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Getting Started with Marketing for Nonprofits

Another important topic to regularly cover in your content is gratitude for support. Make sure they know how much you appreciate them. Adding a fun image or gif can help make your email the best one they see that day. Your subscribers probably know the basics of what you support. Share information on exactly what happens with donations. This could be an email series, each one highlighting a cause that the money supports.

You can tie in some of the personal stories, photos, or even videos for each example. You can also share what a specific donation amount will achieve. Do you have an upcoming event, either locally or digitally? Send your subscribers an email to share all of the details and drum up excitement. The email can cover the basics — what, when, where, and why — and you can also include a link for more information. Keep the email fairly short, with just a few small paragraphs.

Be sure to include a share button or link so that your contacts can forward the event to their friends. Word of mouth is a powerful tool. No one wants their email to end up in the spam folder. Think about this staggering finding: According to that same study, nonprofits can boost their email fundraising revenue by about 14 percent by reducing their spam rate. Those are concrete numbers highlighting what we all know: But how can you avoid it? One of the biggest no-nos that will land you in the spam folder pretty much every time is using purchased lists.

Email Marketing Tips for Nonprofits - Robly Marketing Blog

It really is that black and white. You should also avoid sending emails with large images or attachments. Having a double opt-in system in place is another way to make sure your emails are landing in inboxes. It helps you better qualify your list to ensure they want to receive your messages. Cleaning your lists is something you have to do regularly to improve your rates and sender reputation.

And finally, keep the promotion and sales lingo to a minimum. You can check the chance of your message ending up in the spam folder in your email marketing platform, but be sure to also follow these best practices to help reduce the risk. Even nonprofits need to segment their contact lists , and having those separate lists can result in even more conversions aka donations. Nonprofits who fail to use this technique will miss out on the benefits: Each nonprofit is different with its own unique kinds of subscribers, but here are some of the main ways to break down your lists.

Someone who gives thousands to your organization every year deserves to be recognized for their support. Create separate lists based on how much they have given — like gold, silver, and bronze lists. You can then personalize the emails to each group.

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That will help cultivate a relationship with them so they might one day support your organization. For your top list, thank them for their continued support. Share what their money has been used for real examples , tell them how much more you need to reach your goal, and make them feel special for being a part of the nonprofit. Basically, you want to roll out the email red carpet for them.

Put the information you have on your subscribers to good use and segment your lists based on their characteristics.

Email Marketing Tips Every Nonprofit Needs to Know

You can separate them based on their locations, ages, preferences ex. Not only can you use this information to segment your lists, but you should also put that knowledge to good use to personalize the messages. For example, if your lists are separated by location, let those subscribers know what the nonprofit has going on in their area. Nonprofits interact with a range of people and businesses, so your email marketing lists should reflect that. That one is pretty straightforward. You have several choices when it comes to picking an email marketing platform.

While we are obviously a little partial to everything Robly has to offer , we want you to find the one that meets your specific needs. To begin narrowing down your search for the right platform, ask yourself these questions: Every platform is different, so you have to figure out which one best meets your needs.

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Benefits of Email Marketing for a Nonprofit We all know nonprofits are typically strapped for money, time, and personnel. Direct mail fundraising is times more expensive than email. Email messaging accounted for 26 percent of all online fundraising revenue. Optimize Website for Subscriptions Before getting down to the nitty-gritty of email marketing, you need to have a list of subscribers to email. Personalize Email Components We all know the basic elements of an email.

Get Creative with Subject Lines You can have the best email content and design ever created. Add their first name to some of the subject lines to improve the open rate. One that will make them stop and think — and hopefully open your message to find the answer. Add a hint of mystery. We are all a bit curious, so anytime you can use that to your advantage in the subject line, go for it.

Just be sure not to be too vague because they still need to get a sense for what the email is about. Choose your words wisely.

Find more creative ways to get your message across, and test which words give you the best results. Furthermore, as a nonprofit, you might be able to convince amateur and professional actors alike to volunteer their talent. You can also take advantage of YouTube Impact Lab , which exists specifically to help social movements get the message out. Google for Nonprofits is a suite of five tools that qualifying nonprofits can apply for and use for free:.

Nonprofit email marketing and text messaging are powerful tools. Automation can save you hours of time and make it easy to ensure that the right messages are going to the right groups of people. Contact us today to see if you qualify! Here are a couple nonprofit marketing examples straight from the wonderful world of SimpleTexting Success Stories. Yuda Bands supports education in developing nations by helping high school students in the U. They used SimpleTexting to manage contacts and communicate with students who showed interest in the Yuda Bands idea.

Dress for Success helps women find employment and take control of their professional lives. They used our platform to send out text message appointment reminders, which significantly reduced their no-show rate. Ready to boost your nonprofit marketing efforts with a bit of text messaging? We can help with that. Need some proven nonprofit marketing ideas that are sure to perform well? We put together a few expert tips and real-world examples that can help expand the reach and influence of your nonprofit or charitable organization.

Getting Started with Marketing for Nonprofits. And you can go a long way when you pair passion with a powerful story. Focus on relationships and real conversations to grow your nonprofit. Give your fundraising a piggyback ride on current events. Convert social media influencers to your cause. Try SimpleTexting for yourself.

No credit card required. Ask your staff to spread the word.

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Tell your story with educational video content. Apply for Google for Nonprofits. Google for Nonprofits is a suite of five tools that qualifying nonprofits can apply for and use for free: G Suite for Nonprofits —Keep your team organized on the cloud. Track online donations, sign-ups, and registrations.