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Se establecieron 2 grupos: The universe of study was made up of patients who went to this Service from September to October Two groups were formed: Dentures were removed in both groups. Aloe vera supports a substantial global trade yet its wild origins, and explanations for its popularity over related Aloe species in one of the world's largest succulent groups, have remained uncertain. We developed an explicit phylogenetic framework to explore links between the rich traditions of medicinal use and leaf succulence in aloes.

A significant, albeit weak, phylogenetic signal is evident in the medicinal uses of aloes , suggesting that the properties for which they are valued do not occur randomly across the branches of the phylogenetic tree. Phylogenetic investigation of plant use and leaf succulence among aloes has yielded new explanations for the extraordinary market dominance of Aloe vera. Well-developed succulent leaf mesophyll tissue, an adaptive feature that likely contributed to the ecological success of the genus Aloe , is the main predictor for medicinal use among Aloe species, whereas evolutionary loss of succulence tends to be associated with losses of medicinal use.

Phylogenetic analyses of plant use offer potential to understand patterns in the value of global plant diversity. In Vivo skin hydration and anti-erythema effects of Aloe vera, Aloe ferox and Aloe marlothii gel materials after single and multiple applications. To investigate the skin hydrating and anti-erythema activity of gel materials from Aloe marlothii A.

Aqueous solutions of the polisaccharidic fractions of the selected aloe leaf gel materials were applied to the volar forearm skin of female subjects. After multiple applications all the aloe materials exhibited dehydration effects on the skin. The polysaccharide component of the gel materials from selected aloe species has a dehydrating effect on the skin after multiple applications.

Traumatic ulcers were caused in the dorsum of the tongue using a 3-mm punch tool. The Aloe Vera and placebo group received two daily applications. Clinical analysis ulcer area and percentage of repair and histopathological analysis degree of re-epithelialization and inflammation were performed. The comparison of the differences between scores based on group and experimental period, both in quantitative and semi-quantitative analyses, was performed using the Kruskal-Wallis test. On day 1, all groups showed predominantly acute inflammatory infiltrate. On day 5, there was partial epithelialization and chronic inflammatory infiltrate.

On the days 10 and 14 total repair of ulcers was observed. There was no significant difference between groups in the repair of mouth ulcers. It is concluded that treatment using Aloe Vera as an herbal formulation did not accelerate oral wound healing in rats. Antifungal activity of aloe vera gel against plant pathogenic fungi. Aloe vera gel extracted from the Aloe vera leaves was evaluated for their antifungal activity at the rate of 0.

In vitro and in vivo antioxidant activities of polysaccharide purified from aloe vera Aloe barbadensis gel. The in vitro and in vivo antioxidant potentials of a polysaccharide isolated from aloe vera gel were investigated. Enzymatic extracts were prepared from aloe vera gel by using ten digestive enzymes including five carbohydrases and five proteases. Among them, the highest yield was obtained with the Viscozyme extract and the same extract showed the best radical scavenging activity.

An active polysaccharide was purified from the Viscozyme extract using ethanol-added separation and anion exchange chromatography. In addition, APS showed a protective effect against AAPH-induced oxidative stress and cell death in Vero cells as well as in the in vivo zebrafish model. In this study, it is proved that both the in vitro and in vivo antioxidant potentials of APS could be further utilized in relevant industrial applications.

Full Text Available Aloe vera L. Estudio de los metabolitos secundarios exudados por las hojas de Aloe barbadensis. The genus Aloe has been the subject of several chemotaxonomic and phytochemical investigations. Aloe ferox is an important source of biologically active compounds like anthrones, chromones, pyrones, and flavonoids. It is a plant used extensively in traditional medicine. Despite the myriad of studies on the The effect of varying doses of ethanol extract of Aloe vera Liliaceae on acute gastric mucosal lesions induced by 0.

Acid secretion was determined by titration of the collected gastric juice to pH 7. Intraperitoneal injection of Aloe The objective of this work was to prepare and evaluate fast dissolving tablets of the nutraceutical, freeze dried Aloe vera gel. Fast dissolving tablets of the nutraceutical, freeze-dried Aloe vera gel, were prepared by dry granulation method.

The tablets were evaluated for crushing strength, disintegration Comparative study of antimicrobial activities of Aloe vera extracts Plants are of relevance to dermatology for both their beneficial and adverse effects on skin and skin disorders. One of the medicinal plants, Aloe vera Aloe barbadensis Miller , is reputed to have medicinal properties. For centuries, it has been used for an array of ailments such as mild fever, wounds and burns, A revised generic classification for Aloe Xanthorrhoeaceae subfam. The predominantly southern African Xanthorrhoeaceae subfam.

Alooideae has long been regarded as comprising seven so-called alooid genera Aloe , Astroloba, Chortolirion, Gasteria, Haworthia, Lomatophyllum, Poellnitzia. A reassessment of the classification Kumara is reinstated and the new genera Aloidendron and Aloiampelos are established. New combinations are made in Aloe for the three species of Chortolirion A review of toxicity and adverse clinical effects.

The Aloe plant is employed as a dietary supplement in a variety of foods and as an ingredient in cosmetic products. The widespread human exposure and its potential toxic and carcinogenic activities raise safety concerns. Chemical analysis reveals that the Aloe plant contains various polysaccharides and phenolic chemicals, notably anthraquinones.

Ingestion of Aloe preparations is associated with diarrhea, hypokalemia, pseudomelanosis coli, kidney failure, as well as phototoxicity and hypersensitive reactions. Recently, Aloe vera whole leaf extract showed clear evidence of carcinogenic activity in rats, and was classified by the International Agency for Research on Cancer as a possible human carcinogen Group 2B.

This review presents updated information on the toxicological effects, including the cytotoxicity, genotoxicity, carcinogenicity, and adverse clinical effects of Aloe vera whole leaf extract, gel, and latex. Aloe barbadensis Miller Aloe vera has a Crassulaceae acid metabolism which grants the plant great tolerance to water restrictions. Carbohydrates such as acemannans and fructans are among the molecules responsible for tolerating water deficit in other plant species.

Nevertheless, fructans, which are prebiotic compounds, have not been described nor studied in Aloe vera, whose leaf gel is known to possess beneficial pharmaceutical, nutritional and cosmetic properties. As Aloe vera is frequently cultivated in semi-arid conditions, like those found in northern Chile, we investigated the effect of water deficit on fructan composition and structure.

The amounts of fructans were also greater in the bases compared to the leaf tips in all water treatments. Fructans also increase in degree of polymerization with increasing water deficit. Therefore, in non-stressed plants, the inulin, neo-inulin and neo-levan type of fructans predominate, while in the most stressful conditions for the plant, Aloe vera also synthesizes fructans with a more branched structure, the neofructans. To our knowledge, the synthesis and the protective role of neo-fructans under extreme water deficit has not been previously reported. Antiplasmodial potential and quantification of aloin and aloe -emodin in Aloe vera collected from different climatic regions of India.

In this study, Aloe vera samples were collected from different climatic regions of India. Quantitative HPTLC high performance thin layer chromatography analysis of important anthraquinones aloin and aloe -emodin and antiplasmodial activity of crude aqueous extracts was done to estimate the effects of these constituents on antiplasmodial potential of the plant. The antiplasmodial activity of plant extracts was assessed against a chloroquine CQ sensitive strain of P. Minimum Inhibitory Concentration MIC of aqueous extracts of selected samples was determined according to the World Health Organization WHO recommended method that was based on assessing the inhibition of schizont maturation in a well microtitre plate.

EC effective concentration values of different samples were observed to predict antiplasmodial potential of the plant in terms of their climatic zones. A maximum quantity of aloin and aloe -emodin i. The inhibited parasite growth with EC 50 values ranging from 0. The antiplasmodial EC 50 value of positive control Chloroquine was observed 0. A positive correlation was reported between aloin and aloe -emodin. Antiplasmodial activity was increased with increase in the concentration of aloin and aloe -emodin.

The quantity of aloin and aloe -emodin was decreased with rise in temperature hence it was negatively correlated with temperature. The extracts of Aloe vera collected from colder climatic regions showed good antiplasmodial activity and also showed the presence of higher amount of aloin and. Full Text Available Entre y Chile y Argentina negociaron la firma de un Tratado de Comercio con vistas a suprimir los aranceles aduaneros y consagrar el principio de "Cordillera Libre".

