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For three decades, these regular gatherings attracted most of the world's leading experts on science fiction and fantasy, as well as distinguished scholars in other fields and famous science fiction writers, who presented papers on specific aspects of science fiction and fantasy. These papers were then assembled in published Eaton volumes now found in university libraries throughout the world.

This volume brings together twenty-two of the best papers from those conferences, most with provocative new afterwords by their authors, assembled in chronological order to provide a picture of how science fiction criticism has evolved since to the present day. The book's editors are two veteran science fiction writers-Gregory Benford and Howard V. Hendrix-and two noted critics -Gary Westfahl and Joseph D. Miller-who frequently attended and participated in Eaton Conferences. Its contributors include eight scholars who have won the Science Fiction and Fantasy Research Association's Pilgrim Award for lifetime contributions to science fiction and fantasy scholarship.

Broadening critical boundaries in children's and young adult literature and culture []. A1 B Unavailable On order Request. Building blocks towards an African century: Real African Publishers, Makhanya-- Introduction - N. Ndlovu-Gatsheni and Vusi Gumede-- Section 1: Context And Politics-- Chapter 1: Africa's Economics And Development-- Chapter 4: Challenging the Hegemony of Neoliberal Economics: Is Another Way Possible?

Beyond Afro-Pessimism and Afro-Enthusiasm: Thabo Mbeki and an Afrocentric Africa: The Presidential Years -Elias K. The essays presented on that day were collected and edited into this book. What is reflected in the essays goes beyond the person of Thabo Mbeki to include the identification of the problems that Africa needs to solve and ventures to answer some of the difficult questions they pose.

As readers navigate through these interesting theses, they will encounter the following, among others: In the end, the Colloquium sought to address the matter of Afrocentricity in the process of knowledge production as a means of responding to Africa's challenges rather than positioning Africans as simply the consumers of pre-packaged information from elsewhere and not Africa. B85 Unavailable In transit. Cartas de mujeres en la Europa medieval: C37 Unavailable At bindery Request. Carter v Boehm and pre-contractual duties in insurance law: Carter v Boehm after years Conference Hart Publishing, an imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, Revisiting Carter v Boehm, the collected papers in this book are intended as a catalyst for rethinking the pre-contractual duties in insurance law and the related principle of utmost good faith at a critical time for insurance law.

In so doing, it endeavours to provide insurance law students, academics, practitioners and judges with new perspectives for a keen understanding of this fundamental aspect of insurance law, which has become increasingly dynamic under both common law and civil law legal traditions. It will explore to what extent and why the doctrines of pre-contractual duties in insurance law under the two major legal traditions are converging, as well as the implications of such convergence. It will be of great interest to students, academics and practitioners in the field of insurance law.

A6 C37 Unknown. Les concepts sont-ils plastiques? C Unavailable In transit. Cervantes, Shakespeare y la Edad de Oro de la escena []. Z5 C57 Unavailable At bindery Request. Chemins de traverse []. TIR, [] Description Book — pages: La Gloriana de Benjamin Britten: Emerson Les presses noire et anticolonialiste: Irritation und Rezeption [].

Mehr als ein Text! Lorenz -- "Ein Zahnrad greift nicht mehr ins andere R Z Available. Interpretationen, Kommentare, Didaktisierungen []. Praesens Verlag, [] Description Book — pages ; 21 cm. A Z52 Available. Chu tu wen xian yu Zhongguo gu dian xue []. Singapore Di 1 ban. Zhong xi shu ju, Description Book — 2, pages: Chutes, ruptures et philosophie: Description Book — pages ; 22 cm.

Un portrait du meilleur des mondes possibles Le motif de l'apocalypse dans Un Dieu un animal Histoires de soldats. E Z Unknown. Franco Cesati editore, [] Description Book — pages ; 23 cm. C64 Unavailable At bindery Request. Darmstadt, Germany , author. Mainz ; New York: Schott, [] Description Book — pages: Classici e cinema, il sangue e la stirpe Conference Cacucci editore, [] Description Book — pages: L'Harmattan, [] Description Book — pages: D28 C46 Unavailable In process Request. Convegno internazionale La commedia italiana, tradizione e storia Edizioni di Pagina, [] Description Book — xviii, pages: C66 Unavailable At bindery Request.

