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Add to Cart failed. Please try again later. Add to Wish List failed. Remove from wishlist failed. Adding to library failed. Free with day Trial. Algo tan sencillo como estar contigo Serie Algo tan sencillo 3 By: Blue Jeans Narrated by: Serie Algo tan sencillo , Book 3 Length: Algo tan sencillo como darte un beso Serie Algo tan sencillo 2 By: Serie Algo tan sencillo , Book 2 Length: Algo tan sencillo como tuitear te quiero Serie Algo tan sencillo 1 By: Serie Algo tan sencillo , Book 1 Length: Prohibido enamorarse [Forbidden to Fall in Love] By: Elle Kennedy, Lluvia Rojo - traduccion Narrated by: Carla Barreto, Oscar Flores Length: Elle Kennedy , Lluvia Rojo - traduccion Narrated by: Carla Barreto , Oscar Flores Series: John Green Narrated by: Vida y muerte [Twilight: Stephenie Meyer Narrated by: Lourdes Arruti, Dave Ramos Length: Lourdes Arruti , Dave Ramos Length: Cynthia De Pando Length: Columbus was convinced that his idea of traveling west from Europe was going to change the world, but not even he was able to imagine how much.

He died without knowing that he had discovered a new continent, inhabited by many peoples with new ways of thinking and living. Who was this man who managed to get the king and queen of Spain to pay for a voyage that, in the opinion of the experts, was a crazy idea? Do you want to get to know Columbus? Open this book and start reading! Can you imagine a trail of yellow butterflies fluttering their wings to songs of love? Once, there was a little boy named Gabito who could. Gabriel Garcia Marquez is perhaps one of the most brilliant writers of our time. He is a tremendous figure, enormously talented, and unabashedly admired.

This is his story, lovingly told, for children to enjoy. Using the imagery from his novels, Monica Brown traces the novelist's life in this creative nonfiction picture book from his childhood in Colombia to today. This is an inspiring story about an inspiring life, full of imagination and beauty.

How important was she? She was the first Latin American writer to receive the Nobel Prize in Literature, the most prestigious award in the world given to writers! He was born in the Americas to Spanish parents and returned with his family to Spain when he was only six years old. Even though he was only a little boy when he left the Americas, his love for the country of his birth was so strong that he abandoned a brilliant military career in Spain to join his countrymen in the war for Independence.

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At 17 he was declared an enemy of Spain and sentenced to six years of prison and hard labor. But that did not stop him.


Today he is remembered and honored as a man of integrity—brilliant and courageous—and as a lover of freedom and peace. His novel, which is still read and studied in many countries today, is considered the most important work of Spanish literature ever written. The life of this talented writer was like an adventure novel itself; he was a soldier, a tax collector, and even spent some time in jail! But even though he was a very important man, he never forgot his inner child. Neruda collected books and other objects as if they were toys; he used to paint a moustache on his face using burnt cork; he loved birds, and, one time, he even tamed a mongoose… Learn More.

Palomo Blanco, his horse, and Nevado, his dog, were his faithful companions throughout this difficult and heroic feat. La electricidad Click Click: It is a story of skirmishes, privateers, boarded ships, and sackings during a time where Spain was revered, feared, and hated in the easterly seas; where the devil had no color, no name, and no flag; and where the only thing needed to summon hell on earth or sea for that matter was a Spaniard and his sword.

It was a time where men went about their tasks without meddling in governmental, philosophical, or theological affairs—a time where men were soldiers. One lives in the country and the other in the city. You will find that their lives are very different, but they are similar as well. The reader will be delighted, discovering in the images the answers to the ingenious riddles written in verse.

Cuando callaron las armas Serie roja - Level 9—12 Twelve astonishing, human tales about the daily lives of children who live in the middle of serious political conflicts in various parts of the world. When Hitler Stole Pink Bunny is one of the most widely read novels by young people around the world—a work that is overflowing with emotion and sincerity.

He loves to travel and get to know other cultures. On this trip, he gets to know the moais of the Rapa Nui civilization, the most typical places in Buenos Aires, and also the mysterious man named Mac. Master storyteller Roald Dahl adds his own darkly comic twists to six favorite tales, complete with rambunctious rhymes and hilarious surprise endings.

