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Oh well, once was enough for me. Not reading this again and I would suggest those with triggers to stay away as well.

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Aug 20, KatieV rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Difficult to rate this one. I suppose I'll go with a 3. There are parts that make me want to scream, but I couldn't stay away. This is a Silhouette Romance from , but for all intents and purposes it is a vintage Harlequin Presents. The h is an American, but she is living in England. The hero is an ultra arrogant Greek Tycoon. The h was also an orphan, raised in poverty, with the reputation of being a opportunistic whore who sleeps with anyone. Actually, she's a virgin with lots of relations Difficult to rate this one.

Very HP, as I said. Jessica meets a rich English man old enough to be her grandfather she was I think he's lonely, his wife is dead, and he has no kids. She's definitely lonely and has never had a family. When the book begins Jessica is a year-old widow, living quietly in the English countryside, trying to use the wealth she acquired in a way she believes her husband would be proud of.

She votes some stock in a way that opposes the wishes of another powerful stockholder, Nikolas Constantino. No one ever does that! The two meet and he tries to buy her stock He says lots of horribly insulting things to our poor little orphaned virgin. Plus lots of punishing kisses and crushing grips. The hero is a cruel ass.

The usual vintage HP stuff. The heroine and what happens in the relationship is a bit hard to understand at times. For one thing the heroine is terrified of sex. The hero even believes she's had a traumatic experience. However, supposedly she never did. Also the first time between the two is very much fade to black, so we are left to draw our own conclusions about 'how bad it was'.

That's a major plot point, so won't say much more. Just be aware that there are consent issues going on if you are sensitive to the subject. I enjoy the old school stuff, but was squicked when he fondled her breast in the hospital. Still the h was a bit overwrought by my standards. I think I'd have enjoyed it more if LH had dialed Jessica back a bit. She wasn't unlikeable, but she's such a wreck that she even ponders if she's going into a 'Victorian decline' at one point.


I giggled and I think the heroine was even somewhat bitterly amused at herself. Mar 13, Dee rated it it was ok Shelves: I really struggled with this one - I love Linda Howard and I love lots of angst and there was loads of that so it should have ticked all my boxes and been an excellent read right? At t I really struggled with this one - I love Linda Howard and I love lots of angst and there was loads of that so it should have ticked all my boxes and been an excellent read right? At times he came across as borderline wife beater, he continually called her a whore and was then pressurising her to have sex despite the fact she was obviously very frightened.

I have given it an extra star purely for the fact that it was written by LH and it was an angst fest. View all 4 comments. This H is the biggest asshat - domineering, abusive, insensitive, unscrupulous and a total control freak. He tries to railroad the h into his bed right from the word go. But nothing prepares you and him for this supposedly sweet h who takes 'it's a lady's prerogative to say no anytime' to just another level! And sorry girls but ultimately he had all my sympathies, with the way the mixed-up h keeps crying off at the crucial juncture-at least a dozen times! After a few times I was cringing and w This H is the biggest asshat - domineering, abusive, insensitive, unscrupulous and a total control freak.

After a few times I was cringing and waiting for that cruel cruel brush off, served with tears and fears So round and round, on and on we go with this And no, there is no sexual trauma in the past, at least if we can discount a sex-less marriage as one! If i dint know, I wouldn't recognize it as a Linda Howard at all. One of her very early works, i suppose. Sep 20, Siany rated it did not like it Shelves: Eugh what a good awful book!

For someone who usually loves Linda Howard, this was a major disappointment! The 2 main characters of Nikolas and Jessica were absolutely awful!!

All That Glitters

Nothing to endear them to me at all. Both was annoying, jumping to conclusions He was an obnoxious, control freak who wouldnt take no for an answer. She panicked at every touch and kiss and went further EUGH! Yet supposedly she was in love with him. I think I Eugh what a good awful book! Aug 01, Kiki rated it did not like it Shelves: He was proud as hell he scored himself a secret virgin and could see why she may have been entitled to a white dress. Rather the author felt heroine needed to grovel! Let me make it clear. There wasn't inadequate grovelling, there was ZERO grovelling! You don't know shit!

