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Customer care 10am — 6pm, India. These people often exhibit a tendency of being talented organizers. Basically, they want to create and entertain, although they are not too keen to shape up things as they actually want them to be.

Moon in Leo

They often like to boss around people and love to delegate jobs and tasks to others, in which they excel thoroughly. Most often or not, they are popular amongst people due to their dynamic personality and are also sociable. They like people to be around them, so that they can sense their own importance and get to exercise their power through leadership. Although these people are one of the most generous, they hate ingratitude and thus want people to thank them whenever they do a favour or two to anyone. These individuals enjoy their sense of freedom and are protective about it.

The Moon in Leo: What you NEED to feel fulfilled

They have an artistic flair attached to their personality and may be connected to arts in some way or the other or just plainly interested in it. They possess a sense of poise and a natural aura of authority along with pride. Such individuals don't normally exhibit the tendency of taking extreme risks unless they are sure that they are going to succeed.

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They don't like to face defeat publicly as they feel it will depict their personality in a negative sense to others. Would like to know more about yourself or a beloved?

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Get a clear personalised, Birth Chart Analysis — Janampatri — and you will get to know all about your life, various planets in your Horoscope, the opportunities you should not miss and the difficult periods that you should be careful of. Also know about your love, career, education and more. Positive Qualities Individuals with the moon in Leo are popular amongst people and have a dynamic, pleasing personality. They often tend to have a people centric approach and are generous to others. They love to shower favours on others and are very much giving and kind in nature. If you would like your presentation or party to succeed, organize it in Leo's day.


It is advisable to dress smartly and to go somewhere, where there is a lot of people and prevails the festive atmosphere: In those days, people give particular attention to the exterior: So do not be lazy if you want to make a favorable impression. Leo is a fire sign, managed by the sun. Here the moon is visiting the sun, so the person with the moon in Leo will have a revealed subconscious, because the sun makes the disclosure, identifies those features that are most manifest. The sun shows the inner world, so the moon that is "visiting" the sun, reveals our wishes and desires.

A person with the moon in Leo in any situation will perceive those aspects of it, and it will be configured for such a situations, in which he can unleash his inner world. This is the sign of the organizer, and you may have an innate understanding of how to bring an event or opportunity together.

You may a gift for social situations, and instinctively know how to bring the fun and flair into any setting. You have natural executive and leadership qualities that inspire others to follow you.

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When you lead from a place of confidence and fun, others will happily rally around your sunny disposition, wanting to follow you on the road to the next adventure. Your natural sense of fun and joy unites with your desire to do things well. You can encourage people to join forces and commit to a particular outcome, whilst at the same time enjoying the ride.

On another level, this sign is associated with pride.

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You are likely to have an innate pride in yourself and want to do things to the best of your ability. Pride can make you aim high and follow through on your commitments. But when you let this inherent sense of pride take over you, may develop the opinion that you are always right. You may have a tendency to being overly demanding, dismissive or controlling, insisting that you always get your own way. If you try to lead others by thinking only about your own needs or expectations then you will find they rebel.

You will then have trouble balancing your innate need for recognition and approval with the fact that your team have turned their back on you. You must be careful not to let your natural sense of authority and dignity become self-centeredness and domination. This will lead to isolation, and the unhappy experience of not having other persons around you to share your creative ideas and abundant emotional energy. Fierce and pure, I was the theatre of a fairyland restored to life. Moon in Leo needs approval in order to keep the heart fires burning.

You need to find ways to express yourself creatively, be with other people, and take up your natural leadership role.

Natal Moon in Leo

For this to happen, you must ensure you do not isolate anyone through snobbery, or make others subject to your, at times petty, emotional demands. Let Damian Rocks explain how your chart can describe your life journey and the potential you hold within! Please enable the breadcrumb option to use this shortcode! Your Sun, Moon and Rising Signs. Your Moon Sign describes your instinctive and emotional nature.