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Steering Bertha under Seattle.

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Jeddah Tower — Construction Crane Simulation. Thirsty Concrete at Yellowstone can absorb 50 gallons of water per minute.

Home Articles New Invisible Connections: Total Solution for Precast Concrete Connection. Adaptability of Pervious Concrete.

The Advantages of Self-Consolidating Concrete. Site is under construction, we regret any inconvenience caused.

11/27 – Connections: The Invisible Dynamics of Leadership

Adaptability of Pervious Concrete September 19, Impacts and Alternatives of River Sand September 19, What are you looking for? Making in India Since Company to showcase its For transferring heavy loads from beams into columns, walls or other beams, the ideal solution is the BSF system. These 3-part telescopic connectors have individual capacities ranging from kN to kN.

Vangelis - Invisible Connections: 1985

By optionally using BSF connectors in pairs, loads of up to kN can be catered for. Traditionally, beams were supported off of columns using integral corbels.

Invisible Connections - Halfen Moment Group

With the increase in reliance on precast concrete, Halfen Moment Group is ideally positioned to facilitate this transition due to its access to state-of-the-art connection technologies from its sister companies and partners in Asia, America and Europe. One such technology is — Invisible Connections.

It is a modern way of connecting precast concrete without use of corbels or angles. TSS telescopic connectors by Invisible Connections were developed specifically to address these problems.

Invisible Connections: Total Solution for Precast Concrete Connection

They are a proven technology developed in Norway and used extensively throughout Europe due to the independently tested and certified European Technical Approval ETA that provides engineers with peace of mind about their capacities. The TSS units are used for a concrete component with an exposed concrete finish such as a stair landing. When erecting the elements on site, the inner tube is pulled out with a wire to fit a recess in the wall with a safety device to ensure the inner tube is correctly located in the recess.