The basis for the selection is, of course, determined by his famed essays, one of which is included here: But one day his dad tells him a secret that gets Danny in a whole lot of trouble: Useful examples are given throughout to help students understand the concepts. One day, they had an argument and, in order to communicate with each other, they hired Miguel, a man whose job was to read and write for illiterate people. At the end of the whole ordeal, Pepe kept going to school, learned how to read and write, and wrote a letter to the government asking for a pension for his grandfather.

De Victoria para Alejandro Serie azul - Level 5—8 Victoria is the daughter of a Roman senator who must travel to Jerusalem to collect the inheritance left to her by her grandfather, a Hebrew scribe converted to Christianity. Her family tries at all costs to marry her off to her cousin to keep the inheritance. Nevertheless, she is in love with a Christian slave to whom she writes letters describing her personal experiences. Upon arriving, he moves into a cheap room, whose window reminds him of a fish-eye lens, from which he observes the city.

This story, defined by its author as a novel about the loneliness of youth, offers a look at the transition toward adulthood, far from all idealism, that both young and old can identify with. They even learn about the value of being alone. It also indicates the level of word usage, such as learned, colloquial, or vulgar words. Slang and Americanisms are also included. Ideal for writing assignments and vocabulary development.

Questions about usage are addressed, as well as contemporary idioms, acronyms, and Spanish-American lexical variations. Dichos de bichos Serie amarilla - Level K—3 Flea, bumblebee, termite… small, marvelous, strange bugs, full of surprises. The author provides a playful, poetic introduction, but with a scientific foundation, to these beings that are so close and yet so unfamiliar.

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The illustrator uses the technique of nierikas, typical yarn paintings from the Huichol culture, to accompany the text harmoniously, achieving an original aesthetic and literary design. Even today, they captivate readers of all ages because of their ability to portray the human spirit in settings that appeal to our wildest flights of fancy. But life really spins out of control when Peter and his family run into their long-lost relatives, the Howie Hatchers of Honolulu, Hawaii. Now Peter has to deal with Flora and Fauna, his annoying twin cousins who burst into song at the drop of a hat, and their weird little brother, named Farley Drexel Hatcher—just like Fudge!

This newest book starring Peter and Fudge is one wild ride! Doctora Judy Moody Judy Moody - Level 3—5 Judy Moody has a mood for every occasion, and in her latest adventure she is in a medical mood! They have made a bet to find out. Now all Sevilla awaits the arrival of these two men who fear neither the laws of men nor those of God himself. The text has been adapted and the chapters have been selected to focus on the interest of this age group without disrupting the basic plot.

The notes explain terms and historical references with a humorous tone, which adds to the pleasure of the reading. Dulcinea is bewitched, and Sancho will become the governor of an island. Believing himself one of those heroes, he leaves to travel all around Castilla in search of adventures with his squire, Sancho. With this book written in verse, children will start to connect with one of the most important works in world literature: Don Quijote de la Mancha. There Marcela is going to work in a music school in Little Havana and Janet is going to study classical guitar.

On the other hand, Gary and Andy are going to travel to Spain. They want to visit Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Granada, and many more cities! It teaches students what happens during the digestive process: Also talks about the digestion systems of animals, both herbivores and meat-eaters.

Ecuador Serie verde - Level PreK—2 When God created the world, he made a marvelous country, with islands, seas, mountains, and jungles. When he was ready, he stuck it in the middle of the planet and gave it the most beautiful name: This lovable bear cub teaches children that not everybody is ready for the same things at the same time.

The author delights us once again with her warmth and humor. Simple and short, yet rigorous, informational texts and lively illustrations and diagrams engage even the most reluctant readers. She passes her days in that enormous house, and at night, unwittingly, she sleeps with death. In this story, Horacio Quiroga shows us anxiety, horror, and pain right alongside the overwhelming beauty that is so characteristic of his work, now with images as troubling as they are intriguing.

El arbol de los deseos Serie morada - Level 3—5 "Dulcie, a little girl in the deep South of the United States, travels in search of the wishing tree, accompanied by her nanny Alice, her little brother Dicky, and Maurice, a very special friend. When they find it, their wishes begin to come true and they realize what happens when one is selfish. These beautifully illustrated books will capture their senses and their minds while teaching them basic math and language concepts through a delightful rhyming text. Through a lyric text, this book invites children to observe and compare objects found in their everyday lives.