Because you have failed epically in parenting.

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So STFU and sit down! You have raised a fucking blackmailer and rapist.

Your point is like giving Brock turner character letter, which is fucking invalid! Do NOT enable his debauchery! View all 5 comments. Jun 01, Sapheron rated it really liked it Shelves: He pursues her like a stalker would and then proceeds to sexually molest her, even when she is verbally saying no - but what to do, the girl's body whorish as it looks with her begging breasts and her many blushes so obviously wants it. L Maybe a 3.

Little miss did say no Apr 01, Anita rated it did not like it Shelves: This book is bad, really, really bad and not in a good way. We have an alphole hero and a totally clueless heroine who spouts tears like a fountain. I mean the girl must be seriously dehydrated. I need to reread Mr. Perfect in order to wash the memory of this book from my mind. View all 8 comments. This was a re-read.

I originally rated this one three stars. After reading two horrible "new school" HPs, I could easily give this one an extra star. Nov 13, Jacqueline rated it really liked it Shelves: She was absolutely the most frightened wimpy virgin I have ever read about.

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She practically fainted if he touched the side of her breast. She went into hysterics if he asked to make love to her. He on the other hand, other than reluctantly accepting a no sexually, never paid the slightest attention to what she wanted. I wanted to hit him over the head with a skille 4 stars for the angsty oldschoolness but if you're offended by asshat heroes and doormat heroines you'd probably only give it a one.

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I wanted to hit him over the head with a skillet. This book however, is a product of its time, If you're not willing to accept that then just don't read category romance books from the 70s and 80s. View all 3 comments. May 29, Thenia rated it it was ok Shelves: Old school romance, with domineering hero, doormat heroine, a few misunderstandings and a timely accident that makes their feelings clear. Linda Howard's first book and not a good sample of her writing, which thankfully improves a lot.

Mar 01, Tina rated it did not like it Shelves: I hope someone shows it again! Start your free trial. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Enjoy unlimited streaming on Prime Video.

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  6. There was an error trying to load your rating for this title. Some parts of this page won't work property. Please reload or try later. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Full Cast and Crew. Satirical look at a world where women rule and men are objectified. Related News 'Dallas' at TV shows considered to be the worst. Matriarchy on the Screen. Share this Rating Title: All That Glitters — 7. Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin.

    Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? Edit Cast Credited cast: Ma Packer Vanessa Brown Peggy Horner Greg Evigan I went to bed thinking about that, and I woke up the next morning thinking what would happen if the male-female equation were changed? What would happen if the women had all the power and all the advantage, and the men had what the women normally would have? The world of All That Glitters had always been female-dominated but Lear also used the series to comment on changing sex roles in the United States in the s.

    He was doing play-by-play reporting for a Los Angeles television station owned by Lear's partner, Jerry Perenchio. I said yes, but knew it was out of the question, because in real life things don't happen that way. Nobody walks in and gets on a Norman Lear show. I read for the part, got it and didn't sleep at all that night.

    Gray met with her for several hours prior to the beginning of filming and on a couple of occasions during production. In test screenings prior to its premiere, reaction to the show was sharply divided. According to executive producer Stephanie Sills , the strongest negative reaction came from male executives. It was simply that they detest the way we depicted them. All That Glitters debuted the week of April 18, , on about 40 stations in late-night syndication.

    These limitations showed up most clearly, the Journal says, in the lead performances. Although praising the performers themselves as talented, they are cited for being "unable to infuse much life into their roles". The satire focuses not on the way real, recognizable people behave, but on stereotypes and cliches about masculine and feminine attitudes.

    Even when stood on their heads, they still remain stereotypes and cliches. New Times Magazine was much more receptive to the series.