Fitzgerald and Eva Lein Brexit and international trade: Gantz Trade policy in the age of populism: Morris, Gabriel Moss, Federico M. Mucciarelli, and Christoph G. Paulus Failing financial institutions: Fitzgerald and Eva Lein. An unprecedented political, economic, social, and legal storm was unleashed by the United Kingdom's June referendum to leave the European Union and the government's response to the vote. After decades of strengthening European integration and independence, Brexit necessitates a deep understanding of its international law implications on both sides of the English Channel in order to chart the stormy seas of negotiating and advancing beyond separation.

In Complexity's Embrace, international law practitioners and academics from the United Kingdom, Europe, Canada and the United States look beyond the rhetoric of "Brexit Means Brexit" and "no agreement is better than a bad agreement" to explain the challenges that need to be addressed in the diverse fields of trade, financial services, insolvency, intellectual property, environment, and human rights.

The authors in this volume articulate, with unvarnished clarity, the international law implications of Brexit, providing policy makers, commentators, the legal community, and civil society with critical information they need to participate in negotiating their future within or outside Europe. Complexity's Embrace explores the many unprecedented questions about the UK's future trading arrangements.

Ask at circulation desk KD Contemporary issues in international law: Varanasi, India Published international edition. Springer ; New Delhi, India: Satyam Law International, [] Description Book — xvi, pages: Nanda The principle of sustainable development: Verma The complexities of Nigeria's copyright: Opadere Intellectual property rights: Sita Manikyam and A. Vidya Kumari Copyright law in Nepal: Thapa Communication to the public under copyright law and the impact of information and communication technologies: Sakthivel Arbitration for intellectual property disputes: Opadere Legal education and research in India: This book explores the changing nature of international law and its ability to respond to the contemporary issues related to international environment, trade and information technology.

The evolution of international law has reached a stage where we are witnessing diminishing power of the state and its capacity to deal with the economic matters challenging the existing notions of territory and sovereignty. Recent trends in international law and international relations show that states no longer have exclusive control over the decision-making process at the global level. Keeping this in mind, the book brings together the perspectives of various international and national scholars. The topics, though diverse, are closely interrelated, with the common concern throughout being that the global environment, international trade, information technology and legal education need appropriate national normative and institutional responses as well as the global cooperation of members of the international community.

Presenting reflections of a number of Asian, African and European scholars on these varied facets, the book is of great value to scholars, practitioners, teachers and students associated with contemporary international law. Convegno filologia e linguistica nella storia: Roma, 8 marzo []. Convegno filologia e linguistica nella storia, dalla Sicilia all'Europa, in ricordo di Alberto Varvaro, Bardi edizioni editore commerciale, V37 C66 Unavailable On order Request. Conversazione con Vittorini []. Conversazione con Vittorini Conference Syracuse, Italy Prima edizione.

I77 Z Available. Coupled mathematical models for physical and biological nanoscale systems and their applications: Due to the vastness, novelty and complexity of the interfaces between mathematical modeling and nanoscience and nanotechnology, many important areas in these disciplines remain largely unexplored. In their efforts to move forward, multidisciplinary research communities have come to a clear understanding that, along with experimental techniques, mathematical modeling and analysis have become crucial to the study, development and application of systems at the nanoscale.

The conference, held at BIRS in autumn , brought together experts from three different communities working in fields where coupled mathematical models for nanoscale and biosystems are especially relevant: The contributions offer up-to-date introductions to a range of topics in nano and biosystems, identify important challenges, assess current methodologies and explore promising approaches.

As such, this book will benefit researchers in applied mathematics, as well as physicists and biologists interested in coupled mathematical models and their analysis for physical and biological nanoscale systems that concern applications in biotechnology and medicine, quantum information processing and optoelectronics. Creating the Veda, living the Veda: World Sanskrit Conference 13th: Academia Scientiarum Fennica, []. Description Book — pages ; 25 cm.

