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If you do well with this client, you have my word that you'll have it. There she had it, Elijah's word that she'd be promoted if she did well with this client. Elijah's word was as good as golden. He'd keep his word; all she had to do was not screw it up. Suddenly brimming with confidence again she was excited to find out who this new client was. That was one client she did not want. The man needed a full time handler, not a publicist. Katherine was welcome to him.

He was trouble with a capital T. No-one was able to get him to toe the line. He was known as a womanizing alcoholic, who had little respect for the law. Around the office he was simply known as a PR nightmare.


His books were filled with smut and chauvinism. She'd never met him and she didn't want to. The guy obviously believed he was God's gift to women and considered himself some kind of Casanova. She'd seen an interview with him once, and turned it off after she'd seen the way he'd had the interviewer falling all over him. Yes, he was ridiculously handsome, but people should still act professionally around him, damn it.

The fact that his latest book was a number one best seller was an embarrassment to all. She knew women who had bought the book simply for the picture on the back. Caroline had been one of them. And yes she could admit it was a good picture, but that was no reason to buy a book! Considering how much he was reputed to drink she was surprised he could even put two sentences together on paper, let alone write a whole book.

He's working on another book that's sure to make the bestsellers list again, and he's being headhunted to do a radio show. He's big business, and we welcome the opportunity to make money here. She didn't want this; she really didn't want this, but if she told Elijah that Katherine could have him, her promotion would go out the window.

She wanted that promotion; she deserved it, and she would take it. No-one would get in her way, not even Damon Salvatore. Besides, she was up for a challenge, wasn't she? Oh, she was sure. If he believed she would be another woman to just fall over him he had another thing coming. The smile in place for was for Elijah's benefit only. She turned towards the door, closing her eyes for a quick moment. This was happening and she would handle it. She could handle it. After all, how hard could it be? She had her work cut out for her that was for sure, but she hadn't had a good challenge in a while.

She believed that's exactly what Damon Salvatore would be. When she walked into the boardroom she found it empty. She supposed it was just too difficult a task for the man to stay put. Losing her client already was not the start she wanted to make. She scoured the floor for her him but he clearly wasn't present. She took the elevator down to her floor to search that one. She could hear Caroline's voice from a mile away. She heard Caroline giggle.

Elena rolled her eyes, before she put a smile on her face. No matter what she thought about her new client, her job demanded that she be courteous and respectful. She thought she had brilliantly mastered a confident facade but it slipped completely when she laid eyes on him for the first time. To see him on TV was one thing; to be faced with him in the flesh was quite another. Just one look at him reminded her exactly how long it had been since she'd…indulged. Black boots, black jeans, black leather jacket, her body was already screaming that it wanted that.

How ridiculous, Elena thought; she was not interested in Damon Salvatore as anything except the key to her big promotion. He turned his head toward her and her steps faltered slightly as his blue eyes locked with hers. Her stomach dropped down to her toes. He had a penetrating stare that threatened to guess all her secrets. Seconds went by before her training kicked in, and she had her smile back in place.

This was her job, she knew exactly what she was doing, and this was a first meeting just like any other first meeting, she told herself. She expected him to smell like a brewery. He smelt wonderfully male with a dash of light aftershave and it made butterflies dance in her stomach. Elena extended her hand and gave him her customary welcome smile, relieved to have a ritual to follow.

She didn't deliberate on the fact that his touch made her skin tingle or send heat through her. She's been singing your praises for the past ten minutes. He'd been talking to Caroline for ten minutes. What had her assistant told him? She shot Caroline a look, but her excellent assistant hadn't taken her eyes off Damon since Elena found the two of them. All Elena could think was that the space was too small for this particular meeting.

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She preferred to conduct her meetings in the boardroom; it was more professional and far less intimate. Resigned to taking the meeting in her office, Elena led the way. Once they entered the office she sat at her desk and waited for him to join her. He took his time, however, more interested in looking around her office than talking. He took in the diplomas hanging on the wall, the photos on her desk, and when he was done he picked up the Rubik's cube on her desk, plonked himself down in the seat opposite her and put his feet up on her desk.

She could see exactly how their relationship would go if she wasn't careful. He was the type of man who would try and control this meeting and dominate their interactions if she didn't establish herself now. While he was the client, she had no desire to come off as mild or ineffective.

