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Travis shows Bobby how to use a Neti Pot , with all its consequences. Travis brings grad student Kirsten Collette Wolfe to meet Jules.

Jules is unhappy when Ellie points out that any of Travis's girlfriends could end up being his future wife, like it happened with Jules and Bobby. Laurie becomes Jules' "Cobb-Stopper" to prevent Jules from taunting Kirsten, and also gives Kirsten some advice about how can she deal with Jules. Things take a turn for the worse after Kirsten says that she and Travis will spend Thanksgiving at her parents, and Jules freaks out. Kirsten is mad that Travis isn't backing her.

So Jules give him some advice about how to deal with his relationship, making amends with Kirsten as well.

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Grayson hates that his house is the new place for the gang to reunite. He goes after Ellie for advice, and decides to throw a stinking 'possum in his house, which makes the gang leave. Meanwhile, Travis is nervous about his second time with Kirsten because the first time he was too high due to medicine he had taken, and he takes advice from his father, Bobby, to help him out. Jules decides to host a romantic dinner at Thanksgiving to make Grayson say "I Love You" to her; Ellie and Laurie spoil Andy's optimism; the gang reveals that it's hard to understand what Bobby says most of the time, bringing him down.

Scrubs regular Zach Braff appears twice as himself in a phone as a phone application. Jules tries to help Bobby regain his confidence; Ellie finds a hilarious secret of Grayson's; Kirsten is jealous of Travis and Laurie's relationship. Jules begins to question her relationship with Grayson; Kirsten throws Bobby off his golf game; Ellie is upset that Andy used their personal joke on Laurie. When Laurie becomes Jules' house guest, she tells Jules that she doesn't have to change the way she is for the people around her; Bobby is jealous when Travis turns to Grayson for advice about romancing a woman.

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Jules comes up with a creative type of hide-and-seek game to play when the TV is broken; Bobby has a new friend. When Jules starts meddling in Travis' life, Ellie tells her to back off; Bobby and Laurie want to expose the world to their Penny Can game; Grayson learns about friendship from Andy.

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Jules tries to show Ellie having a baby was harder in her twenties; Andy becomes Laurie's wingman; Bobbie tries to wake up earlier. Jules faces her fear of public humilation when she decides to do some charity work; Laurie surprises everyone with her wits in a game of trivia. Welcome to [title], Follow TheLarmy right now and thank us later.

Grayson tries to take an interest in Travis, and the gang establishes a "council" to determine each other's punishment in an attempt to stop taking each other for granted. Travis has a broken heart, and Jules and Bobby don't know what to do to help him. Andy's flirtatious sister-in-law Nia Vardalos visits. When Jules learns that Travis has dropped out of college, she gives him two choices: Bobby's Penny Can game gets picked up by a company, and he is offered a business deal. The gang travels to Hawaii to bring Travis back home, but also uses it as a way to enjoy a vacation; Grayson wants to have kids, but Jules has a different opinion in that matter; Jules finally welcomes Tom to the gang.

Danny Pudi makes a cameo in this episode as his character Abed from Community as a part of a "cameo crossover" made by the two shows. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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So with Laurie at her side, Jules went to a local school to show off her new charitable side and inadvertently prove that she owns the shush clap. While there, she gave this rehearsed impromptu heartwarming speech: My best friend Jo Jo got shot in the face. It should have been me.

But reading got me out. So clearly, I came out on top. Jules was awarded by being asked to lead the students in the Pledge of Allegiance.

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Enter public humiliation part one: Just not when it comes to bar trivia. Both Ellie and Grayson rocked the game until Laurie threatened to take them both down, which she successfully did. So how did she who chews gum and eats buffalo wings at the same time come out on top? By cheating, of course. And with that, Laurie taught us another important lesson: Just goes to show you can never judge a book by its front part.