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La intensa resistencia de estas corporaciones terminaron por frustrar el proyecto, el cual fue definitivamente archivado en Between and , Chile and Argentina negotiated the signature of a Trade Agreement in order to abolish the customs duties and consecrate the principle of "Free Mountain Range". The centre of attraction was the exports of Argentinean cattle to Chile and of Chilean wine to Argentina. But in both countries there aroused a strong reaction of the vested interests, purposely to thwart the diplomatic negotiations. The stiff opposition of these corporations finally frustrated the project, which was definitively filed away in Full Text Available The incorporation of biosolids to soil is a strategy aiming at the re-location of these materials in the environment with a useful end: In this work, the response of two Argiudoll soils one with more than years of agriculture and the other, a virgin one to biosolid incorporation was studied under laboratory conditions.

To measure this response, soil enzymatic biodescriptors, such as dehydrogenase and urease activities, and tests related to plant physiology the root elongation test were employed. The addition of the biosolid to both soils had a stimulating effect though different on each soil according to the added dose. Los resultados obtenidos sugieren que los biodescriptores empleados resultaron aptos para estudiar el.

Tocando a las puertas del cielo. Incluye obra visual de Francisco Madrigal, reproduc It is possible to show, through the contents: Efficient protocol for rapid Aloe vera micropropagation. Liliaceae is a medicinal plant and has a number of curative properties. Vegetative propagation has not enough potential for supplying market demand.

However, via in vitro propagation makes possible the mass production of Aloe plants. The current study was conducted to investigate growth regulators' effects on proliferation of A. In this study, for comparison of plant growth regulators' effects on proliferation, the shoot tips and auxiliary buds of A. Rooted plantlets were transferred to garden soil, compost, and sand in the proportion of 1: Rooting was also achieved in the same media composition proliferation of shoot. The regenerated plants looked healthy, and they were morphologically similar to that of stock plants.

These results suggest that in vitro culture may be used as a technique for rapid propagation of A. Hypoglycemic effect of instant aloe vera on the diabetic rats. Full Text Available Instant aloe vera contains phenolic compounds which has antioxidative activity. However, this product is hygroscopic and damaged easily during storage.

The critical condition of the instant occurs at the moisture content of Increasing the moisture content could accelerate oxidation of the phenolic compounds, thus decrease the antioxidative activity. Previous research showed that the antioxidative activity of instant aloe vera could lower the blood glucose. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the hypoglycemic activity of instant aloe vera during storage until the critical condition. The hypoglycemic effect was determined with the in vivo method using diabetic Wistar rats as experimental animals.

The diabetic rats were fed with a standard feed combined with instant aloe vera which has been stored at various storage time i. The blood glucose was analyzed every week until 4 weeks. The research showed that the diabetic rats fed with standard feed without instant aloe vera had high blood glucose Otherwise, the blood glucose of diabetic rats fed with instant aloe vera decreased from Los derechos de propiedad se limitan en el tiempo y bajo algunas circunstancias es obligatorio autorizar a otros a usar la patente bajo un contrato de licenciamiento.

Pretextos y contextos olvidados: Full Text Available El presente estudio pretende ver, desde una perspectiva amplia, los dos tratados de James Peele , The pathe waye , en su conjunto, se aparta de forma considerable de los tratados publicados con anterioridad; y por lo que se refiere a su primer libro , dispone de suficientes rasgos diferenciadores para que en el todo y en las partes sea una pieza bien distinta de tratados anteriores. La excelencia es la cualidad que destaca en los dos tratado , en particular en The pathe waye.

Y se puede decir lo mismo de John Carpenter The present paper tries to have a look, from a broad perspective, at James Peele's two treatises , The pathe waye , as a whole, drifts away considerably from the treatises previously. Antioxidant activity of the exudate from Aloe barbadensis leaves in Diabetes, Aloe barbadensis, oxidative stress, Antioxidant enzymes Many minor components of foods, such as secondary plant Reconocimiento Mapu-Che de Chile: Aloe vera extract activity on human corneal cells.

Ocular diseases are currently an important problem in modern societies. Patients suffer from various ophthalmologic ailments namely, conjunctivitis, dry eye, dacryocystitis or degenerative diseases. Therefore, there is a need to introduce new treatment methods, including medicinal plants usage.

Aloe vera [ Aloe barbadensis Miller Liliaceae ] possesses wound-healing properties and shows immunomodulatory, anti-inflammatory or antioxidant activities. The present study analyzes the effect of Aloe vera extracts obtained with different solvents on in vitro culture of human We found no toxicity of ethanol, ethyl acetate and heptane extracts of Aloe vera on human corneal cells. Only ethyl acetate extract expressed distinct free radical scavenging effect. Plant extracts decreased NO production by human corneal cells as compared to untreated controls.

Aloe vera contains multiple pharmacologically active substances which are capable of modulating cellular phenotypes and functions. Aloe vera ethanol and ethyl acetate extracts may be used in eye drops to treat inflammations and other ailments of external parts of the eye such as the cornea. Design, formulation and evaluation of Aloe vera chewing gum. Aloe vera has antioxidant, antiinflammatory, healing, antiseptic, anticancer and antidiabetic effects. The aim of the present study was to design and evaluate the formulation of Aloe vera chewing gum with an appropriate taste and quality with the indications for healing oral wounds, such as lichen planus, mouth sores caused by cancer chemotherapy and mouth abscesses as well as reducing mouth dryness caused by chemotherapy.

In Aloe vera powder, the carbohydrate content was determined according to mannose and phenolic compounds in terms of gallic acid. Aloe vera powder, sugar, liquid glucose, glycerin, sweeteners and different flavors were added to the soft gum bases. Then the chewing gum was cut into pieces of suitable sizes.

Weight uniformity, content uniformity, the organoleptic properties evaluation, releasing the active ingredient in the phosphate buffer pH, 6. One gram of Aloe vera powder contained 5. After making 16 Aloe vera chewing gum formulations, the F16 formulation was selected as the best formulation according to its physicochemical and organoleptic properties. After assessments made, the F16 formulation with maltitol, aspartame and sugar sweeteners was selected as the best formulation.

Among various flavors used, peppermint flavor which had the most acceptance between consumers was selected. To establish the gel permeation chromatography GPC fingerprint chromatograms of polysaccharides in Aloe vera leaf gel from the same habitat Beijing and different habitats for evaluating the quality of Aloe vera leaf gel products commercially available and testing common adulterated substances. The samples were prepared by water-extraction and alcohol-precipitation method.

The common pattern of GPC fingerprint chromatograms was established and four common peaks were demarcated. The similarities of samples from the same habitat Beijing and different habitats were over 0. Taking the GPC fingerprint chromatograms for the qualified model, three commercially available aloe products were evaluated to be made of Aloe vera by the different manufacturing processes and four common adulterated substances of aloe polysaccharides were identified effectively.

The method is simple and accurate with a good reproducibility, and it can be used for the identification and quality evaluation of Aloe vera leaf gel products. Characteristics of aloe vera powder produced showing yellowish white color, water content of 8: Making hand body lotion of aloe vera powder optimization results show the characteristic white color with a fragrant aroma, acidity pH 7: Rapid micro-propagation of Aloe vera L. Cloning protocol of Aloe vera as a study-case for tailor- made biotechnology to small farmers. Micropropagation of Aloe vera. Hemlock alkaloids from Socrates to poison aloes.

Hemlock Conium maculatum L. Umbelliferae has long been known as a poisonous plant. Toxicity is due to a group of piperidine alkaloids of which the representative members are coniine and gamma-coniceine. The latter is the more toxic and is the first formed biosynthetically. Its levels in relation to coniine vary widely according to environmental conditions and to provenance of the plants.

Surprisingly, these piperidine alkaloids have turned up in quite unrelated species in the monocotyledons as well as the dicotyledons. Aloes , for instance, important medicinal plants, are not regarded as poisonous although some species are very bitter. Nevertheless a small number of mostly local species contain the alkaloids, especially gamma-coniceine and there have been records of human poisoning. The compounds are recognized by their characteristic mousy smell. Both acute and chronic symptoms have been described.

The compounds are neurotoxins and death results from respiratory failure, recalling the effects of curare. Chronic non-lethal ingestion by pregnant livestock leads to foetal malformation. Both acute and chronic toxicity are seen with stock in damp meadows and have been recorded as problems especially in North America. The alkaloids derive biosynthetically from acetate units via the polyketide pathway in contrast to other piperidine alkaloids which derive from lysine.

Aloe vera for treating acute and chronic wounds. Aloe vera is a cactus-like perennial succulent belonging to the Liliaceae Family that is commonly grown in tropical climates. Animal studies have suggested that Aloe vera may help accelerate the wound healing process. To determine the effects of Aloe vera-derived products for example dressings and topical gels on the healing of acute wounds for example lacerations, surgical incisions and burns and chronic wounds for example infected wounds, arterial and venous ulcers. We did not apply date or language restrictions.

