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When you feel everything has melted together well remove the wax paper from bag. You can now cut the wax paper in to shapes such as leaves. Hang in window and enjoy the lovely stain glass effect you have now created. This week I am working on my yard. So I thought I would share some fun yard projects I am doing or plan to do. Are you doing anything fun to your yard the end of this lovely season?

Here is a fun craft to do. What are other way you like to mark your herbs in your garden? This is also a great stepping stone idea! Planing on doing this for the stepping stones to the gazebo. This looks like fun. A place for your kids to make and build their fairy garden. Some suggestions on the types of plants you might want to put in your fairy garden.

For this reason, traditional witches and pagans regard Samhain as their New Year. A pentagram represents the basic elements including the earth, water, air, fire, and spirit. A witch can be both genders and it should be noted that a male witch is never, ever referred to as a warlock warlock means oath breaker, betrayer, liar, someone who has broken the witches law and their name is never to be spoken again.

A witch, on the other hand, is a deeply religious individual who is usually pure in heart and practices witchcraft through combining meditation and spiritual elements. In addition, a witch is a gifted individual who may seem to have supernatural abilities. A witch displays compassion and practices witchcraft without any hidden motives.

More often than not, a witch works for others who are suffering and in pain, bringing them relief and comfort. Generally, a witch is often misunderstood as an evil individual and maligned for bringing unfortunate circumstances to another person.

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The term witch is now being brought back to its old name, Wicca. There are several characteristics of a true witch. They do call on the Divine and the Deities for assistance in their magickal workings but still consider themselves all powerful. They do know about the three-fold law but are more than willing to suffer the consequences of their actions. For instance, a witch employs witchcraft for healing, especially of unexplained health problems.

Normally, a witch uses her personal abilities or powers combined with energies from candles, herbs, stones, and other natural materials.

Spell Crafts: Creating Magical Objects

A witch employs witchcraft to ameliorate mankind as well as the world. A witch does not hurt people and more importantly, she does not worship the devil. A witch derives her strength primarily from nature including earth, water, air, and fire. She believes that water is able to purify; fire is able to cleanse and transport an individual into the spiritual world; and air enshrouds an individual and lifts them to the freedom of the skies and divine. A witch believes that the air unites with her spirit, allowing it to float in the sky freely.

A witch reaches an uplifted state through perseverance and meditation. In some cases, a witch is born with special talents that allow her to achieve an uplifted state more easily than other individuals.


In reality, a witch is not a wicked being or an ugly hag as depicted in most books, movies, and other forms of media. She is just an ordinary looking person who can be your next-door neighbor. She can be a hardworking housewife who attends to the needs of her family and does daily chores. A witch also has emotions although she can function at a larger level rather than personal.

A witch can pick up on any cosmic disturbance that might be occurring, her emotions can also be determined by that factor. A female witch is different from an ordinary woman in the sense that the former can connect with her goddess. This connection is intended for her soul to achieve a state of oneness.

Spell Crafts: Creating Magical Objects by Scott Cunningham

A witch carries out her craft by utilizing a number of rituals alone or with a coven. More often than not, rituals are done in at an altar or she might be fortunate enough to have a room dedicated to her altar.

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Witchcraft rituals and spells involve intent. In order for a witch to properly and effective cast a spell she always has to have the intent to make the spell come to fruition.

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Without the intent and determination of the witch to see the ritual or spell through, no magick will occur. Her spellcasting would not be as effective as the individual wanting the spell cast. The witch will tell you it is always best that you cast your own spells.

What can I do to prevent this in the future?

A true witch does not do anything to utilize witchcraft to damage a living or non-living thing. Given that a witch believes that retaliation can be a lot worse than her act. A true witch believes that whatever you do, regardless if it is good or bad, will come back to you threefold.

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Although it can be difficult to determine if someone you know or someone who lives just next door is a witch, some witches wear a Pentacle or pentagram, which looks like a five-pointed star. A pentagram is a symbol that represents the five elements of nature. It does not represent the worship of anything but nature. Based on tradition, there were more male witches than females in some societies.

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  7. Today, however, females dominate Witchcraft but that is changing at a very rapid pace. Men are realizing witchcraft is not only for women but also for them as well. In the last decade the number of men that have joined and dedicated themselves to witchcraft has jumped by leaps and bounds. Based on studies, modern witches began to emerge through Gerald Gardner, an English archaeologist with a broad background in the occult. He learned the secrets of the Malaysian magical knife while he lived in Southeast Asia.

    He then became a nudist and a Mason. When he returned to England in , he became a member of the Corona Fellowship of Rosicrucians. He met Dorothy Clutterbuck, who introduced him to witchcraft. He disclosed that he acquired his magical resources and some Western magical texts in Asia. In his paper, Gardner also disclosed that he created a new religion, which is primarily focused on the worship of the Mother Goddess.