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They Said It Couldn't Be Done: Too Close For Comfort (1999)

His first published poem and many more were published in the Detroit Free Press where he was a columnist. He later had both popular radio and television shows. Guest has been called "the poet of the people. Add to Collection Favorites Email Share.

It Couldn’t Be Done

Prev Poem Next Poem. Stay in touch with us! Subscribe by Email for your weekly dose of Loving, Healing and Touching poetry! Poem of the Week. Well written and informative. And I don't believe you actually required me to to thirteen more useless word into a review that was concisely written. One person found this helpful.

It Couldn’t Be Done by Edgar Albert Guest | Poetry Foundation

I met him at Transp and he had a strong hand shake. No pussy footing about him. I have enjoyed all the information about him the bad as well as the good.

It Couldn't Be Done - by Edgar Albert

He was a human being but very rare person. So well documented and interesting factual delivery in story form of Lears life and genius. Inventor entrepreneur salesman and statesman extraordinarily gifted and tireless in all his pursuits. I work for Mr lear in Reno.


I am a pilot and I was curious to know more about the guy who designed the jet I once flew. I had known Bill Lear was quite an inventor and electronics whiz, but didn't realize to what extent.

This book lays out a general foundation of Bill's early life, how he made and lost fortunes, and the political trouble he had with his inventions regardless of how technically superior they happened to be at the time. His story is "incredible", but the book ends prematurely in my opinion.

The final chapters deal with his pursuit of a vapor engine but end abruptly without any clue as to what happened. History has subsequently shown that the mass-market has not wholly embraced the idea My hope is that the other books about Bill reveal what happened with the turbine project and why it never progressed.

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The one thing I found amusing was that the name for his daughter, Shanda actually was suggested by his father-in-law. Glad to see he had a sense of humor. Some time ago, you ran a letter from a reader who lamented the absence of manners on the part of adults toward children and, by extension, of youth to adults.

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Even as an adult, I find this situation worsening. At 65, if I hold a door open for a woman, she looks at me as though I were a lecher, or in some way I'm sexually harassing her. At a restaurant, if my wife leaves the table or returns, I stand up. Other men at the table look at me as though I am daft.

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