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We must be mistaken to have these questions, because everybody else is living according to the same rules. If we would speak out loud our doubts and our true desires, we would just be considered to be insane and an unrealistic dreamer. So we just stick with the system , not realizing that we have been enslaved as our ego mind has been programmed with all kinds of false beliefs.

We do not see that the whole system is a fake matrix based on fear. As long as people are in fear, you can keep them under control and make money with them.

Insurances, pharmaceuticals and fashion are just a couple of examples how a lot of money is made with our fears. And we need to make more and more money to be able to compensate for those fears. We think we have to improve our status. Again and again — to be good enough and earn respect. We need to protect what we have reached and make it even more to be prepared for worse times.

In the third dimension, we are thinking negative thoughts and we are mistrusting everyone and everything. We have the choice to act as saints or demons. That is actually the only choice we have: That is actually the only choice we have on this plane: That is what free-will allows us. As long as we are choosing fear, we are repeating our experiences and patterns until we learn to choose love. That is the beauty of the third dimension. Once we learn to choose love permanently , we come to enlightenment as our frequency raises significantly. We learn to let our heart and soul take over the lead in transforming our ego into a free spirit.

We learn how the universal energies work and how we can create our reality. We understand that we had the steering wheel in front of us all the time. We just did not see it. We learn that there are no victims or perpetrators. There are only teachers that help us grow. We do not have to wait until we die to go into the light. We can do that while being in a human body. The fourth dimension is the dream world.

It is also called the Astral Plane. It is a dimension that is less dense and much more fluid than the third dimension, but still has only one timeline reality , hosts the illusion of duality and the ego and thus fear is able to exist also here. But linear time becomes a lot more fluid here. Imagine it to be a stream of energy hosting all events of one particular timeline — the same timeline that is available in the third dimension.

3D, 4D and 5D – The Dimensions and their Differences

We usually visit this plane naturally during the night. Here, in our dream states, anything is possible. A mouse can be transformed into a lion, we can fly or breathe under water, we can be in many places at the same time and have conversations with the weirdest creatures. We can travel into the past and into the future. Experienced astral travellers are able to access this plane also during the day.

This is the plane that shamans and ancient civilisations travelled to, to find out more and connect to the spiritual realms. These journeys gave them access to the underworld and the upper world.

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Many of them used drugs and special trance ceremonies to get there. Depending on the energetic vibration of people, traveling in the astral plane can be a very loving and exciting or a very scary and fearful experience. Spiritual drugs will never take us above the fourth dimension. Nevertheless, traveling the astral plane can be very insightful to learn more about ourselves, about our purpose and also about our fears as we can get into close exchange with our higher self here.

No matter how far we travel in this dimension, we always stay in this particular timeline. On this plane it is also possible to tap into the collective consciousness and learn more from there.

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The astral realm is a place where light and darkness come into conflict easily. Dark magic has its place here, dreamwalkers for example can influence us on this plane easily when we are still full of fear and have not learned yet to set healthy energetic boundaries, i. Most people do not remember their astral experiences consciously, which makes it even harder to detect energetic manipulations. On this plane, we can protect us only by applying the energetic universal laws, as there ar no human laws or regulations for control.

The fourth dimension connects darkness and light. People of higher frequency are not experiencing the astral plane consciously at all. Higher frequency people often experience an unexplainable fatigue during their whole 3D existence, because the difference between the dense 3D frequencies and the much lighter 5D frequencies causes a permanent friction and the body has a hard time to deal with it.

A lot of higher frequency people look back on alcohol and drug careers because they are not able to cope with the density well and they are denying their spiritual gifts and talents. They just want to be normal and fit in at an earlier stage of their life. Drugs and alcohol are of much lower frequency than their bodies, that can cause permanent anxieties and depression. Higher frequency people do not experience nightmares. They can have panic attacks and thought spirals before going to sleep or when they are half awake dozing, but their dreams, if they remember them at all, are taking place in 5D and above.

Those dreams cannot contain fear or darkness, as those are the planes of unconditional love. They are experiencing their ascension differently, in a much more subtle, heartfelt way. Once their awakening is initiated and they open up to their spirituality, the process usually happens faster than average, and they cleanse the 3D programming quite quickly as their system wants to return to its natural frequency as quickly as possible, once initiated. They are usually claircognizant — meaning that all of a sudden they know things without knowing why.