Lettres modernes Minard, O15 Z Unavailable At bindery Request. Cultural crossroads in the ancient novel []. International Conference on the Ancient Novel 4th: Lisbon, Portugal Berlin ; Boston: Summary The protagonists of the ancient novels wandered or were carried off to distant lands, from Italy in the west to Persia in the east and Ethiopia in the south; the authors themselves came, or pretended to come, from remote places such as Aphrodisia and Phoenicia; and the novelistic form had antecedents in a host of classical genres. These intersections are explored in this volume. Papers in the first section discuss "mapping the world in the novels.

Section 3 looks at the way ancient fiction has been transmitted and received. Space, as the locus of cultural interaction and exchange, is the topic of the fourth part. The fifth and final section is devoted to character and emotion, and how these are perceived or constructed in ancient fiction. Overall, a rich picture is offered of the many spatial and cultural dimensions in a variety of ancient fictional genres.

Vecchiarelli editore, [] Description Book — pages ; 21 cm. Bildkonzepte im Wien-Diskurs des De Gruyter, [] Description Book — viii, pages ; 24 cm. Krause Gideon, a liminal leader: The volume presents 20 articles of renowned European scholars on human leadership in the Hebrew Bible. Concepts like "priest", "prophet", "judge" and "king" are examined in a literary, historical, and theological perspective with special emphasis on coneptual changes and developments.

It contributes to biblical theology as well as to the ocmplex interplay between history of ancient Israel and literary history of the Hebrew Bible. Que reste-t-il du tragique dans la philosophie politique? P64 R46 Unknown.

H D53 Unavailable At bindery Request. Queer Filipinos and Canadian imaginaries []. Northwestern University Press, Description Book — xxxvi, pages: Lani Montreal reflects on My grandmother and I Afterword. Queer Filipinos and Canadian Imaginaries is the first edited volume of its kind, featuring the works of leading scholars, artists, and activists who reflect on the contributions of queer Filipinos to Canadian culture and society.

Addressing a wide range of issues beyond the academy, the authors present a rich and under-studied archive of personal reflections, in-depth interviews, creative works, and scholarly essays. Their trandsdisciplinary approach highlights the need for queer, transgressive, and utopian practices that render visible histories of migration, empire building, settler colonialism, and globalization. Timely, urgent, and fascinating, Diasporic Intimacies offers an accessible entry point for readers who seek to pursue critically engaged community work, arts education, curatorial practice, and socially inflected research on sexuality, gender, and race in this ever-changing world.

F48 D53 Unknown. Please include a CV as a separate attachment, and if you maintain an academic website, you are welcome to include the address. My preference is for work that has not yet been published, but I will consider previously published material.

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The deadline for abstracts is January 31, I will confirm receipt promptly. Emory University, Atlanta, GA. Nuetzel, Washington University in St. From its theoretical origins in Freud, psychoanalysis has often turned to theatrical texts and metaphors in order to explore its own meaning as a therapeutic practice. Conversely, theories of theater from Aristotle to Artaud have emphasized the therapeutic value of stage performance.

This conference proposes to explore the complex interactions between psychoanalytic and theatrical theories and practices. How is theatre therapeutic? How is the clinical setting theatrical? How are clinicians served by theatrical ways of thinking and being? Has theater as a literary and performing art changed since the advent of psychoanalysis? We encourage submissions from clinicians as well as humanities and social science scholars in order to make this conference a truly interdisciplinary endeavor. Papers are invited to address but are not limited to the following topics: Please send a word abstract for a twenty-minute presentation to.

As submissions will be reviewed blindly, please remove all identifying information from your attached abstract. Be sure to include your name, email address and telephone number in the body of your email. January February 1. University of California, Santa Barbara. The recent death of Jean Baudrillard has stimulated an engagement with his work and its legacy across various fields both within academia and beyond it. Whether or not we accept their validity, how can we apply, transform, refigure, critique and salvage these ideas? What has his work fostered in the different modes of critical theory: We invite papers engaging the future of this discussion.