El blues de los gatos Serie amarilla - Level K—3 This story starts in a dark alley in Barcelona where the cats are up and about. They need to eat and go in search of a feast. There is no scarcity of work, but they like to rest. Their games, at times, are fights that the light can calm down, and when they travel by the light of the moon, their shadows make silhouettes. With the rhythm of the blues, these verses describe stray cats in a sentimental way. El buscador de finales Serie roja - Level 9—12 Every afternoon after school, Juan Brum entertains himself by imitating the drawings in his favorite comic strips.

One day, he shows up in the Libra Publishing House, which publishes the comics about Cormack, his favorite character, to look for a job. His work at the publishing company take him to strange places and people in the building, until one day he is given a special mission: Fascinating, enchanting, and entirely satisfactory, this novel is more proof that De Santis is one of the greatest Argentine writers of our time. Action, history, and adventure come together in these unforgettable pages of danger and excitement.

Not only does he know more than anyone about the famous detective, but he reasons like him. His relatives hope that his brilliance will make him famous, but those expectations overwhelm Francisco. On the other hand, the mysterious killings of three women from his neighborhood test him and take him down a fascinating path.

Without a doubt, this novel will entertain readers with the challenge that both police cases and personal conflicts entail. It gives information on the phases of the Moon, the constellations of stars that we see in the night sky, comets and meteors, and what exactly happens during a lunar eclipse. How is lightning formed?

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And rain and snow? You may not see it, or touch it, but the air we breathe makes all those things and many more possible. A great read for curious minds. What did humans think about the Sun in ancient times? How can sunbeams be trapped? Our most important source of life, light, and energy is just a ball of hot gas…! This book is full of information as amazing as the Sun itself.

Why does the Earth rotate on its axis and comes full circle in 24 hours? Why does the Sun only illuminate one side of the Earth at a time? Fascinating information about space and celestial bodies. It ends with a guide for observing the stars, biographical information on six preeminent astronomers, and poems by Lope de Vega and Jorge Luis Borges. Or is it all a matter of probability? One morning, Isabel wears her grandmother's bracelet which, according to her, brings good luck.

The precious object gets lost, and then begins a tour around the most diverse and endearing people in the neighborhood. Everyone's lives change as they have their "stroke of luck. He brings us the adventures of a rabbit and a coyote. When the coyote plays tricks on the rabbit, the rabbit outsmarts the coyote and makes his life difficult. This annoys their eight-year-old neighbor. She has no choice but to transform anyone who annoys her into an animal! It provokes intrigue and curiosity, promises mysteries to be solved and hours of entertainment. If it works, it hooks us.

In this book, the author writes 22 stories that start with the first sentences of famous novels, such as Rayuela, David Copperfield, El perfume, and La silla de plata, among others. Additionally, it reveals to the reader that words are not enough by themselves, but that, on occasion, they inspire more words. The city was full of rats. And there was a piper who played beautiful music… Who do you think took the rats out of the city?

Ironically, in the end it is the chief gorilla himself who sets off to find the toad and ask him to come back. Luckily for Sophie, he is far more friendly than his disgusting neighbors, whose favorite pastime is guzzling and swallowing nice little children. Sophie and the giant are determined to stop all of this through their ingenious plan! He jumps softly from cloud to cloud, and he does his job well, although he sometimes falls asleep on the job from exhaustion. Shortly thereafter, he receives a letter notifying him that he has been selected out of ten thousand children. This situation changes his life.

There, a world of adventure and mystery awaits him. Recently released on the big screen, this amazing tale takes the concept of metafiction one step farther, making the book a game within a game. The original, disconcerting structure will satisfy readers searching for a challenge that goes beyond the limits of fiction. There she discovers a secret garden, and with the help of her strange, animal-charming friend Dickon, not only restores the garden but in the process transforms herself to an unselfish and happy child, helps to cure her sick cousin, and to rehabilitate his gloomy, grief-stricken father.

The boy grows up under the rules of the jungle, until the time comes for him to join his peers. A required title in any library, our edition is distinguished by its beautiful illustrations and a classic large format. Our hearing lets us experience the excitement of music. Our senses help us see, feel, hear, taste, and smell all the wonders of the world. El libro que canta Nidos para la lectura - Level K—1 Yolanda Reyes, the Colombian writer and educator, has gathered rhymes, rounds, lullabies, poems, and stories by famous authors and from the oral tradition to introduce children to the wonderful world of songs, rhymes, and poems.