We included all randomised controlled trials that evaluated the effectiveness of Aloe vera, aloe -derived products and a combination of Aloe vera and other dressings as a treatment for acute or chronic wounds. There was no restriction in terms of source, date of publication or language. An objective measure of wound healing either proportion of completely healed wounds or time to complete healing was the primary endpoint.

Two review authors independently carried out trial selection, data extraction and risk of bias assessment, checked by a third review author. Seven trials were eligible for inclusion, comprising a total of participants. Five trials in people with acute wounds evaluated the effects of Aloe vera on burns, haemorrhoidectomy patients and skin biopsies. Aloe vera mucilage did not increase burn healing compared with silver sulfadiazine risk ratio RR 1.

A reduction in healing time with Aloe vera was noted after haemorrhoidectomy RR In early , similar symptoms were found on the aloe plants grown in Semplak, Bogor, West Java. Based on its symptom and progressively spread, especially on the leaf and basal stem, it appeared that the disease was serious and therefore threatened the current development of die plants. Full Text Available Different plants have been reported to be a source of polysaccharides that possess a great variety of biological activities, including cough suppression.

The experiments were aimed on the influence of two polysaccharides isolated from the gel A, HF1-Z and one from the epidermis SL-1 of Aloe vera leaves, characterized by chemical composition and structural properties, on the cough reflex. The method of mechanically induced cough was used in conscious cats. A nylon fibre directed individually into the mucous area of the laryngopharyngeal and tracheobronchial airways via endotracheal cannula elicited the cough reflex.

New pharmacodynamic property of polysaccharides isolated from Aloe vera was shown during experiments, which could be a base of their possible therapeutic use in this indication in future. Formulation and Characterization of Aceclofenac - Aloe vera Transemulgel. The present research was aimed to formulate aceclofenac transemulgel using Aloe vera as gel base.

The prepared formulations were subjected to physical characterization, in-vitro and in-vivo assessment. Aceclofenac, a hydrophobic potential non steroidal anti inflammatory drug, causes ulceration upon chronic oral administration, could be formulated into transemulgel to enhance therapeutic efficacy and to lower the unwanted side effects. The transemulgel was prepared from aqueous Aloe vera gel and aceclofenac emulsion.

The prepared transemulgel was evaluated for its pH, viscosity, drug content, skin irritation, in-vitro diffusion and accelerated stability studies. The prepared aceclofenac- Aloe vera tranemulgel and commercial aceclofenac gel were subjected to pharmacodynamic studies in albino rats of Wistar strain employing carrageenan induced left hind paw edema method to assess the anti-inflammatory effect.

The transemulgel showed a pH of 6. In-vitro diffusion data revealed better permeation characteristics. Topical application of formulation found no skin irritation. Stability study has proved the integrity of the formulation. The prepared aceclofenac Aloe vera transemulgel showed better in-vitro drug release when compared with the commercial aceclofenac gel formulation.

Anti-inflammatory activity in treated rats showed the significant paw volume reduction at p Aloe vera as gel base. Qualitative improvement of low meat beef burger using Aloe vera. Low meat beef burgers have found their niche in the food markets in developing countries because of their lower price. However, these burgers still lack an acceptable quality.

This study investigates the effects of different concentrations of Aloe vera on the quality of this food product. Results indicate that Aloe vera contributed to some extent to decreased cooking loss and diameter reduction in the burgers. Increased concentrations of Aloe vera led to improvements in the water absorption and texture of the burgers as well as their lipid stability. Finally, it was found that Aloe vera acts as a hydrocolloid and improves the quality of burgers. Impact of goat browsing on Aloe ferox in a South African savanna The extent and impact of the utilisation of Aloe ferox by Boer goats during winter in a South African savanna was determined using a plant-based approach.

All Aloe plants rooted within the transects were eaten by goats, with small plants utilised more frequently than tall plants. The density of dying and dead Aloe plants was The gastrointestinal tract of neonates is sensitive to dietary manipulations. When nursing mothers use Aloe vera, their babies are at risk of indirect exposure to Aloe vera via breast feeding or directly as health supplements.

The effects of orally administered extracts of Aloe vera in unweaned rats were investigated. Analyses of Aloe polysaccharides using carbohydrate microarray profiling. As the popularity of Aloe vera extracts continues to rise, a desire to fully understand the individual polymer components of the leaf mesophyll, their relation to one another and the effects they have on the human body are increasing. Polysaccharides present in the leaf mesophyll have been However, the commonly used methods do not provide the desired platform to conduct large comparative studies of polysaccharide compositions as most of them require The objective for this study was to assess whether carbohydrate microarrays could be used for the high-throughput analysis of cell wall polysaccharides in Aloe leaf mesophyll.

The method we chose is known as Comprehensive Microarray Polymer Profiling And anthraquinone content was determined by ultraviolet spectrophotometry. Staphylococcus, Serratieae, Bacillus, Proteus and the minimal inhibitory concentration MIC were studied by oxford plate assay system. The antibacterial activity of the Aloe anthraquinone on Staphylococcus Aureus, Bacillus Proteus is obviously, the minimum inhibitory concentrations were 0.

Monosaccharide analysis of succulent leaf tissue in Aloe. Methodology — Monosaccharide composition was assessed in 31species, representing the morphological and taxonomic diversity of Aloe sensu stricto. Introduction — The succulent leaf mesophyll in Aloe species supports a burgeoning natural products industry, particularly in Africa.

Comparative data necessary to prioritise species with economic potential have been lacking. Objective — To survey leaf mesophyll monosaccharide composition Oximes and trimethylsilyl ether products were detected by GC-MS. Constituent monosaccharides accounting for the greatest variation among species were identified by principal component analysis. Two plant DNA barcoding regions were sequenced in 28 of the sampled species and the resulting maximum The Advanced Land Observing Satellite ALOS includes three sensors, two visible imagers and one L-band polarimetric SAR, providing high-quality remote sensing data to the scientific and commercial communities throughout the world.

Focusing on remote sensing and scientific pursuits, ALOS will image nearly the entire Earth using all three instruments during its expected three-year lifetime. These data sets offer the potential for data continuation of older satellite missions as well as new products for the growing user community. One of the unique features of the ALOS mission is the data distribution approach. JAXA has created a worldwide cooperative data distribution network.

In support of this mission, AADN is currently developing a processing and distribution infrastructure to provide easy access to these data sets. Utilizing a custom, grid-based process controller and media generation system, the overall infrastructure has been designed to provide maximum throughput while requiring a minimum of operator input and maintenance. This paper will present an overview of the ALOS system, details of each sensor's capabilities and of the processing and distribution system being developed by AADN to provide these valuable data sets to users throughout North and South America.

Aloe emodin and barbaloin, isolated as the active principles of the medicinal plant Aloe vera L. With optimized operating conditions for SFE, aloe emodin and barbaloin were quantitatively extracted from A. Vera leaves within 20 minutes at a flow rate of 0. Separation of aloe emodin and barbaloin, in a pure form, from the SFE extract was achieved using a semi-preparative column.

The cytotoxic activity of both aloe emodin and barbaloin were evaluated using the in-vitro MTT colorimetric assay. Aloe vera for prevention and treatment of infusion phlebitis. Infusion phlebitis has become one of the most common complications in patients with intravenous therapy. Therefore, there is an urgent need to develop new methods to prevent and alleviate infusion phlebitis.

To systematically assess the effects of external application of Aloe vera for the prevention and treatment of infusion phlebitis associated with the presence of an intravenous access device. The authors searched the following Chinese databases until 28 February Bibliographies of retrieved and relevant publications were searched.

There were no restrictions on the basis of date or language of publication. Randomised controlled trials RCTs and quasi-randomised controlled trials qRCTs were included if they involved participants receiving topical Aloe vera or Aloe vera-derived products at the site of punctured skin, with or without routine treatment at the same site. Two review authors independently extracted the data on the study characteristics, description of methodology and outcomes of the eligible trials, and assessed study quality.

Data were analysed using RevMan 5. Chemical composition of volatile constituents from the leaves of Aloe One of the constituents of the Aloe pith is It is also well Karyotypes in Ethiopian Aloe species Xanthorrhoeaceae: A cytogenetic survey of 18 species in the succulent-leaved genus Aloe L.

Xanthorrhoeaceae subfamily Asphodeloideae in Ethiopia was undertaken towards a more complete genetic characterisation of the genus throughout its distribution in Africa, Arabia and Madagascar. In this paper the improvement of the hydrological model metaSWAP of The Netherlands, with respect to soil moisture, is studied using remote sensing data. Accuracy assessment of ALOS optical instruments: This paper describes the updated results of calibration and validation to assess the accuracies for optical instruments onboard the Advanced Land Observing Satellite ALOS , nicknamed "Daichi" , which was successfully launched on January 24th, and it is continuously operating very well.