That is because they have access to other timelines and dimensions. Usually that happens unconsciously. They simply lose a few minutes and feel cold and confused after such an experience. There is no better or worse of being of high frequency or not. The experiences are simply different. Of all the higher dimensions, the fifth dimension is the last one of pure light and unconditional love, i. Source energy on the way down, before entering the realms of limitations and duality. Physical existence is still possible on this plane, although the body is lighter and of a different cellular structure.

When the physical body is fully transformed into this structure, there is no pain. Further, there is no fear. It is the plane of unconditional love and abundance, manifest in the physical. Our higher self has been fully integrated into our physical body and has taken over the guidance. This feels very differently from just channeling the higher self. The first time your higher self moves into the physical body fully is quite overwhelming. It is an intense energetic flow of unconditional love and everything feels light and at ease. Before the higher self can be fully anchored into the physical body, the healing of all bodies the mental, the emotional and the physical has to be completed.

You will know when your higher self is integrated, when you do not question the universal flow and simply trust your journey. In the fifth dimension, all of our actions are based on love. It is the plane of oneness, where we feel the connection to everyone and everything around us, including the holy Source energy. In the fifth dimension, we live in Unity Consciousness, but still recognize ourselves as individuals as part of the whole. We do not feel that we get information from guides, angels or star family through channeling anymore. Now it comes much more intuitively and subtle from within as we have become ONE with all that is.

In the beginning it feels as if we were disconnected until we get used to this new way of being connected. On this plane, we remember who we truly are and are aware of our eternal soul. In 5D everything comes without an effort as we have rediscovered that the Universal energetic flow always guides us perfectly. There are no limits. We live in complete freedom and authenticity. As there is no fear, there is no aging and no illnesses.

We live as long as we want, until we decide to leave the body. This happens smoothly and without any pain. We connect through our hearts and can feel the connection and love instantly. Living in 5D means living from the heart.

What is the Fifth Dimension?

In the fifth dimension, our sexual desires change as we have reached our internal balance between the masculine and feminine energies. We have become androgyneous energetically. Sexual energies can be experienced without physical contact with others. They can be created by the individual. Therefore, sex does not happen out of neediness or lust anymore, but becomes a sharing between two whole people that resonate on the same energetic level. Or it is experienced alone and is just as beautiful.

In addition, the Third energy, the Divine energy is part of this experience and sexuality becomes the holy trinity in perfect equilibrium. It is the most powerful energy of creation.

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To keep people from discovering their true creative power. Once someone has raised the own frequency onto a 5D level, the return to the lower dimensions is not possible anymore, unless the soul chooses it consciously. This was the choice a lot of star seeds and angelic beings took to help humanity ascend.

People in 5D are immune to low frequencies as there is no resonance. They do not attract any darkness and live in the light exclusively. They cannot be seen by people in 3D if they have not already started their own ascension process and are open to the higher frequencies.

That is when duality and linear time are dissolving and all there is left is a life in the NOW. All experiences are embraced with gratitude, as the soul knows that everything has its purpose for the own growth and expansion of consciousness. Contact to extra terrestrials and angelic beings becomes easy and is integrated in the daily experience. We receive information directly from spirit and telepathy, teleportation and telekinesis become possible.

On this plane, we have learned to go with the flow and let Source work through us to create miracles. There is no need to be right in 5D, as there is no ego. Our ego has transcended into a free spirit and is working hand in hand with body and soul. We know about their own baggage and journey and do not judge them or blame them but love them unconditionally, as we know they are part of the whole.

We know that there is no danger, so we know that there is no need for protection. We know that our light shines so bright, that it absorbs the darkness automatically. In 5D we live according to the universal energetic laws , knowing that we create what we think. There are no manmade rules or laws, because people fully trust the energetic flow and where it takes and guides them to. There is no need for possessions or status, as there is no competition and nothing to compare. Everything becomes a sharing.

We love ourselves and appreciate our individuality as part of the whole. We know that our needs are always met and we are always taken care of. Through our choices and experiences, we gain trust in our ability to be responsible and we maintain our responsibility because we respect ourselves. This respect is based upon. In the Third Stage we are dependable. This dependability develops as we gain enough trust and respect for ourselves that we can become responsible for others.