In search of the real author, he travels to frozen lands, where his past lies hidden. The grandmother is very proud of Juan and guides him through a journey that demonstrates that the most beautiful place in the world is where you are loved. How this water is used, from bathing to irrigating crops, is addressed. That water travels in a never-ending pattern called the Water Cycle. Tips on how to conserve our most important natural resource are included. In a kingdom far, far away, a time and place has been set to choose the best father of all. In verses, each one of the animals, from a chick to a firefly, and a frog to a penguin, tells why their candidate is the best one.

El mejor regalo del mundo: Alvarez's retelling keeps the magic of the traditional account while contributing a down-to-earth, timely moral: What door does the key open? Will it lead them to some fabulous treasure? Or the monster in the closet? Why did he lose it?

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  • Pablo Picasso. El arte como invención e historia (Spanish Edition)!
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  • Escape 2 Earth 2012.
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Accompany the little one as he solves the mystery, and laugh along with the unexpected ending! Jemmy resents the situation initially, but eventually the two become fast friends and leave the palace together. Ink drawings portraying Elizabethan costumes and lifestyles illustrate this historical novel. Young readers will accompany Mrs. Goat and her children as they visit the neighborhood architect to review their new home's floor plan, shop for furniture, and eat out in a local restaurant.

As he explores for treasures in the New World, he leaves behind his boyhood and becomes a man. El oso que no lo era Serie amarilla - Level K—3 The bear in this story wakes to discover that his forest is gone. A factory has been built on top of his cave and, worse yet, the foreman is demanding that he begin working on the assembly line.

He was so timid and fearful that both the cats and mice in the neighborhood never missed an opportunity to laugh at him. But one day, Bear discovered that someone loved him just as he was. In the country of toys, strange and marvelous things happen. In spite of its speed, this beautiful animal has been captured on these pages, and it also has a story to tell you. But looking for alternatives is always a good idea. El patito feo Para leerte mejor - Level K—2 This little duckling was ugly…very ugly!

His siblings were beautiful. The ugly duckling was always very sad, until one day, everything changed. What do you think happened? Daddy, Mommy, and Grandma want to reward him with a very special gift. This book explains how the pilgrims reached America, the difficulties they had, who helped them, and finally, how they gave thanks for everything they received. He sits next to Hugo in math class, and they go out to play ball together during recess.

The future of Liquid Cloud, a popular and amusing rock group, depends on the outcome of this confrontation because their artistic career is in jeopardy. El rock de la momia Nidos para la lectura - Level 3—5 For restless little readers who have no interest in poetry, this unique book will help them realize that poetry can be truly fun too!

The catchy verses mix together a lot of the monsters that visit us in our nightmares: Frankenstein, Dracula, mummies… And along with these poems kids will find different verses to name their feelings and discover that good poetry just never goes out of style. It all begins one night on a Portuguese beach. Tim and his classmates are in Spanish class. He has no money and no food… but he has an important mission: Tickles comes to visit me. This is a perfect book for parents and children to start a new bedtime ritual. It seems nothing can save him from total ruin, until the world of movies suddenly enters his life.

His great talent for mathematics provokes great envy. At the Ripoll Monastery he teaches Arabic numbers and, at the same time, bears witness to the struggle of the Catalonian people to free themselves from Frankish rule. Who will pay for this crime? It hardly seems to matter in this Latin American republic. It begins with the legend of a nightingale floor in a black-walled fortress—a floor that sings in alarm at the step of an assassin. It will take true courage and all the skills of an ancient tribe for one orphaned youth named Takeo to discover the magical destiny that awaits him A tale of an ancient tradition mined by spies and assassins, a society of strict codes with purity and innocence touched by love.

Diana gets an invitationto go to Lima, Peru, to participate in a Peruvian cooking contest. In Peru, incredible adventures await her. Soon after, he disappeared without a trace. Now, a year later, Sylvie receives a telegram from a small town in northern Spain. Fox and his family as they try to outrun three farmers determined to catch them. Who ever heard of such a thing? They find the perfect hiding place. El terror de Sexto "B" Serie naranja - Level 3—6 The seven episodes in this book will refresh the memories of us older folks and will entertain our children, offering a realistic vision of school, but with a grand sense of humor.

The book manages two things not often found in a single book: Its author has written real, fresh stories of school days which any student or teacher can identify with. Just when his spy agency is closing and he finds himself the Last Spy, he gets a call from a Mysterious Millionaire who hires him to solve many more mysteries. As always, the most powerful reason to read a book is the desire to find out what happened. As of this moment, she traverses the paths in the forest with the Wild Sisterhood, and together they make a startling discovery that will change their lives.

The author offers us a modern-day version of The Man from Iztac, the original title of the book. A story of adventure and respect for nature that will surprise readers with its relevance. Communicating with these tools via satellite or sensors that are being developed to warn people of tsunamis are just part of the many science tools discussed in this title.

El viaje del polen: This is a modern epic poem that takes us on a surprising journey toward the place where answers live, where true love hides. With the help of his loving grandmother and his friend Peter, he begins to see things in a new light. You will find that the people are tenacious, industrious, wise, and creative as you marvel at well-known Hispanic artists' extraordinary illustrations. Explains the positive and negative impact this form of energy can have on our world.

It addresses how energy can be supplied in the form of water to create electricity, in the form of sunlight to heat our homes, and in the form of wind to turn the blades on a wind turbine. Enriqueta Serie verde - Level PreK—2 "Henrietta has spent all day thinking, thinking, and thinking some more: Accompany this little fairy on her search, and discover that the answers can be even closer than we think. She, her parents, her best friend Justo, and his family are in the Poconos on vacation.

She's got it all planned… hot dogs, cotton candy, games, and wonderful rides. The morning turns out exactly as she hopes it will, but then her mom and dad get into a fight, and a perfect day at the fair turns into just a fair day. Es herida que duele y no se siente Serie roja - Level 9—12 This anthology brings together some of the most intense verses about love that have ever been written. It offers a series of poems that strive to explain what love is. Your cast members will keep their audiences on the edge of their seats as they act out a theatrical trio: Also explains how exoskeletons are skeletons on the outside of bodies, giving examples of insects with exoskeletons, such as ants.

Examples of endoskeletons are also provided. Gives detailed information on each, along with their habitats, eating habits, and ways they adapt to survive. A special section called "Explore Your World" outlines an experiment that allows students to identify and examine this intriguing topic first-hand.

The outcome, however, is not what he was expecting. This is a charming way to teach little ones that creativity has no limits, and that being creative can be a lot of fun. When she talks about her clan and their homes, about the clothes she wears, and about what her family produces, we can tell how proud she is of being a Native American girl. Introduces students to how the tectonic plates, wind, and water are constantly changing our landscape. Gives detailed information on how scientists think our Earth was formed and has evolved. November has arrived, and with it, the Day of the Dead.

The living prepare the altars and the dead embark on the journey, guided by the smoke of the incense. Once a year, the living and the dead meet to celebrate not death, but life.

Mi Mejor Amigo: Mario Gaspar y Denis Cheryshev

Includes information on how the Earth is made from rock, the three different types of rock and how they are made and where they can be found. Discusses how fossils are formed from sediment and what role that plays in helping us learn about life long ago. Also discusses how these fossilized plants and animals became the fossil fuels that are so important to our present and future life on Earth.

Frin Serie azul - Level 5—8 Frin lives in an atmosphere of traditional values. He is the kind of hero whose strength is grounded in intelligence, sensitivity, and faith in his convictions. Frin and his classroom friends discover, with realism and humor, feelings of goodness as they struggle against the fear, arrogance, and vicissitudes of the adult world. The most current information is provided while establishing the understanding that it does not take much to make the world a better place. Grande, fuerte y sabio: Animals not only use them to attack, they are also useful to unearth the roots of trees, to dig in moist earth and find water.

Includes fascinating scientific and cultural information, as well as interesting reading on reality and myths. Do You Feel It? Reluctantly, Gregor embarks on a dangerous adventure that will change both him and the Underland forever. One day, a girl asks him to find the best owner for her puppy, since her parents have forbidden her to keep it.

The girl is Francisca. With strokes of humor and much tenderness, the author bets on understanding in the present to repair the wounds of the past, and to project a much more hopeful future. Historia de una semilla Click Click: In this book you will find out exactly what happened. This is the best excuse he has to meet his neighbor, with whom he is hopelessly in love. Nadia is strange and mysterious; in fact, his friend Pedro is sure that she is a vampire. Also discusses how crops and plants have been genetically modified to resist disease and insects.

How Do Plants Grow? Also discusses how some changes to an ecosystem can be good and how some harmful changes can destroy them. I Can Prove It! The book gives detailed information on every step a scientist goes through , from hypothesis to communicating the results. I Don't Need an Umbrella! Her mother makes her watch the weather forecast. The forecast tells Catalina what she should do.

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