AVNIR-2 has four radiometric bands from blue to near infrared and uses for regional environment and disaster monitoring etc. These works will be done during the ALOS mission life as an operational calibration to keep absolute accuracies of the standard products. Extraction of the yellow colour compounds of leaves of Aloe excelsa were performed and 1,8-dihydroxymethylanthracenedione chrysophanol was isolated and tested for antibacterial activities against four gram negative and five gram positive bacterial strains.

The structures of chrysophanol was determined by chemical Aloe arborescens aqueous gel extract alters the activities of key The present study investigated the antidiabetic activity and the possible mechanisms of action of aqueous extract of Aloe arborescens leaf gel AALGEt on normal and alloxan-induced diabetic rats. The effects of the exudate of Aloe barbadensis leaves on oxidative stress and some antioxidant status of streptozotocin induced - diabetic rats were studied. There was significant reduction in scavenging enzymes like superoxide dismutase SOD activity and significant increase in signs of oxidative tissue damage, such as Insecticidal and insect productivity reduction capacities of aloe vera Two important medicinal plants, Aloe vera and Bryophyllum pinnatum were admixed with maize grains Popcorn at dosages of 1g, 2g and 5g treatments per 50g of maize.

Results showed that both lower and higher dosages had toxic effects on Tribolium castaneum but the best results were obtained in the grains treated In Ethiopian traditional medicine, the leaf latex of Aloe debranan Chrstian is used for the treatment of several diseases including malaria. In an ongoing search for effective, safe and cheap antimalarial agents from plants, the leaf latex of A.

Prevention of the onset of hyperglycaemia by extracts of Aloe The ability of a home-made aqueous extract of Aloe barbadensis to prevent the onset of alloxaninduced hyperglycaemia was examined and compared with that of a factory-produced gel. A fourth group of animals was left Log in or Register to get access to full text downloads. Username, Password, Remember me, or Register. Aloe ; Beyond use as cosmetics. Distribution, diversity and conservation of the genus Aloe in Kenya The diversity patterns indicate a high concentration of taxa in three areas that are identified as Aloe hot spots and thus of high priority for conservation of the genus: Extracts from Aloe ferox and Withania somnifera inhibit Candida Herbal medicines play a vital role in the treatment of sexually transmitted infections STIs , especially in the remote areas of South Africa where clinics and hospitals are sparsely located.

Withania somnifera are among the southern African plants commonly used for the treatment of STIs. Comparative antimicrobial activities of aloe vera gel and leaf The comparative antimicrobial activities of the gel and leaf of Aloe vera were tested against Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Trichophyton mentagraphytes, T. Ethanol was used for the extraction of the leaf after obtaining the gel from it. Survey of chemical manure on morphological traits in Iranian Aloe This experiment was conducted at the Institute of National Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology in Iran to evaluate the effect of different amount of fertilizers on the leaf and plant characteristics, as well as the yield characteristics of Aloe vera.

There were 6 different treatments viz. The study was designed to investigate the effects of chronic administration of Aloe vera gel extract on markers of hepatic damage, lipid profiles and erythrocyte osmotic fragility using the Wistar rats. Forty male Wistar rats divided into four groups of ten rats per group were used in the study. Group I which served as the control Immunohistochemical studies on the effect of Aloe vera on the Department of Medical Biology, Cerrahpasa Faculty Fumaric acid, an antibacterial component of Aloe vera L. The acetoacetate fraction partitioned from Aloe vera L.

Through a series of chromatographic methods and activity assays, one compound was obtained and it has potent antibacterial activity. Based on the data of mass spectrometry, Due to increasing resistance to antibiotics and rising incidence of oral diseases, there is a need for alternative treatment modalities to combat oral diseases.

The aim of the present study was to access the effect of Aloe vera mouthwash on the dental plaque in the experimental period of 4 days and to compare it Identification of phytochemical components of aloe plantlets by gas In this study, the inhibitory effects of a home-made Botanical aspects of aloes of north East Africa Demissew Bulletin Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Ethiopia. Botanical aspects of aloes of north East Africa. For the beauty of their vegetative structures, drought tolerance, popular beliefs and mysticism, Aloe has an important place in the house porches, gardens, terraces, and balconies of many Latin American households.

Its healing potential has been supported by multiple laboratories, natural medicine and traditional hospitals that evaluate alternatives for healing of gastrointestinal, epidermal, cardiovascular, respiratory, metabolic, cancer, among other, which are reported to improve the rational management of extracts as a specific treatment to relieve some diseases or as an adjunct to the effects of formal medicine. This work presents a compendium of botanical studies by our research laboratory on local populations of A. Specific anatomical details and morphological traits, evaluated under ambient conditions of tropical very dry forest of northeastern Venezuela, were described and scientific arguments about its origin, evolution and nomenclature were analyzed.

This is a contribution to the comprehensive knowledge of this species, whose cultivation and agro-industrial use represents a possibility to improve the quality of life of coastal communities, diversification of local economies and the export of non-traditional products. Efficacy of orally administered powdered aloe juice Aloe ferox against ticks on cattle and ticks and fleas on dogs.

Full Text Available The efficacy of orally administered powdered aloe juice Aloe ferox was evaluated against ticks on cattle and against ticks and fleas on dogs. Twelve calves were each infested over a day period with approximately larvae of Rhipicephalus Boophilus decoloratus and allocated to 3 groups of 4 calves each.

Detached female ticks were collected daily and counted and the weights and the fertility of groups of 50 engorged female ticks collected from the animals were ascertained. The powdered aloe juice in the game maintenance pellets had no effect on the tick burdens of the calves or on the fertility of the ticks. Six dogs, in each of 2 groups, were treated daily for 15 consecutive days, commencing on Day -5 before the 1st tick infestation, with either 0. Treatment was not effective against ticks or fleas on the dogs.

Physicochemical characterization of microwave assisted synthesis of silver nanoparticles using Aloe Vera Aloe barbadensis. Biosynthesis of silver nanoparticles AgNP using different biological extracts is gaining recognition for its numerous applications in different disciplines. Although different approaches physical and chemical have been used for the synthesis of AgNP, the green chemistry method is most preferable because of its high efficacy, cost effectiveness, and environmental benignity. Aloe Vera AV contains chemical compounds anthraquinones that are known to possess antibacterial, antivirus and anticancer properties and the extract is a good chemical reduction agent for AgNP.

Hence, it was hypothesized that a microwave assisted synthesis will produce highly concentrated, homogeneous, stable and biologically active AgNP. Thus, the main objective of the study was to evaluate the effect of microwave assisted synthesis of AgNP, the effect of pulse laser treatment on size reduction of a microwave synthesized AgNP, and the physicochemical characterization of AgNP synthesized with Aloe Vera water and ethanol extract.

The experiment was conducted in two phases. Phase 1 was first conducted to optimize the experimental variables, thus establishing the optimum variables to apply in the second phase. The experiment in Phase 1 was conducted using three-factor factorial experimental design comprised of the following factors: Furthermore, the Polydispersity indexes of Week 1.

This fact is correlated with ischemia and diabetic wound healing failure. Aloe vera gel is known to be able to stimulate vascular endothelial growth factor VEGF expression and activity by enhancing nitric oxide NO production as a result of nitric oxide synthase NOS enzyme activity. Aloe vera is a potential target to enhancing angiogenesis in wound healing. The objective of this study was to explore the major role of Aloe vera gel in wound healing of diabetic ulcers by increasing the level of EPCs, VEGF, and endothelial nitric oxide synthase eNOS, as well as by reducing the level of CECs involved in angiogenesis process of diabetic ulcers healing.

All subgroups were wounded and daily observation was done on the wounds areas. It was shown by significant reduction of wound diameter 0. Full Text Available Serat yang terkandung di dalam nata Aloe vera adalah selulosa sehingga dapat digunakan dalam sintesis membran. Telah dilakukan penelitian tentang sintesis membran nata Aloe vera-etilendiamin nata-en menggunakan sistem vakum cair. Proses preparasi membran berlangsung melalui tiga tahap, yaitu preparasi nata Aloe vera, aktivasi menggunakan asam sulfat, dan modifikasi dengan menggunakan etilendiamin.

Tujuan penelitian adalah untuk mempelajari teknik dalam sintesis membran nata-en kemudian melakukan karakterisasi untuk mengetahui karakter strukturnya. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan perilaku yang berbeda dalam hal sifat mekanik dan strukturnya. Membran nata murni memiliki sifat mekanik yang kuat, nata teraktivasi cenderung rapuh, sedangkan nata-en bersifat liat.

