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Dirty Window song meanings. Add your thoughts 27 Comments. General Comment Actually, I think you guys are a little bit off. James seems to be singing a song about someone misjudging the world around them.

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Someone who believes they are the sane one and everyone else is crazy. Projector - finding your own faults in others Protector - taking it upon yourself to parent the rest of the world Rejector - refusing to accept the truth of the world around you and inside Infector - being the one with the disease in a clean world Defector - refusing the way of the world around you Drinking from the cup of denial - denying the truth, that you are the dirty one Judging the world from a throne - holding yourself above everyone else as better The speaker even knows it but won't let himself see - "Am I who I think I am?

That he is making himself perfect when everyone else can see he isn't. This person is trying to assure themself of the lie they are telling. No Replies Log in to reply. There was an error. General Comment I think this song is about James' vision of the world after rehab. He sees things clearly now that he's no longer under the blurry cloak of drunkenness. Thank you for this tip.

Comes with a blue and green label and will use this for this great window tip. How to get rid of the armpit smell on clothing. Even after I wash my grandsons clothing it still has the odor. He uses deodorant but???? Soak the deodorant spots on hydrogen peroxide for an hour before washing.

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If the odor is set in soak those areas overnight in peroxide. I use a wash rag soaked with peroxide and keep it over the stains wet with peroxide. You may have to do it twice to get it all out. Thanks for your posts. I often refer to them now to help me around our house. They are very helpful! Your email address will not be published.

Metallica - Dirty Window Lyrics | SongMeanings

Sign up for Mom 4 Real's emails to get all of the easy tips and tricks delivered right to your email inbox and get to chat directly with Jess! Comments Is the track cleaner process safe for wood framed windows? How does that get in between the oven glass? Never heard of cleaning between that glass! Meow do you clean between the oven glass? This certainly beats Windex, etc. A cute dirty toddler child is smiling as he peeks in the window of a sliding glass door from outside.

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Cleaning windows with special rag. Mold in the window corner. Hand in rubber protective glove with microfiber cloth trying remove it. Cleaning brush cleans dirty surface. Dirty window glass close up at street.

Metallica - Dirty Window from album St. Anger HQ live

A cute boy licking a window on a door. His tongue is pressed against the window with eyes open and his hand is really dirty. Window glass with stains of dirty water and dust. Happy woman in gloves cleaning window with rag and sponge at home. Large window glass in foam. Beautiful view with green forest. Old cracked and Broken Window in an industrial mill. Raindrops on window with blurred background. Dirty glass of raindrops, background landscape blurred. Textured background of the dirty window glass. Glass scraper glides over the glass, making it clean. Spray glass cleaner and a sponge.

Window cleaning service concept. Vector illustration in flat style. Depressed young Asian woman sitting on dirty wood floor to think about bad situation. Sexy female girl headache with light shade by the window. Stressed in dark abandon room. Old tattered floral lace sheer curtains in window of abandoned rural farm house.

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Editable vector silhouette of a man cleaning a window. Clean and dirty window. Sunrise viewed through dirty window. Part of the old wooden window with dirty glass. Glass holds the bent nails.

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Fragment of dirty white car door as a background. Vector background concept picture of cleaning service with illustration of rubber cleaner for windows. Picture with place for your text. Vertical image of a snowy day seen through a window. Dirty back glass of the car.