Kehlani embarked on her Sweet Sexy Savage Tour.

It was her job to keep the media interested in him and to clean up his messes; he had to have confidence that she could do that. She tried not to feel put out by the thought. If he'd wanted another publicist why hadn't Elijah complied?

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Normally if a publicist was requested there was no problem. Perhaps he'd requested someone new to the firm. The woman had made her life a living hell for the past three years, so yes, she knew Katherine. If he'd asked for Katherine she didn't understand why the request hadn't been granted. Katherine was after all far more qualified to handle Damon Salvatore than she was. There must have been a reason.

As if Damon guessed her train of thought, he elaborated. Elijah felt it was better that I have another publicist. He was Katherine's ex-boyfriend. This was just getting better and better. The last thing she wanted was Katherine breathing down her neck on this one. Should she speak to Elijah and try and change this? No, she'd been given Damon as a client for a reason, and now she just had to prove herself.

She visualized the corner office she would have once she was promoted. She stood up and came around to stand in front of her desk. She gently but firmly moved Damon's feet off her desk and leaned against her desk. She hoped that standing may somehow give her an advantage, and perhaps raise his confidence in her abilities. Damon studied the woman in front of him. Well, damn if she wasn't taking it personal. It wasn't personal, not against her anyway. It was Katherine he was here for; it was Katherine he wanted revenge against.

His plan; seduce her, make her fall in love with him and then break her heart the way she'd broken his. Elena didn't need to know that though. He put the Rubik's cube back on the desk. If you're going to be my publicist, shouldn't you at least be familiar with the product you're selling? He noted the way her cheeks flamed ever so slightly at the question. She probably thought what he wrote was disgusting. The thought amused him. She seemed a little innocent compared to most of the women he knew but he found it a refreshing change.

What would be a good substitute? So it has to be some sort of alcohol?

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Thanks for your response Juli, I appreciate your time. Lol dear lord Ellen, i completely read that first comment wrong. Instead of red wine, you could just a little red wine vinegar. Or just some juice instead!! I asked th grocery store clerk and he stared at me like I was speaking German. What part of the store is it in.

I found it in the Asian aisle by the soy sauce and teriyaki sauce. I was just wondering what kind of red wine was used in this recipe…was it cooking wine or any of the drinking wines? Paleo tailgating here I come…Thanks. I made these delicious little wings last night for a girls night. Needless to say, i have about 30 of the regular wings left and non of these. These will definitely be a regular on my menu. Making tonight a nothing in the fridge otherwise. Turned out really YUM!

So I just now saw this recipe and was so excited to find that I had coconut aminos in my pantry! The only thing different is I had chicken legs instead of wings, so the cook time is probably longer. I hope they turn out as good as your photo looks. Just watch the cell in your bra, hun. There was a Dr. Oz episode about that causing breast cancer. Hey Juli…have you ever done these in the crockpot?

I want to try it out, would you just throw it all in there the same way? These are in the oven now: So delicious and so happy to add this to my paleo recipe collection: How do yours look all red and delicious. They also look more charred like they were on the grill. Not sure what happened. You could finish them off under broil for a few minutes next time keep a close eye on them, broil makes things happen quick!

Gotta have wings, right?! Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Sweet and Sexy Wings February 3, Sweet and Sexy Wings. Prep Time 5 mins. Cook Time 25 mins. Directions Preheat your oven to degrees. Mix all your sauce ingredients together in a large bowl.. Place chicken wings on a cookie sheet that has been covered with aluminum foil. Bake for minutes, turning once half way through.

Add wings directly into your leftover sauce and toss them to coat. Then serve those guests of yours!! Ready or Not Cookbook Review: Breakfast Fried Rice August 22, Coconut Lemongrass Ginger Ceviche August 16, February 4, at 2: Amy February 4, at 4: Kate February 4, at 3: Frank February 6, at February 6, at 2: Justin February 7, at 1: Justin February 8, at Amy February 20, at Ellen May 27, at 2: Ellen May 27, at 4: Ashley July 24, at 3: Jenn August 21, at 2: John August 30, at 8: Denisha Morgan November 4, at 7: The Best Chicken Wings Ever!

February 20, at 4: Michelle June 1, at 6: