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King Arthur dominates the mythic landscape of Britain, the Once and Future King who reigns in the psyche of the English and Welsh peoples. Cutting through centuries of arguments based on medieval romance and poetry, August Hunt presents a challenging and convincing argument for both the existence of a historical war-leader named Arthur and his presence on the borders of England and Scotland. He also examines and integrates the evidence for Irish influences in the tales and life of King Arthur.

The Arthur of History : A Reinterpretation of the Evidence by August Hunt (2012, Paperback)

By thoroughly considering the place-names associated with Arthur's battles and other significant sites such as towns and Roman forts, the author shows through onomastics, geography, archaeology and philology how they are all based on real historical places in northern England and southern Scotland. Not only this, but they also point to both the location of Camelot and to Arthur's final resting place of Avalon. From this basis, the author explores traditional genealogies, chronicles, myths and folklore to present the possible identities of the important figures of Ambrosius, Cunedda and Vortigern, as well as that of the hero who was transformed into a mythic leader exemplifying chivalric ideals and the hope of national rebirth.

He has lectured extensively on King Arthur at colleges and for re-enactment organizations.

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However, in the case of Cunomorus, an equally logical link could be drawn with the Votadini chieftain, Cunedda, as can be seen with the Viroconium inscription 'Cunorix' see the Owain Ddantgwyn feature for more details, via the 'following pages' links, right. Likewise, if such linguistic gymnastics can be applied to provide what seems to be these most fragile and tenuous links, then surely the connections between Owain Ddantgwyn and his father, Enniaun Yrth with 'Yrthr' being equal to the far better-known 'Uther' , and the description of Cuneglasus as 'the charioteer of the Bear's stronghold' Din Arth are no less shaky and unconvincing?

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When all is said and done we can do no more in this case than to theorise and say that Maelgwn [of Gwynedd] killed his uncle. Therefore the legendary tale of Medraut Mordred killing his uncle - Arthur - would seem to be based on the actions of the king of Gwynedd.

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Moel Llyfnant in Meirionnydd. Nennius What Was Arthur? The article in question said that Cadwaladr had the right name at the right place and the right time, and the author knew of no other candidate that fit all three conditions.

Legends Summarized: King Arthur

Reference to the place would indeed seem to have been acceptable. However, the name was arrived at on very thin evidence and this author has never seen a direct reference to Cadwaladr as 'Dux Bellorum'.

The Arthur Of History A Reinterpretation Of The Evidence

The article's hypothesised date also should be disputed. The more likely date of or is preferred for Arthur's final conflict [although the earlier date of is generally preferred for use across the site as this seems to fit in better with the general perception of Arthur as a fifth century warrior - Ed]. There are too many other contemporary dates that fit in with this one for Cadwaladr to be considered as a possible candidate. It should be added, however, that a conflict with a Medraut at a place called Camlann does make this an attractive theory, date notwithstanding.

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This is a well-argued and fascinating hypothesis, which deserves the full attention of any serious scholar see Arthur and Cuneglasus, by Mark DeVere Davis on the author's website. An original feature for the History Files.