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I felt so strongly that I had to create an account here and leave a review. I was just so terribly shocked at this coming from one of my "auto buy" authors. Apr 11, Melody marked it as dnf. I abandoned this one a while ago. I tried to read it after I won a copy from a goodreads giveaway. And I think the fact I'd been gifted a free copy kept me reading longer than I normally would. I read pages and thought I could muster my way through, but ultimately couldn't imagine doing another plus pages. I hated the heroine.

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And not even good at her job. I do sometimes like the idea of growing in a relationship and love making you change, bu I abandoned this one a while ago.

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  4. I do sometimes like the idea of growing in a relationship and love making you change, but I had 0 reason to root for this woman. One of my final straws was a scene in which she was pulled over for a traffic violation and she was nothing but rude to the police officer. I think she pulled the "do you know who I am?

    Sometimes I can fight my way through horrible people and plots if I'm at least entertained. While Julia London is not a bad writer, this was not the book for me. I received this book through the Goodreads First Reads Program and in no way shape or form did it dictate how I felt about this book. I actually did not think that I would like this book when I first picked it up. The problem was around page it got pretty boring hence the missing flame. I liked the humor, the characters, and the lessons learned. I will be reading the next Disclaimer: I will be reading the next one in this story!

    I did not like the heroine in this one at all. She was snobby, judgmental, and thoughtless. I never really got why Jake, the hero ever liked her.

    by Julia London

    The first two-thirds of this book are just negative, every character is just hateful and negative. It was a very tough book to get through. Only the last third is decent, but it felt like to took forever to get there. I'll read the next in the series, hopefully it will get better, otherwise, I'll feel like I completely wasted my money. He is cool and good except for his homophic remarks Sep 16, Ronald B. My favorite to date, a great read Julia London is an excellent writer and I particularly enjoyed this book.

    Her characters are so vivid and well developed. She really has human nature down. This book has just the right balance of humor and drama. Robin's journey from "man eating", rich diva to a real caring, loving person was not easy or quick but Jake's love brings her around and his view of social order changed.

    Material Girl: The Fancy Lives of the Lear Sisters, Book 1 (Unabridged)

    I My favorite to date, a great read Julia London is an excellent writer and I particularly enjoyed this book. I will be reading the remainder of the series. Sep 11, Tiffany Snyder rated it liked it. I love Julia London's books but this one didn't do it for me. I just couldn't get invested in it. I truly just didn't care for the main character at all. Even at the end, she wasn't the most likable character. Didn't like the homophobic hero. Not for me at all!!


    Didn't cry like the Homecoming series but this was a great love conquers all. Good I enjoy a story that takes you in a journey. This one was a little more than that. It was one of self realization and finding love worth fighting for. May 07, Janet rated it did not like it Shelves: Was a good story. Liked it and the rest of the series a lot.

    The author actually gave me laugh out loud funny parts! Blah, blah, blah, boring. Jan 12, Zel Polev rated it did not like it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Holy shit, I think this is the most detestable heroine I have read. I have read about awful people but this one is something especially terrible.

    She is arrogant and opinionated. She gives out uneducated opinions on areas where she has no business making but god forbid people dole out the same treatment with her.

    Material Girl

    She is a thirty six year old woman. The bad thing about it is that she doesn't really realize it. You would think that she would actually examine that she is the wrong one. Instead, she jumps to conclusions that people are out to wrong her. I thought she was something especially awful. She possesses a lot of detestable qualities but I think her confidence in herself and not being able to admit she is wrong tops the cake.

    I don't know what Jake is doing with her. I don't know why people think she could do better. Sure she is beautiful and rich, but she is pretty rotten to the core. I hope her change came earlier and she actually does something good with her new perspective, instead, it was crammed in the epilogue.

    Get A Copy

    By then, I already hate her too much especially since she is stringing along Jake, knowing he is in love with her and she can't see the relationship going anywhere. She was entitled and spoiled and it was just all around awful. I thought Jake would see through her act but he fell for her anyways. Father is dying and wants to set his daughters straight. He has awful daughters and calls them out on it.

    Arrogant Robin brushes this off as a by product of the drugs. She continues on her spoiled ways and feels victimized by everything. She gets off on the wrong foot with her hired contractor, who at the sight of tears, feels flustered and does her bidding. They flirt with each other and end up together.

    Material Girl: The Fancy Lives of the Lear Sisters, Book 1 (Unabridged) by Julia London on iTunes

    He gets subjected to her snobby friends and she defends her friends. She gets an ultimatum from her father that she will be cut off. She runs away with Jake anyways. She is cut off but continues her spendthrift ways. They try to work out their relationship by going on a trip.

    She bails on that and he finally throws in the towel. She goes on the trip and is finally exposed to the douchebag ex true colours. She goes back to him. Cole has been in an accident. She rushes to his side and says that she chooses him. He makes it a long term relationship. There is a blatant device to make her likable in that she relates to the teenager. Too late, she has been thoroughly characterized as an oblivious snob. She isn't self-aware at all and thinks she deserves everything without working at it.

    There are many instances where she shows how despicable she is, here are the ones that stood out to me -despite knowing that he is taking care of his nephew, working a lot, and studying, she felt free to pressure him to come to her business trip. She is just so inconsiderate -she leads him on despite knowing there is no future to their relationship, she skirts the issue whenever it comes up despite knowing that he loves her. The least you could do is inform the other person. She has this superiority complex going on that she knows best. Her hypocrisy knows no bounds. I would have been fine with her had she shown any merit to back up her self-worth.

