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Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide. All That's Left to You: A Novella and Short Stories. Description "All That's Left to You presents the vivid story of twenty-four hours in the real and remembered lives of a brother and sister living in Gaza and separated from their family.

The desert and time emerge as characters as Kanafani speaks through the desert, the brother, and the sister to build the powerful rhythm of the narrative.

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The Palestinian attachment to land and family, and the sorrow over their loss, are symbolized by the young man's unremitting anger and shame over his sister's sexual disgrace. This collection of stories provides evidence to the English-reading public of Kanafani's position within modern Arabic literature. Not only was he committed to portraying the miseries and aspirations of his people, the Palestinians, in whose cause he died, but he was also an innovator within the extensive world of Arabic fiction.

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The Best Books of Prepositions for indirect objects can be omitted when the sense is not affected. JulianStuart , Feb 1, Belfast, Ireland English-Ireland top end. I thought that was elision of "for". Preserve your memories, they're all that's left for you. Left "to" you suggests that someone else bequeathed the memories.

they're all that's left you

Left "for" you suggests that you now only have memories, the past. There would also be confusion, because "left to you" could be understood as "left of you," meaning that you are reduced to your memories.

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