How do we succeed Baudrillard? How should his work and thought be disseminated, disintegrated, dispersed, and employed? We welcome papers responding but not limited to the following topics: Simulacra and Second Life. The Empire Strikes Back: American Intervention in Iraq. The Desert and the Real: Mirror s of Production.

The Metaphysic of the Code.

Franz Liszt: A Guide to Research (Routledge Musical Bibliographies)

The Evil Genie of Passion. The Historicity of Postmodernism. Universalization, Globalization and Technological Progress. The Desert of the Matrix: Advertising and the Ecology of Media. Art, Science, and Religion. March 28 - 29, , Johns Hopkins University. The conference will be held at The Johns Hopkins University on March 28th and 29th, , and will consist of selected graduate student papers relevant to the topic and keynote addresses by the following scholars: Reinhard Brandt, University of Marburg.

Rolf-Peter Horstmann, University of Berlin. Manfred Kuehn, Boston University. The deadline for submission to this conference is January 15th, , and a response will be given by February 15th, Submitted papers should be between 4, and 7, words, and accompanied by an abstract that explains the thesis of the paper. February 20 - 23, , Dallas. Contrary to traditional aesthetic theories that argue for the primacy of either the subjective and phenomenological, or formal and objective interpretations of artwork, the aesthetics of electronic media, like the logic of technical media itself, is thoroughly removed from anthropomorphic sensibility.

One could say that electronic media aesthetics are marked by technical trauma. Is this approach problematic for the logic of technical media? Can certain attributes such as color, form, affect, or sound, effectively reconcile computer based artwork with the subjective and humanistic drives in art making? The panel invites papers that address the aesthetics of New Media art in distinction to previous aesthetic models or media platforms. For instance, papers suggesting the ways in which color, sound, line, form, symbolism, affect, anti-aesthetics or ideology may be distinct to new media aesthetics are all welcomed.

Essentially the panel inquires: Special attention will be given to those abstracts that are concerned with the use of color in New Media work. Presenters can propose brief lectures; media or artist presentations of their own, or other artist's work; discussions; or other acceptable suggestions. Send abstract and CV to Carolyn Kane clk nyu. Carolyn Kane clk nyu. International Association of Empirical Aesthetics. The International Association of Empirical Aesthetics IAEA is an organization whose members investigate the underlying factors that contribute to an aesthetic experience, as well as aesthetic behaviors, using scientific methods.

Currently we have members in 20 countries. Although the majority of members are psychologists, our membership includes sociologists, musicologists, philosophers, and researchers who specialize in the study of painting, sculpture, literature, film, museum visitor behavior, and so forth. For more information about the International Association of Empirical Aesthetics and the 20th Annual Congress visit our Web site at http: The purpose of the Congress is to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and information relating to various topics involving empirical aesthetics.

Congress topics may include: The official language of the Congress will be English. All written material abstracts, posters, and contributions to the proceedings and accompanying presentations must be in English. Submissions are invited for four types of events: There will be parallel scientific sessions for oral presentations held during each of the four days of the Congress. Invited addresses and symposia will be scheduled throughout the program. An art exhibition will be open for the duration of the Congress for all those registered.

The purpose of the exhibition is to show the art works of participants and stimulate discussion about the works and the creative process. The time allotted for spoken papers will be 20 minutes; 15 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for discussion. Each presentation will have a designated time-slot assigned to it.

Posters will be organized in one or more poster sessions. Instructions concerning poster format and size will be provided along with acceptance notification. Since this is a new addition to the Congress, if not enough posters are submitted authors will be asked to do a spoken paper instead.

Symposia will consist of a set of integrated spoken papers related to a theme. The maximum time allowed for symposia will be 3 hours including a min.

Auftritt mit dem improvisierten Lied im K41

Symposia should consist of no more than five min. Symposia conveners should collect together abstracts for each paper which must be in the required format described. These should be submitted along with an abstract for the entire symposium, stating the rationale for the topic, the aims of the symposium, and the set of speakers proposed.