Spektra infra merah dari ketiga tipe membran nata murni, nata teraktivasi, dan nata-en secara umum tidak mengalami perubahan yang signifikan, hanya terjadi pergeseran panjang gelombang dari masing-masing membran. Berdasarkan spektra infra merah dapat diketahui bahwa masing-masing membran mempunyai gugus hidroksil, tetapi serapannya semakin melebar untuk setiap membran.

tratado con aloe: Topics by

Gugus alkil dan karboksil juga masih tampak, namun pada membran nata teraktivasi serapannya berkurang, sedangkan pada membran nata-en muncul puncak baru yang menunjukkan adanya gugus amin. Hal ini membuktikan bahwa telah terjadi ikatan antara nata dengan etilendiamin. Fibers contained in nata Aloe vera is cellulose that can be used in the synthesis of membrane.

The research has done on the synthesis of nata Aloe vera-ethylenediamine nata-en membrane by using liquid vacuum system. Membrane preparation process consisted of three stages, they are nata Aloe vera preparation, activation using sulfuric acid, and membrane modification by using ethylenediamine. The purpose of research is to study the technique of nata-en membrane synthesis then to perform the characterization to determine the character of their structure.

Aloe Vera is known for its wide medicinal properties. This study was performed to evaluate the role of Aloe vera Aloe barbadensis Miller in the amelioration of the histological disorders that occurr in different tissues of albino rats exposed to 7 Gy whole body gamma irradiation, delivered as a single dose. Aloe vera leaf juice filtrate was supplemented daily to rats 0. Experimental investigations performed 7 and 10 days after exposure to radiation showed that Aloe vera treatment has significantly improved the radiation-induced inflammation, haemorrhage, widening and dilated blood vessela, necrosis, atrophy sloughing in liver, spleen and small intestine jejenum tissues of irradiated rats.

It is concluded that the synergistic relationship between the elements found in the leaf of Aloe vera could be a useful adjunct for maintaining the integrity of histological architecture. Efficacy of aloe vera gel as an adjuvant treatment of oral submucous fibrosis. Definitive therapy is not defined for the management of oral submucous fibrosis OSMF. This study evaluated the efficacy of aloe vera gel as an adjuvant treatment of OSMF. Follow-up assessment for various symptoms was performed, and results were analyzed using paired and unpaired Student t tests. The group receiving aloe vera had a significant improvement in most symptoms of OSMF P aloe vera group, in both the medicinal and surgical categories.

Aloe vera gel was effective as an adjuvant in treatment of OSMF. Intravenous therapy is a type of treatment that is widely provided to hospitalized children. Intravenous application in a long time causes complications in children, such as phlebitis. One of the interventions in handling phlebitis is compressing Aloe vera which is useful because it has electrolyte in low concentration so as not to cause extravasation. This study aims to identify the effect of Aloe Development of Aloe vera based edible coating for tomato.

The effect of formulated Aloe vera based edible coating on mass loss, colour, firmness, pH, acidity, total soluble solid, ascorbic acid and lycopene on the coated tomato was investigated. The tomato in control showed a rapid deterioration with an estimated shelf life period of 19 days, based on the mass loss, colour changes, accelerated softening and ripening. On the contrary, the coating on tomatoes delayed the ripening and extended the shelf life up to 39 days.

The physiological loss in weight was 7. From the results, it was concluded that the use of Aloe vera based edible coating leads to increased tomato shelf-life. Memristors in the electrical network of Aloe vera L. A memristor is a resistor with memory, which is a non-linear passive two-terminal electrical element relating magnetic flux linkage and electrical charge.

Here we found that memristors exist in vivo. The electrostimulation of the Aloe vera by bipolar sinusoidal or triangle periodic waves induce electrical responses with fingerprints of memristors. Uncouplers carbonylcyanidechlorophenylhydrazone and carbonylcyanidetrifluoromethoxy-phenyl hydrazone decrease the amplitude of electrical responses at low and high frequencies of bipolar periodic sinusoidal or triangle electrostimulating waves. Memristive behavior of an electrical network in the Aloe vera is linked to the properties of voltage gated ion channels: The discovery of memristors in plants creates a new direction in the modeling and understanding of electrical phenomena in plants.

Full Text Available The yogurt is milk derivative highly consumed around the world,as well as aloe vera. Both have reports tocontribute to human health. The purpose of this research is to determine the effect of the addition of capsules with aloe vera during the incubation of yogurt. For these samples were determined: The results indicated that for the three treatments pH values and acid behaved similarly to each characteristic of the yogurt during incubation.

Sensorially, three treatments had a favorable acceptability; proximate analysis had favorable values. In conclusion,the tests showed the viability of encapsulated aloe vera in the manufacture of yogurt during incubation time without being affected by the concentration of sodium alginate. Soluble epoxide hydrolase inhibitory activity of anthraquinone components from Aloe. Aloe is a short-stemmed succulent herb widely used in traditional medicine to treat various diseases and as raw material in cosmetics and heath foods. In this study, we isolated and identified two new anthraquinone derivatives, aloinoside C 6 and aloinoside D 7 , together with six known compounds from an aqueous dissolved Aloe exudate.

Their structures were identified by spectroscopic analysis. The inhibitory effects of the isolated compounds on soluble epoxide hydrolase sEH were evaluated. Compounds inhibited sEH activity potently, with IC50 values ranging from 4. A kinetic analysis of compounds revealed that the inhibitory actions of compounds 1, 6 and 8 were non-competitive, whereas those of compounds and 7 were the mixed-type. Molecular docking increases our understanding of receptor-ligand binding of all compounds.

These results demonstrate that compounds from Aloe are potential sEH inhibitors. Physicochemical characterization of silver nanoparticles synthesize using Aloe Vera Aloe barbadensis. Production of silver nanoparticles AgNPs using different biological methods is gaining recognition due to their multiple applications.

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Although, several physical and chemical methods have been used for the synthesis and stabilizing of AgNPs, yet, a green chemistry method is preferable because it is cost effective and environmentally friendly. The synthesis was done using Aloe Vera AV extract because it has chemical compounds such as "Antrokinon" that are known for its antibacterial, antivirus and anticancer properties.

We hypothesize that AV extract can produce a stable nanoparticles within the nm range and be biologically active. The biological compounds were extracted from AV skin with water and ethanol which was used as the reduction agent for the synthesis of nanoparticles. The reaction process was monitored using UV-Visible spectroscopy.

Fourier Transfer Infrared spectroscopy FTIR was used for the characterization of biological compounds and their substituent groups before and after the reaction process. According to TEM measurements the size of AgNPs are in the range nm The results suggested that ethanol derived AgNPs contained higher yield of organic compounds, thus has better solubility power than water. Ag NPs can be used to control salmonella in poultry industry. Efectos de inhibidores de colinesterasa en pacientes con enfermedad asociada a cuerpos de Lewy. Estudio tipo ensayo abierto. Pacientes con demencia asociada a cuerpos de Lewy y demencia de la enfermedad de Parkinson.

Diecisiete pacientes fueron tratados con rivastigmina, 9 con galantamina y 7 con donepezilo. Comparison of symptoms, physical examination and electromyography findings, with the results of surgery of carpal tunnel release, in patients treated between January and December , at the Hospital Calderon Guardia; Comparacion de la sintomatologia, exploracion fisica y hallazgos electromiograficos, con los resultados de la cirugia de liberacion de tunel carpal, en pacientes tratados entre enero y diciembre , en el Hospital Calderon Guardia.

A comparison of the preoperative findings was performed in patients with the diagnosis of carpal tunnel syndrome, with functional outcomes and postoperative residual pain, using the scale Patient Rate Wrist Evaluation PRWE. All patients have had clinical history, physical examination and electromyography studies. They were operated by minimally invasive open surgery. The information was collected in an Excel table and patients have located via telephone. The amount of physical signs present preoperatively and postoperative results were found without correlation.

The mixed lesion, both sensory and motor has been the most found in electrodiagnostic studies. Patients whose studies have been negative, postoperative results have showed less favorable. Unlike SlutWalks in other countries, there was nary a skimpily dressed Indian woman in sight.

Instead, kurtis and salwaar kameeze were common attire. Some netizens pointed out that perhaps the less-than-expected turnout in Delhi had something to do with the fact that the papers had carried news of a Delhi police decree that the walk would not be allowed given that Delhi and especially the proposed venue, Jantar Mantar , is currently one of the protest hotspots in the country, the duration and length of the walk was indeed curtailed by the police - so the event finally was a short walk round the block. In fact many of the observers pointed out that unlike in other countries, here both in Bhopal and Delhi, the number of men almost overtook the number of women in the walks.