Through positive experiences, we have learned that we definitely have an impact, not only on our own life, but also upon the lives of others. Because of our earned self-esteem, we feel confident that we are reliable. These actions can create generation after generation of dysfunctional families. As humans we have the ability to remember the past and the future while remaining aware of the present.

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However, much of our true SELF becomes lost in our unconscious mind. From this state of consciousness, spirit congeals into matter and our consciousness is limited to our ego. Hence, the need for the development of a strong sense of ego is often gained at the cost of losing our sense of group identity. This limitation is especially in especially predominant in the Western World where individual achievement and possessions often become the most important parts of our lives.

Awareness of our Spiritual Self can only be remembered when we have expanded our consciousness to encompass the higher dimensions. Then we can release our dependency upon others and heal our sense of powerlessness and victimization. We then become independent in a new sense because we have realized that we and we alone, are creating our reality. As we become more aware of the many aspects of our once forgotten self, our consciousness expands to encompass more that our ego and even more than our third dimensional reality.

As we — Our Third Dimensional Consciousness — expands from: As our consciousness expands, so does our definition of the world in which we live. I expand my consciousness to the next step. I am aware of myself as an individual human, but still I struggle for survival. I need to feed myself, shelter myself, and cover my body.

I wish to find a mate and create children. Yes, there are feelings and thoughts. With my thoughts I remember my past. My feelings fill these memories with happiness, pain, love, or fear. With my thoughts I plan the future which I desire. But do I have the power to create my life or am I a victim to the world around me?

Fourth dimensional consciousness is awareness of point, length, breadth, height, volume, and time. On the fourth dimension, we can reintegrate our group identity without the loss of our personal ego, as it is the last vibration where physical vehicles are used to contain individual consciousness. However, because of the fluid nature of time and space our astral forms naturally morph. Hence, there is a huge mobility of form.

A shaman or holy person who can shape shift has learned to ground their astral form upon the third dimension so completely that they can temporarily change their third dimensional form. Much of our third dimensional life also exists upon the fourth dimension in a format of a higher vibration, but we are not aware of it because that reality is NOT in sync with our physical time and space. We can have a dream of an entire lifetime and wake up to find that only five minutes of our physical time has passed. Our astral reality, as well as our other physical incarnations, is not perceivable to our third dimensional self unless we have remembered our Multidimensional Consciousness.

The Astral Plane is the realm of dream life. Our fourth dimensional Astral Body possesses advanced dreaming, imagination, psychic ability, intuition, magic, and creativity. As we expand our mind to frequency of the fourth dimension, we can experience more and more of these qualities while in our physical form. However, our astral body does exist and its highest vibration is our Spiritual Guidance.

Much like a person upon a mountaintop can observe and guide the residents of the valley below, our higher astral self can observe us upon the third dimension and give us guidance. Through the expanded perception of our fourth dimensional self we can create great changes in our physical world. However, the fourth dimension still has the polarization of light and dark, and this realm is not necessarily more loving, especially upon the lower sub-planes.

Upon the fourth dimension, thought and feelings create reality much more quickly than upon the third dimension, and fear can create evil as easily as love can create beauty and joy. There are different planes, which are increases in frequency, which we can access by expanding our conscious. The Lower Astral Plane holds the invisible emanations of all the fear and negativity that is projected into it from the physical plane.

The Lower Astral has been known as Hell, with Purgatory being above that. Fourth dimensional consciousness feeds into and extends third dimensional emotions. Faerie acts as respite after we have forged our pathway through the fear and darkness of the Lower Astral Plane. After we have experienced Faerie, we can travel in our fourth dimensional consciousness or fourth dimensional bodies into the Emotional Plane, also known as the Astral Plane, to learn about the master of our emotions.

From there, we can travel up into the Mental Plane to learn mastery of our thoughts. In the Causal Plane, also known as the Higher Mental Plane, we can learn the cause and effect of how thoughts and feelings create our world. The 5D Shift is in full swing!

Alan Steinfeld talks about living in the 5th Dimensional Realitiy

Finally, here's an Openhand Video Diary about living now in 5D consciousness About Openhand Openhand is a unique approach to spiritual evolution: It helps you unveil your True Self, remove karmic blockages and unfold your Divine Destiny. It leads to authentic, resilient and truly successful living. Openhandweb , Openhand fb , Openhand TV. Finding this so important If that makes any sense! Thanks for sharing Jen - I know how tough it can be in families especially, where others don't necessarily appreciate how you're being and your deeper purpose of service.

