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Morgan is beautiful, smart, sexy…and about to die. Convicted of treason against her shape-shifting kin, she is given one last chance at redemption; discover the hidden lair of the enemy intent on destroying every one of her kind, or forfeit her life. Xander is ruthless, heartless, cold-blooded…and assigned to kill her if she fails in her task.

Expecting to feel nothing but contempt for the traitor under his watch, the assassin accompanies Morgan on her search, but as the two race through the heart of Italy while the clock winds down to zero hour, he finds himself drawn into a dangerous web of desire as powerful as it is forbidden. Harley Quinn is still being held captive by Harley Sinn and her team. The Gang of Harleys are still struggling to rescue their fearless leader. That's where this issue begins and where it ends.

If nothing else, the plodding approach allows more room for character development, but that development is unevenly applied. Co-writers Frank Tieri and Jimmy Palmiotti are doing more to flesh out Harley Sinn and her evil compatriots than they are the actual Gang of Harleys, to the point where I'd rather the book were focused on those villains. They show personality and pathos whereas the Gang of Harleys are mainly a collection of bland stereotypes. The colorful, energetic visuals can only do so much to keep this increasingly dull mini-series moving along.

Sheriff of Babylon 7 is a brutal, unpleasant story. Many have written about the universal truths that King writes into these scripts, but Gerads deserves just as much credit for his unblinking artistic eye. This is easily the hardest issue to get through yet, but as always, worthy of your attention. Apparently DC has decided that "vintage Hanna-Barbera property plus post-apocalyptic makeover" is a formula for instant success.

It's clearly not, but at least Wacky Raceland's first issue is slightly more successful than Scooby Apocalypse's. This series mashes up the classic Wacky Races cartoon with a healthy dose of Mad Max to deliver a tale of a group of bloodthirsty racers battling each other for the right to enter Utopia. At times it's enough to wonder why DC didn't simply commission another Mad Max comic.

But at least this series seems more self-aware and intentionally silly than Scooby Apocalypse. Plus, there's something intriguing in the idea of dysfunctional racers forming bonds with their talking, sentient cars. Leonardo Manco's gritty style suits the tone of this universe well, though at times his art is too murky to properly convey the motion and carnage of the racing action. Espeacially after what she learned. Can't wait for the next book! I was so exited when I learned that the author had been contracted for another four books in this series! Sep 05, Mary rated it it was amazing Shelves: Geissinger manages to keep me up past my bedtime … Shapeshifters … I just love them.

Panthers… how cool, right? I had a lot of fun with the first book with its setting in the dark and foggy forests of England. This time the setting is the beautiful city Rome in Italy. The second book "Edge of Oblivion" tells the story of Morgan and Xander. She is an interesting character and a very free spirit. After she mad Again J. If she fails, Xander will be the one to kill her… The fact that despite their cat-and-mouse game in the beginning they fall for each other — will make this task a tough one for Xander.

The enemies in this story are unusually interesting. Add the beautiful scenery of Rome, J. Thanks for another Keeper, J. Aug 16, Tammy rated it it was amazing. Sometimes an author is lucky or maybe I should say talented and all the stars align perfectly so that the end result of all their hard work, a finished and published book, is exquisite.

Edge of Oblivion is a sublime example of a paranormal romance, and I was both dreading and anticipating getting to the last page. Edge of Oblivion is published by Montlake Romance, a publishing arm of Amazon. Have I used enough superlatives yet to describe how much I enjoyed this book? A word of warning to any under-aged readers, however: But the author does a great job of subtly inserting vital information from the first book where needed, without bashing the reader over the head trying to catch us up to speed. Morgan is an Ikati , a secret race of shape-shifters descended from Cleopatra who can turn into panthers or vapor, or both.

Morgan is part of the Ikati colony in England, one of four known colonies. At the last minute, Queen Jenna makes a deal with Morgan. She has two weeks to track down the sworn enemy of the Ikati , the Expurgari , whom they know to be hidden somewhere in Rome, or she will be killed. Geissinger sets these two characters up in typical romance fashion by pitting them against each other in the beginning, and then creating opportunities for them to grow closer together.

In Rome Morgan and Xander run into a rogue Alpha named Dominus who is not affiliated with any of the four colonies. Xander senses danger and tries to catch him, but he gets away. But the damage has been done. Dominus, having the superior sense of smell that all Ikati have, has figured out that Morgan is a full-blooded female who is unmated, and he wants to use her in his evil plan which I will not give away in this review! Xander and Morgan temporarily forget the reason they have come to Rome in the first place, as they try to avoid Dominus and his band of powerful and feral Ikati , who are all relentlessly chasing Morgan.

The story is nearly non-stop action from this point on, as Morgan and Xander find themselves in danger time and again, while continuing to look for the hidden Expurgari before the two weeks is up. In the midst of all the action is the blooming romance between Xander and Morgan, with plenty of misunderstandings thrown in to muddy the waters and keep readers hearts palpitating before the climax comes, so to speak.