While some netizens saw this as a welcome step, others felt a bit baffled at this skewed ratio. Well-known feminist author Taslima Nasreen tweeted:. It's good that men led Delhi's slutwalk. Men's involvement in ending sexual violence against women is very important. Anshul Tewari of YouthKiAwaaz. The foreigner participants dressed in their usual revealing style. And the Indian media capitalised on this by showing them as the most publicised images, with traditionally dressed Indian woman walking sedately behind.

Carried out with men as the loudest voice, foreign women in revealing clothes as the most publicised image and Indian women in saris and salwar-kameez walking quietly behind…has done less to combat sexual harassment of Indian women than it has to promote the notion of foreign women being ready for action anytime, anywhere and with anyone… the aam aadmi common man could get the message that Indian women remain conservative and motherly, while foreign women are up for anything and dressed to reflect that.

Supporters of the Slut Walk holding banners. Regarding the impact of the Besharmi Morcha too, opinion was divided. Others however were slightly more upbeat. They saw it as a positive step in the right direction. Christine Pemberton , who took part in the event, writes in the blogzine Commentarista:. Barnaby has a word of advice for both sides of the debate. The organisers could learn from this inaugural march and come back stronger, better coordinated, better promoted in Critics of this Besharmi Morcha have to acknowledge it as the first release of pressure and reserve final judgment until at least a few years down the line.

The social norm being challenged — disrespect and institutionalised harassment of women — is a powerful view that has centuries of momentum behind it. Like the American civil rights movement in midth century US or the suffrage movement in s New Zealand, change will take time.

TwitterVsFB u choose who to follow cause ure convinced, fb u have to accept every friend request cause otherwise u would b blamed! Egyptian Wael Ghonim, who rose to fame after being arrested in the early days of the Egyptian revolution, notes:. Facebook is where you lie to your friends. Twitter is where you're honest with strangers. TwitterVsFB Facebook makes u hate people close to u, twitter makes u love people u never knew.

For more reactions, please check out the hashtag TwitterVsFB. In the weeks since Twitter introduced Japanese language capability for hashtags, the Japanese Twitterverse has taken to them like ducks to water. Up until now, we've been using English hashtags in our Japanese tweets, which acted as unifiers or clickable search filters. Oftentimes, it did not particularly add context to that tweet beyond an event or campaign name. Some are observing that Japanese hashtags have turned Twitter into an oasis for ohgiri , a style of wordplay that has its roots in the traditional comedic storytelling form of rakugo.

Participants compete to give the wittiest response to a short theme. Wordsmith Hideaki Matsunaga says:. He goes on to give several explanations from a linguistic point of view, stating that the biggest reason could be that compared to alphabet tags, Japanese hashtags can easily be turned into sentences. On the other hand, a Japanese hashtag can be a whole sentence. At the end of July, graphic and web designers had their turn and shared their everyday grievances in a torrent of tweets. Perhaps the men would have used Foursquare to check in at the red light district for coupons:.

Japan has had a hand in revamping records for Tweets Per Second for many excitable events , and since Edo present day Tokyo was repeated devastated by fires…. The event occurred much earlier than the Edo Period, not that it deterred the Tweeps! This one conjures up a conversation with Commodore Perry, coming to Japanese shores with his war ships to open the country. Kagawa Prefecture is well known for its udon wheat noodles.

Tweeps mixed up some local pride with pop culture references. For many, she is one of the best in the team that the president will be working with. I'm a fighter; I'm very focused on what I'm doing, and relentless in what I want to achieve. If you get in my way, you get kicked. The above were statements by Nigeria's former minister for finance, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, on her ministerial tenure in Nigeria.

The engagement of Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, World Bank managing director, as the Minister of Finance, the position she formerly occupied under the President Olusegun Obasanjo administration, can be seen from the point of view of great sacrifices both on the part of President Goodluck Jonathan and Okonjo Iweala.

Without any preview to the negotiation that brought the former finance minister back, the President must have conceded a considerable power to her to manage the economy, while on her part, for a second time, she is resigning the job that has made her a global star to serve her father's land. As the first female Finance Minister in Nigeria, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala attacked corruption to make the country more desirable for foreign investment and job creation.

Now as a director of the World Bank and head of the Makeda Fund, she works for change in all of Africa. Her association with the World Bank leaves her with a Janus-Complex. Uchenna Osigwe insists that: Nonetheless NOI will be a breath of fresh air for Nigeria. As such it is difficult to demur with Nmachi Jidenma that: Following the killing of a year old man, Mark Duggan , in Tottenham on August 4, , angry residents in London and other cities in the UK took to the street rioting and looting.

Bloggers in Africa share their perspectives, some with a sense of humor. Hayibo discusses the riots with a light touch. The African Union today adopted a unilateral resolution to deploy army troops and care packages to England as looting and violence spread from London to other major cities. In case you did not know, Britain is a more violent society than South Africa:. South African police authorities say recent claims that Britain is a more violent society than South Africa are evidence that the new official policy of burning dockets is working.

This is how they riot in the UK. How is it possible for Britain to be a more violent society considering murder and rape rates in South Africa?. Here is the answer:. Malpractice by laypeople, if you will. This is how they riot in South Africa. Moses Kemibaro , a Kenyan blogger, says that the British Prime Minister has displayed double standard by proposing to ban social media:.

Therefore, the proposal by the British Prime Minister David Cameron to ban social media for rioters in the UK comes as a big shock…This is coming from one of the leaders of the free world who actually supported what has been happening in the countries that felt the Arab Spring and are seeing transformational democratic reforms in the process — social media has been key for this transformation to happen.

It is clearly a case of double standards since social media can be used for both good and bad — even in the UK. Kumekucha warns Nairobi residents who are making jokes about the riots in London:. If you live in Nairobi I suggest that you quickly wake up from your deep slumber. I have seen you sit in front of your TV burping and making jokes about what is happening in London with the ongoing riots and mayhem. It seems to delight you greatly that there is rioting on the streets of the mzungu capital. He who called us uncivilized to our faces after what happened here in January Trouble, Kumekucha observes , could break out anytime in Nairobi:.

As you read this, inflation is at a record high and the Kenyan shilling has plummeted to record lows. Amidst all that and media attention has been diverted from this by the numerous other things happening petrol prices have cleared the Kshs per litre mark and continue to rise steadily. Even the so-called middle class are feeling the heat.

The events unfolding in London and spreading to other parts of England need to be monitored by politicians in South Africa in order to give impetus to the need for the change that is required if this country is to be able to respond to current and future challenges. In this regard urgent steps need to be taken to correct a fault line running through the criminal justice system, the military and other security services which are currently embroiled with issues which do not, or should not, form part of their mandate.

Fiona Leonard , a blogger based in Ghana and Global Voices Author , looks at a trending topic on Twitter, iflondonwereinafrica , which asked tweeps how the world would have reacted if the London riots took place in an African capital:. She suggests that Africans start telling their own different stories:. Why is violence in Africa treated differently? Even the attacks on the Togolese football team in Angola during the Nations Cup in was capital for the mainly Western media to question security in far away South Africa. For Sarpong Obed , one question lingers:. A sample of reactions from readers at Nigeria Village Square: Bamaguje is waiting for NATO to react:.

What goes around comes around! Where is Nato in all of this? Impose no flight zone and no movement of planes and armored tanks. Ghanaian blogger, Nana Wireko , identifies six lessons we need to learn from the riots:. Ok, do you remember what the British press said before the world cup in South Africa?

Africa was deemed a jungle… where people eat each other. A place where civilization is nothing to write home about….. Some people even still think Africa is a country. South Africa was lambasted for all the wrong reasons. In less than a year, the London Olympic Games start. Need I say more?

The UK press should take a cue from this. A very important one! Environmentalist Bharati Chaturvedi flew for 40 hours from her home Delhi, India, to dig deeper into a dirty issue: Chaturvedi endured that double red-eye to share her wealth of knowledge about pickers in India and also to learn from the budding Chilean recycling system.

Representatives from Kenya, India, Colombia, Argentina and Brazil, alongside Chaturvedi, will come together for a forum [es] in Santiago on August 16 to discuss waste pickers with a special focus on women. Chaturvedi, founder and director of the Chintan Environmental Research and Action Group, advocates for environmentally friendly ways to deal with increasing urbanization in India.

Chaturvedi also prioritizes the human aspect of going green in Indian cities with overflowing slums. Working to organize as many as 1. As she sat down for Wednesday morning's post-flight meeting, she politely declines a cup of coffee as she gets down to business. Chile piles up more than 15 million tons of trash, according to a report. The Recyclers help by scavenging for items to bring to city centers. This weekend we had probably the most difficult recycling experience of our lives. Bins in Santiago are ripe for picking on the evening shift.

