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This book is about my child from before her birth to shortly after her death and is intended for the readers to fall in love with her. Blyss in Heaven, the Letters di Bill Vyers I started writing letters to my daughter the day she died. This was my way of coping with a cruel depression.

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This is actually two books in one. The second part is the letters from jail. I speak and ask question of my daughter as if she was sitting across the table from me.

Blyss in Heaven The Letters 9781441550545 by Bill Vyers Paperback

The letters show how God stepped in and lent His tender mercies to someone asking what to do after the death of a child. Blyss in Heaven Illustrated di Bill Vyers Even though this is a short book, it has more content than a larger novel. The text was born on a Saturday afternoon while watching a golf game on TV.

There was no memory of the writings that are enclosed.

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God and my deceased daughter are the only explanation for the manifestation of this prose. Only a supreme being could claim responsibility for the content. This book is from a very unusual A Book of Poems di Christy Quinn A collection of 41 poems dealing with life, love, purpose and faith.

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