The author has done a bang up job with her world building, and I enjoyed every detail of the Ikati , including their powers of shape-shifting. Xander can not only turn into a panther, but he can also shift into vapor form or pass through walls. She concentrates more on the relationships between the characters, and less on their lives as panthers. The life of an Ikati is a hard one, since they are required to live in secrecy, and several of the characters, in particular the female ones, have never seen the light of day.

The author does a great job portraying the horrible loss of freedom these women suffer, and their desire to live beyond the constraints of their male superiors. Romance novels may fall into the category of "guilty pleasure," but if that's the case with this book, I happily consider myself guilty as charged. Full of perfect pacing, seriously dangerous characters, and some super steamy romance and I do mean super steamy, folks! Many thanks to Emily LaBeaume from Wunderkind PR for bring this book to my attention, and for supplying a review copy.

It is free through Kindle Unlimited in audio I am quickly devouring them.

Edge Of Oblivion

I finish one and cannot wait to start the next. I LOVE completed series like this. Very Interesting Very interesting dynamics between Morgan and Xander. The assassin and his mark. Not an easy love connection that's for sure. Even though both characters have done horrible things, you can't help but like them. The Alpha that they find is completely insane but it would be exciting to see where his experiments go. I am very curious what he found. This is an interesting mix of sci fi and urban fantasy. Aug 31, Shauni rated it really liked it Shelves: Edge of Oblivion is book two in this powerful series that J.

Anyway both books were a delight and I am looking forward to the rest of the series. But Edge, I think will always have a special place in my heart It's about redemption! It's about acknowledging you made a Edge of Oblivion is book two in this powerful series that J. It's also about keeping a promise made, even when the "rules" say otherwise.

Morgan, we met her in Shadow's Edge, was the first woman allowed a place on the council.. Morgan dreamed of freedom and the council kept all females close at hand.. She was desperate and made a desperate choice, betraying her people in the process. Her choice almost killed a dear friend and was cause for the queen to be captured. For such a heinous crime death is the only punishment of course some members of the council substitute the word death with hideous torture and call it tradition. The only problem with putting Morgan to death was that Jenna said Queen had promised her freedom..

Action Comics #957

Her solution was to send Morgan on a mission.. Oh yeah and you have two weeks to do so. Xander, the man who should be alpha.. What he could do is become the best at what he did. Only Xander had a heart and fell in love with the very human daughter of his "teacher", a forbidden love in the Ikati world. Of course those things never do end well and their love lead to her death. Now years later, Xander is bruised, he has spent a lifetime cleaning up the mess of rogue Ikati..

What these two lost souls don't know, is that there is always hope. When their attraction leads them into areas neither ever expected to find, both are confused. Morgan is more open to it, face it she is living a death sentence.. But Xander, he doubts Morgan, he doubts his ability to get the job done and sadly, he doubts his right to love. When he is injured and Morgan calls in his team, things go from really shaky bad to worse..

The team doesn't want to accept Morgan, they have been with Xander since the death of his first love. They know the agonies he suffers.. I love Ms Geissinger's work. She writes with such power and passion. Her characters strike a place in my heart. I believed in Morgan.. I understood her need and desire to be free. Her poor choices made because she had to escape..

I felt for Xander, the powerful heart, this man had.. I adored how this gang of misfits became a family.. I seriously hope to see more of them in future works.. They were just marvelous!! Shauni This review is based Edge of Oblivion, provided by author for my honest opinion Geissinger breathes fresh life into the paranormal romance genre with the Night Prowler series. Edge of Oblivion captivated me with the thrilling excitement of the plot and the smoldering relationship that developed between Morgan and Xander. I somehow missed the first book in the series, Shadow's Edge, but after reading Edge of Oblivion I really want to go back and read it.

Even without having read the first book, I didn't have trouble figuring out the world of the Ikati and 4. Even without having read the first book, I didn't have trouble figuring out the world of the Ikati and understanding the nature of the jaguar shifters and their world. Edge of Oblivion is the type of paranormal book where the supernatural world exists within the normal human world. The Ikati are a group of jaguar shifters who all have unique abilities and gifts in addition to their shape-shifter form. The gifts range from persuasion to turning into mist.

The range of characters with various personalities and abilities is immense, well-develped and makes for intriguing reading. In Edge of Oblivion the protagonist is Morgan, she is on a mission to uncover their enemies in a last ditch effort to save her life after making mistakes that almost cost the Queen her life book 1. Even though I didn't know the specifics of how she wound up in trouble, it was easy to understand Morgan. All she wanted was to be free to be her own person and not have her life dictated to her. I sympathized with her and found myself rooting for her.

The City on the Edge of Forever - Wikipedia

Then there is Xander, a deadly assassin-slash-Morgan's-babysitter. He had to keep tabs on Morgan and if she didn't complete her mission, it would be his job to kill her. However, as the pair works together and discovers a hidden pack of Ikati in Rome, attraction between them grows. There are quite a few different aspects to this story, more than I could possible sum up and I don't want to give away the book. Let me make it simple and say that the plot lines are very detailed, there are side stories and various viewpoints that all somehow relate to the main storyline I apologize for the vagueness.

