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The plot was full of twists and turns that I never expected and the ending brought a tear to my eye. Julie's world and all those who inhabit it are idyllic. It was a lovely What a lovely surprise! It was a lovely escape from our culture of base behavior. Her world is something I would like to recreate in my own little world.

A book written as a series of letters between 6 characters, a romantic novel, though as it's written in the 's there are aspects I find intensely irritating. Rousseau is also one of those writers who seems to profess certain ideas but in real life seems to act differently. The writing is beautiful, but the characters come across as pathetic, though it is the 's and women and men are expected to spend a lot of time crying over their correspondence.

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Have to admit though he's a rogue I prefe A book written as a series of letters between 6 characters, a romantic novel, though as it's written in the 's there are aspects I find intensely irritating. Have to admit though he's a rogue I prefer Lovelace from Clarissa, Julie wouldn't know what had hit her if he turned up on her doorstep. I liked it at the beginning.

Julie, or the New Heloise

Aug 16, Alex marked it as to-read. I hear this is maybe like a less shitty version of Pamela. Jun 08, Jennifer Uhlich rated it really liked it Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I have finally finished this monster of a book, foreword, appendices, notes and all. I should say right off the bat that the fourth star up there is solely for the absolute thoroughness of the editorial work on this: And I must confess! The story of Julie is in fact fairly brief; what makes it long is the amount of personal philosophy Rousseau crams into the letters, along with long, detailed descriptions of the Valais, Geneva, and Paris--there are pages alone devoted to the dress and manners of Paris women.

If you haven't read Emile , you can get the gist here, and some of the text as well--paragraphs are lifted wholesale. And you can also learn every nuance of his personal brand of Protestantism, how a nobleman should extricate himself from an ignoble affair, how to produce various flavors of wine from one vineyard, how to train a servant. Julie herself deserves a place in the family tree of Mary Sues. While I expected the rapturous descriptions from her lover, as it turns out, everyone loves Julie and Julie loves everyone--but she loves virtue more, hurrah for her.

This is a woman who does everything right, who is able to look back on every blow in her life--even, say, the death of her mother--and see it was all for the best.

That doing everything right includes sending her lover away for years at sea, nearly killing him, only to bring him back to her house and make him observe at close detail her new life with her husband and children. And therein lies the rub, for me. I appreciate the romance in this, the idea of a virtuous love, I can understand the emotion such an idea carries. As, apparently, did most of Europe--this book is one of the first runaway bestsellers, perhaps the first bestseller; it made Rousseau capital-F Famous, deluging him in fanmail and proposals, sending readers by the droves to the little Swiss towns he describes.

But like so much of Rousseau's work, it's just implausible, and completely at odds with his own less-than-virtuous life experiences. Julie is beautiful, everyone loves her; her house is not fancy but still perfectly suited to her station; her servants adore her, her otherwise emotionless husband loves her, her cousin loves her, her perfectly-behaved children love her so much so that her cousin gives Julie her own daughter to raise , and she happily prescribes life choices to everyone around her that they accept like some kind of commandment from a goddess.

She is nothing more or less than Rousseau's perfect mouthpiece.

BAC Julie ou la Nouvelle Héloïse de nifaquniky.cfau - Résumé, Personnages, Livres audio wikipedia

This is a woman who is granted thirty pages in which to die, so she can demonstrate just how Rousseau thinks we should go into that good night--even going so far as to school her own Minister on how one should go to God. For us mere mortals, I'm guessing we're supposed to love her too, and aspire to conduct ourselves like her.

Personally, I would have high-tailed it to England with my foxy and adoring tutor, taken the estate his friend offered us for free, and lived happily ever after. Dear J-J, you can in fact go through life without the mental hairshirts of virtue and class and still be a good person. I had said at the start of this ramble that I was moved at the end, though. But not by Julie's epic death; I was moved by all the people whose lives she had shaped and were now left with the emotional vacuum of her loss.

Introduction to Rousseau's La Nouvelle Héloïse

Her lover who gave up everything for her, who had denied himself any kind of surrogate happiness or, ahem, release ; her cousin who I suspect might have found other words to describe her love were they alive today. Nov 07, Tej rated it it was ok. My translated version actually cut out all of the intellectual discourse because, as the translator wrote, you can read the same stuff elsewhere in Rousseau's non-fiction.

Part of me thinks I might have liked the book better with it because that's more interesting to me than all the love story nonsense. On the other hand, I can't imagine how much harder it would have been for me to stick with it if it had had several hundred more pages. If you want to read Rousseau, I'd suggest you stick w Yuck. Unlike Julie, it's short, to-the-point, and far more interesting. Jan 06, Marc rated it really liked it Shelves: This is a delightful story - full of romance. I love the letter-play between the characters and the writing is excellent. I wanted to be Julie the whole time I was reading!