A discussant may be included. Art works will be limited to two-dimensional work with a maximum width of about 40 inches cm and small three-dimensional works e. Each participant can submit up to four pieces for consideration. You should plan to bring the works with you and hand-deliver them to the exhibition coordinator when you arrive.

The works should be framed and ready to hang or display when you bring them. We have no facilities for receiving shipped work. In order to be considered, please submit a word abstract in the same way that you would submit an abstract for a paper session see instructions below. In addition, on the same paper as the abstract, please list each work with the title, size framed or displayed and medium.

Also include a print, slide, or electronic file. Abstracts for all four types of events must be sent by December 31, via e-mail to: Bordens, Program Moderator, iaea08 ipfw. Send three copies of your abstract to: Abstracts for papers, symposia and art exhibitions must be received no later than December 31, Abstracts should not exceed words in length word processor format, Times New Roman, 12 points, 1 inch margins. The abstract must include: Electronic submissions must be in either. Preferably, abstracts should be sent via email to: Final manuscripts to be published in the Congress Proceedings will be due by April 30, Details on the requirements for the final manuscript shall be provided at the time of notification of acceptance.

Carleton Hotel and Motor Inn. Oak Park, Illinois Opera, Exoticism and Visual Culture: Opera is not dead. Its death may have been frequently predicted but, at the dawn of the 21st century, we see it reborn in forms using avant-garde, new media and post-modern media aesthetics that challenge and disrupt dominant forms of artistic production. Yet it remains bound to its history. This conference examines the implications, across more than a century, of one strand of that history: We are especially interested in the role of the exotic in the opera as it confronts the historical context of cultural globalization and interculturality.

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How, in a postcolonial age, does one best represent the opera of a colonial past? To what extent can modern technology or filmic representation help us reinterpret such opera in a new era? What challenges for staging and visual representation do such examples of cultural exchange present?

As a uniquely hybrid, multi-media form of artistic output, straddled between music and theatre, between high and low culture, opera offers wide-ranging research possibilities in the fields of media and cultural studies. Using the problem of the exotic legacy as its primary lens, this international interdisciplinary conference explores the shifting relationships between the multi-media genre of opera and the fast-changing world of visual culture. The conference will also examine the changing aesthetics of opera in composition and performance, historical dis continuity and the new relations of space and time as they may affect opera in the digital age.

A selection of presented papers will be published. Papers will be limited to 20 minutes. Please include your institutional details where relevant, and your email address. These details are for administrative use only in the first instance: The Philosophy of Computer Games Conference We hereby invite scholars in any field who take a professional interest in the phenomenon of computer games to submit papers to the international conference "The Philosophy of Computer Games ", to be held in Potsdam, Germany, on May , Accepted papers will have a clear focus on philosophy and philosophical issues in relation to computer games.

They will also attempt to use specific examples rather than merely invoke "computer games" in general terms. We invite submissions focusing on, but not limited to, the following three headings: Papers submitted under this heading should address issues relating to the experiential, interactional and cognitive dimensions of computer game play.

What is the nature of perceptual experience in game space? How should we understand the relationship between action, interaction and space in computer game environments? What are the ethical responsibilities of game-makers in exerting influence on individual gamers and society in general? What role, if any, can games serve as a critical cultural corrective in relation to traditional forms of media and communicative practices, for example in economy and politics? Terms such as "fictionality", "virtuality", "simulation" or representation" are often used to indicate specific functions of objects in games.

But what is the nature of the phenomena these terms refer to in the interactive field of game play? And what is the structure of gaming-processes? What is the mediality of digital games? We are especially interested in discussions that aim at how the notion of a self-contained "magic circle" — representing an imagined border between play and reality, or the internal and external limits of game-programs — is being challenged by forms of individual action and social inter action which tend to transcend such limits.

