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If I can get the eggs to adhere to anything is an experiment I will have to get back to you on.

Funny how after 4 days of hard core skiing, one feels or I felt perfectly justified in dumping maple syrup on top! More skiing AND more maple syrup! Do a few other substitutions make all of the sugar, salt and fat OK? Not in my book. When I re-made it in my NYC kitchen, I cut way back on the fat meaning I did not put any more butter on the top when it came off the pan , I used nutritious whole wheat bread that had less than a gram of sugar in it , a tiny dash of salt, stuck a little fruit and seeds in which fills you up so you eat less I could only get through one of my two slices before I was full , and used only a tiny bit of maple syrup mixed with some yogurt to drizzle.

And then, and this is the most important of all, later that day — go out for a ski! It was my favorite and reading your mention of Pain Perdu brought back wonderful memories so thank you!

Basic Vegan French Toast

Whisk eggs with milk until you have an even texture. Soak buckwheat slices into it, turning each over after a few minutes. Once the slices are evenly soaked, put butter in a large skillet over medium-high heat. Once butter is melted, place the slices. After a few minutes, when the bottom sides a golden brown, flip over and heat for a few more minutes. My mom did a gourmet food tour for some years in France.

One of her breakfast mornings featured pain perdue, the leftover bread sliced thick, the fresh eggs from the lock keepers basket, cream and orange juice with a good dash of grand marnier and fresh grated orange rind. Cooked in butter and served with a dusting of powdered sugar. What a treat floating down the canal du midi!

Good old bread pudding is another way to finish up day old bread, drenched in what is essentially eggnog, and being a California girl, I added golden raisins and lemon sauce…. French toast is a bit of a Sunday morning go-to for me. My favourite French toast is made with a multigrain raisin bread. I love it with some fresh nutmeg grated into the batter. I think the thing to remember is that there needs to be balance in everything…in the ingredients, in what we consider indulgences, in what to sacrifice for flavor.

Food fuels the body, but I think it needs to appeal to the mind also.

How to Make Simple French Toast -

Focus on the quality of the ingredients and wholesomeness of the ingredients, eat only small amounts and only occasionally of those foods high in calories french toast for ex and get outdoors and move your limbs! Oh boy do I miss that place… just thinking of the french toast with raisin bread makes my mouth water. My brother sent me a gift box from there for my last birthday … it was a box full of dessert heaven! During Autumn when I enjoy making anything with pumpkin or suash, I laboriously peel, steam and finally puree chunks of fresh pie pumpkin and mix with eggs, evaporated milk, sugar, honey, cinnamon and other spices for home-made pumpkin pies.

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There is always extra pie filling left over so instead of tossing it this last fall I decided to put it to use on my toast. Just dip a hearty thick sliced bread in your pumpkin pie mixture and plop it on a warm buttered griddle. I love to make French toast from whole wheat bread. I add cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla to the egg and milk dip.

For Christmas morning, I prepared the evening before a glass baking dish of 2 layers of bread and poured the egg mix over it. Put the dish in the fridge over night. In the morning I put this in a oven covered for 40 minutes. One recipe suggested removing the cover after 30 minutes and covering it with a mixture of butter and maple syrup and putting back in the oven.

I thought this was unnecessary.

I do not know how they make their batter, but it has a bit of a pancake batter taste to it. I went to Western State College a bit ago, and use to get there once in awhile for the best french toast ever. Lucky for any other skiers out there it is only about 30 minutes south of Crested Butte. Best french toast I have ever eaten… it almost tastes fried and it is the best hangover cure EVER much needed after a Boulder Friday night.

Vegan French Toast | Minimalist Baker Recipes

Their hash browns are unbelievably sinful and Boulder not the coffee shop exactly also has the best, lip-burning-est Green Chile…mmmmm. Do the French eat French Toast? She would use sourdough french baguette sliced thick and after dipping in egg, salt and pepper, she would almost deep fry them in butter until there was a golden brown crust all over. Our local coffee shop in Sonoma makes its French Toast by dipping the bread in ice cream — vanilla I presume. They make a French toast, which I believe they dip in pancake batter. When my kids were little, we made French Toast all the time.

I used whole grain bread dipped in egg and milk batter and fried in butter. It was a yummy and healthy breakfast. Now they are grown up and both avid cooks of healthy food. Turned out to be a ham sandwich, not even any cheese. A clear cut case of intentionally misleading the consumer!

I would have thought the same as you … Hope, once the disappointment subsided, it was a good sandwich …. Make the french toast with eggnog if you want something special. Or local farm fresh milk. I always use cinnamon and sugar in my egg bath. I also always use white bread and real maple syrup. On Christmas morning, I always make French toast with panettone. Or would that make it Italian toast? The toast was perfectly crunchy and soft, drizzled with honey and a thick plop of mascarpone cheese.

The second best is a tie between two of my favourite local diners: Love the idea of the mascarpone cheese. I used to live in Sydney and I too have phenomenal food memories from my years there.. I toast the bread a little first then really let it soak in the bath. I have no guilt in a drizzle of real Vermont syrup which sometimes goes into the bath, too.

The landlady served us french toast made with croissants. Noone could ever claim there was any nutritional value in them just lots of good fat and sugar. Executive chef Bart Pickens starts with a traditional brioche French toast. Cut thick, the egg-enriched bread is stuffed with apples caramelized in local Bourbon and cream cheese and then dipped in egg and griddle-fried until golden brown.

The Complete Guide to Making French Toast at Home

Make a reservation at Party Fowl. Add a poached egg for a quick trip to the Italian countryside.

2. Slicing

Make a reservation at Gather. Christina Mueller is a San Francisco-based writer, epicurean adventurer, and culinary sleuth. I love Heritage Tavern. They have a great brunch and have special events. They raise the pig products they use. I like their bacon at brunch. The Chef, Dan Fox is super.