Ambientada principalmente junto al lago Ginebra, la novela se centra en los amores de un joven tutor, Saint-Preux, y su alumna Julia. En ese estado mental consiente en renunciar a su amante y en casarse con Wolmar. Ahora se encuentra dispuesta a aceptar sus deberes como esposa y madre. A cambio, Julia abraza su nuevo estado rompiendo por completo con su amante, que finalmente huye de Europa. Nunca habla de ello y siempre asiste a la iglesia para salvar las apariencias, pero es un convencido no creyente.

Esto perturba a Julia, aunque Wolmar no intenta nunca alterar su fe. Finalmente, una vez que queda claro que Saint-Preux se va a casar con Claire y que se va a establecer en Clarens para ser el tutor de los hijos de Wolmar, Julia le cuenta su profundo malestar y aburrimiento.

Dec 27, Dirk rated it really liked it.

Julie, or the New Heloise - Wikipedia

Wikipedia offers a fine general introduction to this novel. It was immensely popular in its time, and is considered by many to have been in his lifetime and immediately after his most influential work. Nor did I enjoy the letters between lovers that were instruction manuals on Wikipedia offers a fine general introduction to this novel. Nor did I enjoy the letters between lovers that were instruction manuals on how to mange an estate or how to select and train servants. Somewhere Hanna Ardent wrote that Roseau is the philosopher of intimacy.

Rousseau is trying to make, or beat to death, the primacy of the domestic life over the public life. This book recounts intimate as opposed to public life. What I liked about this book is how the characters grow and change. The book lives up to its title; it is the desires, changes, and images of right action that Julie adopts that drive other characters. But all the major characters go through life making the deep changes we associate with real people, slowly and realistically portrayed.

It is a rewarding depiction of the way people mature, or at any rate grow older. All the characters remain authentically themselves, though they change beliefs and goals in an inward way not possible with stereotypes. It says in the notes Rousseau declared that he liked writing this novel because all the characters were virtuous.

It is a little hard for me to know what he means by virtue. Moreover though Rousseau is some sort of Protestant Christian, he paints as very virtuous a character who is an atheist. Virtuousness in this sense is part of what allows them to purse authenticity. We associate Rousseau with egalitarianism. Not is this book. In the essay on handling servants one of the goals is to make life satisfying for them so they will not think or trying to rise above their station. The translation read fine I did not look at the French.

E' un'esclamazione che occorre ripetutamente nell'epistolario rousseauiano, utilizzata da tutti i protagonisti. Potrei tradurla con espressioni come: Scremato dai languori e dalle paturnie dei due principali protagonisti il precettore e Giulia: Eppure, anche sul letto di morte deve strafare in buonismo e ricomincia a dispensare a destra e a manca precetti, consigli e raccomandazioni.

My first introduction to Rousseau. It was originally written in and published in a way which had his contemporary men of letters debating whether is was a fictional novel, or instead a biography based on a discovered cache of letters. Rousseau annotated the text of the letters as though he was only an editor, though in reality the letters provided a means by which he expounded on his perceptions of 18th-century European religion and politics.

Of personal interest to me were the reactions of the protagonist when he traveled to the German-cultured Canton Valais, near where my ancestors were living on Lake Thun. For most of the book I ignored the numerous translators' notes which, after studying them in the last part, were the source of interesting information and made me regret ignoring them earlier.

May 02, Paul rated it really liked it Shelves: This massive , words but fascinating novel, published in , launched the Romantic movement. Yet, incapable of forgetting Saint-Preux, she confesses her love for him to her husband, years later, when Saint-Preux comes back from a long trip around the world.

Julie, Ou, La Nouvelle Heloise (French Edition) (Paperback)

This frontispiece opens the first of the six volumes. In the center, we can see the bust of Rousseau — who, with Voltaire, dominated the 18 th century. Not only a philosopher, he was also a writer and a composer. What is interesting in this frontispiece, which is in fact the only illustration of this edition, is that the illustrator made the choice of depicting, and consequently of highlighting, the key scenes of the novel.

If that be the case, what kind of a world do we inhabit, in which virtue is but an idea? Other readers identified less with the individual characters and more with their general struggles. They saw in Julie a story of temptation, sin and redemption that resembled their own lives.

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The success of Julie delighted Rousseau; he took pleasure in narrating a story about how a lady ordered a horse carriage to go to an Opera, and then picked up Julie only to continue reading the book till the next morning. So many women wrote to him offering their love that he speculated there was not a single high society woman with whom he would not have succeeded if he wanted to. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Julie, or the New Heloise First edition title page.

The Essays of Arthur Schopenahuer. Retrieved March 22, Viking , See Pamela' in the Marketplace: The Story of Civilization Volume Amour de soi Amour-propre General will. Retrieved from " https: Views Read Edit View history.