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Shrink your waste and your waist with this lifestyle diet.

Apr 16, Pages.

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From the New York Times bestselling author, a day plan to a leaner body In the follow-up book to her bestselling Gorgeously Green , Sophie Uliano reveals the secrets to getting slim while being good to the planet. In her relatable, girlfriend-to-girlfriend tone, Uliano pledges that anyone can go green and lean, no matter where they live or what resources they have.

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Uliano recognizes that dieting and going green are big lifestyle changes and makes it easy for readers to commit to both by allowing them to personalize their plans according to their needs. The book has three diet plans-light green, bright green and deep green- that depend on how much time, travel, and money readers want to commit to going green. The three plans promise the same amount of weight loss, but the darker green the plan is, the greater the commitment the reader makes to reducing waste, going organic and staying carbon neutral. Each diet plan emphasizes natural, seasonal, whole foods that are not only better for the planet, but better for the body.


Uliano explains how over-processed, over-produced foods contain fewer nutrients, are harder to digest and are more likely to be stored as fat. With 4-week eating plans for each shade of green, she shows readers how to wean themselves off of processed, manufactured foods and onto fresh vegetables and meat. The book recommends products, brands and websites and has over recipes-every tool readers need to get lean while going green. Her Web site, www. Sophie lives in Los Angeles. About The Gorgeously Green Diet From the New York Times bestselling author, a day plan to a leaner body In the follow-up book to her bestselling Gorgeously Green , Sophie Uliano reveals the secrets to getting slim while being good to the planet.

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    Canning in the Modern Kitchen. Eat at Home Tonight. Leslie Jonath and 18 Reasons. There are three levels of the diet that you can choose to follow: Light green for the beginner eco-friendly foodie, Bright Green for the intermediate level and Deep green for the advanced. Once you choose your level, you perform a complete kitchen purge where you rid your fridge and pantry of unhealthy eats and replace them with upgraded staples.

    You will also learn about how to shop for budget-friendly organic and natural foods, the top ten gorgeous snacks think dark chocolate, dried apricots and cucumbers and the essential supplements and vitamins that should be taken every day. Overall, the book includes recipes.

    The Gorgeously Green Diet encourages that you create a fitness goal. The exercise plan includes partaking in one vigorous activity once a day for 30 minutes or more. Finding a physical activity that you enjoy doing whether it's walking, jumping on the trampoline or playing tennis, is strongly endorsed since it makes the difference between you sticking to your fitness goal or ditching it after a few days.

    In addition, the guide gives you a number of strength-training and flexibility exercises that you can do from your own home.

    The Gorgeously Green Diet: How to Live Lean and Green by Sophie Uliano

    You will need basic props like a stable chair, pound weights and a resistance band to do them. Five of the exercises in the book should be done every day following your cardiovascular workout. The Gorgeously Green Diet is a well-rounded and informative guide to help you green over your life. From what you eat to how you exercise and to the products that you clean your house with, this female-targeted guide teaches you about the importance of green-living and how to incorporate it into your life regardless of your income or level of experience.

    Green Diet Basics

    With its reliance on natural and unprocessed foods, you might find yourself losing weight but since the Gorgeously Green Diet does not include a day-to-day eating plan or any nutrition statistics alongside its recipes, you might find yourself crunching calorie numbers on your calculator, if that sort of thing matters to you.

    Overall, the Gorgeously Green Diet is an educational, proactive and hands-on guide to helping you live a more mindful and healthier life. I had the first book and saw this one and decided to try it.

    Gorgeously Green Diet

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