Your paper should not exceed characters excluding blanks and be accompanied by an abstract of words. Please specify the primary focus topic of your submission. Deadline for submissions is February 15, All submitted papers will be subject to double blind peer review, and the program committee will make a final selection of papers for the conference on the basis of this. Notification of accepted papers will be sent out by March 12, The conference is a collaboration between the following institutions: Ernst-Abbe-Platz 8, Jena.

Forum for European Philosophy. Centre for Literature and Philosophy, University of Sussex. A Free One-Day Conference. Saturday 9 February , Chichester Lecture Theatre University of Sussex. To book a place, contact: Our presentations and panel discussion on modern poets will explore different ways that poets can be philosophical poets, that poetry can be seen as philosophy and that philosophical and poetic analysis can be related in understanding the works of the featured poets. We shall have readings of some of the poems we discuss in English and the original language.

Chair, Panel Discussion and Questions: Art, Praxis, and Social Transformation: Radical Dreams and Visions. San Francisco, California, United States. Papers addressing issues in all areas of radical philosophy and praxis are welcome. For more information, see our website at http: Leonard Lawlor University Of Memphis. The topic of memory is experiencing a revival of interest in Continental philosophy, literary theory programs, and the humanities in general. A broad range of scholarship has become increasingly devoted to thematizing memory across a spectrum of special disciplines, for instance, in aesthetics, psychology, phenomenology, ontology, social-political philosophy and literary theory.

The graduate students of Purdue University are holding a conference to promote interdisciplinary dialogue organized around this revival of interest. We encourage paper submissions from graduate students in philosophy, literary theory, film theory, art theory, feminist studies, political science, and all disciplines that are engaged with the ontological, epistemological, metaphysical, political, or aesthetic reconsiderations of memory. Topics welcome on any Continental thinker in relation to memory. Papers should be sent as word documents, not exceeding 15 double spaced pages.

Personal information is to be sent in the body of the email and should not appear on the paper itself. NEW 20 internet source: The Philosophy of Love and Affectivity. Hosted by the Marquette University. Philosophy Graduate Student Association. Burt Hopkins, Seattle University. Submissions are welcome across the topics of love and affectivity. The concept of love in philosophical traditions. The relationship between reason and emotion.

Philosophy as love, as encouraging love and acts of love. Explorations of affectivity in human life. Relationship between affectivity and desire. Other submissions within these broad bounds will be considered. Please submit papers in blind-review format to mupgsa mu. Please submit a coversheet with your paper indicating your name, paper title, affiliation, email address and mailing address.

Please limit your paper to words for review. Submissions are due January 15th, Decisions will be announced by February 10th, Papers are invited for presentations at the international and interdisciplinary conference: Papers should be accompanied by a one-page abstract, which should include name, affiliation, address, and email address. Submitted papers will be limited to 30 minutes reading time there will be 15 minute discussion following each paper.

Deadline for submissions of papers and abstracts is December 15, Notification of acceptance will be mailed by January 15, Papers should be mailed to: College of the Holy Cross. Engaging Objects is an interdisciplinary conference addressing general methodological and epistemological issues in the humanities. Things in the world, objects of art and of everyday use, have functioned as core referents in contemporary cultural theory.

Since the "linguistic turn", technological devices and philosophical texts, dirty windows, typewriter-erasers, and cyber-space, have been proposed and contested as possible sites for re-encountering material reality. The ASCA International Workshop is a space open to reflect on the methodological nuances, theoretical consequences and political implications of engaging objects within the humanities. These issues will be discussed in four panels: Engaging theory, which positions theory as an object of study.

Sensory disruptions, which explores the possibilities and implications of encountering objects through different senses and their interrelations. Bodily interventions, which deals with the body as an object of study, and a site for alternative modes of knowledge production. Deadline for abstracts words: October 31, ; deadline for papers words: We are also looking for performances to be presented during the workshop that are relevant to the workshop theme of "engaging objects".

Similarly, while engaging with objects we, as theorists, also produce them as objects of study. We further engage with culture at large through artistic or mundane, actual or virtual objects-they work as mediators of social relationships and as translators between imaginary and lived culture. This sense of engagement can be found in the root of the verb "to engage". According to the Oxford English Dictionary, a gage is "a valued object deposited as a guarantee of good faith", as well as "a pledge, especially a glove, thrown down as a symbol of a challenge to fight".