The Ikati even have their own mythology to add to the story. The secondary characters are intriguing as well and I am eager to learn what happens next for many of them. Edge of Oblivion blends together action, fantasy, shape-shifters, and romance into a well-developed and intricate paranormal novel with intriguing and likable characters.

10. Edge Of Oblivion - Bigelf (Into the Maelstrom)

When it comes to paranormal romance, I couldn't ask for more. Readers, if you are a fan of paranormal romance, urban fantasy, or shape shifters I definitely recommend checking out this series. I don't think you have to read books 1 and 2 in order, but it will likely only enhance your reading experience. I want to go back and read book 1 and I hope that J. Geissinger has big plans for book 3! With the red sash, the hieroglyphs, and the eyes, it's a very attention grabbing cover.

Oct 11, Brandee un Conventional Bookworms rated it it was amazing Shelves: It's been a few years since I read book 1 so I commend Geissinger for creating a world and a mythology that was so impressive I was immediately drawn right back in. To see her grow in Edge of Oblivion , find answers about herself as she fought to save her life, and to find something in Xander that she never expected - well, it was fascinating. And Xander, a brutal, stoic man who believed he was immune to emotion because of traumatic events from his youth, was a character I enjoyed getting to know.

I also appreciated seeing him grow and change as he gets to know Morgan and as she slowly knocked down his walls. All that was discovered and revealed on that front was thrilling! I didn't figure out any of it and it was so well written. And again, the detail of the underground "world" beneath Rome, along with the characters who lived there was vivid, shocking, and moving. The secondary characters, whom I know I'll see more of, were well-drawn and engaging.

From assassins to a princess, Geissinger made me care about them all. Edge of Oblivion was captivating, adrenaline-inducing, and tear-jerking. It was a story that drew me in and kept me riveted. I'm eager to continue and see what comes next. Oct 11, Michelle Leah Olson rated it it was amazing Shelves: T Geissinger and immediately upon completion of the book I was kicking myself because I didn't take the time to read Shadow's Edge first - not that Edge of Oblivion didn't stand well on its own, on the contrary, it worked as a standalone just fine - but because it was so amazing I simply wanted more!

My exact words upon completion of the book were "Wow, quite possibly the best shifter book I have read in awhile. A diabolical villain with a God complex, supporters of the villain who are trapped and brainwashed, a headstrong, smart, confident heroine, a tortured, sexy alpha male looking for his redemption, supporting characters you NEED to know more about, and a plot that keeps you guessing, gasping, and wanting more.

Our heroine, Morgan, has been sentenced to death for endangering the secrets and wellfare of her Ikati colony. Luckily for her, the Queen of the colony is a close friend and not one who is willing to just see Morgan executed. Her only saving grace is to travel to Rome under the watchful eye of the Queen's Consort's brother and one of the colony's best assassins , Xander, to find the elusive Expurgari - the tribe's enemy of old.

During their trip, Morgan and Xander get WAY more than they bargained for - secrets, mayhem, murder, betrayal, and lust to just name a few, all wrapped up in the secretive world of the Ikati and layered under the ancient history of the Vatican. Edge of Oblivion was a dark, dangerous, sexy, action-packed thrill ride and I wanted more the minute the last page was flipped.

May 04, KathyAnne rated it it was amazing Shelves: Book one in this series sparked my curiosity but book TWO in this series has completely won me over. I am a fan! I should've known this one was gonna' be good because it starred Morgan who is a character full of spunk, defiance and sass. Definitely a personality that is entertaining and full of surprises. And, when you throw in a mysterious, dangerous, hunky assassin named Xander Well, except for the fact that he is an assassin and hi Book one in this series sparked my curiosity but book TWO in this series has completely won me over.

Edge of Oblivion

Well, except for the fact that he is an assassin and his mark is Morgan is being given a second chance to redeem herself after her betrayal of her people in book one If she fails then Xander has been ordered to execute her. Morgan and Xander travel to Rome and not long after they get there they discover a secret hiding cleverly underneath the Vatican itself As the story unfolds me meet some new and very intriguing characters. And, we get to be a part of this adrenaline charged romance that seems hopeless if the task cannot be completed in time.

This book has a little of all of things that I personally love about a book. Lots of action, creative storyline, steamy romance and an abundance of great characters that you both love and despise. The story is written and developed in such a way that I can definitely see this series going far and I do hope it does. The next book in this series is called Rapture's Edge and will be released on June 18th I am thrilled to have an ARC copy so check back soon for my review on book three of this awesome series!

For more of my reviews visit our blog: Jan 21, Cheryl rated it really liked it. Morgan had been labeled a traitor to the ikati people. The punishment is death.

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Luckily for Morgan her friend is the queen. The queen is giving Morgan a second chance to right her wrong. Morgan must find the Expurgari. Morgan has only two weeks to find them or she forfits her life.

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Morgan will be accompanied by Xander, an assassin. Xander is the one that will eliminate Morgan if she does not succeed wi Morgan had been labeled a traitor to the ikati people.