Image by Katie Manning. The tech-savvy Recyclers maintain a blog , a Facebook page, a Twitter account and a Youtube channel all in Spanish to organize their support network. Es necesario apoyar a las cooperativas de recicladores. There is a foundation to their fear. In Colombia, legislation originally forbade recyclers from picking up trash. Sobre politicas , a political blog in Colombia, reads:. Open the bags of garbage in inappropriate places like the street. Carrying trash in inappropriate vehicles. This law clearly supports the management of garbage by people who have money and prevents people who really need this by necessity to do so.

Chaturvedi explains that impoverished pickers in India live in conditions little better than a garbage dump, which contributes to a certain animosity. Chaturvedi explains the role of female pickers in India. So far, laws about recycling are only in the discussion phase, but the Recyclers seek to be in the middle of the action during the decision making process. This past Tuesday, August 9, Trinidad and Tobago lost a patriot.

Julian Kenny , retired Professor of Zoology at the St.

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  • Augustine campus of the University of the West Indies , naturalist, former Independent Senator in the fifth and sixth Parliaments of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago , author, columnist, photographer and holder of the prestigious Chaconia Medal Gold for environmental conservation, died at the age of The sad news immediately spread through social media , with former students posting fond tributes about his legacy and colleagues and admirers paying their respects via Facebook.

    Photo courtesy the Guardian Life Wildlife Fund. Kenny had served as chairman of the Trustees of the Fund from to Twitter was the platform through which many Trinbagonian netizens expressed their shock and grief at the news. Even mainstream media personnel used the site to tweet about Kenny's passing , but the most compelling tweets came from people who either knew him or had a great respect for his contributions to Trinidad and Tobago, which, among other things, included the underwater survey and mapping of Tobago's Buccoo Reef and championing the creation of the Marine Areas Preservation and Enhancement Act , under which the reef is scheduled as a protected area.

    P Professor Julian Kenny. Enjoyed your articles and certain your valuable contributions include changing many a Trini mind. Cadena Sport pays tribute to the life of Prof. Julian Kenny, who died earlier today. See who he was…. We are deeply saddened to hear about the passing of Professor Julian Kenny - a man of great knowledge, integrity… http: In response to a tweet from richjob announcing Kenny's passing , racheltnt replied:. Environmentalist, Julian Kenny dies bit. Bloggers also had a lot to say. Still, he taught people to value nature, to love it. And even if he had little faith in their ability to stem the tide of destruction, the love of nature he instilled in his students made them care enough to try.

    Most recently, from October 18 to November 8 of last year, he authored an important f our-part series of newspaper columns on the natural science of sexual orientation. Pires shared his thoughts:. Professor Julian Kenny died yesterday, aged 80 or 81, and there may be a quarrel, today, over who the brightest man in Trinidad is. Any extra time we got from him was a huge benefit to us all.

    Spare a thought for his widow, who survives alone, now, in a marriage that lasted longer than many lives. In Colombia several cases of corruption have surfaced over the past year. A program supposedly destined to rejuvenate the agriculture sector through subsidies to small agricultural companies, yet the reality was that its public resources have gone to large agro-industrial companies, major landowners, and even certain AIS employee relatives.

    And in the past month the discovery of several multi-million dollar embezzlements have been announced: In the blog Atrabilioso [es] , Jorge Monroy says this is an attack [es] against Uribe and his people:. Un ataque combinado desde todos los frentes imaginables. El que la debe la teme. The movement has uploaded several videos [es] to YouTube where they invite citizens to participate [es]. In December approximately 50 asylum seekers were drowned at Christmas Island when their boat was smashed on the rocks. A legal challenge has postponed a swap of refugees with Malaysia.

    The challenge, led by QC David Manne on behalf of 42 recently arrived asylum seekers including six unaccompanied minors , focuses on human rights surrounding the policy and questions what protection Malaysia will offer to asylum seekers sent by Australia. The beast seems to have taken on a life of its own. Charitably, one might assume that at least some of this concern might be around a desire to avoid such horrors as happened near Christmas Island around Christmas last year. Legal Eagle at Skeptic Lawyer is no fan of the latest solution:.

    There needs to be a total paradigm shift. The policy will send a message to prospective asylum seekers and people traffickers, but it is simply the wrong thing to do. I do not know under what degree of anguish and suffering a mother might send her child in a small boat to a foreign land. But I do know what degree of callousness is required to send an unaccompanied child in a plane to Malaysia.

    So the Malaysian Solution looks doomed; another Gillard debacle. We are now going to open the doors to so-called refugees regardless of whether any of our illegals are transferred to Malaysia. I mean the deal was lop-sided in the first place but now it is worse. I mean does this lot have a licence on stupidity or what? Prominent lawyer and human rights advocate Julian Burnside implores Australians to reflect on our national character:. So here we are: For convenience we have forgotten our origins, our good fortune, our blindness and our selfishness. In place of memory we have constructed a national myth of a generous, welcoming country, a land of new arrivals where everyone gets a fair go; a myth in which vanity fills the emptiness where the truth was forgotten.

    Or perhaps it's not a myth after all. Perhaps our national image is true, but our politicians have forgotten what it is. If we value who we are, we should remind them. Because our true character as a nation is being reshaped each day by what our politicians do in our name. Tell Canberra we are better than that, lest we forget.

    Whatever the result of the legal action, the issue of asylum seekers is not going away in a hurry, especially while there is no consensus between the political parties on how to deal with it. Pasha Kyshtymov, a lifelong patient of a psycho-neurological internat on the border of Krasnoyarsk and Irkutsk regions of Siberia, cannot communicate through speech, but had no problems learning to express himself through photography.

    Russian photographer Oleg Klimov , who visited the internat with colleagues earlier this summer and took some photos there , has documented on his blog [ru] the poignant impromptu experience of teaching Pasha to share his worldview with others:. It is natural, perhaps, that a person who cannot speak is looking for other ways to communicate.

    Visually, through images, for example… At the psycho-neurological internat in Siberia, I noticed one patient's amazing way of catching other people's peculiarities - he was showing them with his hands and facial expressions, thus explaining what he wanted to say. The director is always doing it when he is talking to somebody or is very nervous…. This perceptive person's name is Pasha.

    What exactly he understands, how he feels - in most cases, he is the only person who understands it. He cannot write and he cannot read. He can only observe, make some conclusions of his own, based exclusively on his own experiences, because no one has ever taught him anything. The idea was to quickly and efficiently teach Pasha to take photos. He wanted to tell people so, so much. He was just happy with the camera in his hands. Together, we were drinking tea in our hut outside the internat , drinking village milk, eating cheese and excellent chocolate.

    In other words, we accepted him as our own and were happy together with him. But when we came to dinner at the internat , Pasha wasn't allowed inside the dining hall with us. They said we couldn't enter together with the patients. We didn't have to explain anything to Pasha. He took off the camera and passed it to me. He wanted to return the hat as well, but I told him it was a present. He waited for us in the street nearby, while we ate our dinner in the official dining hall and were then able to go take photos again…. I promised him that we'd find a camera for him, that we'd gather money and buy a new one.

    Or perhaps some colleague would find an old and unneeded one. And the director promised us that he'd be downloading [Pasha's] photos onto his computer and thus would save them until our next visit. And this way we will learn what Pasha wants to tell us about… […]. This post is part of our special coverage Syria Protests As the death toll in Syria increases, the International Community is running out of patience and hardening its tone against Syrian president Bashar Al Assad demanding for change and reforms. Abroad the diaspora has also been involved actively since the beginning of the protests in March Almost all cities around the world have witnessed rallies and demonstrations, some asking Assad to leave, and others declaring their dying love for him.

    Here is video uploaded by AhmedIbnAlsham on August 6, where protesters where carrying a poster representing Hafez and Bashar Al Assad and written on it: Assad also has his supporters in the US like in California April 3. Chicago too, held another pro-regime rally on April 3 and June 10 while defenders of the regime met in front of the United Nations Headquarters in New York May 1 to assert their love to their leader. Wave of rallies hit Latin America as well. There, potesters, it seems, are no longer satisfied with reforms or even the call for the toppling of the regime.

    They want to bring it to trial. YouTube user Mesudh75 , posts this video showing a peaceful protest in front of the Syrian consulate and the Syrian Cultural Center in Paris. Close to Munich, in Vienna, Austria, another protest took place, where this footage was taken and posted by AhmadSouri during a demo on August 9, in front of the Syrian Embassy. In Turkey, protesters gathered in front of the Iranian embassy in Istanbul on August 5, denouncing the Islamic Republic stance towards the protest.