But of course there's always massive growth potential in it. And also, as we've talked about many times, it's essential to create one's own space, with one's own vibe - connecting with your own team. Having my own space helps a ton and I value that immensely! Often I am in my own space and that gives me a sense of tranquility and centeredness even if the rest of the house is rattling.

Dimensional Consciousness - Dr. Suzanne Lie and the Arcturians on

Feeling a connection to my own vibe is what is carrying me right now Particularly through the waves of depression and destruction I am feeling. Absolutely love this too! It's creating a deep beautiful sigh within me whilst simulantously a feeling of being lifted higher. I feel blessed to now know and experience my own vibe, my home. When I drift from it I'm finding it much easier to reconnect and get back into me.

Sending much love to you Jen. I have this image of myself like a cat being pulled through an opening while it still has it's claws in the ground facing the other way We all have those places I suppose So so happy that you can feel that sense of your vibe, your home Thank you for this stellar article, Open. Gives me a much welcomed boost! The classic ascension 'symptoms' you describe and the links provided in your article reassure me that I am, indeed, on the 'pathless' path to 5D, as I continue to breakthrough the densities and express gifts of beingness and right action.

Although sometimes the densities I encounter along the way feel like boulders on a railway track! And sometimes I feel like I'm stagnating, not moving forwards. Like a nowhere 'Mame' in a nowhere land. At those times, I know I'm being invited to go deeper into the feelings, to become the One in whatever I'm feeling and experiencing. My daughter and I recently attended a native psychic fair. I was immediately drawn to do a reading with a serene, young man in his 20's.

I sensed he was a wise, old soul as I walked around checking out the energy in the room. He and I immediately connected like old friends, and we had the loveliest chat about ascending to 5D! The momentum is building! I felt to share how I experience an aspect of the inter-connectivity of all life.

I've had throughout my life and continue to have absolutely ecstatic moments when my heart simply overflows with gratitude for the divine uniqueness of each of us, how we each shine in our own special ways, giving what no-one else can give, each and everyone one of us an equal and essential part of the whole, united in our diversity. It's easy to forget how precious and needed each of us is in a world that does its best to beat us down and make us feel small, like we don't matter. I have felt this way at times. Knowing how that feels, I love to remind others that their sparkly specialness is essential to the whole magnificence of All That Is.

Frank Capra's film "It's a Wonderful Life" illustrates this so beautifully when the angel, Clarence, reminds George Bailey during the dark night of the soul just how important and loved he is. Openhand does such a splendid job at that! I cannot thank you and the universe enough ever. Trillions of thank though! I was feeling stuck on my spiritual path and was asking universe to show me the path further.

How do I progress, what lies ahead. I was not sure how to make out the feeling of being misfit in this world, in my surrounding. Your post popped up at the right time. You have shown me way many times earlier too. I am working on my root chakra and sacral chakra and reaping the benefits too: Loads of lost pains are resurfacing. But the moment they started flooding my consciousness, I understood that it is time to heal and let go.

I am releasing the karmic pain layer by layer since then. I was trying to make sense of the things I was going thru' - I am not feeling overly attached to anything or anybody. I am feeling out of place often. And yes, I am finding resources to aid my physical and spiritual progress just like that! Now I can relate after going thru your post. Thanks everyone for your kind words of support - yes I know how much it can help to know typical experiences of 5D Consciousness - to get some feedback that it's really happening. Janhavi - I'm with you - the universe is with you! Just keep digging into and through those lower densities.

I know how it can so often feel counterproductive Why does it feel so dense when I should be expanded and light? The answer is to reclaim those lost 'nuggets of soul gold' buried in the sediment of life. We integrate more, we become more whole and sovereign.

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We become empowered, present, here and now. And our kundalini connects through all the densities. Then together, we really can move mountains! Hi everyone, I'm new here but not so new to this opening up process. I'm excited to keep learning and exploring new discoveries. The discoveries themselves are not really "new", they are just new to me, or perhaps I merely forgot all of them There are so many interesting articles to read here and I'm delighted to journey with you in the now spaces.

I'm a person that has learned my most precious and wonderful assets are the untouchable things in my life