Thus, engagement can be understood as an object's promise, its act of commitment or provocation. The concept of engagement gains its sense metaphorically, developing from a concrete action in which the object stands in for a socially charged gesture. The mediatory role of objects may also be abused, although objects are always already engaged with the world in ways that exceed our scholarly framing of them.

The relationship between object and researcher is not only limited to a metaphorical promise; it is also an actual intervention. This engagement is not with the respective parties of a relation, but with the relationship itself. Thinking of this relationship as a site where the known and the knower are partly produced, we may focus on the fractures, irregularities and inconsistencies that are constitutive of our own production of knowledge today within fields such as visual culture, literature, history, art, music, performance, anthropology, theory, and politics.

This panel seeks to position theory as an object of study. In considering theory as an object, its material aspects are brought to the fore.

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Yet the material aspects of theory are not the same for scholars across different disciplines or schools of thought. Post-structuralist scholars, for example, might locate theory's materiality in the actual language used to construct abstract concepts. Their more Marxist-oriented critics, however, might use the term "material" to name the wider socio-cultural and political networks within which the theoretical text is inserted.

Creatively re-articulating these different traditions may make our own engagements with theory more politically and intellectually productive. This panel invites participants to think through the metaphor of the "engaging object" in order to explore theory as a literary text, as a cultural object, as a social promise and as a political act. Sensory perception is the primary way in which we encounter objects.

The senses are culturally conditioned, and each society tends to privilege certain types of sensory engagement. Modernity has often been characterized by the dominance of visuality, which posits a distant, distinct and disembodied viewer, and as such is presumed to underlie Western epistemology and theories of subjectivity. This panel seeks to explore alternatives to this, arguably still prominent, mode of sensory engagement.

How can it be disrupted through the intervention of other senses as in haptic visuality? What kinds of engagement do the other senses, and their different interrelations, bring about? What alternative relationships between the object and the researcher do they generate e. Warum hast du dieses Konzert damals nicht besucht siehe Details? Ich sage bewusst Mix, denn original ist hier gar nichts. Wenn ich Kokosmilch im Haus habe, dann packt mich manchmal d Donaueschinger Musiktage mit Blick auf das Zeitgeschehen - KomponistInnen setzen sich mit sozialen, technischen und gesellschaftlichen Entwicklungen auseinand Bach und die Cantata Pilgrimage und sonstige Klassik-Themen.

Man findet die Seite hier. Ekkehard Klemm, Dirigent, Dresden. Eric Whitacres Virtual Choir 2. Der Titel des Werkes stammt allerdings nicht vom Meister selbst. De - Klassik News. Beethovenfest Bonn Live-Streaming am 7. September - vor 4 Jahren. Musica Antigua en Chile. El Blog de Atticus. El quadern de l'apuntador. Hi intervenen la cineasta Arantxa Aguirre i la coprodu Los mejores pianistas del mundo. Radio Me la Sudas. Descans del blog - Tancat per vacances indefinides.

La Danse de Puck. El imperio de los sinsentidos. Singet dem Herrn ein neu Le journal de papageno. Master class - vor 1 Jahr. Le Moleskine sur la table. France 2 - Culture - Musique Classique. Notizie di musica classica. Concerto di Natale dal Senato su Rai 1 - Oggi alle Sviatoslav Richter Recordings and Videos.

ClassicaViva - il blog della musica classica. Classica e Lirica in Jazz. Prova - vor 7 Jahren. Il Corriere della Grisi. Well-Tempered Clavier nmz - neue musikzeitung News. Its only me WMS. Last 5 posts Wird geladen Kammermusikkammer's Top of the Week. Sumer is icumen in The Hilliard Ensemble. Diese Platte ist eine Auswahl von englischen Liedern und Kirchenmusik aus dem Mittelalter und zeigt, wie verschwommen damals jedwelche Unt Schelmereien von Heinz Erhardt.

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