    I saw none of that and it infuriates me that I stuck to the end. Nov 03, Istiningdyah rated it liked it Shelves: Material Girl is the first book in Lear Family Trilogy. The series is about a wealthy family, namely Lear, who owns a big transport company in Texas. Aaron Lear, the head family, is diagnosed with cancer. In his dying condition, he determines to prepare his three daughters for the worst.

    Material Girl focuses on the first daughter, Robin. She found out that Aaron only used her to look pretty. Aaron then forced her to learn more about the business by removing her from the mighty job position. There, she met a creepy man whom she ended up having arguments with. That man actually is Jack Manning, the man who she hired to renovate her house.

    Things got more complicated from there. Julia London is a famous romance author. This is my first and I had no expectations. Still, I did enjoy reading this book. But if you have, you can tell me about it in the comment section. Anyway, the characters are likeable. I had a hard time with Robin at first. She was so arrogant that I just want to slap her. But God, she was so annoying. She kept on getting trouble because of that. Yet, she never learned. At least until she met Jake.

    While Jake is just adorable. He does have insecurities over money, but still understandable. As I read more and learn more about Lear family and Jake, I started to enjoy it. It was actually a fun read. That would be because this book is the first in the trilogy. Material Girl is a nice read for contemporary romance lovers. Dec 18, Cindy rated it liked it Shelves: Buku pertama saya dari Julia London yang non HR. Idenya sih gak unik unik banget ya. Tipe heroine bitchy yang super duper kaya raya manja dan gak bisa megang bisnis warisan keluarga, yang sebenernya gak 'bitchy' gak manja dll lah Ketemu hero cowok yang mandiri lempeng dan oh so hot Jadi ceritanya itu diawali dengan Ayah Robin Lear yang ternyata kena tumor otak dan sedah sekarat.

    Dia punya bisnis pengiriman barang yang super sukses. Mulai dari nol dan membangun usahanya s 2,5 bintang Mulai dari nol dan membangun usahanya sama istrinya yang ngasih semangat dia abis abisa, sayang cerai, duh Lear ini punya 3 putri, depannya R semua, yang inget Robin doang xixiix, yah tapi ketiganya gak ada yang bener idupnya, menggantungkan diri sama ayahnya yang kaya. Si Robin ini yang paring keras kepala, dia tipe pemberontak yang frontal abis. Ayahnya pingin didik dia dengan nurunin jabatan dia jadi bawahan mantan dia dulu yang saya lupa namanya xixixixi.

    Jadi deh si Robin kalang kabut. Semntar itu di Jack, si kontraktor yang mau renovasi rumah Robin mulai deh curi curi pandang dan heran campur kagum sama Robin. Mulanya napsong karena boddynya yang aduh hai, tapi sejak kata pertama yang keluar dari mulut Robin isinya mereka saling ejek ejekan melulu, lucu sih Sudah deh, Robin balik ke kerjaanya jadi bawahan mantanya, gak sadar waktu mabok terus uhuk uhuk sam amantanya, mang saat itu sama Jack belom ada apa apa sih, cuman saling flirting aja.

    Tapi yah apa yah gitu deh Ceritanya banyak twist yang gak boleh di spoiler. Kalo belom biasa sama twist beginian pasti nangis. Suka sama Jack yang dia itu gak mau hubungan tanpa cinta: Kurang kuat dan saya gak bisa mendalami pikiran Jack deh , somehow dia lame banget All of the stories involve life changes for many characters. Read them all in order. The stories are at times witty, maddening, and spicy. The first is Jake's a renovation contractor, uncle, and architecture student and Robin's Texas debutant, clueless business woman, daughter of Aaron Lear story.

    Expect remodeling, a night in jail, a motorcycle date, and a crabby father. Jul 17, Stephanie rated it liked it Shelves: Original post July 17, Blogger purchase copyright Stephanie Takes-Desbiens I picked this up in a two for one credit on Audible. It was an okay story with a well performed narration. And I imagine the difference in economic status, education and opportunity would create a culture clash of sorts.

    Jake finds her shopping excessive — she was rather wasteful Original post July 17, Jake finds her shopping excessive — she was rather wasteful, especially when he and his family have so little. I do see why her parents, her father especially, would be concerned for her not knowing the business. The sexy times are slow to start up — for a while I thought I might have downloaded a religious book, but once they get going they really move and are well-done.

    Having been protected her whole life Robin is wise in some ways and naive in others. She is a little self-important to begin with but then London handily brings about several comeuppances. Jake is really a great guy, but his family seems a little too hangdog, downtrodden, downhearted. I can see where the differences in economic status are highlighted. This gulf is so wide it is hard to imagine they could actually be overcome.

    It was an okay, if somewhat pedestrian, story. I will probably read the rest of the series; especially if I can get them from the library or in another sale. Sep 17, Lia Mcintosh rated it really liked it. I loved this book by Julia London and the real romance she develops between Jake and Robin, as well as the real problems the two must face and overcome in their quest to be together and try for their own happily ever after.

    I am so glad I read this book. It was a contemporary romance that depended on developing real relationships and just right amount of sex to spice up the story. If you want a real, feel good romance this is the book for you. To download from the iTunes Store, get iTunes now. In the first book of The Fancy Lives of the Lear Sisters trilogy, a spoiled socialite discovers the best things in life are worth working for. For socialite Robin Lear, being handcuffed in the back of a police car for a bogus crime is the cherry on top of the worst week ever.

    First, her father announces devastating news. Then, in a fit of tough love, he demotes Robin from her cushy job in the family business and reassigns her to work for an insufferable manager. Now, for the first time in her life, Robin will have to earn her place in the world - and the sexy new contractor renovating her house may be just the man to show her how. Getting involved with a woman like her would be a disaster - yet staying away is proving to be damn near impossible.

    But who knows better than Jake that the best things in life are worth the effort…. Overview Music Video Charts.