    They were joined on August 7, by members of the Felicity or Saadet party in front of the Syrian Consulate as we can see in this video by khaledh. But Assad can also rely on his supporters in Europe, who consider him as the only guarantee for stability and security in Syria. The streets of Paris, France, witnessed severaldemonstrations on June 11 and July 3 , 4 11 and Others marched on June 6 in Kazan City in Russia for the same reason. Despite the turmoil and unrest in the Arab world, and its own inner revolution, its capitals were keen on showing their solidarity and compassion with the Syrians.

    This is Tunis on August 6, in a video by wadoodfreesyrian where people were chanting: In Lebanon, the situation is a bit delicate due to the complex relation between both countries. You can check Mahmoud Ghazayel's photos of the event, on Facebook. Jordanians conducted Taraweeh, the nightly Ramadan prayers, on August 2 in front of the Syrian Embassy as we can see in this video taken directly from the scene of events by Basemaggad.

    Bassem recorded another video in August 8 too. In Kuwait August 5 and 7 and Bahrain August 5 , 8 and 9, protesters are demanding the expulsion of Syrian Ambassador from both respective countries and the freezing of the bilateral ties with Damascus. Protests were attended by several political figures and members of both parliaments.

    This video by daraahoran shows people in Kuwait in front of Syrian Embassy, calling for the overthrow of the Baath party. In Auckland, New Zealand, approximately people gathered in protest against the regime for killing innocent Syrian civilians on July Protests are penciled in for London, Paris and Tunis tomorrow August This post is part of our special coverage Tunisia Revolution Protest in downtown Tunis on August, 8. The protests came as a reaction to the release of two ministers from the former regime accused of corruption.

    Last week, a court freed former transportation minister Aberrahim Zouari and justice minister Bechir Tekkari, who were both found not guilty. Zouari was later on summoned for investigation on other corruption charges. The two ministers are believed to have used their position to serve their own interests and make more profit.

    More than six months after the revolution, the judicial system has yet to improve its image after acting for years as a puppet in the hands of the autocratic regime of ousted Tunisian president Zine El Abidine Ben Ali. Saida Agerbi, a close ally to the ousted president, accused of corruption and of spying for the former regime, was also allowed to leave Tunisia to Paris, and was not stopped by authorities at the Tunis Carthage Airport. An independent judiciary capable of bringing to justice former corrupt officials, and those responsible for the murder of peaceful protesters is a key popular demand in Tunisia.

    Erik Churchill, an American blogger living in Tunis wrote on August, The release on Thursday of the former transportation minister, Aberrahim Zouari, who had been charge with corruption during his long government career, has caused outrage among online activists. Activists see this as yet another insult to the revolution, proving that the state is unable to reform the institutions so closely associated with the corruption of the former regime. Abderrazak Guirat, a blogger for Nawaat , writes: Last week, Tunisians experienced hard times.

    Bad news succeeded one another. Mrs Saida Agrbi, a woman known for being corrupted and known for her loyalty to Ben Ali and his wife[…]Two ministers known for their crimes against Tunisian people under the Ben Ali's regime were released[…]Tunisians reacted to all these sad developments. A small sit in was organized outside the First Instance court of Tunis. Some lawyers have successively given speeches about the current situation of the country and the necessity of carrying the revolution on. Today a demonstration was organized in the capital and people walked from outside the General Union of Tunisian Workers building to the Main Avenue of Tunis and stood outside the Theatre shouting freedom slogans.

    Photo by Afef Abrougui on Flickr. The Ministry of Justice tried several times to reassure the public that the judicial system is independent in Tunisia and is doing its best to hold accountable those who stole public money during the rule of Ben Ali, and those responsible for the murder of protesters during the revolution. This does not seem to convince neither bloggers nor protesters. Meanwhile, Tunisian netizens have been using social media to call for other protests.

    Chinese state broadcaster CCTV has followed up its attack last week on microblogs with another one set against the backdrop of riots in London and English cities, putting the blame squarely on social networking sites SNS such as Twitter and Facebook. Or was that British prime minister David Cameron? Social networking sites and microblogs are fanning the flames as riots spread beyond London. One can even imagine that if sites like Twitter and Facebook weren't already blocked, CCTV anchors might be responding to the backlash right now and sounding a lot like Cameron at it.

    Not that they'd need to, Chinese authorities have been casting the Internet as a national security threat since ethnic riots took place in Xinjiang in News from the UK now that Facebook and Flickr are being used to track down looters isn't really news [zh] to Chinese netizens, although People's Daily found it useful. From a thread on Weibo in response to the news that English police have also begun arresting people on suspicion of using SNS to provoke rioters:.

    Turning back to CCTV and its easy-on cosmetic remedy for social unrest, discussions elsewhere on Sina Weibo have gotten into whether or not the broadcaster sees microblogs as the competition, or if something else is at play, but don't offer much in the way of a response to CCTV's charges. Sina Weibo's rumor problem is well-documented and things have only gotten worse since the Jiang Zemin non-death debacle early last month.

    Instead of pinning fault for the riots on Twitter's inability to deliver effective community services, UK-based journalist Tao Huawu grants that racial tension and economic disparity are factors to consider in trying to determine what fueled the Tottenham riots, but ends with:. This post is part of our series on the Global Development Goals What will you be doing on November 11th ?

    Tell us something about your life and the world around you. Your story is important to us, so join on The money raised from the proceeds of these 3 projects will go to supporting charities that are assisting in helping humanity achieve the 8 United Nations Millennium Development Goals.

    Video by 11Eleven Project on Youtube. Starting on August 11th you can sign up and register to join by recording a bit of your life on November 11th, whether through film, photography or music. Follow the 11Eleven Project on Facebook and Twitter to keep updated with their activities if you like. You can read more about the 8 development challenges and measure to resolve them by on our Special Coverage Page. Link back to our Millenium Development Goals page, and we'll list your blog post there too. On March 11th, chaos was not limited on the ground. A Delta pilot approaching Tokyo was said to describe his experience in an e-mail.

    It was such a vivid description that his record rapidly spread across the blogosphere. Here is an excerpt:.

    • The Invitation?
    • .
    • Rehabilitation Nursing (CRRN) Review (Certification in Rehabilitation Nursing Book 1).
    • The Crystal Ship: The Tudor Queens Glassmaker (The Tudor Queens Glassmaker Series Book 2)?
    • ;
    • Suddenly ATC comes up and gives us a vector to a fix well short of Chitose and tells us to standby for holding instructions. After initially holding near Tokyo, starting a divert to Nagoya, reversing course back to Tokyo then to re-diverting north toward Misawa, all that happy fuel reserve that I had was vaporizing fast. My subsequent conversation, paraphrased of course….

      Enough was enough, I had decided to preempt actually running critically low on fuel while in another indefinite holding pattern, especially after bypassing Misawa, and played my last ace…declaring an emergency. The problem with that is now I have a bit of company paperwork to do but what the heck. That's always a good feeling, being safe. They taxied us off to some remote parking area where we shut down and watched a half dozen or more other airplanes come streaming in. In the end, Delta had two s, my and another and a all on the ramp at Chitose.

      We saw to American airlines planes, a United and two Air Canada as well.

      Post-script - 9 hours later, Japan air lines finally got around to getting a boarding ladder to the plane where we were able to get off and clear customs. At this time, there were a few things going on at New Chitose Airport that was causing confusion. Once a noticeable quake happens, airport normally close their runways. This means declaring that the airport as temporarily closed and prohibiting landings and take-offs to check if there are defects such as runway cracks. Those aircrafts had to hold at Point Mukawa against the northern wind at that time.

      Delta's B approaching New Chitose Airport. Tremor timeline is described as: Seismic Scale 7 at 2: Also, tsunamis reached Tohoku coasts between 3: This timeline helps to comprehend the situation. Thirdly, he examines this portion: Flights that were deemed not possible in reaching their original destination of Narita Airport for example, an American Airways flight and an Air Canada flight were actually able to get their passengers to the ground relatively quickly. I would venture to say that many of these aircrafts were hoping to refuel and take off as soon as Narita opened their runways.

      However, domestic flights started landing at Chitose one after the other, especially after runways at Haneda and Narita closed down and return flights were canceled. Spot reassignments of these crafts caused confusion and a long wait time. Over the past few days, more than , Israelis protested in the streets of Tel Aviv and other cities over the rising costs of housing and food. The protesters there borrowed much from the Arab Spring.

      On Twitter, Egyptians followed the protests, using a derogatory hash tag that makes funny analogies [Ar] between the events the took place during the Egyptian revolution, and imaginary similar events using names of Israeli officials and mock characters instead. Heartbreaking, coming back from the demo to twitter and seeing Arabs tweeting about j14 with the anti-Semitic tag ThawretWeladElKalb.