of these events to his best friend.

He has a great sense of humor which he adds to the majority of the situations he describes. I really enjoyed this style at first, and I remember thinking of how clever and entertaining it was because it made you feel like he was sitting there next to you telling you everything he went through. About halfway through the book I got tired of it. I started to feel like Adam was that one annoying friend that goes on and on about his amazing trip around the world and how he went bungee jumping in Slovakia, mustered cattle in Australia, and fought with 3 bulls in Nicaragua.

I wanted to tell him to just shut up already! Regardless, since I cannot leave a book unfinished, I managed to read it to the end but it took 2 weeks and much procrastination. I will admit that I did learn a lot from it. It was interesting to read about the different cultures and how they survived. Yes, it did make me want to travel as well I would only recommend this book if you are thinking about traveling and need that extra boost to get you going.

Jan 23, Sherlene rated it it was ok Shelves: I had ready "Scratch Beginnings" Adam Shepard's 1st book and loved it. So when I went looking for travel books on adventure and saw he had written another one about the precise thing we are planning to do, I was excited. I listen on Audible.

I didn't sense this same attitude in his first book. While it's true, he does acknowledge a couple instances of hi I had ready "Scratch Beginnings" Adam Shepard's 1st book and loved it. While it's true, he does acknowledge a couple instances of his stupidity with a couple personal relationships, I'm talking about the style of writing.

I'm sure there are some that will enjoy this book. It wasn't for me and I didn't make it past the tickets he gave away. It may have something to do with the fact I paid good money for the audio version. Dec 11, Nathan rated it liked it Shelves: I enjoyed many parts of this book and would have given it more stars except for all of the randomness and tangents that at times just confused to story instead of adding to it.

The politics and history lessons were not needed and, in my opinion, detracted from the concept of the book. I was going to give it two stars and was looking forward to it just ending when it started coming back together and he redeemed himself with the ending. Very much enjoyed the section on Slovakia a Mixed feelings Very much enjoyed the section on Slovakia and everything he wrote about Ivana, I hope things work out for them.

May 01, Pat AZ Realtor rated it liked it.

One Year Lived by Adam Shepard

And what a 'one year' it was. He went to places off the beaten path. He did things most of us wouldn't do. He met people most of us wouldn't have. And he'll be able to tell some great stories for the rest of his life. It's not a long read, it's an easy read and one that you can do on your next get way.

One Year Lived: Adam Shepard's Yearlong Journey Around the World to Fulfill his Bucket List

I just love reading travel books when the traveler lets go of the safety rope. Dare to live a wonderful life. Apr 22, Karen rated it really liked it. Thoroughly enjoyed this story of one guy living everyone's dream. To travel the world for a year. I thought the book was a great read. He keeps things interesting, tells a great story, and had some amazing adventures. In fact, this book inspired me so much that I'm now looking into volunteering in Honduras with Honduras Child Alliance.

The book isn't perfect, of course, but it's definitely one not to miss! Apr 20, WiLoveBooks rated it it was amazing Shelves: This is a series of essays that give us the story of his trip, musings from his life that relate to his travels, lessons he learned, and some history of the places he visited. He is quick to point out his own shortcomings and poke fun at himself. It is all done with humor, in a style that is very readable. I very much enjoyed this. Had me contemplating my own travels and making me want to plan more.

I highly recommend this book, even if you're normally a fiction reader. Aug 18, Jared Murphy rated it it was amazing. I won't go so far as saying that this book changed my life, but it has led me to change my plans for a trip I am planning and that says a lot. Definitely recommend this book to those who love to travel and want to do something with their life.

The book reads easily and will hold your attention with some great stories and compelling observations on life.

One Year // What is Your Legacy? // (Life Lived)

This ultimately worked in my favor, because an audience—high school and college students—emerged who was attracted to my facile writing style. After I got the first offer to speak to a college for an hour for about 6 times what I was making in a week, I dropped everything and started to strategize how I could more effectively target the school market.

If you do it right, the process of self-publishing is a brutal one, and not something I recommend for everyone. The story of my first book is the story of rejection. I got rejected all the way up to number 11, and Andrea Peyser, at the New York Post, said she would love to write the article. And that article opened a floodgate of national media. Interestingly, though, as I approached agents at that point, all 70 rejected me.

One Year Lived

Even with all of my forthcoming media. I was having lunch with my boy Dave, and his golfing buddy Steve was with us. I gave him a couple of books and he passed one along to his neighbor. His neighbor knew Shelly, who was a music agent in New York. And Shelly knew Dan, who is presently my agent. So, I kind of fed through the system there after getting rejected by so many other agents.

And then Dan did a number of great things with the book: One Year Lived is the account of the year I spent traveling abroad. Just a wonderful, wonderful year. I was inspired to live the experience in high school when I read an essay in one of those too many! Chicken Soup for the Soul books. This guy had made a to-do list of his own, and then actually spent his life doing them.

I thought that was pretty neat. As for the book, I was inspired to write it after living through some crazy times.

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This book was definitely much more difficult to write than my first book. My first book was easy to write: The publication of this book is a way different experience. Adjusting back to the States was super easy, but I knew that was going to happen. When I left to take the trip, I knew I would be back; and when you have that attitude, you miss everything a little less. I love the life of being on the road. Enjoying all the world has to offer outside of his typical middle class, American life.

Making a difference, experiencing different cultures, and creating moments and memories that he'll reflect on at 70, sitting in his recliner, grandchildren at his feet. Honestly, reading the book made me a little jealous that he had the nerve to do what so many of us dream about doing well, something I dream of doing. None of his adventures came without sacrifice, of course—money, career opportunities, moments with family and friends—but he made the jump both figuratively and literally.

You'll have to read the book to find out what I'm alluding to. He saved the money, said goodbye to his regular life and set out on an expedition that most of us plan on paper but postpone until it's too late. It's hard not to admire that kind of audacity, especially when you consider the fact that he did it alone side note: I could never do something like this alone. I'm too shy and awkward. But his nerve and ability to chase his dream and complete the list he made in college are not what I liked most about the book.

What hooked me is Adam's ability to tell a story. Reading his book was like sitting down and listening to a friend regale tales from his recent vacation I half expected a slide show. And the stories are not bragging; in fact, it's just the opposite. Adam does a phenomenal job of weaving personal tales of failure and regret into his summation of his time in each country.

He's smart, funny, and self-deprecating at times which, for me, makes for good, entertaining reading. Not only that, his appreciation and admiration of the different people and cultures he experienced shines through in his descriptions of them. Vivid, detailed, and written with almost no judgment, Adam talks about those he encountered in such a way that you feel like you know them, too.