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We show the love of God to all that we can. Now that we are in our seventies, we have to deal with chronic illnesses. As a result, we spend more time in prayer and have compassion for others who suffer. Are you an author?

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Help us improve our Author Pages by updating your bibliography and submitting a new or current image and biography. Learn more at Author Central. Who is Verna Hargrove? Verna Hargrove is a wife, mother, and grandmother, who writes as a hobby. Her writings are simple and easy to read. Her goal is to keep her novels clean and free from excessive sex or violence. She has taught Bible Studies in small groups and Sunday School. Popularity Popularity Featured Price: Low to High Price: High to Low Avg.

Loyal Friend Nov 20, Available for download now. Available for immediate download. Course Eleven Biblical Studies Jan 15, Hargrove , Verna Hargrove. Available to ship in days. Pearl of Great Price: Course Seven Biblical Studies Nov 20, Sugar Adiction Nov 01, Introducing Evidence of the Great Tribulation Nov 20, Heroes of the Old Testament: I've done the above, and found six basic steps that Paul considers essential for everyone to take.

1. Rescue - Grace and Forgiveness

I've put these steps in the order that a person might take them. It seems a straightforward piece of research. I am not the first to do it. I have repeated what others have done before, and come up with the same result.

Unfortunately the result shocks a great many people and they reject it. Nevertheless, I present it for your consideration. In this passage Paul mentions three requirements: The latter is therefore the first essential step a person must take. A lot of people think they can be saved just by being good people, or just being true to their own beliefs and light.

However, Paul holds that they have to have the gospel preached to them, and they are required to listen to it and heed it. That's the first essential step anyone must take in order to be saved. We've already come across the requirement to have faith in Christ. This does not mean believing merely that Jesus was a good man, one of the great prophets. So this faith is the second essential step anyone must take in order to be saved.

Paul says, "[In the day of wrath] there will be tribulation and distress for everyone who does evil" He warns people against having "an unrepentant heart" Romans 2: So this turning away from sin, and having a change of heart about sin, is the third essential step anyone must take in order to be saved.

I tell this story because Christians sometimes explain what has happened in your life with the words "saved" and "salvation. When Christians say "you are saved," they mean that Jesus has found you and rescued you from a life that was in grave danger of harm. One way to think about your new life as a Christian is as having been "rescued" or "saved. These concepts will anchor your faith. The first concept is: You are loved by God. In these lessons, I'll be introducing various Bible verses that teach these concepts. God loves you -- you personally. Christianity at its very core is based on love.

156 - Les Feldick Bible Study Lesson 3 - Part 4 - Book 13 - Bema Seat - Great White Throne

God's love for you. Jesus' love for you. Because God loved you so much, he sent Jesus to this world to rescue you and give you eternal life with him. You are loved -- no matter what you have done and no matter what you might do in the future. The second concept is: You are forgiven by God.

Jesus died on the cross for your sins. When you became a Christian, you probably told God about the sins that you have committed and asked his forgiveness. God has forgiven you. Forgiven means that God does not hold your sin against you any longer.

Paul's Six Steps to Grace - In Paul's Letter to the Romans

Yes, you committed sins, but they have been forgiven. God does not hold a grudge against you. You probably will sin in the future -- many times. But the same idea applies. Confess your sin to God and he will forgive you, again and again! We will consider this more deeply in Lesson 3. That is the way God looks at you. The third important concept is: You don't have to do something good to be accepted. He accepts you just as you are.

Parents accept their children just as they are from the day they are born. They don't expect an infant to walk or be potty trained. They accept the baby just as he is or she is. They know that as the baby grows, he will finally become potty trained. She will finally learn to walk. She is not accepted because she walks. Children are accepted by parents for who they are, without having to achieve anything. God is your Father who accepts you just as you are.

The Question

He loves you, and as you grow, he will help you to become more and more like him. He does not accept you on the basis of your being able to avoid sin, but because he has found you, loved you, and forgiven you. Let me introduce two more words that will help you understand what happened to you when you became a Christian -- grace and mercy. One of the most wonderful verses in the Bible explains what happened to you when you became a Christian.

It is a verse worth memorizing and thinking deeply about:. It is because of God's grace -- his amazing love and favor towards you -- that you have been saved or rescued.

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It is like a gift. You did not do anything to deserve it.