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Jos and Georgy go to the hospital, where Georgy tries to comfort Meredith while she is in labour. Jos and Georgy's [secret] love affair continues.

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Meredith gives birth to a daughter named Sara. Since she has no interest in the baby, and is tired of Jos, she announces that she plans to put the child up for adoption and divorce her husband.

Georgy and Jos set up home together in the flat, caring for baby Sara and living as a common-law married couple. It soon becomes clear that Georgy cares more for the baby than for having an adult relationship with Jos.

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Their relationship ends when Jos tires of a father's responsibilities, and abandons her and the baby. Now that Georgy is the sole caregiver of a baby to whom she has no blood ties, Social Services wish to remove baby Sara from her care. In the meantime, Leamington's wife has died. Leamington, who was unable to express his true feelings for Georgy while his wife lived, now finds himself free to express his love for her and proposes marriage.

Georgy accepts because this will allow her to keep Sara.

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The two marry despite the difference in their backgrounds and ages and officially adopt Sara, making Georgy a mother. As the newlyweds are chauffeured away from their wedding, Georgy ignores her new husband, focusing on Sara.

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The film was successful at the box office. Several scenes were filmed in Little Venice , notably outside a canal-side house on Maida Avenue. A single release of the song with somewhat different lyrics topped the singles chart in Australia, and was a top-ten hit in both the UK and the US 2 for two weeks.

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  • It was the 56th biggest British hit of , [5] and the 57th biggest American hit of The film was the basis for an unsuccessful musical stage adaptation called simply Georgy. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other usages, see Georgy Girl disambiguation.

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    Retrieved 16 April Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Archived from the original on 10 February Retrieved 10 February Retrieved 29 August Early on, she holds up a dress given to her by her father, and ends up tossing it to side with disdain. Their love lives start to cross in a power play game, and so too do their wardrobes.

    Before that point, Meredith wears slim black and white shift dresses that automatically mark her as a swinging 60s girl. Georgy, on the other hand, dresses like a hausfrau, though she does wear a classic and more flattering trench coat when going out.

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    The dress in the corner is a frustrating allusion to her past self, and in Georgy Girl , costumes can start to make a mockery of their wearers. Costume is rebellion here. Her crudely drawn makeup and sparkles recall a drag queen, and she projects cartoonish confidence, until James corners her uncomfortably. Georgy is most comfortable in a sweater.